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To the Honorable Governor and Legislature of the State of Maine

From a Delegation of Peaceful and Free Maine People
A Declaration, emonstrance and Demand
!pposing, Stopping and "orrecting
!ngoing Abuses of the Limited Po#ers and Authorit$ Delegated to Government b$
the People of Maine

% % % % %
This emonstrance and Declaration is based in and on the superseding Authorities
of the "onstitution for the &nited States of America, circa '()(, as amended in
'(*' #ith the +ill of ights and the "onstitution for the State of Maine, as
amended in '),-. The positions stated herein are founded in these Authorities.
The Governor and all members of the Legislature have s#orn or affirmed oaths to
these referenced "onstitutions and are re/uired to abide b$ the "onstitutional
mandates imposed upon them b$ and through their oaths. 0o !ath Ta1er in Maine
has the "onstitutional authorit$ to oppose, contradict, def$, den$ and violate the
ver$ documents to #hich he s#ore or affirmed his oath. Pursuant to "onstitutional
guarantees, all "iti2ens of Maine can e3pect that their !ath Ta1ers #ill so act in
the performance of their official duties.
Despite these "onstitutional re/uirements, it is evident that all forms of
government in Maine abandon their "onstitutional duties and routinel$ per4ure,
violate and disparage their oaths and the inherent rights and Due Process of La#
"onstitutionall$ guaranteed to Maine "iti2ens. Therefore, the government of
Maine and the various governments #ithin Maine act unconstitutionall$, thus, are
unla#ful governments. These errant !ath Ta1ers are Domestic 5nemies, and it is
the dut$ of American and Maine "iti2ens to e3pose and oppose all Domestic
This emonstrance is provided to the Governor and the Legislature b$ the People
of Maine to apprise them that the People are a#are of the unconstitutional actions
and it is our demand, pursuant to rights guaranteed in both "onstitutions that
government immediatel$ cease and desist its unconstitutional actions, immediatel$
embrace and enforce the "onstitution as the Supreme La# of the Land. 6e the
People, rightfull$ demand that those #ho serve in the government of Maine, under
the sacred trust endo#ed upon them b$ the People, restore honor and
"onstitutional governance to Maine and strictl$ abide b$ the Supreme La# of the
Land and the principles and mandates contained #ithin our founding documents.
The above7stated rightful demands have arisen and are presented due to the
positions and circumstances stated herein belo#8
This opening 9ntroductor$ #or1 #as created b$ :ac1 ; Marg$ Fl$nn, #ith some minor editing done b$ 6a$ne Leach
% % % % %
To the Honorable Governor ; Legislature of the State of Maine
A Declaration and emonstrance !pposing the Abuse of Granted Po#ers and
9nherent ights
6e, a delegation of peaceful, God loving, and free People domiciled on the State of Maine,
having met and deliberated man$ hours regarding the repeated usurpation and abuse of
po#ers granted, and rights protected b$ the "onstitutions for the &nited States of
America and for the State of Maine, conclude that it is our right and dut$, rel$ing upon
God<s goodness and guidance, to here#ith remonstrate against our Maine government,
declaring our reasons for such remonstrance b$ providing the follo#ing determinations8
'. +ecause the "onstitution for the &nited States of America, Article 9, Section
', concretel$ states that =All legislative Po#ers herein granted shall be vested
in a "ongress of the &nited States,....>, and these enumerated po#ers #ere
specific and limited for the purpose of severel$ restraining the ver$
government thus created b$ that "onstitution.
,. +ecause there has been imposed for nearl$ a centur$, a constantl$
depreciating, constitutionall$ unauthori2ed, unla#ful fiat mone$ issued
through a privatel$ o#ned and controlled central ban1, and forced upon the
People because of deceitful and unconscionable acts imposed upon the
People, b$ and through fraud, in violation of "onstitutional re/uirements,
said mone$ causing continual degradation of our purchasing po#er,
instabilit$ in our free mar1et econom$, and a deterioration of the People<s
?. +ecause the government of our State of Maine has, for numerous purposes,
e. g. high#a$, school, and #elfare program funding, agreed to accept and
utili2e from the &nited States government its departments, agencies, and
bureaus, this unla#ful fiat mone$, and its attached mandates in lieu of the
la#ful mone$ described and authori2ed in Article 9, Section ), and further
implied as gold and silver coin b$ Article 9, Section '- of the "onstitution for
the &nited States of America.
