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The future manpower plan includes recruitment of

1. Animator with experience in 3D technology.

2. Artist.
3. Sales manager and sales personnel.
4. We designer.
The recruitment ao!e will create a full team that can underta"e future pro#ects that are
now eing discussed with prospecti!e clients oth locally and aroad.
A new pro#ect under a #oint collaoration with $ultimedia De!elopment %orporation Sdn.
&hd. is eing discussed currently. The pro#ect in!ol!es products in the ma"ing with
expertise re'uirement in the field of (T technology and it will include a character from the
Disney World )SA.
%urrently* the company is restricted to the sales and mar"eting acti!ities centered
around go!ernment departments as the procurement process does not in!ol!e a lot of
manpower. There are sales on a nominal asis as the company would not e ale to
perform a large scale procurement due to its limited resources and with limited
participations from the financial institution the tas" at hand is made more difficult. With
appropriate funding the expansion program will e executed without delays as the sales
and mar"eting strategies are already in place awaiting to e expedited.
+urther refinements need to e loo" into where studio processing are in!ol!ed as sound
editing can e impro!e further with the assistance of professionals in the related area
that can e costly.
To fully create a we site with a credited professional would e exhausting on the
financial aspects of the company. Therefore a solution of engaging a we designer
needs to e address as soon as possile.
The de!elopment of the wesite would e on a #oint effort with ,-./-% as we are
already in agreement for the usage of the portal run y ,-./-% under halal
To further upgrade the wor"s would re'uire additional software of the !ersion 3D $ax
Designer y Auto des" and updated !ersions of %S 0.0 $aster %ollection y Adoe for
graphic and print pulishing.
Therefore to summari1e* a higher in!estment has to e made on the followings for a
smoother operations with the upgraded !ersions of the followings Software for2
1. 2D3 3D Design
2. Des"top operating software
3. 4raphic and print pulishing
4. 5ffice application and suites
0. We de!elopment and pulishing.
With all the technical criteria fulfilled* it can e en!isaged that the current 6(T
,-.,AD)A/ 1 $A7A8S(A series 1* 2* 3 and 4 can e con!erted into 3D !ersion and it
can guarantee mar"et expansion and growth with a wider acceptance deri!ed from
usage of the latest in (T technology.