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BEPAA Integrated Health Sciences Curriculum-mic-12-23-13 1

Course Syllabus
Program Title: Integrated Health Sciences
Program Type: Non Career Preparatory
Career Cluster: Health Science

Secondary Non Career Preparatory
Program Number IMPF 14752
Sponsor BEPAA , James McIntosh, M.D. Chairman
Target Audience Grade Level 11-12
Course Length (30 hrs.) 10 Week@3 hours per session
Teacher / Facilitator Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D.
Class Time See sample schedule below
Location Clarke House, 286 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031
Point of Contact or BEPAA Ph. 212-283-7287

An Integrated Approach to Health Sciences 2e, Delmar Cengage
Learning 2012
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The purpose of the BEPAA Health Sciences Program is to provide students with a foundation
of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the study and applications of biomedical
sciences and the possibilities in the biomedical field.

This program uses a combination of activity-based, project-based and problem-based (APPB)
learning styles to engage students. The content includes but is not limited to the study of
human body systems, medicine, health, key biological concepts, communication, and transport
of substances, locomotion, metabolic processes, defense, protection, research processes,
engineering principles and an introduction to bio-informatics. The program also presents and
discussions of real-world medicine interventions and innovations that includes the design and
development of various medical interventions, including vascular stents, implants, and
prosthetic limbs etc. In addition, students review the history of organ transplants and gene
therapy, and stay updated on cutting-edge developments via current scientific literature.

Hands-on projects include problem solving, investigating the structures and functions of body
systems, and using data acquisition software to monitor body functions such as muscle
movement, reflex and voluntary actions, and respiratory operation by way of virtual laboratories.

The course culmination gives student teams the opportunity to work with a mentor, identify a
scientific research topic, conduct research, write a scientific paper in the form of a literature
review, and present the paper in front of a panel of reviewers.

Program Structure
Modeled after Project Lead The Way
PLTW is the leading provider of rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and
Mathematics (STEM) education curricular programs used in elementary, middle, and high schools across
the U.S.
More information about the PLTW Biomedical Sciences program can be found on their website

Listed below are the modules that comprise this program and a sample schedule:

Grade Module
Module Title Module
11-12 14752-01 Anatomy and Physiology 10 Weeks 3
11-12 14752-02 Math 10 Weeks 3
11-12 14752-03 Chemistry and Physics 10 Weeks 3
11-12 14752-04 Microbiology 10 Weeks 3
*Level 1=K-4, Level 2=5-8, Level 3=9-12

BEPAA Integrated Health Sciences Curriculum-mic-12-23-13 3

Group Activities

Group activities are the most integral part of the BEPAA Integrated Health Sciences
Program. These activities include discussion of videos, real-world case scenarios, and science
and math problem solving.
Academic Alignment

All of the content and methods in the BEPAA Integrated Health Sciences Program curriculum
have been aligned to the NYS Next Generation Science Standards and National Science
Education Benchmarks contained in specific math and science core academic courses.
(See supportive documents below)
Essential Skills

Essential skills identified by the Division of Career and Adult Education of NYS have been
integrated into the standards and benchmarks of the BEPAA Integrated Health Sciences
Program. These skills represent the general knowledge and skills considered by industry to be
essential for success in careers across all health industry career clusters. Students preparing
for a career served by this program at level 3 (Grades 9-12) should be able to demonstrate
these skills in the context of this program.

Companion and supportive documents:

Inside BEPAA- Integrated Health Sciences Cloud Folder

o NYS STEM Based Lesson Methodologies
o Study of the Human Body, Grades 9-12 Benchmarks, American Association for the
Advancement of Science
o National Science Education Standards| e-Book
o (Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS/ Website)

------END OF SUMMARY-----

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Sample Day Schedule for BEPAA HIS Curriculum
Period Description Facilitator
Morning Cohort
9:00 10:00 Welcome and Orientation Dr. Cray
10:00 11:00
Video Education Icebreaker:
Inside the Living Body
Dr. Cray
11:00 12:00 Film Discussion, Daily Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead Dr. Cray
Afternoon Cohort
1:00 2:00 Welcome and Orientation Dr. Cray
2:00 3:00
Video Education Icebreaker:
Inside the Living Body
Dr. Cray
3:00 4:00 Film Discussion, Daily Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead Dr. Cray

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Samples of NYS STEM Course Curricula Outlines with Standards [produced by PLTW]

1. Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
2. Human Body Systems
3. Medical Interventions
4. Biomedical Innovation

The links to course outlines and standards listed above are provided as a yardstick of
measurement of the rigor and alignment of the BEPAA- Integrated Health Sciences curriculum