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MARCH 2008 
Host Families Needed • Have a supervised home where all musician, let us know and we can request a
the kids like to hang out student to be reviewed.
We are gearing up for the big push of • Are flexible, adaptive
securing host families for the coming year. • Are curious about the world and Host Family Applications can be found in
We would love to have permanent homes other cultures AFS Online or by contacting Sally Ann
for all of our 43 students and 3 teachers by • Like to travel (or bring the world Wells, or your local chapter coordinator.
June 1. Many schools are moving to early home!) (password required)
deadlines and other schools fill their • Are interested in diversity and
allotment early, so now is the time to make promoting peace Please, send us your nominations, so we
our move! And remember the following considerations: can secure homes for this year’s incoming
• Not necessary to have two parents or students. See the sample of mini-bios,
It is always a good time to “speak AFS” and kids in the home already available. We are getting new
identify families who you think would make • Host parents can be any age (over students every week and have several
great host families. Current host families 25) families already in the selection process.
and hosted students are the best recruiters • Don’t need to know another
of new families. language If you have questions or suggestions about
• Don't need a spare bedroom, just a host family recruiting, contact either Sally
Please discuss the ideas below and call if bed (and lots of love!) Ann Wells: or your
you want further direction. local AFS contact.
We now have the opportunity to submit
Think about families who: “wish list” requests for families who have Sally Ann, Interim Hosting Coordinator
• Are busy and full of life begun the application process. If you know
• Interested in other cultures of a family who really wants a French
speaker, or a volleyball player or a
THE CHAIR REPORT – Bonnie Richardson‐Kott 
We need host families! This is the time of year that we need to ask our friends, family members, co-workers and
neighbors if they would like to host an exchange student for the school year 2008-2009. Our students start arriving in
July but we need to establish our families well in advance of that date. Portland Public Schools allows us only 10
students for the entire district. The slots that fill up the fastest tend to be Lincoln High School, Wilson High School and
Grant High School. For these schools, we need to establish our host families before April 30, 2008. Please help us
get the word out about hosting!

We need volunteers! As we start the “host family finding season”, it stands to reason that we also need volunteers to
help us with the process. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering for our team. We have jobs of all
sizes and for all types of skills, from writing bios for our prospective students to interviewing families to contacting schools.

Bonnie Richardson, Columbia Pacific Area Team Chair
We’ve recently set up an online social network for Columbia-Pacific returnees as well as host families and other volunteers. It’s a password-protected
site where you can set up a personal page, communicate with others, and share ideas in the forum. You can also upload pictures to your personal
page. It’s a great way for hosted students to keep in touch with their host families and fellow AFS’ers when they return to their home countries. Please
visit today and join the network! You’ll be glad you did. If you need any help at all, feel free to get with our webmaster, James Spears,

PLEASE NOTE: Current exchange students and teachers are specifically prohibited from using this social network. Upon
your return home, you can request membership. During your exchange, AFS encourages you to immerse yourself in the
local culture!

James Spears, Columbia Pacific Area Team Webmaster

nsf/e745d25194bc57b085256826004f02f0/2bbfff68f526b346852573d90075244d/$FILE/Decision%20 MakingX. I laugh at myself but it was fun adventure. with an emphasis on increasing our sending numbers to assist in balancing the budget. my eyes saw something that can open. I just realized that I totally forgot it.Bingo.doc Regionally the Northwest is on target for our hosting and sending benchmarks. And that’s what brings me to AFS program. I got in to the house . I tried to open the door but I can’t. Then. Organizational study is moving forward with the details now being worked on. Of significance is action taken by AFS National Council and the Board of Directors in regulating how decisions are arrived at in the upper echelons of our organization. We are preparing a document that we hope will assist liaisons and local coordinators to this end. We will see some changes in the way AFS is functioning at the National and Regional I found the paper that come out from under the door. I sat down and looked up into the sky and said “What I’m going to do”. if we want to pass CSIET review!     COLUMBIA PACIFIC HOSTING/STUDENT NEWS    ISNEEN ‐ THAILAND   Hello.afsonline.They asked me a lot of question like where are you come from? Where is Thailand? Why you are here? What do you do there that we don’t do it here? I got to know a lot of things from them about America that I don’t know. About 5 minute late. A workgroup was formed to address this issue with Lynn Whetstone as its chair. First of All would like to introduce myself to every who knows and who don’t know me.I walked straight to open the door .They’re very nice people . the only way to contact her is walk to my neighbor’s house that live 1 km. I tried to find the number of my liaison (as I’m exchange student. I went to many difference schools also my older sister and my youngest sister . We know our students are well supported.She went to spend her year in Wisconsin. Then. I told them and he said may be you can get in to the house if some of the door don’t lock . My name is Isneen and I’m exchange student from Thailand (A small country around south of China) to USA in 2007-2008. Her son and her two grand children came to visit her and I got to talk to them . USA. I got the AFS scholarship to come to US as what I dream. I went to school in the next day. I called my liaison but she didn’t answer her cell phone on that time I just though that maybe she can help me or I can go hang out at her house until my host family come back. I told her the story that forgot the key and asked her to use the telephone. My host mom is Philippine—married dad who is American. They have to two cute little boys (my little brothers). Paul meeting. Thailand . Paul. stick to the house’s wall called WINDOW. small country that got to know. One day. Continue to ask for patience from your volunteers with details. Of critical importance is all of us working together to improve the support reporting statistics. 2006. wrote by my host mom said “we’ll be home late”. Please watch AFS Online for updates regarding media events and how to handle difficult questions. A year later. I forgot the key when I went back from school. my older sister came back home and said “I got the AFS scholarship to go to US. We’ll keep you updated about the major structure changes that will be affecting the way we work together.”