1. What is auto invoice in OM module?what is use of it?

Hi All, Autoinvoice master program is a conncurrent process which creats transactions/invoices
all eligible closed order.his program runs on open interface tables of A!"ra#interface#lines#all$
to import the invoices from OM to A!.
invoice can be raised in two wa%s 1.auto invoice &.manual invoice. invoice must be raised in
ar module na. in manual invoice we will enter all details about customers manuall% li'e cust
id,contacts,address . incase on autoinvoice we will not enter all these data. (ust we will run
1. wfbp"wor' flow bac'ground process$ this will dump data from omtables to om#interface
&. autoinvoice master program) this will dump data from om#interface to ar#interface
*. autoinvoice import program ) this will dump data from ar#interface to ar tables
so data will be automaticall% dumped from om tables to ar tables and invoice will be raised
automaticall%. i dont have table names e+actl% but i will let %ou 'now them later.
,f %ou want to have ,ndia -ocali.ation a+es to be captured in %our business transactions.then
%ou need to run ) ,ndia -ocal concurrent re/uest ofr processing order lines to A!.
How data is dumped from0 OM tables to OM interface tables we have to run some open
interface or it is automaticall% dumped.
&. What is the difference between 1upplier and 2endor?
1upplier 34 5an provide the material as per indent.
2endor 34 5an produce 6 suppl% the material to the customer.
1upplier 3 1upplier are those which provide0 some material to the compan% but the% have not
an% contract to the compan%
2endor 3 he% also provide the material to the compan% but the% have contract to the
*. What are Oracle Apps A7,? Where A7,s are ph%sicall% store? n What is the latest version
of A7,?
!elated /ns available
8. suppliers merge
!elated /ns available
9. How to attach reports in Oracle Applications ?
he steps are as follows )
1. :esign %our report.
2. ;enerate the e+ecutable file of the report.
3. Move the e+ecutable as well as source file to the appropriate product<s folder.
4. !egister the report as concurrent e+ecutable.
5. :efine the concurrent program for the e+ecutable registered.
6. Add the concurrent program to the re/uest group of the responsibilit%.
:esign %our report
put %our file into product#top4version4language4file.name
define e+ecutable
define concurrent
add to the re/uest group
run the report respective responsibilit%.
STEP- ONE: Register the application.
STEP-TWO: Put Report in appropriate server directory.

STEP-THREE: Defne Executables. (NavigatorConcurrentProgram Executables)

STEP-FOUR: Defne Program (Concurrent  Program  Defne)

STEP_FIVE Defne Responsibility (!ysadmin responsibility). (!ecurityResponsibility Defne).

STEP-SIX: Defne Re"uest #roup. (Navigatorsecurity ResponsibilityRe"uest)

STEP-SEVEN Defne Data #roup. (Navigator oracleData group).

