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We enable self-directed private investors to implement famous &

successful mechanical JSE stock picking strategies. We also provide
long, medium & short-term mechanical market timing models to
enable clients to reduce their risks & boost their JSE performance.
Using mechanized strategies to build & time their on portfolios,
private investors can achieve risk-ad!usted returns in e"cess of the
#$S% inde" & professional funds. &o appl' for a subscription click
GLOBAL CLIENTS -> )* &* +*( U.S
(E,ESS-*. +*(E,#S&-.).
JSE ALSI TRADERS-> (E#/ #0*U& *U( SW-.)&(#/E( U$&(# #./
%*W -& )E.E(#&E/ *1E( 2,3334 (E&U(.S W-&% #. 564 W-. (#&E
-. &%E $#S& 7.6 8E#(S +*( *U( SU0S,(-0E(S. #$S* $**9 #& &%E 26-
8E#( :E(+*(;#.,E *+ *U( ;E/-U; &* $*.)-&E(; JSE &*:<3
-./E= ;E,%#.-,#$ &(#/-.) ;*/E$S.
INVESTORS-> SEE *U( ;#(9E& &-;-.) S-).#$S &* 9EE: 8*U *U&
0E#( ;#(9E&S & ,*U:$E &%E; W-&% *U( +#;*US S%#(E
SE$E,&-*. S&(#&E)-ES &* :-,9 ,*.S-S&E.& JSE W-..E(S.
EQUITY TRADERS-> SEE *U( *U( -..*1#&-1E S%#(E
W#&,%$-S& :(*)(#; +*( #U&*;#&E/ 0U8>SE$$ S-).#$S +*(
-./-1-/U#$ JSE S%#(ES.
LEARNERS-> #&&E./ *.E *+ *U( 0--;*.&%$8 SE;-.#(S -. # ,-&8
.E#( 8*U *( #::$8 +*( *U( ,*;:(E%E.S-1E JSE S&*,9 ;#(9E&
We run :oerStocks (esearch, hich is predominantl' focused on the
South #frican e?uit' markets. We also run ( hich
serves over 233 @nancial advisors, brokerage @rms and private
investors in the United States.
*ur email details are *ur oBce is
contactable at 3C2-5D< 32D<. &o subscribe to our mailing list to receive
occasional nes about ne research and ground-breaking strategies
email ith .EWS$E&&E( in the sub!ect.
%ere is the elevator pitch about hat e provide for our subscribers.
+or samples of our paid services and reports )* %E(E. &o appl' for
membership, )* %E(E.
>OPTION-1 E :*WE(S&*,9S :(* F(<,GDD per annum or (<6< per
2. We track various econometric models to keep clients out of bear
markets & recessions.
C. We give 0U8>SE$$ signals for individual shares on the JSE, tailored
for traders>long-term investors.
7. We screen the JSE according to various ell knon stock picking
strategies to identif' shares that are most likel' to deliver superior
capital groth, income groth and>or oIer the most value.
<. We maintain robust short, medium & long-term market timing
models for the JSE &*:<3 -nde" & ever' E"change &raded +und FE&+H
listed on the JSE. &hese give e"plicit 0U8>SE$$ signals. &o see the latest
live performance of these models donload this :/+ report. &o see 26
'ear track record of our JSE inde" timing models, go here.
6. We oIer regular market commentar' and reports on the state and
direction of the market to keep clients appraised of the current risk
J. We provide email alerting services for all our &*:<3 and E&+ timing
Prefer to pay R454 on a monthly basis instead of R4,899 upfront? Then
email us at research(at)powerstocs!co!"a with #$%&T'() *+,
R-.+-*T# in the sub/ect line so we can arran0e a debit order form for
you! 1ebit orders are sub/ect to 2 months cancellation notice!
>OPTION-2 : SW-.)&(#/E( U$&(# F(G63 per monthH
2. +or :oerstocks :(* F*ption-2H clients onl'
C. #ggressive long>short trading s'stem for the &*:<3 F2 trade ever'
23 da's on averageH
7. :rovides trading signals for the JSE &*:<3 -nde" ,+/ provided b' -)
<. (ead about it over here.