. I’m very thankful to AFS that gave me a chance to be there. I sat at her house for 2 hrs. More information will come out as soon as it is available. A committee headed by Sharon Held from Michigan is working out all the details for presentation to the National Council at their May meeting in St. We have available a comprehensive “Talking Points” communication for any of you who may be dealing with worried participants or natural parents. I’m not a tall person so it took me a long time to claimed it but fortunately. Alhamdulillah-Thank you Allah Isneen. I grew up two different provinces.One day. I said Thank you to them and I walked back to my house. I moved with my family and my big adventure start by then. I found out in my schedule said liaison gone to Canada all week.I determined that I have no way else to do. Isn’t it? From a little who lived in the small town. got to learn. I don’t know what I was thinking but my leg was walked straight up to the window and started claimed up there. Next minute. away (who I knew her before. Everyone. I can’t just waiting from them out side because it was so cold. The NC will focus on the governance piece at their St. There are safeguards to ensure that decisions affecting AFS volunteers are made cooperatively with input from staff and volunteers. I walked around the house so many times then I got so tired. They asked me “Why you are here?”. "Decision Making" for the National Council was identified as one of the critical issues in AFS through the surveys taken prior to the first Leadership Conference in Chicago in October. AFS/USA NEWS   Regional Council Report Our new AFS President has taken the helm and has handled the Egypt PR event with decorum and professionalism. I feel like I have a flash on my head. my father had to moved cause by his job.So. Click here to log on and view the workgroup recommendations: http://www. United State of America. When I get to her house. I got to stayed with my first host family. Unfortunately.I found the key under the paper that my host mom left it. Liaison is the person who help me contact with AFS) but the thing was I don’t have a cell phone. but we have to document the contact. I have no idea what I’m going to do. She is a nice old lady that stay by herself cause her husband died a few years ago) . my host mom said she isn’t going to be home until its dark tomorrow so she gave me the key of the house to get in. got so many experiences and met many people from all over the world. Sharon’s team is working on details from the Area Team level down.

I realized those hosting the show were trying to make the show funny and interesting and so at the end it was really fun and interesting. And see by this way we will make the world very small and trying make world your self on TV was kind of cool. It’s such a big shock for me that I couldn’t believe my ears. I think it would be better if the judges themselves could speak these other languages like Spanish because the interpreter can make a mistake and this can cost someone his/her life. I’ve never being to a courthouse in Ghana before but I have seen it on TV and I think it is pretty much the same way as it is here. Ghana   Olga T. You can tell how grateful I was at that time. I really want to say AFS is a very thoughtful organization. even in my different system of law than what you have in your country and we had country. they said they would like to do everything they could to help me. Knowing the over the world and to think about hosting student from other countries show from inside you begin to see it differently on television. I feel so proud of being an AFS teacher. you never know what will happen in the future. In the end he stayed and know then we went to the federal court house and the Judge their was answered all our questions.. I really had fun and it was very interesting. I really enjoyed it and had fun and I am really happy because I can tell my friends I’ve ever being an audience on a TV show in the United States and I have also learnt a lot from it. The judge explained all the the very good opportunity to ask the Judge about any thing we want to steps of the trail. It was pretty amazing. Multnomah County The visiting of the TV show and the court house… Court House. as we were doing along. You could understand how regretful I would be that if I couldn’t see her when she passed away. What a great host family! How grateful I am! Because they knew I didn’t have enough money for my trip home at that time. I was really excited to really see it and it was very interesting. It was a very good systems in different countries. Visit to court houses was peace. My tears came down out of control. but life is not always as we expected. We got to be on the traffic trails. I was amazed by technical abilities TV show or some thing like that to make the people think about all of the studio. At that time my host family saw me and asked me what happened. I really appreciated that they would lend me some money for my air tickets.  WANG ‐ CHINA   I am so grateful… Being an AFS teacher is one of the most wonderful and significant experience in my life. Egypt     . But then this was real and wasn’t like the ones I have been watching on TV and this can really affect the life of the person. ‐ Ukraine  Youssra ‐ Egypt   KATU live TV Audience experience. I have never been to court houses before. who said that AFS would pay for my family emergency trip. Suad. Teacher from China A Visit to the Courthouse and TV Station   Suad ‐ Ghana   TV station and courthouse report I really had fun at the TV station and it was somehow different but not very different from my country although I’ve never being on TV in my country before. I also liked how they had interpreters for people who did not understand English. after that we went the court house this was awesome to see a interesting. Oregon State Judicial Bldg… It was very cold day and we had to get up very early then we went to Trip to the TV station was a very good experience. AFS not only offers us a wonderful experience. trip :) Olga T. Last month I got the worst news from my family that my mother was ill so seriously that she couldn’t live even a week longer. but also is a thoughtful organization. especially automatically moving cameras. Ukraine Youssra. At that time I got a telephone from Barbara Rogers. We were exposed the Katu 2 channel it was very good from AFS to make us take part in to the off screen of American TV. When they knew everything about that. We tried to compeer the jurisprudence very friendly and answer all the questions we ha. Wang. I want to say it again” I’m proud of being an AFS teacher”. I also realized one thing which was I listened to four trials and some pleas and all these prisoners were minorities and none was white but I don’t really know why. my liaison. But if this was in Ghana everybody would have seen me on TV because we only have three TV stations and so everybody watches one of those three and so I would definitely be seen on TV. The first thing I said when it started was that none of my friends would see me on TV because there are a lot of TV stations here and one can watch whatever channel he/she wanted.

