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Aerospace Plastics Market is
growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from
2013 to 2019. ! "ransparenc!
Market Researc#.
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Aerospace Plastics Market is growing at a CAGR of 7.9%
from 2013 to 2019. ! "ransparenc! Market Researc#.
Transparency Market Research
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90% $tate $treet% $&ite 700.
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110 Page Report
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&u% 'o(
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Press Release
Aerospace Plastics
+he ,lobal -erospace Plastics (as (orth USD /0! billion in !01" an is e1pecte to
reach USD 1005 billion in !0192 gro(ing at a C-,R o3 7094 3ro* !01" to !0190 5n ter*s o3
6olu*e2 the aerospace plastic consu*ption (as 4005 .ilo tons in !01" an is e1pecte to reach
7707 .ilo tons in !0192 gro(ing at a C-,R o3 11074 3ro* !01" to !0190
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Steady growth in the aviation industry, excellent strength to weight ratio, and increased adoption
of aerospace plastics in aircraft designs are largely augmenting the growth of the aerospace
plastics market. E! "Environmental rotection !gency# and $reenpeace regulations that are
imposed upon the production of aerospace plastics are acting as a challenge for the growth of
this market. %hese conventions primarily monitor the percentage of greenhouse gases emitted
during the production of aerospace plastics. &urthermore, the high cost of raw materials, namely
!' "olyacrylonitrile#, utili(ed in manufacturing the aerospace plastics are acting as a restraint
for this market.
%his study is a comprehensive estimation and analysis of four key end-user segments. %he
commercial aircrafts end-user segment accounted for )*+ of market share in *,-- followed .y
military aircrafts, rotary aircrafts, and general aviation planes end-user segments. !erospace
plastics market is categori(ed into six application segments. &uselage was the key application
segment that accounted for over */+ of market share in *,--. 0ings, empennage, 1ight deck
and areas are a few other key application segments estimated and analy(ed in this study.
2n terms of volume, Europe dominated the aerospace plastics market that accounted for
more than 34.,+ of the overall market in *,--. 2n Europe, $ermany, &rance, the 56 and Spain
were the key regional markets and together accounted for more than )7+ of the European
market. Europe is expected to dominate the aerospace plastics market for the next 8ve years,
owing to the supportive government policies and rising investments seen in Europe over the past
"ransparenc! Market Researc#
R8P9R+ D8SCR5P+59'
Aerospace Plastics
three years. Some of the European pu.lic .odies such as 9'E:!, ;'ES, and ;':% are inventing
new materials that are in turn attracting aircraft manufacturers in this region.
%he 5.S. aerospace plastics market had grown at a steady rate even during economic slowdown,
primarily due to reasona.le demand in the airlines industry. 2ncreased air tra<c and su.stantial
rise in the military .udget have provided ade=uate growth impetus for the 'orth !merican
aerospace plastics market. !sia aci8c is expected to drive the aerospace plastics market chie1y
due to low la.or overheads and huge investments. 2n !sia aci8c, the military aircrafts end-user
segment is expected to grow, owing to ade=uate 8nancial support provided .y the government.
Some of the key players supplying aerospace plastics include >excel ;orporation, ?itsu.ishi
:ayon, S$@ ;ar.on, %oho %enax, %oray $roup and Aoltek ;ompanies 2nc. %he report provides an
overview of these companies followed .y their 8nancial revenue, .usiness strategies and recent
%his research analy(es and estimates the performance and production of aerospace plastics in
the scenario, providing detailed trend analysis of the market .y geography and
comprehensive analysis of companies that are dealing in aerospace plastics. %he report presents
a thorough assessment of the strategies followed .y diBerent stakeholders .y segmenting the
aerospace plastics market as .elow:
!erospace lastics ?arket: !pplication !nalysis
!irframe and fuselage
0ings and rotor .lades
&light deck and cockpit
; areas
9thers "engine and wing .ox#
!erospace lastics ?arket: End-5ser !nalysis
"ransparenc! Market Researc#
Aerospace Plastics
;ommercial and freighter planes
?ilitary aircrafts
:otary aircrafts
$eneral aviation
!erospace lastics ?arket: :egional !nalysis
'orth !merica
!sia aci8c
:est of the 0orld "Bra(il, ?iddle East, !frica and ?exico#
!.out 5s
%ransparency?arket :esearchis a market intelligence company, providing .usiness
information reports and services. 9ur exclusive .lend of =uantitative forecasting and trends
"ransparenc! Market Researc#
Aerospace Plastics
analysis provides forward-looking insight for thousands of decision makers. 0e are privileged
with highly experienced team of !nalysts, :esearchers, and ;onsultants, who use proprietary
data sources and various tools and techni=ues to gather, and analy(e information.
9ur data repository is continuously updated and revised .y a team of research experts, so that it
always re1ects the latest trends and information. 0ith a .road research and analysis capa.ility,
%ransparency ?arket :esearch employs rigorous primary and secondary research techni=ues in
developing distinctive data sets and research material for .usiness reports.
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