>OPTION-3 : JSE S&*,9 E=,%#.)E ,*U(SE F(5,DDDH
2.,omprehensive course material & stud' guides ritten b' industr'
e"perts & academics
C.2C-month dail' JSE donload service and S-;E= virtual &rading
:latform account
7.:ro@le JSE %andbook
<.#ccess to 6 e"aminations F6 e"amsH
6.;arket&racker tehnical anal'sis softare
J.# to K &echnical #nal'sis (eference %andbook
5.+ive-hour #dvanced Stock ;arket ;ethodolog' class in cit' near 'ou
b' :oerStocks
:oerStocks (esearch is the @rst Fand as at 3D>3<>C323 the onl'H JSE &echnical
#nal'sis F&#H research @rm that uses JSE market breadth, available to the private
investing public. We started out as a private investing club that conducted uni?ue
?uantitative research for their on JSE investment purposes. &he need for this as
borne out of a lack of local public research on the topic of Strateg' -nde"ing
Fmechanical stock picking methodsH, and ?uantitative breadth-based ;arket &iming
Strategies speci@c to the JSE.
Up until no, e"pensive ?uantitative research has been the preserve of investment
houses and large funds and not publicl' available and our mission is to place this into
the private investors hands to promote the democratization of /-8 investment on the
JSE. &he fantastic response to our subscription service means e can aIord to pa' for
all the e"pensive softare, database fees and ongoing research. &o see ho proli@c
e are ith ground-breaking JSE research, see the .EWS blog.
-n addition to being a ?uantitative research house, our services are hi0hly action3
oriented and targeted at self-directed private JSE investors using their on brokers
and includeE
2. World-class strategies for identi@cation of individual groth>value>momentum
C. $ong-term investment market-timing to keep investors out of bear markets and
7. (isk reduction signals to enable investors to Lbu' on the dipsL and signi@cantl'
enhance returns
<. -ndustrial strength, high-con@dence timing strategies for active short>medium-term
*ur tools are so poerful, that e have even started attracting some small funds as
clients, and have international investment proIessionals using our s'stems to assist
them ith their JSE strategies.
8ou ill note man' pages on this site as passord protected for paid subscribers.
.ote that due to complaints received from our e"isting paid subscribers e .*
$*.)E( *++E( &(-#$ #,,*U.&S. &here is no need for trial accounts and all the
information 'ou need to decide if e are suitable for 'our investing st'le is available -
e disclose the theor', strategies, back-testing, mechanics and performance of all
our methods on public pages. &he onl' thing a passord gives 'ou is the actual share
picks and timing signals and alerts. &o see our speci@c services and fees and to appl'
for a paid subscription go %E(E.
+or a detailed description Fith e"amplesH of all our services please go %E(E. &his
section ill attempt to provide a ?uick Lelevator pitchL on hat it is e do.
(ecent advances in computerization, softare, research into ?uantitative anal'sis
and of course the advent of discount on-line brokering and E"change &raded +unds
FE&+MsH has led to the democratization of most ma!or stock markets e"cept here in
South #frica. With the JSE being the 23th largest stock market in the orld, and 7rd
best performing over the last 23 'ears, e feel it is time for the man in the street to
be e"posed to time-tested methods that ill allo him>her to manage their on
investment funds for stunning returns that beat the market and most fund managers,
for a fraction of the administration costs and risks - hile having fun doing it.
We are the onl' organization in S# that provides share candidates and tracks the
performance of famous mechanical share picking strategies and couples this ith
market entr'>e"it timing signals to reduce 'our risk. See our ver' interesting research
into the performance of this decadesM best mechanical stock picking strategies in our
/ail' .es 0log.
We are probabl' best knon for our cutting edge JSE Entr'>E"it ;arket &iming
Signals, the best of hich delivered a hopping 2G6,3334 groth in the last 72 'ears
b' onl' being invested in the JSE for J34 of the time and delivering G64 accurate
signals. We have long term timing models, ith our Nagship SU:E(;odel ,omposite
&iming S'stem F2 signal per 'ear on averageH, ;edium &erm timing signals F2 trade
per <-J monthsH and Short &erm trader timing signals F2 trade per 2-C monthsH &hese
signals are highl' popular among S#Ms E&+ FS#&(-= etc.H investors as the' deliver
superior risk-reduction Fb' getting out the stock market during risk' periodsH and
deliver up to C-7 times the groth of a S#&(-= bu'-and-hold strateg' ith one half
the stock market riskO &o see ho e deplo' these signals ourselves in the JSE to
phase-in>out and allocate funds to various instruments such as individual stocks,
E&+Ms, SS+Ms Warrants etc see L&iming the JSE -&he :oerStocks Wa'L
*ur most folloed signals are those generated b' our ground-breaking &rough+inder
indicator that has over G64 historical 2C 'ear accurac' in detecting turning points
and bottoms in ma!or and minor JSE crashes, corrections and consolidations. ;aking
investments in the earl' stage of bull market beginnings is the ke' to superior
investment returns.