“Let us all remember that Peace brings with understanding-a different perspective. We all started talking like "Cats and dogs" we were excited to meet our friends after a long time and I was excited to tell them about my first incredible Christmas experience with my loving family. The guest they had on the program made us laugh out loud. The morning was so chilly. All my friends were sleepy including me on the way to Portland. Olga S. We also noticed how the people on TV Station work. We visited some session of the court. There was one person who couldn’t speak English so the judge made arrangement for a translator to solve his case. a foreign custom. We felt really good about being on a life TV show. Ulf Hjertonsson. We were lucky to attend of the life show in Portland. This year I started thinking about being a lawyer and I must admit that experience that I went through in the courthouse was useful for me. We enjoyed the host of the program. The mission of AFS – USA of working toward a more just and peaceful world. To know the differences in the rules in different countries. award winning documentary filmmaker as the lunchtime keynote speaker.Brian Atwood-Chairman of the AFS International Board of Trustees and other volunteers from around the United States and other nations in the world. was a microcosm of how AFS carries on their mission-world peace. Later in the day we went to the courthouse as visitors. Margaret Crotty wrote. I told my friend my story of sneaking out to check my Christmas gift. . Volunteer Support Coordinator for Columbia/ Pacific Area Bernie with H. Consulate General of Sweden and his lovely wife.. J. After the session got over the judge talk to us and he gave all the answers of our questions. I met: Judy Weyand. Hina and the Judge Hina. A memorable event was when Ward Chamberlain. Yes I am talking about court. We went inside the TV Station and met our other friends. The most interesting part for me was to observe how people work with all this equipment. on October 26 at the Swedish Consulate General to the United Nations home. Ken thanked Ward Chamberlain for being his mentor and inspiring him about the mission of AFS.E. Bernie Gerhardt. Ken related that in doing the documentary on “The War” with its atrocities. It provided a booster shot and impetus for the participants to continue the mission of world peace where they were planted. Hina ‐ India   Memorable Day… 28 December was very memorable day for general. We were the part of the awesome audience there. Paul and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the “World Peace Forum” one of the events to celebrate the 60 anniversary of AFS. It was a really good day. Kim Ritrievi – Chair of the USA Board of Trustees. Consulate General of   Sweden to the United Nations at his home in New York. It was the best experience for me to have or to take back to my country. All of us had fun.E. You are found to be guilty for that crime and now have such and such punishment. We went to Portland. Besides meeting H. I enjoyed that day a lot! Thank you. Paul and I were able to see the “Big Picture” of AFS which often can be lost on the day to day activities on the local level. It was really amazing. It was really interesting. Ward Chamberlain appears in the 2007 “The War” documentary and narrates the story of AFS. It was something that I would never think of. 2007.” It was very powerful to experience a “community of nations” all exploring and walking paths of peace. “ It became very clear the importance of Peace. He was really good he let my friend and me pause in his robe on his honorable court room chair. permeated the weekend th 60 Anniversary AFS activities. Ulf Hjertonsson. an age–old tradition. But the thing I noticed was there wasn't any difference of color and any thing all the people were treated the same way.USA 2007 Galatti award winner. The forum was held at Columbia University in New York City on October 27. And the Karate activity they did. My host parents drove my friends and me to Portland. India   Olga S. one of the original Ambulance Drivers and AFS Life Trustee introduced Ken Burns. the way they work. One of the worker of the TV station came and told us how much she is excited to meet us. Where people get punished or they have to pay penalty. Days do not have memory people make the day memorable. Kazakhstan   World Peace Forum   Bernie Gerhardt – Columbia Pacific Area Team Volunteer Support Coordinator   th My husband. This forum convened a distinguished group of leaders who are working toward peace in many different ways. This reception also. This Big Picture was very evident in the welcome evening reception. But how can anyone sleep after arriving in that beautiful city.” Peace. Margaret Crotty-President AFS-USA ( who remembered I missed her visit when she came to Portland). Initially I have never been to a real court so I was really excited about the Multnomah County Court House. ‐ Kazakhstan   TV station and Courthouse… I've never been to TV station before and I found it pretty exciting to be there and to participate in the morning show. We saw the traffic judge in the court and saw him solving cases. how they prepare . but I had this brilliant chance to be there. So all the AFS people including student converted that ordinary Friday to a special Friday. a new language. Even though it was not my first time being there (I went there with my school's Mock Trial team) I enjoyed listening to different trials and see how it works again. We enjoyed being a part of the audience so much.

