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Te Rawhiti Enterprises Ltd

Meeting of Board of Directors
Sunday, 8 November, 2009, 11.30-4am
Te Rawhiti Marae

Karakia and Mihi Matu Clendon .Mihi to Peti Ahitapu as the Patu Keha
Director by Helen Harte and Richard Witehira
Apologies There were none
Present Board: Bella Thompson, Pania Sigley, Bert Riley, Peti
Ahitapu, Helen Harte
BDM: Robert Willoughby, Admin: Michelle Elboz.
Training & Planning: Richard Witehira
Also present: Kuia/Kaumatua: Te Aroha Rewha van der Heyden,
Marara Te Tai Hook, Joe Bristowe, Matu Clendon
Te Hau Kainga: Francis Hepi, Alvin Rewha, Carl Tenana,
Iti Arama, Anya Hook, Te Miringa Hoori, Murray
Hemara, Dean Clendon, Jacci Rewha, George Riley,
John Booth
Manuhiri Dr James Williams, NIWA, Andrew Blanshard, Chief
Historic Ranger (Archaeologist), DOC.
Minutes of the last meeting:
minutes were read and accepted as a true record.
H Harte/ B Riley CD
Business arising from the Minutes
There was none.

Correspondence There was none brought to the meeting. BDM to be asked

for correspondence file for the next meeting.

Finances The Trading Statements were read and analysed by R

Willoughby. August sales of $12,022 were offset by expenses of $14,
547 making a trading loss of $2,525.
September had sales of $5,342 and expenses were $413,711
with a trading loss of $8, 369. Retrospective funding from
Min Fish to NK and credited to TREL from NK.
October sales of $36,302 were recorded. Expenses of $26, 571
leaving a profit of $9,731 for the month.
From April to October, the $74,849 sales were off-set by
expenses of $70,814 and a profit of $3,711. This is not really a
profit but managing the projects economically and the
money is always put back in to the business.
o TREL has 7 full-time and 2 part time employees working on projects.
They are acquitting themselves well and meeting the project standards
and this will make it easier when we pitch for projects in future.
o Successful max funding awarded to TREL for 6 youth workers (16-24
yrs) and a supervisor to work on CPCA projects.
o The glass working project is close to starting. In discussion with the
Kororareka Marae Society (KMS) about establishing a glass work

station in the building. The glass works will need a qualified person
with a backup to work the live station at KMS. Robert proposing that
Barb do this full time and Anya to oversee the Marae workshop to build
production for the retail sales shop.
o TREL has a permit for guiding concession on the islands and Cape
Brett. Gloria Martin will lead this and train guides. We are working with
two boat operators on the guiding
o Contracts There are 6 contracts in play for Te Rawhiti.
Nga Whenua Rahui %75k p.a. Stage 1 is ahead, 3-5year
programme, started July, 2009. Finish July 2010.
DOC-Cape Brett, $25k, Stage 1 started and is almost complete, Stage
2 &3 start Feb, 2010.
Island song $23k, post monitoring, service traps monthly for 2 days a
CPCA Hauai $5k, waiting for NRC audit, Clint McGee until end of
January, then TREL will administer. Mike Knight to be approached.
CPCA Project Eastern Points (Omakiwi, Tawiriwiri, Kokinga) : 2
weekly checks, liaison with EBOIPS & Guardians, John Booth overseer,
Karl and Karena.
CPCA Project Points Orokawa: $6k, 2 weekly checks, Liaison with
EBOIPS & Guardians
Project Strip Te Uenga, Dicks bay: $6k, start 15 Nov, liaison with
EBOIPS and Guardians.
Project Rakau, Wairoa, Te Kauri Tangatapu: $22k for 6 youth
workers, MSD subsidy, start Nov 9, 4 trapping, 2 guiding. Blandy, Carl and
4 boys. Gloria and 2 girls.
Guided Walks: permit granted, $20k p.a., permit issued to TREL, start
date Nov 9. Moturua 7km, Urupukapuka-40 mins, $10 per head. Building a 2
hour walk with Paul and ? Working on that.
RBT (Rawhiti Box Traps) $2k. loan application from MWWL,
workshop for TREL to make traps. Kelvin, Russell maybe.