*ur most read page is our highl' popular $onthly 4*- Pulse ($4P) page for
subscribers. &his publication obtains the status of all our timing signals and market
breadth indicators to enable the investor the gauge the general health and
direction of the JSE. 8ou can see an outdated sample here.
We are also the onl' organization in S# that maintains, calibrates, backtests and
publishes the folloing JSE ;arket-0readth /ataE
2. #dvance>/ecline $ine, #dvance>/ecline and /ecline>#dvance ratios
C. Up-to-don volume and don-to-up volume ratios for JSE and its individual sectors
7. JSE 0u'ing /emand & Selling :ressure trendlines
<. JSE 0ullish :ercentage -nde" F4 JSE shares trading above 63-da' moving averageH
6. :ercentage JSE shares trading at C-eek highs
J. ;c,lellan *scillator and Summation -nde"
5. &he ,oppock ,urve for the JSE
&hrough this eb site e ill share some of the results of the uni5ue 0round3
breain0 research e are conducting on the JSE for use b' the general investing
public. We feel the current @nancial crises oIers a once-in-C3 'ears opportunit' for
ordinar' investors to get into the stock market at never before seen prices and set
themselves up tid' nest-eggs for the future.
&he research methods e use are usuall' the preserve of large investments funds
and private client ealth managers and are coupled ith some ver' uni?ue and ne
anal'tical concepts to the South #frican investing audience. -n addition, although
man' investment books cover some ver' interesting research, nobod' bothers to test
or tailor this to the JSE since it is such a small market and e are such a tin' countr'.
We aim to @ll that gap too. Some of our more detailed ground-breaking research ill
be made available for purchase from time to time, hoever the free information e
oIer ill still be e'e-popping, highl' educational and ver' topical.
.o other Lhot-tipL or Lpenn' stockL nesletters or services in S# use ?uantitative
research and anal'sis. &he' rel' on Linsider tipsL, Linside trackL, Lfundamental
valuationsL, Lgut feelL and pure luck on some occasions. #dditionall', e are
completel' transparent - 'ou can see the real-orld and historical performance of all
our strategies in the Scoreboard page.
&hirdl', e put our mone' here our mouth is - e have over (2.6; invested in our
strategies ith Standard 0ank *n-line Share &rading. Ever' time e research, back-
test and create a ne strateg' for our subscribers, e spend at least
(63,333 investing in a real portfolio - 'ou donMt see other advisor' services doing
+ourth, e do our on research and e back-test the theor' on the JSE - e donMt
take an'thing for granted, no matter ho ell it orks in the U.S markets or
ho man' books a guru has ritten on a strateg'.
+ifth, e share the in-depth ground-breaking research ith 'ou, so 'ou full'
understand the logic and theor' and appreciate here each strateg' is coming
from. &hat means no L0lack-0o"L strategies, but mathematical and statisticall'
derived unsub!ective mechanical strategies. #n'one folloing our strateg' rules ill
have the identical performance, no unrealistic performances that are impossible for
an average investor to replicate.
Si"th, e donMt stop at our on investment portfolios or the backtests - e replicate
model portfolios, one per ?uarter, for each strateg', to provide multiple rolling
forard tests to validate the strateg' is relevant across multiple market scenarios.
+inall', e are obsessed ith hat e do - 'ou can go and look at the .EWS blog to
see ho proli@c e are ith ground-breaking research in pursuit of investment
We subscribe to the time-tested investing methodologies of the industr' greats, such
as Warren 0uIet, 0en!amin )raham, ;artin Keig, *MShaugness', William J *M.eil
and man' others. We research their orks e"tensivel' as ell as tests of their
methodologies and s'stems performed on overseas markets. Using our poerful JSE
anal'sis softare, and data going back <3 'ears, e then check to see ho ell
these strategies performed historicall' on the JSE.
S'stems shoing the most eIective historical performance are then tracked on a
dail' or eekl' basis and posted to our various :ortfolio 0logs. &his kind of research
is ver' ell published and available for the US markets, but ver' fe markets outside
the US. We are not comfortable picking strategies that seem to ork on the US and
use them on the JSE, as the JSE is a ver' diIerent animal. -ts a tenth of the size of the
US markets for starters F<33 shares versus 5,333H. &he sector mi" is also ver'
diIerent Fe are resources heav' versus the U.S hich is technolog'>-ndustrial
heav'H. *n the JSE, ver' fe shares are chased b' a closed group of fund managers
and the general public has not 'et taken charge of their on investments as the US
has. #nd of course our countries and cultures are ver', ver' diIerent.