Once prompted to respond. But the is one more commitment we all should make is to make our world a better place to live." This sentence just seems a great statement to all readers that is all. no matter if it is the fruit. The students took part in the Disney Y. AFS representation doesn’t stop here though. I end up my article by saying" Peace in something we build". Jewish and Christian religions as well as heard about Buddhist. Hindu and other religions represented. Florida in February. then you should coach World Quest next spring. Life is not about having fun and enjoyment. The theme was Better Understanding for a Better World. This year. but it has a strong meaning in it if we really understand. Whether you are a walking encyclopedia or an average American recluse. divided we fall. “Norway!” with Guillaume adding. He remind me "United we stand. Adam. Costanza. 1-30. Nov. Danial. I went to Florida a week before for a conference the conference was about "unity in diversity" it was to teach us how to be a better leader. We all lived together in a hotel for five days and within those five days we all got real close to each other. they blurted out in synchrony. in the conference he told all the people about his live. The focus of the four days was exemplified as this very diverse group of students came together as strangers and departed as close friends. where all people treat each other like a part of a same tree. If you didn’t. How our kids did on the aforementioned question? They smiled knowingly on this one. Without any discrimination of countries and religion. Our girls gave an average of 11 presentations each to school classes. Irem. so work for it. He started a project through which he collected money about 20. I met an exchange student from Afghanistan. Hina. Margaux. The five- hour event comprises of ten questions on more than a dozen topics that change every year and range from war crimes to economics. Guillaume. There wasn't a single person in the conference who was not thrilled by his speech. our parents. The girls were third place behind a cluster from Illinois and a cluster from Texas in the number of presentations given during International Education Month. But we are united and we are friends forever and we keep in touch now. I met a really good example of this thing in Florida. India   TINA LEE – WORLDQUEST COACH – 2001 AFS RETURNEE FROM ARGENTINA Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the European Union? Is it: A. it is about commitments which we all make to ourselves. Cluster Coordinator/chaperone   Hina ‐ India   “The Future of The World Lies in Our Hands” "I know that my unity with all the people can't be destroyed by national boundaries and governments orders. making connections for peace and better understanding around the world. 000$ for a public library in his society it is such a good work. Soloman. professional and church groups and community committees in The Dalles and Hood River. And more than eight world mavens you shall meet (I promise you you’ll start kissing the path treaded by your fellow coaches and volunteers by the tournament’s end). “You need to have more questions like this!” Tina Lee . We were joined later at the World Quest tournament by fellow AFSers th nd Olga T and Hina representing their school teams. He is a real good example of making your work in action." We had lots of fun together and at the day when we all were coming back you could see tears in everybody's eyes. This is a full example of "The powerful light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. Because the future of the world lies in our hands. that’s alright because the question wasn’t meant to be easy. I am joined by Jackie.S. Faten. and Russ to coach our amazing group of kids. his childhood etc. Romania C." There were Forty-three students in the conference from Twenty-one different countries. and Olga S. AFS teams placed impressively at 15 and 22 out of 41 teams from the region’s schools. branch or leaves still they all belong to a same tree. WORLDQUEST GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE COMPETITION OR HIGH SCHOOLS   WORLD QUEST 2008! Columbia Gorge AFS Chapter The Sponsored Program students from the Columbia Gorge Cluster won a trip to the annual CECF conference in Orlando. we need to stand on our feet and make our thoughts in action. Millennium Cultures Experiential Program at Epcot Center and also enjoyed recreational free time at Disney World Magic Kingdom Theme Park and Hollywood Studios Theme Park. by Rymmel Lovell. our relatives and so on. This was truly an amazing event. you should think about coaching our competitive team of eight brilliant minds. Norway B. we went to all different religious places and we all respected each other believes and differences. I understood that our world needs us. 43 students from 21 countries visited and examined similarities and differences between the Muslim.E. Bulgaria D. civic organizations. Czech Republic If you answered A. We need to work for it. The Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation put on an inter-faith conference focused on leadership skill building and learning about religious diversity.

