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Week 4 Challenge Submissions

Submit a photo of you and your buddy. Your submission should
also include a brief description of who your buddy is and what
activity you did together.

This is a photo of me with my workout buddy, my 8 year old son Isaiah. Actually, I have 3 workout buddies including my son. I also
have my 10 year old daughter Abigail and my wife. We all go to our local YMCA and workout together three nights a week. We enjoy
being fit and spending time together. ~Subitted by Randy Trelka, Folding Carton Group

This is my wife Jamie Smith. Sometimes we are able to walk together and this is one of our occasions. A selfie on the street was my
idea while walking the streets of Bardstown also named the Most Beautiful Small Town in America. ~ Submitted by Gerald Smith,

This is a photo of me and my husband, Mike. This photo was taken on the beautiful morning of July 4 just as we were heading out
for a run. ~ Submitted by Laura Lentz, Hartford

My husband is my workout buddy. Here we are before a bike ride. ~ Submitted by Kim Bauer, Neenah Plant

My workout buddies are my family members. Here I am with my wife and our son. ~ Submitted by Abel Menchaca, Mentor, OH

My Buddy is my boyfriend Jack. We did a lot of different things this weekend, rode our motorcycles for about 8 hours, walked a
flea market and also helped my daughter weed her gardens. Since I dont know if riding a motorcycle equates out to taking steps, I
dont have a number there. But the other two activities gave us a total of 15,135 steps. ~ Submitted by Michelle Gelarden, Unilever

Every day my coworkers, Amy Jwanier, Olga Fred and I take a break and walk 1-2 miles around the neighborhood. This motivates me
to keep moving throughout the day. ~ Submitted by Melicia Pompey, Philadelphia

Erin Ness and husband Mike taking a bike ride on July 4th to the Trestle Trail/Bridge in Menasha, which converted into well over the
10,000 steps needed to meet Erin's daily step goal :) ~ Submitted by Erin Ness, Menasha Corporate

This was taken at shot #7 at the 40 acre 3D course north of Watertown--37 yards uphill at the elk and we all hit the 12 ring! Joel and
I travel the state shooting all summer with the Whale Tales team. Also pictured are Paul and Gary from Watertown Archers. ~
Submitted by Chris Kennedy, Oconomowoc

My buddys are my family. We try to take an evening walk or bike ride when the weather cooperates. Pushing the kids in a stroller
probably adds to the calorie burn tooadded bonus! ~ Submitted by Carol Keller, RPM Beverage

My workout "buddy" is my sister-in-law. We have signed up for several 5k's to walk this summer together. It is good to have a
buddy that is always at family cookouts, get togethers, etc. So we can encourage each other to eat better, get a little walk in when
we are together. (we even get our mother-in-law to walk with us at times). ~ Submitted by Leslie Brunner, MPC Corporate Office

Going for a bike ride with my beautiful daughter Taylor. ~ Submitted By Debbie Boardman, Menasha Corporate

This is my walking buddy and pet Harley ( boo bear). He likes to walk and dress for all occasions. ~ Submitted by Deborah
Vaught, Midwest Gateway

Road with a friend from Connellsville, PA to Ohiopyle, PA over the weekend. Weather was absolutely beautiful. Bike Trail is 25 miles
round trip. (Picture taken at the way point(12.5 miles)). ~ Submitted by Patty Rega, Yukon


Jane Boettcher and Michelle Pinkerton kayaking on the chain. ~ Submitted by Jane Boettcher, Neenah Plant

~ Submitted by Michelle Hunter, Lakeville


Meet my
buddies! They
help me stay
active because
that is the only
way to keep up
with them. My
wife and I enjoy
to golf and work
out together. She just had a baby but it was quite regular for us to get a babysitter for an afternoon and create a workout routine
for us to do together. (or golf)
This past last week, the girls and I created an obstacle course in the yard to jump/crawl/run with each other and the rest of the
neighborhood. The family and I also are training for the fox cities weekend. Each of us has our own event to train for and celebrate
a weekend of achievements. ~ Submitted by Steve Grosskreutz, Neenah Complex