We track 6alue, 7rowth and $omentum investment strategies. (ight no, our focus
is on 1alue as e feel that in a 0ear market this is here 'our current opportunit'
lies. &his focuses on seeking out stocks of companies that are @nanciall' sound, ell
run, leaders or possible leaders in their segments, resilient in the face of donturns
and above all properl' valued or even undervalued. &hese stocks ill e"hibit superior
groth during and after the donturn and getting them cheap gives 'ou large
LbuIers of safet'L after being purchased to make 'our investment virtuall'
&hese are the *outh 8frican Power*tocs 3 solid, poerful and virtuall' guaranteed to
signi@cantl' outperform the market over a period of 7-6 'ears, and best of all going
for a song. We ill demonstrate the use of ?uantitative anal'sis, never before seen in
South #frica to compare stocks for selection. -n short the methods e ill introduce
are completel' ne to South #frica and are going to rivet 'ou to 'our seat and 'our
&o be clear, e are not ?uali@ed @nancial advisers or brokers. We merel' oIer the /-8
-nvestor uni?ue never-before-seen research and anal'sis tailored for short, medium
and long term investment on the JSE and #$&-=. We built these methodologies and
tools out of necessit' for ourselves, since although most of them ma' e"ist for the US
markets and investment public, nothing like it is available for the South #frican
public. We onl' provide mechanical stock screens and timing signals and oIer no
vies, good or bad, on an' JSE listed companiesM management, prospects or
fundamentals. #ll our charts and indicators>signals are provided for informational
purposes onl' and e cannot oIer 'ou investment advise regarding the construction
of 'our portfolios, risk e"posure, retirement or income strategies - for that 'ou need a
registered @nancial adviser.
:lease read our ;E&%*/*$*)8 & /-S,$#-;E(. :lease note that JSE regulations
re?uire that e disclose that e are ardent folloers of our stock screens and
research and have substantial in9estments in our pri9ate capacities in man' of the
stocks appearing in some of our top performing strategies.
Some of the investing strategies e track are sophisticated to screen for shares,
re?uire a lot of time and eIort on our part and re?uire e"pensive softare and
subscriptions to JSE database providers. We regard this as premium content, hich is
marked in green in menu items and is passord protected. +or a subscription
account, go to ;E;0E(S%-: #::$-,#&-*.. .ote that due to complaints received from
our e"isting paid subscribers e .* $*.)E( *++E( &(-#$ #,,*U.&S.
&he information contained in this eb site is not to be construed as advice in terms of
the +inancial #dvisor' and -ntermediar' Services #ct of C33C. :lease consult 'our
@nancial adviser should 'ou re?uire advice of a @nancial nature and>or intermediar'
;ake sure 'ou invest time in some educational reading before using this site to
ensure ?uicker grasp of concepts and to ma"imise 'our leverage of the site. ,lick on
the L%o to useL menu belo to start.
;*(E #0*U& P %o to use this eb site P /-8 -nvesting P JSE 0ear ;arkets P :oer of
1alue P
P &erms and /isclaimers P /etail of our services P ,lient &estimonials P
P ,orporate :age & presentations P #ppl' for ;embership P
.ote that e are a research house and not registered brokers or @nancial advisors. &he information contained in
our correspondence, programs and publications does not take into account the investment ob!ectives, @nancial
situation and particular needs of an' particular person and is not to be construed as personalized investment
advice in terms of the +inancial #dvisor' and -ntermediar' Services F+#-SH #ct of C33C. #lthough e ma' anser
general customer service ?uestions, e are not licensed under securities las to address 'our particular
investment situation. #n' investments or trades mentioned in our publications should be made onl' after
consulting ith 'our investment advisor or intermediar' service and onl' after revieing the prospectus and
@nancial statements of the companies concerned. :lease read our &erms and ,onditions and /isclaimers. We ma'
have substantial positions in the securities shon in our programs or discussed in our publications and ma'
increase or decrease such positions ithout notice. 0u'ing and selling of shares on the JSE can be risk' and 'ou
could lose all or part of 'our capital. /o not trade or invest ith funds 'ou can not aIord to lose. :ro@ts from
share dealing are a form of income and sub!ect to ta"ation.