After her speech there was a presentation by a student from Afghanistan who talked about his country. become a volunteer or just reconnect through an AFS social event. We made a discussion about leaders and heroes of the world and the most inspirational part was that we did a SWOT analysis of ourselves and with this I realized who I really am because I thought about my strength and my weaknesses.   Suad. SUAD ‐ GHANA My CECF Conference Experience… The civilization Exchange and Cooperation Foundation conference is one of the experiences I would never forget in my life. AFS returnee summer program to Argentina 2001 willingly gave of her time even though she is in the middle of studying for her GMAT. there was also a presentation about showing leadership among the youth and how the youth can promote peace in the world. Thanks also go to the host families who hosted the practices. students from Egypt.. A big thank you goes out to our great coaching staff : Tina Lee. I thought it was very interesting because never in my life have I thought I would ever visit a synagogue or learn about the Jewish religion. The goal of the conference was to foster cooperation among different religions and cultures. To me this was an experience of a lifetime and I would never forget or Sally Ann Wells sawells@teleport. we visited a mosque and an Imam gave a presentation about Islam. Thanks to all who made it happen!   RETURNEE NEWS Those of us at AFS Columbia Pacific are always interested to hear from our recent returnees. We got to ask him questions about Islam and at the end we understood more about the religion.afscp. many thanks to them for all the time and effort they put in working with the students. Solomon Arthur. and did all the carpooling. (Jackie and Keith are hosting Costanza this year. He talked about his project to build a library in his community and how organizations here are helping him do that and that the project has already started. the fireworks and the beauty of the place were all something different to me. On the last day of the conference there was a banquet and then a social worker gave a speech about how we should learn about different countries and not our country only. The place is so for more information. many-time host mom and natural parent of double-dipper. I was really surprised and amazed by what I saw and having so much fun in just four days. he talked about how the war affected his country and the situation the country is in now. Ghana   WorldQuest 2008 Thank You!   A BIG THANK YOU!. there were a lot of presentations which talked about stereotyping and its effects. This session was very inspirational because the one who made the presentation used her own life to make it. I know my CECF conference and the time I spent in Disneyworld will always be a memorable part of my life because I never imagined being a part of such a fun and inspirational event. In the end. The most fun and amazing part of the conference I thought was Disneyworld. I realized I can be a leader at any place I found myself and I told her I want to be a hero to the world. I thought what made it a lot more fun is the fact that we were with students who were from different parts of the world. It was a very diverse conference and I learnt a lot from it because I made friends from 21 different countries and even some countries that I’ve never heard of before. my opportunities and my threats. On the main conference day. we had an Imam. and the way they worship and then we visited a church and a Reverend talked to us about Christianity. In the religious aspect of the conference. Ukraine. I realized his parents and his community would be proud of him. At the end of the day I realized that at least all these religions have something in common which is they all want peace in the world and that is what we the youth should try to promote in future. She talked about how it felt like and I felt I would also travel to a lot of countries in order to experience what she has experienced. contact Lynette Ledgerwood returnees@afscp. Serbia and Ghana (I) made presentations about our countries which was very educating. also a former host Dad who plans to host again this coming year (and he's already volunteered to coach the team next year!) Many. She talked to us about the number of countries she has visited and I was very impressed. After all these visits.) and Russ Burns. a Rabi and a Reverend all sit down at one place for we the students to ask them questions. Sarah. She has traveled to almost every continent before. In order to achieve this goal the conference consisted of 43 high school students from 21 different countries. I also felt like doing something for my country too. The rides. She talked about how she reached where she is now. This was a great event for Columbia Pacific AFS students and good exposure for AFS in the Portland International community. Since I came back from the conference I have just being thinking about what I can also do for my country. or visit the local website www. 2000 (currently spending interim year between college and grad school. living with Bernice Schuchardt (who hosted his sister in 2001) Jackie Freni- Rothschild. And so we all had something in common. We also visited a synagogue which is a worship place for the Jews. and whom this is also a new experience for them. they made discussions about their similarities and differences..   . We met a Rabi who talked to us about their beliefs. If you want to share your story. AFS returnee from Ghana to Denmark.

As I was forced to confront my own privilege. I vividly remember a conversation I had with my host cousin. I have a glimpse into who I was back then. not the final stop. I cannot only relive that summer. Tunisia. sheltered environment. After two weeks of “getting somewhere” I was used to change. (Unbeknownst to me. some Arabic language (general etiquette). Tunis for orientation at La Maison de Jeunes in the ancient Roman city of Carthage. As a result. about the U. New York city could have been my final destination with it’s own richness of culture.) Looking back. I am currently involved with a small nonprofit organization called ATRAVES that works across borders to connect Nicaraguans engaged in social justice projects in their own communities with increased resources. I was not in touch with my host family for 20 years until recently. I wrote my senior thesis on field research I conducted on the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents in the same community. This was only my third time flying and I was to expect eighteen hours ahead spent in various airplanes flown by no less than four airlines. better than my French. Eric Quist – 1981 Returnee to Tunisia   Tunisia – Summer of 1981 As I negotiated the turn-styles at the Great Falls. as part of the community service program. I am grateful to AFS for providing me with the opportunity to expand my own political and social consciousness through travel and service. fatal vowel away from one of many Spanish words for the offending anatomical feature. A broadened global perspective challenges us.S. as consumers and voters in the United States. The general goodwill and compassion with which I had entered the trip were evolving into a specific sense of my own location in the world and the social responsibilities that should accompany privilege. I was with my family in M’Saken. her nickname was a single. so I got to know each one as well as I could. along with five other young women. Because I had grown up in a relatively wealthy. My host family was comprised of eight children. Montana airport looking back at my weeping mother. spent much of our time volunteering. USA Lindsay Jonasson – 2002 Returnee to Argentina    Argentina 2002… On my first night in Argentina. citizen asked to answer for the actions of my government. I spent most of my time with him. generally). After numerous trains. Since my experiences with AFS in Argentina. Eric Quist. I went on to major in Gender Studies and Politics at Pomona College in southern California. I have AFS to thank for my experience. no one in the family had any outside responsibilities such as work or school. We each lived with our own host family and. It was the summer of 2002. and a week after leaving home. I had a couple of years of High School French to work with. all I could feel was a great rush of adventure and freedom. Time passed after my return. but most Tunisians under a certain age are tri-lingual. I called my host cousin a penis. USA . however. French and English (in order of fluency. they speak Arabic. was two years