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Angol szbeli ttelek

Hello. This is XY, the representative of Tschibo. an ! speak to "iss#"r XY,
Speaking. How can I help you?
Accor%ing to o&r %atabase, 'o& have an &nsettle% acco&nt#invoice.
Can you hold a moment, I'll see to it. Can you tell me the number and the amount of
the invoice and the date it was due?
The n&(ber of the invoice is 1))*+ an% it ,as %&e on the )n% of April. The a(o&nt is
h, I see. I'm sorry we were unable to settle our account since our customer who owes
us a considerable amount have gone bankrupt. Is there a possibility you can e!tend
the credit?
1f co&rse. Yo& can ask for an e2tension of ti(e or 'o& (a' choose to settle 'o&r
acco&nt on a (onthl' basis. 3lease %eci%e ,hich option ,o&l% s&it 'o& an% sen% &s
'o&r re4&est in ,riting as soon as possible.
"hank you. #e'll discuss it, and I will send you an e$mail by tomorrow.
3erfect#5reat#16. 7e look for,ar% to 'o&r letter as soon as possible.
"hank you. %ye.
to settle the acco&nt on a (onthl' basis 9 rszletfizets
to settle an acco&nt 9 kieg'enl:teni a sz;(l;t
representative 9 kpvisel<
co((ittee 9 bizotts;g
%ebt 9 tartoz;s
(e(ber#of 9 tag#tag=a v(inek
invoice 9 >?A9s sz;(la
it is %&e 9 vh;n'a%ik;n ese%kes
re4&est 9 krs
%ra, 'o&r attention 9 felh:vni a fig'el(et v(ire
acco&nt n&(ber 9 sz;(lasz;(
transfer, re((ittance 9 ;t&tal;s
cre%it 9 hitel
clear the %ebt# pa' off the %ebt 9 tartoz;st kieg'enl:teni
accor%ing to 9 vki#v(i szerint
e2tension of ti(e @ hala%k
). ttel
9 5oo% (orning. !A( B fro( Avon os(etics. Co 'o& have a fe, (in&tes$
9 Yes, of co&rse.
9 !A( here #! ,o&l% like# to present o&r ne, pro%&ct9fa(il'. This ne, collection is (a%e for
,o(en over +0. These pro%&cts regenerate the skin. After ) ,eeks 'o& can see the res&lt. D!n
) ,eeks the res&lt is visibleE All o&r pro%&cts are high 4&alit' an% clinicall' teste%. The' %onAt
ca&se allergic reactions. This ne, pro%&ct9fa(il' is the res&lt of ne, technological
%evelop(ents an% contains ne, co(ponents.
As &s&al, ,e offer co(petitive prices# reasonable prices. 3resentl', this pro%&ct can be bo&ght
at an intro%&ctor' price. !n a%%ition, ,e also offer a )0F %isco&nt on large or%ers.
!f 'o& are intereste% sen% &s an in4&ir' an% ,e ,ill sen% 'o& the %etails an% the ter(s of
pa'(ent #or ,e ,ill sen% 'o& a %etaile% offer#.
Thank 'o& for 'o&r attention. 3lease contact (e if 'o& have an' 4&estions. Thank 'o&. 8'e.
%isco&nt ;renge%(n'
co(petitive price versen'kpes ;r
reasonable price (lt;n'os ;r
regenerate (egH=:t, regener;l
%isc&ss (egbeszl, (egvitat
co(ponent Isszetev<
present be(&tat
visible l;that
res&lt ere%(n'
presentl' =elenleg
intro%&ctor' price bevezet< ;r
ter(s of pa'(ent fizetsi felttelek
4&alit' (in<sg
skin b<r
in4&ir' a=;nlatkr<, r%ekl<%< levl
*. ttelJ
Hello. !A( XY fro( oop co(pan'# the representative of oop.
an ! speak to the coor%inator of the !nternational 3ackaging ?air$
&ood morning. '. speaking. How can I help you?
7e are intereste% in participating in this event.
an 'o& give (e so(e infor(ation on the con%itions of booking a stan%$
f course. #hat would you like to know e!actly?
an 'o& tell (e ho, big the stan%s are$ ! think ,e ,o&l% nee% at least 10 s4&are
(eters near the entrance.
"hat(s perfect because we can only offer )* s+m stands.
Ho, (&ch ,o&l% that cost for all * %a's$
#e provide e!hibitors a single all$inclusive price for participation, which is ,-.
