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Pain Management Devices
Market is growing at a CAGR of
13.1% from 2013 to 2019. B
!rans"arenc Market Researc#.
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Pain Management Devices Market is growing at a CAGR of
13.1% from 2013 to 2019. B !rans"arenc Market
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Pain Management
Devices Market
Pain Management Devices Market was valued at USD 2.0 billion and is expected to grow at a
CA! o" #$.#% "rom 20#$ to 20#& to reac' a market o" USD (.0 billion b) 20#&.
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.ncreased sop'istication and tec'nological advances 'ave revolutioni/ed t'e pain management
sector. Signi0cant researc' to understand various pain sensations and t'eir neurotransmission
processes 'as 'elped in pain reduction to a great extent. A rise in aging population 'as
conse1uentl) led to a rise in c'ronic diseases suc' as art'ritis2 diabetes and cancer. .n addition2
serious side-e3ects caused due to prolonged use o" pain management drugs 'ave triggered t'e
growt' o" t'e pain management devices market.
Pain management devices comprise a variet) o" instruments suc' as electrical stimulators2
analgesic pumps2 radio"re1uenc) ablation and neurostimulation devices. !obust support "rom
'ealt'care institutes2 universities and 'ospitals coupled wit' positive involvement "rom
government bodies 'as un1uestionabl) assisted in "urt'er growt' o" t'is sector. Companies in
t'is sector are collaborativel) working towards t'e introduction o" innovative products w'ic'
would satis") t'e unmet needs o" patients. Moreover2 limitations like miniaturi/ation2
ac'ievement o" read out time and cost e4cienc) are being worked on b) all t'e ma5or pla)ers o"
t'is market.
6lectrical stimulators especiall) t'e 768S 97ranscutaneous 6lectrical 8erve Stimulators: are
currentl) t'e most widel) used b) patients. 7'e market "or electrical stimulators was valued to
be USD 20;.< million in )ear 20## and is expected to grow at a CA! o" ;.2% "rom )ear 20#2 to
20#;. Alt'oug' electrical stimulators and analgesic pumps are currentl) t'e most commonl)
used devices2 radio"re1uenc) ablation 9!= ablation: and neurostimulation devices are anticipated
to register 'ig' growt' rate in t'e coming )ears o" "orecast. 7'e rise in neuropat'ic diseases
suc' as trigeminal neuralgia2 perip'eral neuralgia and spinal in5uries 'as encouraged t'e growt'
!rans"arenc Market Researc#
R+P,R- D+SCR.P-.,'
Pain Management
Devices Market
o" t'e neurostimulation devices market2 w'ic' is slated to grow at a CA! o" #(.2% "rom 20#2 to
eograp'icall)2 t'e 8ort' American region constituted t'e largest market in t'e )ear 20##>
'owever2 Asia is predicted to "oresee t'e 'ig'est growt' rate o" 2#.<% "rom 20#2 to 20#;. 7'is
growt' 'as been attributed to increase in disease awareness and rising disposable incomes. .n
addition2 t'e Asian region 'as been predicted to 'ave t'e 'ig'est incidence rates o" cancer and
diabetes b) 20202 b) t'e ?orld @ealt' Argani/ation. =avorable reimbursement policies and
researc' "unding b) governments in t'e region will also provide t'e re1uired impetus "or t'e
growt' o" t'e market.
7'e pain management devices market is predominantl) an oligopolistic market and is ruled b)
pla)ers suc' as Medtronic .nc2 St. Bude Medical2 *oston Scienti0c2 Cimberl) Clark and ot'ers.
7'e global pain management devices market 'as been segmented as below+
Pain Management Market2 *) 7)pes
6lectrical Stimulators
Analgesic Pumps
.ntrat'ecal pumps
6xternal pumps
!adio"re1uenc) Ablation Devices
Spinal Cord Stimulators 9SPS:
!rans"arenc Market Researc#
Pain Management
Devices Market
Sacral 8erve Stimulators 9S8S:
Deep *rain Stimulators 9D*S:
Pain Management Market2 *) Applications
Cancer Pain
8europat'ic Pain
=acial D Migraine Pain
Musculoskeletal Pain
Pain Management Market2 *) eograp')
8ort' America
!est o" t'e ?orld 9!o?:
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Pain Management
Devices Market
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