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Curriculum Vitae of Nikhil Kasarpalkar

Name- Nikhil Kasarpalkar

Date of Birth- 23/02/1986
Add: A/4, Ganga Apts,
Nr Kamal Sagar Soc.
90 Feet Rd, Bhandup(E).
Mumbai 400042
Contact No-+ 919769692895

Degree Institution Class Year
M.Sc.( By Research) Centre For Research In Current Current
Mental Retardation(CREMERE)
B.Sc in Biotechnology Vikas College of Arts, First Class April-2006
Science and Commerce
HSC K.J Somaiya College Of First Class March, 2003
Science and Commerce
SSC Indian Education Society’s Distinction March, 2001
Secondary School

Courses Completed
Post Graduate Diploma In Bioinformatics (2003-04)- Vikas Career College in association
with Indian Bioinformatics Organisation. Grade A+.

Hands on Experience
1) Hands on experience and Training in cytogenetics. Well versed in the technique of
separation and identification of chromosomes(Karyotyping) through G-banding.

2) Through understanding and training in the isolation, separation and identification of

Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) through Leucocytes

3) Have handled cases of biotinidase deficiency and multiple carboxylase deficiency.

with a fine understanding relating to the its literature and the technique of its detection
4) Training in high risk prenatal screening in the first and second trimester of pregnancy with
the DELFIA system. Well versed in handling the assays for the related markes of free β-
hcg, PAPP-A for the first trimester and free β-hcg, AFP and UE3 in the second trimester

5) Training in handling the High Performance Thin Layer Chromatogarph (HPTLC)used in

the separation of serum amino-acids which are useful of diagnosis of certain metabolic

6) Training in the handling of the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)for

diagnosis of many Metabolic Disorders

7) Have a through understanding of the techniques to lucratively process molecular DNA


8) Standardisation & developing lysosomal enzyme testing for 14 lysosomal disorders by

spectrophotometry & flurometry ( ICMR project study )

Experience In Genetics
1) Well versed in the history taking of genetic disorders related to Mental Retardation with
regards to the proper handling and through detailing of the concerned patients related to
Down Syndrome, Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and other genetic disorders.
2) An experience of over 3 years in cytogenetics, metabolic genetics, genetic history
taking, biochemical genetics, molecular genetics and genetic counseling.
3) Have worked as a assistant fellow in the ICMR project for the screening and diagnosis
of lysosomal storage disorders under the guidance of Dr. Usha P. Dave-Medical
4) Have worked for 1 year as a Junior Research Fellow at Preventine Life Care, Mumbai.
5) Experience of organizing and successfully conducting workshops, CMEs, and seminars
on Clinical Genetics , Genetic counselin and Genetic disorders
6) Trained in taking lectures and practical related to basics of genetics, metabolic genetics,
inborn errors of metabolism, cytogenetics & mental retardation

Publications and Presentations

1. Kasarpalkar N, Arora M and Dave U (2008) “Is advanced maternal age a
criteria for screening Indian pregnant women?- chromosomal profile in 280 down
syndromes ” presented at International conference On Medical And Community
2. Kasarpalkar N, Sanghi V, Kavimandan B and Dave U (2009). “A Spectrum of
Arylsulfatase- A Deficiency (MLD) – a rare neurodegenerative disorder” presented at the
7th Annual Conference of Bombay Neurosciences Association ( BNA )
First prize in the Event of Srujan -2005 organised by Smt. C.H.M College,
Ulhasnagar for the project titled “Pseudogenes and Bioinformatics”