My walking buddy is little miss ALLY. Shes a bit hard to keep up with though! ~Submitted by Wendy Raabe, Oconomowoc


Family went white water rafting. ~ Submitted by Lisa Langsdale, Cincinnati/Dallas

My exercise buddy is my horse Dixie. I ride almost every day and have been converting my ride time into steps. ~ Submitted by
Lynsey Madison, Oconomowoc


I walk between 2 and 3 miles every evening with my wife. The photo was taken when we climbed the tower by the Sheboygan
Marsh when we were on one of our walks. ~ Submitted by Jeff Christensen, Orbis Menasha

~ Submitted by Tina Roe, Oconomowoc

My daughter Genevieve and our dog Chester have become my regular walking buddies over the past few weeks. We went out for a
4-mile walk around our block this weekend. Genevieve brought her scooter and Chester enjoyed when she would get far enough
ahead that he could run back and forth between us. ~ Submitted by Leslie Ley, Urbana

This is a picture of my future daughter in law Jena and I. My son and Jena will be getting married in October Jena and I have started
walking together in the evenings its a good time to visit and it makes the time go faster exercising together ~ Submitted by
Lynda Ketelboeter, Ocomowoc

Michelle and I get out and walk during lunch. She put appointments on our calendars as reminders.
I have been using my fitbit to keep track of my steps. By the end of the day if I dont have enough steps I will walk with my son
Michael and or Daughter Kaitlyn. The biggest challenge is the mosquitos. ~ Submitted by Kelly Ulman/ Michelle Zimmer-
Maertz, Folding Carton Group

My two daughters were my workout partners this week. On Sunday, July 6
we participated in a 5k run and had an absolute blast! ~
Submitted by Jody Hau, Oconomowoc

This is my buddy and his name is Buddy. He is overweight and when the Step into Summer competition began, we began walking
together. We walk in the mornings and some evenings. When I get up in the morning, he is anxious and ready to go on our walk
which motivates me to put on my shoes and head out the door ~ Submitted by Sandy Conklink, Preprint

My buddy this week was my four-year-old son, Henry. We went to a fireworks show on Thursday night, which helped me get a total
step count 150% of my average. I even took some of those extra steps with him in piggyback position! ~ Submitted by Kelly

These are a couple photos of my dog Jessie and me as we are getting ready for a walk that Id like to submit for the Week 4 Step
Into Summer challenge. We walk for about 30 minutes every morning before I head into work and also on the weekends, so she is
definitely my walking/fitness buddy. Being a 70 lb. German Shepherd/Husky mix, she has a pace that keeps you going! ~
Submitted by Debbie Baumann, Cincinnati

This is a picture of my walking buddy from this weekend. ~ Submitted by Ryan Averbeck, Cincinnati


Jane Boettcher & I walked 4 miles on a very hilly country road! ~ Submitted by Michelle Pinkerton, Corporate North

This is a photo of me and my buddy Chandra coming back from our 5K walk. ~ Submitted by Vikas Bhalla, Rexdale

This is a picture of me and my buddy, my dog Avery. We walk in our neighborhood nearly every day and he helps me keep on track.
~ Submitted by Jennifer Orszula, Oconomowoc

My walking partner Amber (my grand daughter) and I.~ Submitted by Brenda Leihser, Unilever

I adopted my buddy from the animal shelter last week. His name is Buddy. We walk in the morning before work, at lunchtime and
in the evening. ~ Submitted by Deb Long, Yukon

I recruited my husband to shoot hoops. ~ Submitted by Christa Sanders, Folding Carton Group

My walking buddy, Molly. She wanted to nap with her buddy after our walk! ~ Submitted by Heather Brandt, DeForest

My walking buddies are my husband, Keith, and our friend, Karen. The three of us walk together about 4-5 times a week. No one
wanted their picture taken, so I ended up taking a picture of our walking shoes before we headed out last night! ~ Submitted by
Connie Rushford, Menasha Corporate

My workout buddies (kids - Matt, Abby, Anna, and Michael) taking a break from hiking just above Mallory's Cave west of Boulder,
CO. ~ Submitted by Jane Boettcher, Neenah Plant

