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First of all, this image represent a status of a women.

If this status could speak,it would

say a women represnt the whole world and a women can be anything at the time.this
image want to let the people know that a women is everthing.we could see everthing we
find in the eart inside of this status of the women. As per as we see inside this women
status , there is flowers ,there is animals like fish and the lizard,there is a budha which
represent a god,there is a shy,there is a onther person inside this women status as we can
see the eyes and the mouth,which all this belong to the nature of the looking at
this status of the women we could conclude that this status of a women let as know that a
women can be the complet world and in a women we could find everthing,she can be
anythin at any time. the denotative elements of this image is
This is a piece of art produced at India art summit. In the picture, the woman is wearing a
saree & a blouse designed by contemporary Indian artist. When an Indian woman wears a
saree, she adorns not only her body, but also her soul. In designing this saree, the artist
has portrayed the character of women as vast as the nature. If we take close look at the
picture, the woman has all the elements of nature inside her.
The woman has motherly hood in her as represented in the picture by another woman
lying in her womb. When the child grows in the womb of mother, he/she feels most
secure. In Indian mythology, the Goddesses have power as shown by the sun on her
blouse. The automobile and the houses are getting energized with solar energy from the
sun. In Indian mythology, the lotus and a third eye on the naval of women represents
witty in women. The blue strips all over her body represent the veins in human body and
is compared with roads on earth. The roads are important for communication on earth and
so are the veins for blood circulation in human body. Finally, for an Indian woman, the
most beautiful part of the body is her face as compared with the flowers. The flowers are
one of the most beautiful gifts from nature. The people like flowers because of their
colors & fragrances and so are the Indian women when they are in saree. The Indian
women are also famous for their wide eyes compared with duck as shown under her eye
in the picture. When an Indian woman wears saree, she puts the ornamented part of the
saree over her arms as shown in the picture. This part of the saree is compared with the
stream of river. The fishes are swimming in the river and the lizard is symbolized as the
crocodile seen on the bank of river.
The Goddesses emit light from their body as the symbol of their beauty and power. The
artist may have captured this concept by putting the woman on the mirror so that the
bright colors used by the artist in designing the saree & blouse get reflected from the
mirror which makes the woman more glorious.
This image was posted on the site by Sunny on Sareedreams.This image was exhibited in
an Indian contemporary art exhibition in an Indian art summit. This is image is basically
designed for the art of the sari design. The image has many images on it which connect to
the many good connotative ideas. This image is shown on a website which leads to many
different types of saris being worn in India. The website also consists of saris being wear
in different profession in India. This art was considered in one of the great art being
represented after a long time from India in an exhibition. This picture was the one of the
highest bid in the auction.

This status is targting all the womens in general.The artist did this status for us to know
the caracteristic of a women. The artist of this status wont us to show the reflexion of the
inside of a women and wont us to know a women is the complete world.Inside a women
there is so many caracteristic ,he wont to let the people know the value a women
potray.He wont us to know how important a women is in a general cause she represent
the whole world.This status is complety for the world to know a women from inside how
does she look like.
A picture is worth (at most) 1000 words assignment
Media Literacy

* This assignment is due Nov 11th.

These are the questions that you need to answer for the assignment:
1. If this image could speak, what would it say? What does this image want?
2. What are the denotative elements of this image?
3. What are the connotative elements of this image?
4. What is the significance of the location of this image? If it is from a website, what
is the website about? If it is from a magazine, what are the articles around it? If it
is from a billboard or on the Metro, why is that significant?
5. Who do you think this image is targeting/who is it for? Why?

This is the grading key that I will be using to evaluate this assignment:
• Title page with title, date and names of group members (1 mark)
• Clarity and strength of introduction and thesis statement (3 marks)
• Clarity and strength of conclusion (3 marks)
• Grammar and spelling (3 marks)
• Effective description of connotative elements (5 marks)
• Effective description of denotative elements (5 marks)
• Proper identification of target audience with explanation (3 marks)
• Significance of image location (2 marks)
• Total 25 marks