7hat is incl&%e% in this price$
Stand build 0)*s+m1, name board, carpet, two spot lights 2 one twin power point, one
table 2 two chairs, one literature display rack, entry in the show catalogue, free
tea3coffee and free car parking
Co ,e nee% to pa' a %eposit$
#e ask for )/4 deposit with the booking. 5nd the rest should be paid by the beginning
of the fair. 6ou will find all the information on our website.
Thank 'o& ver' (&ch for 'o&r help. 8'e.
e2hibition @ki;ll:t;s %esk 9:rasztal
fair @v;s;r cabinet 9Kvega=ts szekrn'
participate 9rszt venni filing cabinet 9iratt;rol szekrn'
stan%9stan% separate 9elv;lasztani
rent @kia%ni photocopier 9fn'(;sol
position @hel' rental charges#rate 9brleti %:=
e4&ippe% @felszerelt provi%e 9biztos:tani
e4&ip(ent @felszerels %evice 9eszkIz
facilities @szolg;ltat;s pro(otion 9be(&tatni
pro=ector @pro=ektor (arketing 9be(&tatni
screen @vet:t<v;szon co9or%inator 9szervez<
chest of %ra,ers 9fikos szekrn' con%ition 9felttel
s4&are (eter Ds4(E @ (
+. ttel
L Hello. This is B. fro( ... . an ! talk to "r#"s M(ith$
L Mpeaking. Ho, can ! help 'o&$
L 7e have a proble(. 7e or%ere% so(e electronic pro%&cts fro( 'o&r co(pan' ,hich
sho&l% have arrive% 'ester%a'. An% !A% like to en4&ire abo&t the ,hereabo&ts of the
L 7e are reall' sorr', b&t ,e have =&st realize% that there has been so(e proble( ,ith
the transport. Nnfort&natel' the tr&ck Dthat ,as carr'ing 'o&r or%erE ha% an acci%ent
near the bor%er. !t took abo&t a %a' &ntil another tr&ck arrive% to DtransEloa% the goo%s.
L 1h, ! &n%erstan%. an 'o& tell (e ,hen 'o& e2pect the goo%s to arrive at o&r
L Accor%ing to the shipping co(pan' # The transport co(pan' infor(e% &s, that the
consign(ent ,ill arrive to(orro,.
L ThatAs great. Thank 'o&.
L 7e apologize for the inconvenience ,e ca&se% 'o& ,ith this %ela'. Mo, ,e ,o&l% like
to offer 'o& an a%%itional .F %isco&nt Dof the priceE as a co(pensation.
(ake a co(plaint # to co(plain rekla(;ci, panasz
co(plaint panasz
%ela' kse%ele(
consign(ent kKl%e(n'
freight sz;ll:t(;n', rako(;n'
carrier f&varoz
shipping co(pan' f&varoz, sz;ll:t(;n'oz cg
realize (egt&%ni, (egis(erni
tr&ck ka(ion
&ne2pecte% v;ratlan
acci%ent baleset
take tart
loa% rako%ni
inconvenience kelle(etlensg, kn'el(etlensg
ca&se okozni
to co(pensate ko(penz;l
co(pensation ko(penz;ci
a%%itional tov;bbi, pl&sz
%isco&nt ke%vez(n'
.. ttel DOhhez lesz (ellkelve progra(PE
L Welcome to Budapest!
L Thank you. Nice to see you.
L Nice to see you.
L Have you been waiting long?
L No, Ive !ust got he"e # minutes ago. How was you" $ight%!ou"ney?
L &e"y pleasant, thank you.
L Its good to hea". We"e going to the Hotel now to check in. '(te" that
we"e having lunch in Budapests most (amous "estau"ant. The "egist"ation
(o" the con(e"ence sta"ts at ) oclock. The opening o( the con(e"ence at *,
which is (ollowed by a "eception. In the evening i( you a"ent ti"ed we can
go to a ba" o" a bath.
L What about +"iday?
L ,n +"iday the con(e"ence sta"ts with ) lectu"es. The lunch is at the
"estau"ant o( the Hotel. The p"og"am continues at ) with wo"kshops until #
in the a(te"noon. '(te" the busy day we"e going to a sightseeing tou" o(
the city, and have dinne" in the city.
,n -atu"day we have a closing speech in the mo"ning. '(te" lunch we"e
going on a boat t"ip to the .anube Bend. '(te" that we"e go back to the
Hotel. How do you like it?