Waiting for funding:

MWWL application $20k Nursery and glass start up.
Tindall Foundation, $40k grant
Annie Rose Ltd $12k, Workshop for glass making plus KMS building for
another station.

Five day Training programme led by Richard Witehira, assisted

by Carl Tenana was detailed.
End of BDM’s Report.

Draft Financial Policy was to be finalised by Robert, Pania and Bert.

Community Interests Loan to buy Canterbury. H Harte asked that

the interest be paid by TREL instead of by herself. The loan was found by H
Harte so that the hulk could be purchased. P Sigley and B Thompson
disagreed. R Willoughby said he would discuss further. R Witehira said
that Patukeha was working on being able to buy more shares.

General Business
Jacci Rewha- speaking for her partner, Albert Clendon aired some
operational concerns.
1 Tent and camping gear not adequate. H&S Plan requirements
need to be met
2 A field allowance was asked for. This was to be discussed with
the other workers and the BDM.
3 There were contractual questions which were to be discussed at
another attempted meeting with Jacci, BDM the next day,
including ‘a neutral person’-the Chairperson was agreed to by J

Richard Witehira-Nga Whenua Rahui granted funding to Patukeha

hapu for funding to produce a TV documentary on the work being done
by TREL workers including a hikoi to Te Kaha to see the developments
they have produced with Nga Whenua Rahui.

Dean Clendon-Urged the Board to get the equipment up to date for

the men. He was assured that this was happening as money became

Francis Hepi-Congratulated TREL and the workers for all joining in to

the projects. He said that Robert and Blandy were doing a good job.

Richard Witehira-said that the workers were doing a very good job
and that they brought to the work their skills, experience and commitment
which was why it was working so well.

DOC Permit for Guided walks on Moturua, Urupukapuka and Cape

Brett, was signed by the Chairperson and Bert Riley to enable the Guided
Walks by Gloria Martin to take place the next day.

Combined Hapu business incorporated in to TREL meeting.

Andrew Blanshard, Archaeologist-the Chief Historic Ranger for DOC
was invited by the hapu to talk at a Hapu meeting but time over run meant
that the hapu were already present. He presented on ppt his archaeological
findings on Urupukapuka Island. This was very interesting and he was
asked many questions and he was applauded when he finished.

Moturua Island DOC camping ground

An invitation was sent out by DOC to attend an opening of the
Campsite at Moturua Island on Tuesday, 3rd December. M Hook emailed out
to DOC and different Hapu members asking if Resource Consent had
been sought as she did not remember nga Hapu being consulted on this
Take. No one replied to her query so she thought it had been taken care
of but had missed it. DOC had put her name down to do the powhiri to
which she had agreed. However, during discussion at this meeting, it
was confirmed that nga Hapu had not, in fact, been consulted although
cousin Jackie Maioha had given his permission and DOC went ahead on

the strength of his permission. Nga kaumatua objected to the

campsite being built there because the area was a significant tapu
area and advised that DOC be notified of our concerns and that M Hook
should withdraw from the powhiri until such time as this matter is
settled between DOC and nga Hapu. Letters were to be sent to DOC from
nga hapu.

Section 186a ‘No Take Area’ in Maunganui. The Application was

handed out. Total ban for 2 years was agreed to for all fishing in the
area designated.

Final Te Kupenga Ipipiri: Traditional & Customary Oral History

Fishing Report, Ministry of Fisheries was handed out. It is on the Te
Rawhiti Marae website.

The meeting closed with a prayer by Matu Clendon at 3.45pm

Chairperson’s signature