my senior and spoke English reasonably well. planes and taxis. the sound of Arabic. I have come to believe that international exchange programs can be tools of social justice to the extent that they create networks of solidarity which lay the foundation for collaborative struggle toward common political goals. No less than two days were spent at each of the stops along the way: Casablanca for a long layover. to be mindful of our own participation in systems that perpetuate inequality and violence around the world. and ended up putting down roots in a community in Nicaragua through another home-stay experience. CW Post Center on Long Island prepared me for the long journey ahead. bombings of Afghanistan that followed September 11th – and the inadequacy I felt when I realized how little I knew about atrocities in which my citizenship implicated me. One thing I would recommend to everyone participating in any AFS program is to keep a journal of the experience. After graduating from high school. Twenty-seven years later. at the foot of the Andes in the city of Mendoza. fare skin and blond. talking late into the night. Almost six years have passed since I traveled to Argentina with AFS. two girls and six boys. and AFS had placed me. one thing still amazed me: I was there! Walking down the street in this small town where I was “the American”. Teboulba. that is. Lindsay Jonasson. the waft of every kind of imaginable food smell some of which I have not smelled together since. I couldn’t get used to the constant smell of Peugeot diesel pick-ups. the work we did with poor and homeless youth in marginalized urban neighborhoods was my first tangible experience of intense poverty. This trip was to prove many firsts in my life. I have written them and spoken to a couple of host brothers on the telephone. International tourism is too often voyeuristic and exploitative. I plan to visit them all again someday soon. but I can also discover new memories or gain new understandings of who I am today. I spent a semester backpacking in Latin America. I was also becoming more aware of my identity as a U. For a small-town 17-year-old who had never been east of Montana. I can say this event lives today in my politics and in my compassion for others both near and far.S. My host brother. attempting to learn outside of the classroom. on the coast was to be my home for my summer stay. Since this was a summer stay. just months after Argentina's economic crash. but I think that international exchange programs have the potential to contribute to making change toward a more peaceful and equal world. Houcem. with the intent of promoting programs and services to guarantee their rights. He was also the family member who applied to AFS to become a host family. the linguistic blunder marked the beginning of a month of pivotal encounters that fed the emerging political and social awareness that has since become central to my life. without whom I would not have attained such an enrichment the breadth of which surpassed my expectations of both knowledge and understanding of another culture.

org/ec For further information on any of these candidates for an AFS experience. our AFS-Columbia Pacific has lots of ways to International students and our host families. facilitate small group sessions of 5 to 15 we have room for you. various small tasks throughout the will have additional discuss with their parents.htm AFS policies and procedures. The process is simple AFS will provide Pepsi and bottle water as we are not allowed to bring in outside drinks…an Oaks Park rule. If you have 10 The orientations require volunteers to hours a month or 10 hours a year to spare. something they can then for advice (support) on adjusting to various www.afs. Returnees. please contact Sally Ann Host Family interviewer: Similar to that of line networking opportunity for volunteers. If you would like students to the benefits of undertaking an student and his/her family is assigned a to help us promote AFS Volunteer AFS experience. The facilitator works as a guide.afscp. the host family families and returnees. go to www. our Community with our prospective students and their to read the article "Youth as E-Citizens" and Volunteers are the backbone of our families to ensure they have the necessary take a guided tour of websites frequented success. The safety of our AFS students is paramount to us. This is for the safety of our What to Bring: This is a potluck so bring your favorite food to international students. Recruiting young volunteers looking to increase our sending numbers and we need new volunteers involved to Community Volunteer: Each Creating an on-line networking group for cluster/chapter/area of Columbia Pacific make that happen. This is an incredible have. volunteers will now need to Who is Invited: All AFSers. Without our schools. We are continuously The liaison is available any of the Area Team or local leaders. many of these orientations require a set-up Volunteer Week crew. Host Families (new and old). exchange experience and/or as a resource Sending interviewer: Columbia Pacific is in AFS policy and procedure. the host family local volunteers.centerforsocialmedia.   and does not require much time. and to make sure they are the right http://www. As well. opportunities.” know if you plan to attend. in their home. Follow the link below completely new please be in touch with the idea of hosting an international student and the host school. situations that may arise during the information available. as well as our following website to begin the volunteer interviewer conducts in-home interviews of hosted students (only after they return registration process. opportunity for us to celebrate our wonderful volunteers and focus on send or host any students.afscp. involve new volunteers. The interviewer is Network! volunteer also a resource for these families regarding http://www.usa. personal interview. Click on For more information contact Bernice Schuchardt (503) 775-4161 or Ron Combs (503) 777-8117. Training and l tag-along interviews are available! Volunteer Opportunities and Orientation facilitator/volunteer: A Information minimum of ten orientations occur each year between our American students.   “Volunteer with AFS” then click on “Submit Your   Application Online by Going here to the Volunteer Please RSVP…this means you should contact Bernice or Ron to let us Online Application. there are plenty of jobs needing through May 3. Throughout the year school presentations help to draw Student/Family liaison: Each hosted recruiting new volunteers. we would not to be accomplished at our orientations. merrier! giving out information but also requesting   *** VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION *** END OF STAY PICNIC     END OF STAY PICNIC VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION     All of our Volunteers must register with AFS-USA When: Sunday. potential families applying to host our home. cooks and a cleaning crew. Each one Research shows that young people are not from helping at arrival and departures to of these students must have an at-home apathetic to volunteerism and civic coordinating a small AFS get-together. so even if School presenter/school representative: Working with our schools is one of the most you are not interested in being a group National Volunteer Week 2008 is April 27 important positions an AFS volunteer can facilitator. these liaison.afs. June 22 Where: Oaks Park   and be approved by a local Area Team member.) Check out the Col Pac Social http://www.   . Time: 2:00 PM until close And beginning this year. As well.   Volunteers and participants.usa.   automatically notified. itizens/index. We currently send your team is a great way to get young needs additional volunteers to help with around 30 students each year and would volunteers interested and involved. and all AFS friends. information about the exchange process by youth.htm positions or for other volunteer Our own James Spears has created an on. like to increase that significantly. VOLUNTEER NEWS/DEVELOPMENT   Catch the Wave for National Volunteer Positions feedback from the participants. The more the people. Wells sawells@teleport. In fact they're already chaperoning field trips or volunteering for a looking for volunteers interested in talking involved on the web. These liaisons work as a link recognition and look for new ways to recruit presentations open up students’ minds to between the hosted student.  submit to an annual background check – you will be Liaisons. To register as a or go to the a sending interviewer.