STEP-EIGHT Run the re"uest through !R!. $ re"uest %d is created &hrough 'hich u can vie' the re"uest.
7. How can u see the global parameter values in the form without coding?
One wa% of viewing parameter values at run3time in Apps is b% =avigating to ool334>+amine menu.
>nter the bloc' name as parameter and then give the parameter name in the item field and then press
=avigate to Help 44 :iagnostics 44 7roperties 44 ,tem hen %ou mention Ob(ect as ;lobal variable,
Ob(ect 8 as ;lobal variable name %ou can get its value
8. what is the difference between spfile and pfile?
spfile is a binar% file ans pfile is a te+t file.
We can change parameter in spfile d%namicall% but we cant change pfile d%namicall% ...to change
parameter in pfile we need to bounce the instance.
9. What is the difference in ?uic' pic' 6 /uic' code?
?uic' codes form is used to predefine a list of values for a particular field.
10. =ame important tables from O> /A!?
ables for OM) 14 oe#order#headers#all
&4 oe#order#lines#all
A!) !a#customer#tr+#all
11. What is the difference between 5ustomi.ation and 7ersonali.ation?
!elated /ns available
12. What are the steps to register concurrent programs in Apps ?
he steps to register concurrent programs in apps are as follows )
@ !egister the program as concurrent e+ecutable.
@ :efine the concurrent program for the e+ecutable registered.
@ Add the concurrent program to the re/uest group of the responsibilit%
13. What is FNDLOAD and how is this used
A=:-OA: is an A7, provided b% Oracle to download/upload0 Ale+fields, 5oncurrent programs, 2aluesets,
Menu etc.
14. What are the validations to be ta'en in doing 5ustomer 5onversion using
5A A7,s
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19. where u will keep the host source code
Host resource is located under AB#O7/11.9.C/bin
5hec'????Host resource is located under AB#O7/11.9.C/bin
Ans might be 5)DwindowsDs%stem*&DdriversDetcDhosts.
source we can 'eep in custom folders but we need to lin' the file to AB/....fnd0 folder li'e
ln -s /XXXXX/app/applmgr/product/10.7.0/fnd/6.1.1/bin/fndcpesr
16. What is lockbox
when %ou want to load receipts from legac% system to oracle apps, %ou use -oc'bo+ concept.
loc'bo+ is a services provided b% ban' to corporate customers to transfers there pa%ables in receviables,
so that the% can update their balances.
here all the che/ue or pa%ments are collect b% ban' and send a dat file to there corporate so that the%
can directl% transfer that file through interface in their modules "ap,ar$
o simplif% concept, (ust imagine a coman% has a post bo+ where all0 outside parties sa%0 customers can
drop che/ues. Ean' collects all the che/ues on compan%Fs behalf from so called bo+ "called as
loc'bo+$0 and performs receipts and sends records on periodic basic in a file to original compan%.
Original compan% then can autoprocess the records in file in A7 and A!.
1. !nter"ace tables in O#$A%&
,n Ar,
1$ ,nvoice ,mport using auto invoice
&$A! 7a%ement !eceipt
*$ 5ustomer ,mport
8$ 1ales a+ ,nterface
1H.>+plain about locali.ations ",nd, B1$ in Oracle Ainancials
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1'.What happens when u complete an in(oice&
,t is interfaced to A!
)*.What are "orms customi+ation steps &
he steps are as follows )
@ 5op% the template.fmb and Appstand.fmb from AB#O7/forms/us.7ut it in custom director%. he
libraries "A=:1?A, A775O!>, A77:AG7I, ;-OE>, 5B1OM, J>, JA, J-, 2>!$ are automaticall%
attached .
@ 5reate or open new Aorms. hen customi.e.
@ 1ave this Aorm in 5orresponding Modules.
Aor form customi.ation we need to download the template.fmb in binar% format from AB#O7 director%.
hen rename template.fmb to the %our form name and start customi.ing it.
Bpload the form into AB#O7/forms/B1
5ompile the form.
Copy the form into respective custom top as ,=2#O7, 7O#O7 etc.
Aor registering in apps 3
!egister form 334 !egister function 334 !egister Menu 334
o upload a form in a particular director% %ou have to use Bni+ bo+ for the same. 7ut the form in
home director% thru A7, then to cop% form from home director% to the custom director% li'e 51#O7
%ou have to use the following command)cp .fmb K/forms/B1his will cop% the form in the director%,
then %ou can compile the form using fLCgen command. the s%nta+ is as follows) fLCgen .fmb
apps/appsthis will compile the form.
&C. What is the use o" ,ranslator -ode in ,rading .artner #/commerce gatewa0&
Related ns a!ailable
21. What is %eceipt %outing
!eceipt routing is a process b% which the receipt is processed and sent to Accounts 7a%ables for
pa%ment to vendor or supplier * options are available for processing the receipts in oracle
1. :irect
&. 1tandard
*. ,nspection re/uired
:irect ) :elivers directl% to stores
1tandard ) 1tandard process of receipts
,nspection !e/uired ) !aw Material is chec'ed for ?ualit% parameters "as per the /ualit% plan$ then
accepted or re(ected and sent to stores.
&&.:o %ou have to register feeder programs of interface to AO- ?
Ges M %ou have to register the feeder programs as concurrent programs to Apps.
)1.Di""erence between 2e0 and Descripti(e Flex"ield&
Ie% Ale+field :escriptive Alefield
1. Bni/ue ,dentifier 1.o capture e+tra information
&. Ie% Ale+field are stored in segment &.1tored in attributes
*.Aor 'e% fle+field there are fle+field ?ualifier and segment ?ualifier *. 5onte+t3sensitive fle+field is a
feature of :AA. "descriptive fle+field$
Key flex filed is used to store key information whereas descriptive flexfiled is used to store
additional informations.
ex: if you go to "pplication #e!eloper , then flexfiled---key flexfiled ---segments---segment separator
Segment separator is a key flexfiled whereas a small box besides segment separator is descriptive
'e% fle+ fields are used to identif% particular entit% li'e"accounts,ob(ects$ supoose ta'e debit cards each
debit card contain uni/ue number to identif% them. egN 1CC3C&*3*&* 'e% fle+ fields are used to store this
number along with description.
dffFs are used to capture additional informtion re/uired for our organi.ation without an% programming.