@. +ecause the "onstitution for the State of Maine states in Article A999, Part
First, Section ', that =...the Legislature are authori2ed, and it shall be their
dut$ to re/uire, the several to#ns to ma1e suitable provision, at their o#n
e3pense, for the support and maintenance of public schoolsB....>, supposedl$
#ith la#ful gold and silver bac1ed mone$B $et the government for the State
of Maine is accepting the above mentioned unla#ful fiat mone$ to subsidi2e
the education of our children in Maine public schools.
C. +ecause government officials and emplo$ees for the State of Maine are
therefore violating Article A999, Part First, Section ' of the "onstitution for
the State of Maine and their !ath of !ffice, and thereb$ violating the Public
Trust and alienating the People<s trust in their government.
D. +ecause the State of Maine<s elected members of the Legislature den$ and
refuse to declare and assert their 4ust po#ers #hich are reserved to the
States or to the People as affirmed in the '-
Amendment to the "onstitution
for the &nited States of America.
(. +ecause the po#ers not delegated to the &nited States b$ the "onstitution
for the &nited States of America have been unla#full$ usurped and
repeatedl$ violated regarding the People<s inherent right to ac/uire, possess,
and protect propert$, as stated succinctl$ in the "onstitution for the State of
Maine, Article 9, Section '., and State of Maine officials and emplo$ees have
repeatedl$ failed to negate or nullif$ the usurpation, abuses, and violations,
or other#ise protect its People from them. The above mentioned include, but
are not limited to, the usurpation of private propert$ rights b$ &nited States
governmental departments, Ee. g., 9nterior, 5ducation, Transportation,
5nvironmental Protection, Homeland Securit$, Agriculture, etc.FB bureaus,
Ee. g., +ATFB commissions, Ei. e., L&"FB and other agencies too numerous to
mention, plus the surrender of said rights, and even our sovereignt$, to
foreign entities b$ our governments through so7called Treaties Ee. g., GATT,
0AFTA, "AFTA, etc.F, "ouncils, Ei. e., the President<s "ouncil on
Sustainable Development, Human ights "ouncilF, "onventions, Ee. g.,
"onvention on the ights of Persons #ith DisabilitiesF, "harters, Ee. g., the
&0F and its affiliates, Ee. g., 9"L59, &05S"!, &09"5F, 0AT!F.
). +ecause there are numerous unconstitutional la#s, rules, and regulations
being imposed upon the People of Maine b$ its government departments,
bureaus, agencies, or b$ 0G!<s created b$ them that obfuscate andGor
impair the People<s right to contract. 53amples of such impairment include,
but are not limited to the follo#ing8 MSHA mandates, Statutes restricting
landlordGtenant andGor insurance contracts, 2oning regulations,
9nternational codes, and #age and price controls.
*. +ecause the Maine Legislature unla#full$ enacted la#s that create victimless
crimes, to unla#full$ control social activities, invade private propert$, and
increase revenues for the State of Maine through the courts and la#
'-.+ecause our governments #ere created to preserve and protect natural,
inherent and unalienable rights, but through surrender to the above entities
of o#nership, control, andGor use of the People<s propert$, the elected
officials, agents, and emplo$ees of the governments for the &nited States and
State of Maine have violated their !aths of !ffice, and are thus sub4ect to
reprimand, arrest, fines, andGor other corrective action, such as that
authori2ed in the self7e3ecuting Sections ? and @ of the '@
Amendment to
the national "onstitution to provide remed$ and restitution for their #rongs
against the People of the State of Maine.