L "egist"ation "egis/t"0ci1
L check in be=elentkezik
L ,orkshops (Qhel'
L sightseeing to&r v;rosnz< tHra
L opening speech n'it besz%
L reception foga%;s
L plenar' session plen;ris Kls
L lect&res el<a%;s
L Hello, goo% "orningP
L !A( XY fro( ?&rnit&re enter.
L an ! talk to the (anager please$
L Mpeaking. Ho, can ! help 'o&$
L 7e have receive% the consign(ent this (orning. 8&t ,hen ,e opene% the packages
,e sa,#fo&n% that so(e f&rnit&re ha% been %a(age%.
L an 'o& %escribe the %a(age, please$
L Mo(e of the bo2es ,ere torn an% so(e ,ere open.
L !A( so sorr' to hear that. 8&t accor%ing to o&r recor%s the goo%s left o&r ,areho&se in
perfect con%itions. The goo%s (&st have been %a(age% %&ring %eliver'. ! s&ggest 'o&
talk to the carrier. ! co&l% 'o& sen% 'o& a cop' of the receipt of the carrier.
L That ,o&l% be great. Thank 'o&. "ean,hile ! ,ill sen% 'o& a list of the %a(age%
goo%s an% place another or%er ,ith 'o&.
L All right. 7e look for,ar% to 'o&r or%er.
L Thank 'o& for 'o&r help. 8'e
L 8'e.
package 9 cso(agol;s %isco&nt 9 ;renge%(n'
pack 9 cso(ag
appropriate 9 (egfelel<
receipt 9 ;tvtel replace9 kicserlni
R. ttel
AJ ! a( XYSP
AJ ! a( phoning 'o& beca&se ! have got so(e proble( ,ith the latest consign(ent. Yo&r
pro%&cts %onAt (eet the 4&alit' re4&ire(ents, ,e agree% on. 7e fo&n% that the (aterial is not
colorfast, creases easil' an% it shrinks.
AJ Accor%ing to o&r contract if the (aterial isnAt high 4&alit', ,e have the right to sen% back
the ,hole consign(ent an% 'o& (&st e2change the goo%s.
AJ Thank 'o& for 'o&r helpP
T. ttel
! a( XY, fro( 5arr' Mhoes. ! ,o&l% like to %ra, 'o&r attention to o&r great offer, 'o& have
probabl' receive% b' post b' no,.
7e ,o&l% like to offer 'o&, high 4&alit' leather shoes at a %isco&ntU co(petitive price.
These shoes ,ere the (ost pop&lar (o%els of last 'earU the season Dbeca&se the' are light
!f 'o& are intereste% in this offer, please let &s kno, as soon as possible, beca&se there is a
great %e(an% for these pro%&cts.
!n the letter 'o& ,ill also fin% o&r ne,, s&((er catalog&e enclose%.
%isco&nt ;renge%(n'
co(petitive price versen'kpes ;r
4&alit' (in<sg
%e(an% kereslet
offer a=;nlat
present be(&tat
leather b<r
V. ttel
GJ Hello. This is ... an ! speak to WAW$
AJ MpeakingP
GJ Accor%ing to o&r %oc&(ents, 'o& havenAt taken over 'o&r or%er fro( o&r ,areho&se.
AJ 7eAre reall' apologize for this proble( b&t it ,as ca&se% b' reasons be'on% o&r control.
1&r carrier backe% o&t of the %eal in the last (in&te, an% ,e ha% to fin% another reliable
shipping agent.
GJ 1h, ! &n%erstan%. 7hen %o 'o& e2pect the carrier to arrive at o&r ,areho&se$
AJ !n ) %a's.
GJ All right if the carrier %oesnAt arrive &ntil BB ,e have no other option b&t to sell the
goo%s Db' a&ctionE.
AJ #e will of course pay for e!penses of storing 3 #e(re ready to pay the storing charges as
soon as ,e receive 'o&r invoice.
GJ ThatXs all right.
AJ Thank 'o& for 'o&r &n%erstan%ing an% corporation.