and had studied English for nine years before coming to Oregon.meant riding on the back of a quad on the dunes at the beach. "Yes. While my friends were practicing their prowess with ain’t. "The Dolly and her toys are rolling up the driveway. I will continue to warp the English of unsuspecting visitors. we will have a complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Even so. I was learning the difference between uninterested and disinterested . We will leave Portland early on Saturday morning by train. When he would say "Hey Mom. but it was not allowed in our house. She was so unfamiliar with spoken English that she never knew what was being said. like Anna. but I don’t like camping. and he would often help me "download" the groceries from the car. I forwarded Kelly's message to my daughter. but only here for six weeks. He. were rewarding. Pig Latin. She was an easy target. . Barbara has been an active AFS volunteer since 1976. Seizing my opportunity. for example. But. Shortly after the paper came out.   CLUSTER‐CHAPTER  NEWS  /  UPCOMING EVENTS  Notes from a Host Mom I grew up with an English Major. who was thrilled to again be in contact with the Hanson’s. and I’m not referring to a member of Her Majesty’s Army. that husband. he went back home with an "enriched" vocabulary. with exchange students. so I can make reservations. both linguistically and relationally speaking. host mom to Valentina from Italy. I would have liked to express my oral creativity through flamboyant use of slang and vulgar I defined it for her . had to adjust to our dialect. Bill "BJ" Fisher. dinner and something to eat at the Oriental Market. all y’all. I can’t help thinking that each of them are now teaching "my" version of English to friends and relatives in their respective parts of the world. I submitted an article entitled "A Sad Message From Bernice. was hosted by John and Barbara Rogers of Amboy. I found a harmless outlet several years ago. from Italy. take our bags to the train station. for many years I harbored a secret rebellion that looked for opportunity to express itself.yet. Several weeks into her stay. Oregon. I will need to know the headcount soon. On Sunday. Kelly read the article and told me that she and my daughter and son-in-law had attended the same church here in Portland. $65). After a few days in San Jose meeting Marissia's friends and celebrating her birthday." was her reply." I knew it was time to wash his clothes (or clo-this as Anna would say). After that. Although I have accumulated a fairly extensive collection of words and alternate meanings. I wonder if there are any students needing homes this summer? Rebecca Geary. it was hard to suppress a giggle when she would ask if her flubber looked big in a pair of shorts she was wearing. and food that you don’t like is "pook-n-ick". arrive in Seattle around noon. I’m not certain that Webster’s would be willing to include any of them in their publications. I taught her that thighs were commonly referred to as "chunk-chunks".. WA. was not so easily led astray. The Hanson’s are in my SE Cluster. and made an exciting discovery at the same time. and that they had lost contact with each other when my daughter and family moved to Redmond. Your cost will be the train ticked ( that would rival Barbie. the American dialect was a problem for her. even if we were speaking proper English. and go to dinner. She arrived armed with only one year of college-level English. In January of 2008 they were able to reconnect when John and Barbara traveled to Central America. and my son-in-law had volunteered together at the church. Consider Anna from Moscow." All these experiences. He was also more intuitive. I learned that having a foreign exchange student living in the house is like having a blank slate on which to establish a new form of English. I received an e-mail from Kelly Hanson. or if her chunk-chunks were too big in a bathing suit. Marissia is employed by the Costa Rican Government in the office of the Minister of International Affairs. and was completely unacquainted with our slang. she was still struggling to understand our particular vernacular. When he was ready to retire at night. Although she was very intelligent.. I purchased disposable razors for him. As a child. For example. He learned that "Wally" is a more polite version of "Dork".. As a result. So. Dean." regarding the death of my son-in-law. and various profanities. Camping . I only have one more pair of clean panties. I condensed the language whenever I could." I knew that my daughter and her children were coming. but Adriano had a more solid foundation in the language to begin with. she worried about her "thicker" areas. until they do. Hmmm. Then there was Miko from Japan. IT’S A SMALL WORLD In the last newsletter. Student and Hosts Reconnect AFS Student and Hosts Reconnect After Ten Years… In 1998 Marissia from Costa Rica. In an attempt to help her. then do the Seattle Underground Tour. Anna had a lovely shape . Adriano. he would inform my husband and me that he was going to "wash his tooth and get on the bed. If he said. like many teenage girls. and that she should assign the name "flubber" to her behind. I interviewed them and had no idea they were friends of my daughter. I asked her if she had enjoyed her stay with us. Host Mom SOUTHEAST CLUSTER NEWS – Bernice Schuchardt    SEATTLE TRIP…In March or April? Let’s talk about this trip at the next Cluster Meeting. "Aha! I see an open door!" I said to myself. before she went home. they traveled to Santa Cruz where they met and were extensively hosted by Marissia's family. visit a large oriental store and catch a late afternoon train back to Portland.. visit the Space Needle and Pike’s Marketplace.. So far Elisa and Niklas have signed more ways than one. so that he could "scrape" his face each morning.

