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Aparajaya-The 150
Chiranjeevs Movie
By Kailash Ch Sabat-7207884783

The Script-----for
Ch (Chiranjeev-henceforth -Ch)s father is from Assam and lose everything
on Indo-Sino war 1962.
Ch(a boy) was promised by politicians and police people but nothing material
in actual is done.
Finally an airforce colonel rescues him and settles in Chennai and made Ch a

Studied medicine part time and in love for a Bharat natyam dancer and
spiritual master sonakshi sinha the daughter of a spiritual artist whom really
sunil shetty a spiritual villain loves .

The air force office is massacred on 1980 and chiru becomes the owner of
workhadtt hospital chain owner formely owned by the officer.
The villain ( young---)
May be from Middle east Chinese back ground with negative spiritual energy
or south spreads lawlessness through cancer,accident,heart attack ,chemical
weapons in India.
This compels Ch to learn Spiritual marital art.He remembers his childhood
problems and thinks to rescue Indian people through spititual art.
He follows Budha spiritualism-japanese ans Chinese and knows more about
American Robotic art for crime related activities.
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Chiranjeev faces and fights the villain.
He is drastically injured.

Ajay a spiritual practitioner in Himalayas is a friend of Sonakshis father.So to
get cured and spiritual knowledge sonakshi and Ajay takes Chiru to
A lot of Spiritualism-Gayatri-Mrityunjaya
Marital Art
are taught to Ch.
They all reach Chennai again.
Face the villain-Finish them for an Independence India.
Prez.Obama awards him the best warrior.
Prez Pranab daa awards him the best citizen.
He is awarded the Mahatma Gandhi award for truth,non-violence and
Aparigraha.Finally becomes the Defence minister of Union India.
At 80 yrs old he is shot dead by a religious fanatic.
He becomes the National Guide of India.

The Movie Ends

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Kailash Ch Sabat-Learnt in Kalaghoda Mumbai on Film script writing and has
written around 400 articles on Yoga,Economics,politics and short stories
Even though a story has to be 200 pages length ,a seed may give you a tree I

Love is un-imaginable,
It is the most ancient.
It is incomplete without a friend.
It is divine like moon and night.
It is powerful as divinity.
It is a method to heal.
What a life without true love.
Love is gods most favourite blessings.
Life is like a boat in the sea,
Oh! God You are the wind and I the sailor.
I wont find meaning in life without you.
I see god in humans and service to them high.
I feel and see you in and around.
Open your eyes and feel god.
We are so ignorant.
Degenerating the children.
Never teach them the truth.
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The true power of earth.
The true way to ones good life,
To be a human,
To feel the great,
To experience the great nature.
We are in illusion only.
Love to god and human is the way to remove this.
My India is great.
It teaches truth and spiritualism to the world.
It teaches humanity.
It accounts the real need.
We are not driven by narrow-mindedness.
The broadness created a Gandhi and We love our mother land.
We are in the process to rejuvenate India.
We are lucky because we have opportunity to serve the poor.
Our morality brings out godly in these poor.

Apane bulaya mene aya pahadi baliye ,shera baliye.

A movie should focus on sacrifice like Amitabhs Naseeb or sholay,Love and
responsibility of Dharmu in Mrityudanda.
Music should be silent and suspensive like Hulchul.
Comedy as Hungama.
And characterized like Akki in Garam masala and Amitabh in Saarabi.or
Rajanikant in Girafdar.

Even Ias and Aps officers follow spiritualism(Logical,conclusive,consensusal
and scientific).Prez obama and PM V.Putin follow that the biggest art of
world that controls all our future.
The movie should teach(Learning oriented) the Indian people---
Spiritual art-Long forest travels.
Classical spiritual odissi dance
Movement of air-
Indian spiritual healing techniques.
The ability to live healthy and long
The interaction and language of
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Bulls and monkeys
Vipasana meditation.
The invisible powers focused in the Autobiography of a Yogi
The danger and practice of spiritual and planned killing by the ruling.
The psycho horror created for short sighted gain.

1. You may be powerful but not the God.
2. You may darken temporarily not for ever.
3. Even sun hides inside clouds to save the life energy,you are simply a
4. You may be blind,try to destroy and make fear but a neem tree never
fears to send life giving energy.
5. You may see the soil the mother of a toy,dont forget it produces sword
of iron also.
6. Aag may be any powerful it has to bow before wate.
Money and time can purchase any love.
God does not help a coward.
Fish in water never understands the power of a star in the
sky,comeout of water you know my power.
You are like a worm ,cannot fight the fire.

An article by Kailash

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