7areho&se rakt;r
?ail to %o sg. elhalaszt vala(it
5o bankr&pt cs<%be (eg'
Yeceipt ;tvtel
8ack o&t of the contract#%eal visszalp a szerz<%st<l
?ee#e2penses kia%;s#kIltsg
Mtore rakt;roz
Mell b' a&ction#sale ;tvers Ht=;n
8e'on% o&r control ra=t&nk k:vKli okok
Yeliable (egb:zhat
O2penses of storing rakt;roz;si kIltsg
3repare felksz:t
10. ttel
skills 9 kszsg
4&alities @ t&la=%ons;g
lo'al @ lo=;lis
reliable @ (egb:zhat
in%epen%ent @ fKggetlen
(e(ber of a tea( @ csapattag
fle2ible @ r&gal(as
! can tolerate (onoton' @ (onotonit;s tQr<
! have goo% co((&nication skill @ = a ko((&nik;cis kszsge(
creative @ kreat:v
! en=o' ,orking in%epen%entl' @ lveze( a (&nk;t eg'e%Kl
! can &se a co(p&ter ver' ,ell @ =l haszn;lo( a sz.gpet
!A( ,illing to ,ork long ho&rs @ ha=lan% vag'ok sok;ig %olgozni
! can ,ork &n%er press&re @ n'o(;s alatt %olgozni
s&((er internship @ n';ri g'akorlat
trainee @ g'akornok
to be responsible for... @ felel<s volta(
keep contact @ kapcsolatot tartani
challenge 9 kih:v;s
11. ttel
G J 5oo% (orning .
A J 5oo% (orning . an ! help 'o& $
G J Yes , thank 'o& . !X( fro( the Nnite% Mtates an% !X( going to spen% five %a's in H&ngar' .
!X% like to
see as (&ch of the co&ntr' as possible %&ring (' sta' .
A J ! see . ! can reco((en% t,o ,on%erf&l =o&rne's to 'o& . 7e have a fantastic fo&r9%a'9
long =o&rne'
in the Trans%an&bian Yegion . There are several to&rist attractions in the area . Zake
8alaton is one
of the (ost pop&lar to&rist %estinations in H&ngar' . There are several s(all villages f&ll
of local
char( an% a lot of nice little to,ns as ,ell .
G J An% ,hat abo&t the other =o&rne' $
A J !tXs also a ver' interesting offer . !tXs a fo&r9%a'9long =o&rne' in Oast9H&ngar' . Yo& can
see the
fa(o&s 5reat 3lain , the so calle% W3&sztaW , Hortob;g' , several nice little to,ns an%
villages an%
'o& can also learn abo&t the lives of the local people . 8oth =o&rne's are all9incl&sive .
G J 7hat %oes Wall9incl&siveW (ean e2actl' $
A J !t (eans that ,e are selling a package to 'o& . The price incl&%es the costs of
acco((o%ation , foo%
an% beverages , transportation b' b&s , an% ins&rance as ,ell . 7e ins&re against acci%ents
an% ,e
ins&re all l&ggage against loss or theft .
G J Thank 'o& for 'o&r help .
A J Yo&Xre ,elco(e .
!?1 1)
A J This is !8NMS Travel Agenc' , WAW speaking . Ho, can ! help 'o& $
G J This is WGW speakig fro( the N6 . !X( planning to go on holi%a' to H&ngar' this s&((er
an% !X%
like to kno, (ore abo&t ther(al spas .
A J ! see . 7e have several great offers . ThereXre a lot of fa(o&s spa to,ns in H&ngar' . The
fa(o&s one is of co&rse the capital , 8&%apest . Yo& can also choose to visit Hv:z , ,hich
is a nice
co&ntr' to,n near Zake 8alaton . ! can reco((en% Hark;n' , ,hich is also in the
Yegion in the so&th , near 3cs . !f 'o& ,ant to go to [orth9H&ngar' , ! can reco((en%
the Malt Hill
Ther(al Mpa in Ogerszalk .
G J an 'o& tell (e abo&t the (e%ical services these spas can offer $
A J ertainl' . All of the( have ,ell traine% (e%ical staff an% the' are generall' ,ell9
e4&ippe% . !n
Hv:z 'o& can choose fro( several in%oor spa services like a pool bath , a (e%icinal
,eight bath ,
gro&p or in%ivi%&al &n%er,ater e2ercises , or a (&% pack for 'o&r li(bs . ThereXs also a
selection of revitalising , refreshing , or (e%icinal (assages for a reasonable price .
