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A human value is the struggle against the self and it manifests itself out with various modes of behaviour with
those around us.

When the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) was asked what intellect (aql) was he said:
“It is performing an action in obedience to Allah and those who obey Allah in their actions are truly human
beings of intellect. If the abd of Allah would like to come closer to Him, he should do so by performing a
good deed with his intellect, this will bring them swiftly forward. We the prophets talk to people according to
the strength of their intellect. All righteous deeds are rewarded and the best rewards result from an action
stemmed from intellect. ”

As a result when doing something, we need to ask ourselves, why am I doing this? How am I doing this? And
how do I aim to ensure this act will bring me closer to Allah?
The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) continued saying that nothing is better than intellect. The intellect of a person asleep
is better than a foolish person awake. All messengers were sent down once their intellect had been perfected
and refined above any in his ummah. Allah has created the intellect from a divine light which was stored
amongst his knowledge and no angel has seen it. Knowledge is understanding the spirit of that light, Zuhd
(which is doing without that which is wrong for us) is its head, modesty is its eyes, wisdom is its tongue,
compassion its purpose and mercy its heart.

The intellect manifests itself as Zuhd and modesty, the tongue must be able to come out with wisdom,
compassion and rahmah must be in the heart. He continues to say that this can be strengthened with ten things:
certainty, faith truthfulness, tranquillity, sincerity, kindness, generosity, contentment submission and
patience. When addressing intellect the prophet told it to go back and it did, come forward and it did, speak and
it said alhamdulilah. Intellect has neither enemy or rival to whom there is no likeness that has no comparison
or equal before whose might everything is submissive and humbled.

Allah has said by my power and splendour never have I created anything finer than you or submissive to me or
noble than you. By you my unity is affirmed, by you I am worshipped and I am called upon by you in prayer,
hope is placed on me through you and I am desired through you. I am feared by you, by you is the reward and
through you is the punishment. Such is the value of intellect.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) continues to say never has Allah been worshipped more than by intellect. A human
being’s intellect is only perfected when it has 10 qualities amongst them are:
When good is expected from it
When one is safe as evil doesn’t come from it
When it makes small of the goodness that comes from it
Much of the small of good issuing of the intellect of others
It doesn’t tire of the demands of people
It doesn’t tire from seeking knowledge

Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S) said when quoting the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) “If you are told of a good position of a
human being then look to see how good his intellect is, as it is according to how he used his intellect that he
will be rewarded.”

Hadith from Imam Ali (A.S.) narrates that Jubril came down to Prophet Adam (A.S.) and said; “O Adam! I have
been ordered to have you choose between three things.” Adam asks what the 3 things were and Jubril replied,
“Intellect, modesty, and religion”. Hazrat Adam chose intellect so Jubril told modesty and religion to leave
him, but they said that they have been ordered to stay with intellect wherever it may be.

Imam Ali (A.S.) goes on to say that intellect is a cutting sword and we should cut off our desires with the sword
of intellect. Loss of intellect means losing life, he who has lost his intellect can only be compared to the dead.
When talking to I Hassan he said the greatest wealth is intellect and the greatest poverty is stupidity.