Therefore, 6e the subscribers to this emonstrance, state, that no peaceful, la#ful
actions authori2ed b$ the "onstitutions are e3empt from our use to full$ restore our
rightful Government that is obligated to protect and preserve the above described rights
and others retained b$ the People. 6e state that, providing there are no corrective actions
timel$ ta1en in regards to this emonstrance, and the rightful demands made herein, the
People of the State of Maine have the "onstitutional authorit$, dut$, and
unalienable and indefeasible right to institute government, and to alter, reform, or totall$
change the same, #hen their safet$ and happiness re/uire it.> EMaine Constitution, Article
I, Section 2). Also, #e state that #e #ill do all in our po#er to urge the People of Maine to
resort to such la#ful, peaceful $et strong actions as are re/uired to provide said People
#ith a return to the =republican form of government> as guaranteed in the "onstitution
for the &nited States of America, Article 9A, Section @, so help us G!DH
Signed this IIII da$ of IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII , ,-'? b$8
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Biblical Law at "Common Law" supersedes all laws, and "Christianity is custom,
custom is Law." Robin v. Hardaway, 2 Va. (2 Jefferson) 109, 114 (1772)
“All acts of legislature apparently contrary to natural right and justice are, in our laws,
and must be in the nature of things, considered as void. he laws of nature are the
laws of !od" #hose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature
must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect
us. All human constitutions which contradict his laws, we are in conscience bound to
disobey. $uch have been the adjudications of our courts of %ustice.&
Robin v. Hardaway, 2 Va. (2 Jefferson) 109, 114 (1772)
'n (uestion )* of the Prima secundae of his Summa theologiae +'.ii,, A-uinas asserted
the concept of an eternal law which provides the road map for all ethics and ethical
conduct. his eternal law, A-uinas reasoned, is !od.s device to govern the entire
community of the universe toward the common good. he divine law, as represented
for e/ample in the en Commandments, ma0es eternal law more concrete and
0nowable. 1atural law then transforms the laws emanating from the realm of the
supernatural, ma0ing them 0nowable “in the hearts of human beings& and instruct
them “to do good and avoid evil.& Lastly, human law2which translates natural law
into concrete norms governing particular peoples and nations2is the most concrete
and specific application of eternal law in the realm of the nature.
Robin v. Hardaway, 2 Va. (2 Jefferson) 109, 114 (1772)

“#e are bound to interpret the Constitution in the light of the law as it e/isted at the
time it was adopted, not as reaching out for new guaranties of the rights of the citi3en,
but as securing to every individual such as he already possessed as a British subject44
such as his ancestors had inherited and defended since the days of 5agna Charta.&
Mattox v. .!., 1"# ! 2$7,24$. (1%9")
"he Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. hat
which it meant when it was adopted, it means now."
!. &aro'ina v. .!., 199 .!. 4$7, 44% (190").
“hat which is implied is as much a part of the Constitution as that which is e/pressed,
and amongst the implied matters is that the nation may not prevent a state from
discharging the ordinary functions of government, and no state can interfere with the
national government in the free e/ercise of the powers conferred upon it.“
!. &aro'ina v. .!., 199 .!. 4$7, 44% (190").
"he Constitution of these 6nited $tates is the supreme law of the land. Any law that is
repugnant to the Constitution is null and void of law."
Marb(ry v. Madison, " ! 1$7,(1%0$)
"1o state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it."
M(rdo)* v. +enn., $19 ! 10", (194$)
"'f the state converts a liberty into a privilege, the citi3en can engage in the right
with impunity." !,(tt'eswort, v.,a., $7$ ! 2#2, (19#9)
"#here rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule ma0ing or
legislation, which would abrogate them." Miranda v. 0ri1ona, $%4 .!. 4$#, (19##)
"An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords
no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though
it had never been passed." 2orton v. !,e'by &o(nty, 11% .!. 42", (1%%#)
"he claim and e/ercise of a Constitutional right cannot be converted into a
crime." Mi''er v. .!., 2$0 3.2d. 4%#,4%9
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