G J an 'o& give (e a %escription of one partic&lar package $
A J ertainl' . Zet (e see . 7e have a ver' interesting offer in Hv:z . !tXs calle% the
WYefresh(ent in
Hv:zW package . !tXs t,o nights ,ith halfboar% an% it incl&%es a ,elco(e %rink , a lava
(assage , one refreshing face (assage an% a %ail' ticket to Zake Hv:z . This offer is
vali% &ntil the
*1st "arch , )010 . !tXs ONY 1T0 per person . ! can still (ake a booking for 'o& if 'o&Xre
intereste% .
G J Thank 'o& .
!?1 1*
G J Co 'o& have a (o(ent , "r A $ !X% like to have a ,or% ,ith 'o& in (' office .
A J ertainl' , "r G . 7hat can ! %o for 'o& $
G J As 'o& kno, , a %elegation of A(erican b&siness(en is arriving ne2t T&es%a' an% the'Xre
for a ,eek . !X% like to ask 'o& to organise so(e progra((es for the( for the ,eeken% .
A J ! see . Ho, (an' people are there in the %elegetion an% ho, ol% are the' $
G J There are t,elve people altogether 9 eight (anagers an% their personal assistants . The'Xre
in their
(i%9thirties , earl'9forties . Their assistants are 'o&nger 9 late9t,enties (a'be .
A J !n that case , ! think the' (ight be intereste% in so(e kin% of sport activit' . Ho, abo&t a
e2c&rsion in the 8&%a Hills $ The' can take the og Yail,a' &p to Mzchen'i Hill . The'
also en=o' the hil%renXs Yail,a' . !tXs a bea&tif&l 1) k( ro&te . The' can go as far as
\;nos heg'
an% ,alk &p thro&gh the forest to the looko&t to,er . The chair lift ,ill take the( %o,n to
Ht at the en% of the %a' .
G J That so&n%s e2cellent . 7e ,ill also have to invite the( for %inner . an 'o& book a table
for the(
at a nearb' resta&rant $
A J ertainl' . ! think Mt. \&pat resta&rant near "oszkva tr ,o&l% be a ver' goo% choice .
G J an 'o& also think of so(e alternative progra((e in case the ,eather is ba% $
A J That sho&l%nXt be a proble( . 7e can go to an in%oor s,i((ing pool , or ! can book a
tennis or
s4&ash co&rt . !Xll also %o,nloa% so(e (aps of the 8&%a Hills an% so(e broch&res ,ith
an% &sef&l infor(ation abo&t the area .
G J ThatXs a great i%ea . Thank 'o& , "r A .
A J [ot at all .
!?1 1+
G J 5oo% (orning . "' na(eXs "r G. 7hat can ! %o for 'o& $
A J 5oo% (orning . "' na(eXs "r A . !Xve seen the a%vertise(ents of 'o&r co(pan' on the
!nternet an%
! &n%erstan% 'o& rent o&t self9catering cottages to foreign to&rists .
G J ThatXs right . [1GAM1Z is an international co(pan' that %eals ,ith vacation rental in
O&rope .
A J ! see . Zet (e get straight to (' point . ! have a nice little cottage near 8&%apest that !
%onXt &se too
often . !t has recentl' been renovate% an% no, it is in pristine con%ition . 7ith 'o&r help ,
! ,o&l%
like to rent it o&t to foreign to&rists .
G J ! see . an 'o& tell (e (ore abo&t the cottage $
A J As ! sai% , itXs been renovate% an% it can offer ever' co(fort a fa(il' co&l% %esire . !tXs
8&%apest in an i%'llic , ro(antic location . !t has a s(all far( ,ith far( ani(als 9 thereXre
geese , %&cks an% chickens , thereXs a (ilk co, , a goat , an% a horse as ,ell . hil%ren
(ight en=o'
being close to these ani(als . ThereXs also a bio gar%en . !tXs also i(portant to (ention that
in the
nearb' village thereXs a Mkanzen . Gisitors can learn abo&t the architect&re , lifest'le , an%
f&rnishing of villages in the )0th cent&r' .
G J ! see . ?a(ilies (ight be intereste% in interactive activities .
A J The Mkanzen has an e%&cation center . There are t,o ne, progra((es . hil%ren can p&t
cost&(es an% accessories an% revive carnival tra%itions . The' can also learn abo&t ho,
&se% to co&rt girls in the ti(e of o&r gran%parents .
G J That so&n%s ver' interesting .
!?1 1.
G J Hello , WAW . Ho, are 'o& %oing $
A J !X( fine . Ho, are 'o& $
G J !X( ver' ,ell . Thank 'o& for asking . Zisten . !X% like to have a ,or% ,ith 'o& abo&t o&r
b&il%ing retreat . ! nee% so(e help ,ith choosing a location .
