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Nana Yaw Amoah-Yeboah (Past TESCON Vice-President)
Twitter: @NYAmoahYeboah Email:
It is plausible that cohorts of the NDC will deny the obvious but Pres. Mahama has failed,
I say this in the sense that every government is elected into office on the premise on delivering
on the assurances made to the electorates. At the time when the NPP was leaving power, there
was an extreme sense of abounding hope and prosperity that Ghana was on a certain alleyway
that could only go forward. Within months of a change in government, to the NDC, everything is
fell into disarray, the bull's eye not holding. Every day, I wake up to an economy of gloom, angst
and misery. People do not have the same upbeat mood, people are fearful of the next day for
what it brings. Concerned minds like myself, finds this depressing. At the end of the day, the very
purpose of governance is the upliftment of its society. I think the people of Ghana feel that the
opposite is the case.
The political tradition, the NPP in which I believe in, believes that it is on the basis of competence
and vision that one must seek political power, not parochial desires. President Mahama and the
bureaucrats of the Executive do not possess these qualities, hence the abysmal and cataclysm
failures we see in all sectors of our economy.
It takes a deceitful and selfish element to know that it is not possible to do what I am saying but
for the sake of political power I will. Now, it becomes suicidal when you compound the element
of deceit with the element of incompetence. You can sometimes lie your way through certain
state of affairs and when given time, you can deliver. This is because, a sharp political leader
can rearrange the constellation of political and economic forces to create new possibilities a
space to excel. Here we are, the NDC has lied through their teeth into power and it seems that
they are hopelessly incompetent in doing what they claim they will do. They have exhibited very
crass incompetence at managing Ghanas economic fundamentals, even the exchange rate. This
singularly shows that the NDC has no clue, they cannot handle it.
Mr. Boakye Agyarko, 2012 campaign manager of Akufo Addo said, if you give a monkey sufficient
time and paper, it could write a book. It depends on whether the monkey is smart or not smart.
We can give the NDC 10 years, they cannot do the job but the NPP can. This is because the NPP
has shown that they are sharp and on the spot.
The NDC cannot achieve anything, that much I know but we still need to put them to checks and
balances. Let us criticize them. At least, the Bible even spells it out that if a child buffoons,
straighten it. The NDC is a child in achieving, thus my very way of straightening it is through
critique writings.
Wednesday, 9
July, 2014.

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