My Buddie Dublin the dog after our walk around the block. What a great way to walk off a walk with a nap in the kennel!
Submitted by Leigh VaVrik, Oconomowoc

This is my cousin Aleah, we get together and go hiking whenever possible. ~ Submitted by Jessica Strehlow, Hartford

My workout buddies are my dogs Charlie Brown and Hamilton. They are always energetic and ready to go for a walk, which keeps
me motivated. Besides walking, they love to play in the yard and retrieve a disc. I have the best tail-wagging support system around.
. . . . walk on. ~ Submitted by Sue Gloede, Folding Carton Group

This is a picture of one of my cats and I. The cats are my workout buddies because they force me to clean more than a household
without a pet. The deep clean I did on Saturday would have been done in less time if it werent for them. They also love to sit around
and watch while I work and get in the way until the vacuum is turned on. ~ Submitted by Karen Bykowski, NCS

My family and I enjoyed walking thru downtown Saint Louis. We also went fishing and to the pool for some fun in the water!!!! ~
Submitted by Dioseline Salgado, Midwest Gateway

This week I went camping with Nala my buddyI was unable to take good pictures because Nala was not very happy to be spending
time out on a very hot day, but she did enjoy playing in the lake. ~ Submitted by Dioseline Salgado, Midwest Gateway

This week was Awesome! I buddied up with the family and enjoyed the wonderful summer going fishing and swimming in the pool.
We even rented a bounce house for the long weekend, and although Im all sorts of sore now, it was really FUN!! ~ Submitted by
Dioseline Salgado, Midwest Gateway

~ Submitted by Patricia Gover, Edison


I have 2 buddies, my 4 year old daughter and my 11 month old son. We go on our daily walks together, my daughter looks forward
to our walks and pushes me to take them. It works great because it the only time my 11 month old will sit still ! ~ Submitted by
Raquel Serna, Oconomowoc

This was my workout partner. We played fetch and took many walks while camping at the lake over the weekend. She has so much
energy and kept me going all holiday weekend! ~ Submitted by Jason Mattingly, Bradstown


My workout buddy is my best friend Kelsey. She came to visit me 4th of July weekend in Chicago. We started off the weekend with a
workout in my apartments facility, doing lunges and abs. Then we spent the remainder of the day walking around downtown
Chicago, which ended up being 9 miles. Great weather! ~Submitted by Amanda Faust, Chicago Converting

Here is a picture of me and my buddies when we go for walks and or bike rides together. ~ Submitted by Steven Kamke, Folding
Carton Group

My 12 year old son is in the picture with me. A game of horse is something I enjoy doing with him. ~ Submitted by Kristina Moser,

~Submitted by Maria Mendez, Unilever

Instead of driving to the Independence Day parade from my house, I walked (1 mile to and 1 mile back) with a clan of 6 children (all
under the age of 10). ~ Submitted by Ellen Wacker, Oconomowoc

This group of us walked to the fireworks and back instead of driving . ~ Submitted by Kevin Kramer, Folding Carton Group

Here is a photo of me and my workout buddy. ~ Submitted by Angie Fortner, Cincinnati

This is a picture of my boyfriend and me going on a bike ride. He has been helping me get my steps in each day by walking, biking,
and doing other activities with me ~ Submitted by Melissa Kaminski, Menasha Corporate

For this challenge I have submitted a photo of my son and I. We have been taking the dogs for walks or playing soccer or football
together in order to get a few extra steps in each week. ~ Submitted by Kelly Krabbe, Preprint

Weekend activity included a bike ride along Lake Michigan. Jo Anne Behling

Hike and Bike. ~ Subitted by Kristi Blumreich, Folding Carton Group

My wife and I have spent a lot of time walking around in the city of Chicago the past few weeks. The miles add up fast when you are
talking and seeing new areas of the city. ~ Submitted by Pat Lauscher, Chicago

Me and my walking partner Kia. ~ Submitted by Mark Jensen

My boyfriend is my walking buddy. We went to Door County and climbed the Potawatomie tower. ~Submitted by Amy Kumaraperu,
Menasha Corporate