A J ! see . ThereXre several locations ,e can choose fro( . ! can reco((en% the Mzent 1rb;n
?orest 7ellness Hotel . !t is in one of the (ost bea&tif&l locations in H&ngar' 9 in the
of the Can&be9!pol' [ational 3ark in the 8IrzsIn' Hills . !tXs i%eall' locate% for an
o&t%oor training . !n the neighbo&ring forest 'o& can fin% H&ngar'Xs pre(ier ?orest
3ark , ,hich has recentl' opene% .
G J That so&n%s great .
A J ThereXre other goo% locations . Hotel Mopron is a little bit farther a,a' b&t the' also have
b&il%ing offers .
G J ! like% the first i%ea better . !tXs nearer an% itXs (&ch easier to get there .
A J Yo&Xre right . 7e can take the "* (otor,a' fro( 8&%apest an% take the Hont , G;c e2it .
can then contin&e on (otor,a' )#A to the Mzob e2it . 7e %rive thro&gh Ger<ce on
high,a' 1)
an% contin&e in the %irection of 6spallag . ?ro( the village ,e can follo, the signs to
hotel . !tXs onl' /0 kilo(eters so itXs not too e2pensive to get there .
G J Co 'o& have an' s&ggestions abo&t ,hat progra((es ,e sho&l% incl&%e in the training $
A J ertainl' . 7e can incl&%e co((&nication e2ercises . The'Xre proble( solving e2ercises
i(prove co((&nication skills . 3roble( solving#%ecision (aking e2ercises ,ill (ake the
,ork together to solve (ore %iffic&lt probe(s an% (ake co(ple2 %ecisions . 3lanning an%
a%aptabilit' e2ercises are also &sef&l . The' foc&s on planning an% being able to a%apt to
change .
7e can also incl&%e a tr&st e2ercise . The goal is to i(prove tr&st bet,een tea( (e(bers .
G J Thank 'o& for 'o&r s&ggestions , "r A .
A J [ot at all .
!?1 1/
A J This is Can&bi&s Health Mpa Yesort "argitsziget . WAW speaking . Ho, can ! help 'o& $
G J This is WGW speaking fro( the Nnite% 6ing%o( . !X% like to go on holi%a' to H&ngar' this
s&((er an% !X( tr'ing to choose a hotel in 8&%apest .
A J ! see . 1&r hotel is in a central location in the %o,nto,n area . !tXs also in an i%'llic place
the (ost bea&tif&l parklan% area of the cit' . Yo& can ver' easil' get to o&r hotel b' p&blic
transport . ThereXre t,o (etro stations ,ithin ,alking %istance an% thereXre b&s an% tra(
as ,ell .
G J ! see . !X( planning to travel ,ith (' ,ife . an 'o& %escribe a %o&ble roo( $
A J ertainl' . 7e have )/R roo(s . The'Xre all air9con%itione% an% the' overlook either the
or "argaret !slan% . The roo(s are e4&ippe% ,ith a television set ,ith satellite channels ,
a roo(
safe , (inibar , hair%rier , coffee an% tea (aking facilities an% s&pplie% ,ith ))0G electric
c&rrent o&tlets . 8athrobes are provi%e% in the roo(s an% !nternet access is also available .
3ets are also ,elco(e .
G J an 'o& tell (e abo&t the bar , the resta&rant an% other services 'o& can offer $
A J 7e have in%oor an% o&t%oor pools , an a%vent&re pool , a ther(al bath , a therape&tical
ther(al bath , a sa&na , a stea( roo( , an% an aro(a cabin . ThereXs a therap' an%
,ellness center
an% a salt cave . 7e have a car%io center , a laser e'e clinic , an% a %ental clinic . ThereXs a
hair an%
bea&t' parlo&r an% ,e also %o cos(etic s&rger' . 7e have a resta&rant an% coffee shop
,ith a
terrrace an% %rink bars .
G J Thank 'o& for 'o&r help .
A J Yo&Xre ,elco(e .
!?1 1R
G J 5oo% (orning "r A . an ! have a ,or% ,ith 'o& in (' office $
A J ertainl' "r G $ Ho, can ! help 'o& $
G J As 'o& kno, , ,e have =&st finishe% b&il%ing o&r ne, ,ellness centre . This is a service
that ,e havenXt provi%e% before . ! think ,e can target a ne, gro&p of g&ests an% ,e nee%
to a%vertise in a %ifferent ,a' .
