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D2 Council Meeting Minutes

April 30, 2014
5:00 – 7:00pm
Room 604
Call to order
 Meeting was called to order by the president, Billy Kwon.
Roll Call
Billy Kwon – Present
Vandeep "Vinny" Bagga – Present
Carolyn Chang – Present
Melissa Lass – Present
Sara Zeidan – Present
Janki Gajera – Present
Rola Abduljabar Rabah – Present
Nabil Khan – Present
Kaz Talebpour – Present
Erica Heller – Present
Maham Siddqui – Present
Open issues
a) Class Council Election
 Interview and election of candidates for vacant council positions.
Outreach Rep
Atiya Bahmanyar
Christopher Schiller
Ilana Shimunov
Jessica Brezel
Regina Gurevich

Alt. Alumni Rep
Daniele Orellana
Jazmin Lui

Alt. Clinical Affairs
Ava Navasero
Bing Wang
Zia Vergee
Greening Rep
Bobby Brugnone
Sean Carey

b) May 4
Leadership Conference – 10am-4pm @ Kimmel Center
 Leadership Conference – 10am-3pm.
 Conference intended to:
o examine policies in place
o mingle with other councils (D3/D4)
 Conference is open to feedback.

 Intending to have a leadership event for Executive Board (President,
Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer) in July 2014.
 Brief discussion about possibility of Class Council retreat. Interest
expressed by council members.

c) Meeting Times and Contact Info to ML
 ML to bulk book D2 Council meetings for year.
o ML to send out meeting times (with 1-3 options), pending
receipt of D2 Class schedule (from RA).
o If possible, plan is to have meetings booked at same time and
same room weekly – to maintain consistency and avoid
 ML to send out contact info to all council members once updated
with new council member info.

 Methods of communication with and between council members:
o 1
form – email
o 2
form – facebook
o 3
form – what’s app messenger (group messaging)
o other – texting

 Brief discussion on importance of feedback between council
members. Council is encouraged to approach anyone in the team at
any time.
New business
d) GPD Representatives
 Brief discussion on possibility of having GPD representatives to
communicate class concerns to council and vice versa. Other ideas
suggested to obtain class concerns, as per suspicion that adding 12
members to council would complicate matters. Ideas included:
o Adding to challenge forms to include general concerns (in
addition to challenging quizzes/tests/exams)
o Adding GPD specific comment areas on the website
o Open forum (perhaps monthly) to allow student to voice
concerns/feedback to council.
 Purpose:
o Promote transparency
o Allow other forums for class concerns that are not curriculum

e) Feedback for a new Class Council
 Promote more transparency between council and class.
 Increase website awareness and use.
o Discussed:
 Adding email address to email signature
 Tracking website traffic
 Upload minutes to website.
 Event going into D2.
 Possible regular council event – intended to show council presence.
 Make sure to cc Maurice and Maya on council emails.
 Maya Ardon to attend council meetings every 2 weeks