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Part I: Entrepreneurs Sample Resume

Name: Mr. Anthony Mamon

AGE: 46
Status: Married
Highest Educational Attainment: Bachelor of Elementary Education
Major In Mathematics
Last School Attended: Notre Dame of Marbel University

Business Name: Food Eatery
Business Address: Pantua Street, Koronadal City
No. of years Business existing: 1 year
Branches (If any): Notre Dame of Marbel University Canteen (Near CBA office)
Branches Address: Alunan Avenue, Koronadal City

Part II: Before the business started
1. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
Of course as a human and as a kid I wanted to finish my studies and be
graduated in college. To help my mother and father, to earn money in able
to finance myself and my future family and of course to be able to finance
a capital to start my own dream business because my parents was
involved in business from then on.
2. What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?
My first business idea was a Candy Factory in Sto. Nino. We make
chicharon, bukayo, banana cracker and many delicacies. It was not
successful because I became busy in many things and I have no time
controlling and attending the business and I was employed in a public
school and got no time for the business.
3. What do you wish you knew before you started your first business?
I wish I knew before I started my first business that time and effort is very
important if you have your own business. I wish I also knew that I must not
totally trust someone to manage my business.
4. What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had? (if any)
Not applicable.
5. Was there something/someone from our previous employment that
inspired you to put up your own business?
Yes. He is my co-worker in Sto. Nino elementary school, inspire me to put
up my own business for he was a business man and putting up a business
is a big help for someone like me. He also said that putting up a business
can make your money productive if you put so much effort on it.

Part III: The Business Started
1. How did your business started?
It was by chance, I never dreamed of having this kind of business. My wife
was the one who think this and then we look for a perfect place to rent to
put up karinderya business. It was also a great opportunity that we got a
place in NDMU canteen as our branch.
2. Why did you choose to put up such business?
It was really by chance. It just suddenly came as a blessing.
3. How much was your initial capital?
My initial capital is P100, 000 for the construction, for the raw materials
and other expenses.
4. What are the challenges encountered during the starting point of your
Financial aspects
o I apply for a loan to finance and start my business. I encountered
and I was engaged in much debt. Utang dito utang doon kind of
Marketing aspects
o I didnt encounter so much with marketing for I have background
knowledge about it when I was in my elementary because my
mother taught me about this.
Human resource aspects
o This aspect really challenged me for there is no security in having
employee because I cannot ensure that he/she will lasts for there is
no contract.
5. How did you go through with those challenges?
I looked for other sources and other ways to overcome these challenges
to avoid problems and to have a positive attitude in work place.
6. What are the risks you faced with the business?
There are many competitors around, and high staff turnover or loss of a
key staff member especially if they have unique skills. And of course
financial risk.
7. As a future entrepreneur what can you tell us if we want to put up our own
Be financially ready, you must put so much effort to it. You must have
knowledge in putting up business. You must be ready to fail as an
entrepreneur, dont be afraid to fail because failure is a part to become a
successful entrepreneur. Do everything to make your dreams into a reality
and of course, dont forget to ask God for guidance.

Part IV: Conclusion
Therefore we conclude that being an entrepreneur is so hard for you must first have
enough capital for such business and especially you must have knowledge in putting up
such business. We can also conclude that Mr. Anthony Mamon faced so many risks
before he became a better entrepreneur. He worked so hard to earn his daily goals, he
take the negativity as a positive aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Part V: Documentation

During our interview with Mr. Anthony Mamon, in his food eatery business.