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Interview Checklist

Please read these points carefully so that you have a better understanding of the course
and what is expected of you. Please tick the boxes to confirm your understanding and
this will minimise time spent in the interview. You will have the opportunity to ask any
other questions during the interview either in person, or over the phone. Please return
a completed version of this checklist before the interview and ensure that you have a
copy of this checklist with you at the interview.

1) I am aware the CELTA course is a very intensive four week programme and that I cannot
have any work or major social commitments during this time. Or, on the part-time course,
I will still have a significant number of hours outside of my regular week to commit to the

I have understood this point

2) There are two main components to the course; Input and TP (Teaching Practice). In input,
the course tutors will be delivering the content of the CELTA Syllabus covering
learning/teaching methodology and techniques, language awareness, classroom
management, lesson planning etc. The tutors will be modelling the type of teaching I will
be expected to demonstrate in my TP.

I have understood this point

3) TP (teaching practice) consists of a real group of adult learners who come for two hours
per session and it will be my responsibility, along with my colleagues to teach them.
They will be divided into two levels and half-way through the course, I will swap levels
in order to teach the higher or lower level as well.
I have understood this point

4) I am required to deliver a total of 6 hours observed and assessed teaching practice over
the course. This will be divided into approximately 8 lessons of 40-60 mins each. This
means that I will be teaching one day on, one day off. I may be teaching from the
second day of the course.
I have understood this point

5) In addition to the course contact hours, I will be required to spend several hours
planning each lesson in my own time. During the initial stages of the course, tutors will
give me a lot more support and guidance as to how to plan and deliver my lessons,
whereas towards the end of the course, I will need to demonstrate more independence
in order to demonstrate what I have learnt.
I have understood this point
6) While I am teaching, my colleagues will be observing me teach and I will be observing
them when they teach as this is an opportunity to learn from each others
performance. After the lessons we will have feedback sessions in which we will discuss
each others lessons. One of the areas that we will be assessed on, is our ability to
think critically yet constructively and evaluate our performance in terms of teaching
strengths and areas for development.
I have understood this point

7) The centre will also arrange 6 hours of observation of qualified teachers (i.e. teachers
with the CELTA qualification) and this should also provide me with further ideas for
teaching and expose me to more examples of professional practice.
I have understood this point

8) There are two assessed components to the course: 6 hours of TP and 4 written
assignments. These assignments consist of 750 1,000 words and are very practical in
orientation. They are not meant to be substantial pieces of research, but are designed
to help you integrate the theory, use the published resources available to you as a
teacher and apply these to your teaching situation. They will be spread more or less
evenly throughout the course and require extra study hours outside of class time.
I have understood this point

9) While there are two discrete assessed components to the course, I will also be assessed
on my professionalism, which includes: punctuality, ensuring that I am prepared,
accurate and appropriate written and spoken language, attitude and behaviour towards
learners/colleagues/tutors, taking responsibility for yourself/your learners, maintaining
up to date records, appearance, sensitivity to cultural/social/religious norms etc.
I have understood this point

10) In terms of overall assessment, the CELTA is a pass or fail course. Making payment does
not guarantee successfully passing the course, nor does it guarantee receiving my
certificate from Cambridge. The course tutors make it clear throughout the course
through TP feedback and in tutorials, what the assessment criteria is and how my
performance measures up to it. If there is any danger at all of failing, at any point,
this will be made very clear to me by my tutors sufficiently in advance so that I have
ample time to remedy this.
I have understood this point

11) There are three possible grades on the CELTA. Internationally, 63% of Candidates get
the PASS grade. Those who perform strongly enough may get the PASS B grade (25%
internationally), and those who perform exceptionally well, may get the PASS A grade
(4% internationally). Previous teaching experience or previous academic excellence
will not automatically give you a PASS B/PASS A grade. Remember this is an intensive
programme with a lot of material to process and demonstrate in a short period of time.
Experienced teachers often have some old teaching habits to unlearn in the time that
they are on the course, in order to take on a new approach to their methodology.
Where a candidate is one of the 63% who receive a PASS grade, their end of course
report will indicate whether they were a strong PASS if this was the case.
I have understood this point

12) There will be a variety of candidates on the CELTA course: native speakers, non-native
speakers (with proficient English), those with teaching experience, those without,
those with related qualifications, those without, some candidates could be 18, some
could be 80, some will be from the region, some from beyond, some will speak half a
dozen languages, some will only speak English. Regardless of their backgrounds, all
candidates bring a different set of experiences and different skill sets to the course,
and this is highly complimentary. There is no distinct advantage to performing well on

this course in terms of the background that candidates come from. The real key to
performing well on the CELTA is in how well you can reflect on your performance and
how well and how quickly you respond to the feedback that you are being given by your
I have understood this point

13) Internationally, 5% of candidates FAIL the course, and 3% WITHDRAW. These numbers
are low because we have the Pre-Interview Task and the Interview as part of the
selection procedure to ensure we are accepting the appropriate calibre of candidate
onto the course. If we are not convinced that you are capable of passing the course,
we would not accept you on the course.
I have understood this point

14) The CELTA is not an English language course, nor is it a grammar course. As a language
teaching methodology course, the programme is focused on classroom application.
Candidates are not expected to know everything about the English language, but they
are expected to research the area of English that they will be teaching in their lesson
as part of their lesson planning. Candidates will be shown how to do this.
I have understood this point

15) I understand that IH Dubai is an equal opportunities provider and as such makes no
discrimination against applicants based on background or disability. While special
requirements in terms of learning support or health issues will not automatically
preclude you from acceptance onto a course, it is expected that applicants make the
centre aware of these issues so that:

a) IH Dubai can attempt to make appropriate provision where possible, and
b) to help the interviewer supply suitable information to the applicant and
enable them to decide whether the course is an appropriate choice

I have understood this point

16) Therefore, I will make IH Dubai aware of any special requirements regarding learning
support that may impact on my performance
I have understood this point

17) I will make IH Dubai aware of any special requirements regarding my physical or
psychological health that may impact on my performance
I have understood this point

18) I will let IH Dubai know of any planned or anticipated activities or engagements that
may not allow me to meet 100% attendance
I have understood this point