A J ! see . 7hat %o 'o& nee% (e to %o $
G J !X% like to hear 'o&r opinion on the length an% b&%get of the ca(paign .
A J 7ell , ! think that the ne, facilit' ,ill (ake o&r hotel atttractive for 'o&nger g&ests .
Yo&ng professionals 9 in their (i%9t,enties an% thirties ,ill %efinitel' be intereste% . 7e
can also target 'o&ng co&ples an% fa(ilies ,ith 'o&ng parents as ,ell . These people can
best be reache% thro&gh a%vertise(ents on the internet .
G J 7hat abo&t a%vertising on television $
A J 7ell , o&r target a&%ience is at ,ork %&ring the %a' so ,e ,o&l% have to a%vertise in the
/ oXclock 9 10 oXclock perio% . Tv a%vertising is the (ost effective ,a' , b&t nothing eats &p
o&r b&%get (ore 4&ickl' than that . !t is also onl' ,orth %oing ,ith repetition . ! think itXs
too e2pensive .
G J ! agree ,ith 'o& . 7e can r&n a%vertise(ents on the internet an% in a nationall' circ&late%
broa%sheet ne,spaper for t,o consec&tive (onths . 7hat (essage sho&l% ,e sen% ,ith
o&r ca(paign $
A J 7ell . The fo&r principles of health an% ,ellness act as o&r g&i%e 9 beginning ,ith the
fo&n%ation of balance s&pporte% b' physical , nutritional an% emotional health . 7orking
together the' stabilize an% restore 'o&r bo%'Xs vitalit' . 1&r goal is to help o&r patients
beco(e health' nat&rall' ,itho&t the &se of prescription %r&gs or s&rger' .
G J This so&n%s ,on%erf&l . Thank 'o& for 'o&r help "r A .
A J [ot at all .
!?1 1T
G J 5oo% (orning "r A .
A J 5oo% (orning "r G . !X% like to infor( 'o& that the renovation of o&r hotel has been
co(plete% .
G J !X( happ' to hear abo&t that . 7hich hotel is it e2actl' $
A J !tXs the [e, York 3alace 8oscolo Hotel in 8&%apest . Zet (e tell 'o& abo&t the renovation
G J ertainl' . 5o ahea% .
A J !t is a . star l&2&r' hotel in the centre of 8&%apest . The b&il%ing has an eclectic st'le
(ainl' on the !talian renaissance . !t has the (ost &ni4&e conte(porar' interior %esign .
The best
(aterials have been &se% 9 all the finest (arble , te2tiles , an% f&rnishings for the l&2&r'
hotel co(e
fro( !tal' .
G J an 'o& tell (e abo&t the roo(s an% services the hotel no, can offer $
A J !t has 10R splen%i% roo(s incl&%ing )) %el&2e roo(s , ). =&nior s&ites , an% ) enchanting
s&ites . The' are %esigne% b' a fa(o&s !talian architect D "a&rizio 3apiri E an% the'
elegance ,ith a%vance% technolog' . !t reall' is an elegant ho(e a,a' fro( ho(e . There
is also
a resta&rant 9 [e, York af Yesta&rant . !ts bea&tif&l interior has been %esigne% b' A%a(
Tihan' an% it serves tra%itional !talian %ishes an% so(e local %ishes . !t has a Ceep,ater
Yeasta&rant an% a igar 8ar as ,ell ,here 'o& can (e%itate an% rela2 ,hile sipping a glass
cognac .
G J !s there a ,ellness centre $
A J There is a sa&na , a re9generating t&rkish bath , an% a st&nning in%oor s,i((ing pool .
G J !s it s&itable for b&siness events $
A J The [e, York 3alace has a b&siness centre that can acco((o%ate fro( * &p to ))0
people .
The largest conference roo( has a capacit' of 1+0 people . !t is provi%e% ,ith state9of9the9
technolog' an% fla,less service to satisf' all b&siness nee%s . This hotel is also a,are of the
of %isable% people . !t has been (a%e accessible for all people incl&%ing those travelling
chil%ren in pra(s , people ,ith %isabilities , an% seniors .
!?1 1V
A J This is the Y&bin 7ellness an% onference Hotel 8&%apest . "r A speaking .