WA in the Fellowship Hall. Watch for the 2009 price in this newsletter. Where Our Lady of Sorrows Church at 52nd and Woodstock SE When May 2nd 2008 Time 6:00 PM.00 • On your own lunch for Sunday and Monday $14. The shirts will be distributed on departure day. Wearing a beautiful red floral costume. Upon arriving Phone 503-314-5243 JUNE 29 STUDENT DEPARTURE 500 p. a longtime volunteer. Please provide shirt size. spoke to the guests and then led the group in some rousing tunes of the era. If you would like to help or need more INFO let Ron Combs know (503) 314-5243   Vancouver / Battle Ground CHAPTER NEWS    AFS Vancouver / Battle Ground Fundraiser… AFS supporters from far and wide turned out at the Vancouver Hilton Saturday. She introduced each of the chapter’s current exchange students and teachers. All we ask is for you to bring your favorite dessert to share.00 To register for this trip you will need to fill out a registration form available on line or e-mail Ron Combs r1p2combs3@aol. The books will arrive around the first of August. “Contigo en la Distancia. For directions to Lents Park contact Ron Combs r1p2combs3@aol. Robert Dodd. The 2008 book was $20.” on the piano. at Lents Park Students must be at the Lents Park drop off point between 5:00 & 5:30 PM. Location: 805 Columbia Ridge Drive.00 th non-refundable deposit make all checks to Ron and include a $60. 5 2008 The Ashland trip to see the Shakespeare Festival takes place the first week of May. • Tickets for 2 plays $72. culture. SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL IN ASHLAND – May 3.m.00 approximately • Transportation $20.00 Per Person FOR AFS STUDENTS THE COST WILL ONLY BE $120. Viviana Vargas Sazo (Chile) danced a folk dance that celebrates her country’s Independence Day. Lorraine Leedy UPCOMING EVENTS AND STUFF MAY 17TH ORIENTATION This is a REQUIRED event for all AFS. On Sunday. we will have a free afternoon to enjoy the town and then will have dinner together at a Chinese restaurant. Mary Sisson.2008. All others will pay $5. 4. only three blocks from the AFS T-SHIRTS AND CD’S AFS T-Shirts and CD’s for the 07-08 host season are available for host family and students. a former ambulance driver in the Burma Theater during Email Ron Combs if you have any questions. We have been staying at The Plaza Inn and Suites at Ashland Creek. and FLEX students. They sang a beautiful duet in Mandarin. Visiting Teachers Liguo Wang and Tong Tong Gao each talked about their experiences with gratitude for the personal growth and support that AFS has given . and Carlos Samayoa Arias (Mexico) performed a bolero. We leave on a Saturday and return on a Monday. delighted the crowd of 65 with her recollections of her AFS family and how it’s grown over the years. Through her blending of cultures through dance. His address and e-mail is: Ronald Combs 2134 SE 60 Ave Portland. This trip has been a great success with those who have gone the past four years and is open to AFS students. r1p2combs@aol. which has wonderful free continental breakfasts and snack times. We are limiting the trip to the first 25 people to sign up. we will see two plays. and I will be notified in June if the price will remain the same.00 • Saturday dinner $20.00 • Hotel for 2 nights $100.200 for the Vancouver/Battle Ground chapter. I need students to help hand out flowers to the winners.ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS I have ordered 60 Entertainment Books for 2009. The costs are as follows. She appeared later in the presentation to perform a belly dance. YES. Vancouver.00 Total cost approximately $226. CD’s will be free to all through Ron Combs. If you are interested in one or both please call Ron (503) 777-8117 or email r1p2combs3@aol. March 8 to attend a fundraising dinner and silent auction to raise about $2. We play bingo for flowers it's free to all. (503) 775-4161 EVENT FORESTERS BLOOMING BINGO Come join us for a blooming bingo May 2. so remember to call Bernice and have her reserve a book (or books). Ron Combs will coordinate the trip. Catarina De Filippo (Italy) sang a pop song in her native language. Gui Almeida (Brazil) and Ruben Neuroth (Austria) each gave wonderful talks about the similarities and differences between their own native culture and their adopted U. We will leave early Monday for home and stop for lunch on the way. Viviana truly captured the spirit of global peace and understanding that is AFS. Students shirts and CD’s will be free. Oregon 97215-4072 E-Mail r1p2combs3@aol.S.00 for shirts.

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