G J This is "r G speaking . an ! speak ,ith 'o&r conference organizer $
A J That ,o&l% be (e , Mir . Ho, can ! help 'o& $
G J 5oo% (orning . !X( calling fro( the Nnite% 6ing%o( . 7eX% like to organize an
international b&siness conference an% ,eXre looking for a ven&e . ! sa, 'o&r a%vertise(ent
an% ! fo&n% it interesting . an 'o& sa' a fe, ,or%s abo&t 'o&r hotel $
A J ertainl' . 1&r hotel is sit&ate% on the 8&%a si%e of the cit' at the foot of Mas hill . !t is
ver' easil' accessible fro( all %irections an% it is =&st a short %rive a,a' both fro( the cit'
centre an% the historic castle %istrict . 7e have T1 roo(s an% o&r propert' boasts a ('ria%
of facilities for leis&re an% b&siness alike . 1&r state9of9the9art conference roo(s are i%eal
ven&es for vario&s b&siness an% social events .
G J an 'o& %escribe 'o&r conference roo(s $
A J 1&r conference an% event space is i%eal for boar% (eetings , training sessions ,
conferences , pro%&ct intro%&ctions , receptions , presentations , balls , an% ,e%%ing parties .
7e can acco((o%ate fro( 10 to *00 people in one roo( . 1&r biggest roo( is the 8all Yoo(
. !t is *00 s4&are (eters . The other roo(s 9 the A4&a(arine Yoo( , the Y&b' Yoo( , the
\a%e Yoo( @ are bet,een .0 an% 100 s4&are (eters .
G J an 'o& tell (e abo&t the technical e4&ip(ent $
A J The basic technical e4&ip(ent is free of charge . 7e provi%e %esk top (icrophones , a
screen , a lo&%9speaker , b&ilt9in so&n% s'ste( , infor(ation boar% , TG , vi%eo , C , CGC
pla'er , fa2 an% internet connection , 3 , (agnetic boar% , pro=ecting screen , (icrophone ,
photocopier , so&n% recor%ing , vi%eo conference , an% interpreting e4&ip(ent . 7e can
provi%e a vi%eo ca(era , a sli%e pro=ector , a pro=ector pl&s 3 for a charge .
G J ! see . 7hat sevices can 'o& provi%e %&ring the conference $
A J !n a%%ition to the technical s&pport , ,e are rea%' to provi%e vario&s t'pes of catering
ranging fro( a coffee break to three9co&rse (eals to ban4&ets for 'o&r events .
G J Thank 'o& for the infor(ation .
A J Yo&Xre ,elco(e .
!?1 )0
A J This is a bea&tif&l resta&rant . Nnfort&natel' !A( not too fa(iliar ,ith H&ngarian c&isine .
an 'o& help (e ,ith ,hat to choose fro( the (en& $ !A% like to tr' so(ething tra%itional
H&ngarian .
8 J 1f co&rse . 7e have (an' %ifferent t'pes of so&p @ go&lash , \kai bean so&p , fish so&p ,
]=h;zi chicken so&p are the (ost pop&lar . 7e have ver' %elicio&s %ishes for 'o&r (ain
co&rse . The (ost fa(o&s ones are st&ffe% cabbage , chicken paprika ,ith so&r crea( an%
noo%les , letcho , pasta ,ith cottage cheese , beef ste, . 1&r %esserts are also ,orl%
fa(o&s @ 'o& can tr' pancakes 5&n%el st'le D pancakes ,ith ,aln&t st&ffing in a thick
chocolate sa&ce E , or s,eet cottage cheese %&(plings ,ith so&r crea( .
A J ! hear% that these %ishes are not the healthiest ones .
8 J ThatAs tr&e b&t there are changes to that . There is a ten%enc' of &sing cooking oil instea%
of fat or ,e ver' often replace pork b' po&ltr' .
A J 7hat ,ine ,o&l% 'o& reco((en% $
8 J There are international varieties . The (ost fa(o&s ones are har%onna' , Ma&vignon
8lanc , 3inot 5ris D MzKrkebar;t E , "&scats , an% Tra(ini . The regional grape varieties
are also ,i%esprea% . 6kfrankos , S,eigelt , 6koport , 6a%arka are a(ong the re%s
an% 1laszrizling a(ong the ,hites . The (ost i(portant ,hite grape varieties not fo&n%
an',here else in the ,orl% are ?&r(int , H;rslevelQ , an% 6kn'elQ .

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