Earth-717: X-Men Vol 2

Chapter 2: Consummation
“Mini-Sentinel comat training!” sai" Moira o#er the lou"spea$er.
%he simulation constructs &orme" all aroun" Scott! 'ho 'as stan"ing in the centre o& the
(anger )oom. A three-"imensional gri" o& lue! glo'ing energ* "rape" across the space! an" egan
&illing in the "etails o& the simulate" attle&iel". +i#e Mini-Sentinels! aout hal& a metre taller than
Scott! 'ere stre'n across the &iel"! all &acing him.
Scott close" his e*es momentaril* an" inhale".
%he Mini-Sentinels &ire" optical lasers at Scott! 'ho ha" alrea"* "ashe" &or'ar" an" rolle"
to'ar"s a piece o& concrete "eris. -sing it as co#er! he &ire" an optical last o& his o'n at the &arthest
Mini-Sentinel! lo'ing a hole through its chest piece. .n retaliation! the Mini-Sentinel closest to it &ire"
a 'rist roc$et.
/laring! Scott "o"ge" to the right at the last secon"! causing a Mini-Sentinel aout to attac$ him
&rom ehin" to get hit * the roc$et. +lipping ac$'ar"s! he grae" the remains o& the no' "estro*e"
Mini-Sentinel an" put it in &ront o& him! using it as a shiel" to asor optical lasts &rom t'o more
0ic$ing out its &eet! he rushe" &or'ar" an" 1umpe"! hol"ing his &ist ac$. %hro'ing it &or'ar"
'ith the momentum o& his leap! he punche" out a thir" Mini-Sentinel e&ore spinning aroun" an"
lan"ing a roun"house $ic$ on the hea" o& a &ourth. %he Mini-Sentinel reco#ere" an" trie" to gra at
him! ut he "uc$e" un"er the arm an" unleashe" a &i#e hit punching como on its torso! ripping apart
its innar"s.
2ushing it out o& the 'a*! he then &ire" an optical last at the last Mini-Sentinel! 'hich also
&ire" one at the same time. %he t'o laser lasts connecte"! cancelling each other out. Scott 3uic$l*
&ire" another at the leg o& the Mini-Sentinel! lo'ing it apart. Stunne"! it 'as then shre""e" * another
3uic$ optical last &rom Scott4s #isor.
“All Mini-Sentinels "e&eate"!” sai" Moira. “Mar$.”
As the construct &iel" "issipate"! sho'ing the empt*! metallic! spherical room! Scott e5hale"
an" stretche" out his arms in se#eral positions. 6is muscles! 'hich he ha" een "e#eloping o#er the
past *ear since 1oining the .nstitute! ripple" un"er his uni&orm o"*suit. 7hile he 'as still &airl* thin!
his o"* 'as lean an" tone" "ue to his #ehementl* structure" 'or$out regimen.
“+i&t*-&our secon"s!” ans'ere" Moira. “Again.”
Scott loo$e" up to the 'in"o' near the top o& the (anger )oom. Moira 'as on the other si"e!
sitting in the comman" room. She 'as sitting ac$ in her rolling chair! loo$ing at the "ata on the
comat terminal computer screen. She 'as 'earing a lue louse an" eige 1eans! an" ha" a pin$
hairan" on her hea". 6er right han" 'as presse" against her &ace! an" her le&t 'as t'i""ling an orange
Moira sighe" e&ore spea$ing.
“. thin$ it4s time &or a rest! Scott. 9ou4#e een hitting the same time o#er an" o#er.”
“:o. Again.”
“)eall*! Scott8”
Scott 3uic$l* turne" aroun" at the soun" o& ;ean4s #oice. She 'al$e" into the (anger )oom!
'earing a tan$ top an" 1eans. 6er hair 'as 1ust as lush as e#er! an" she ha" small! sil#er 4X4 earrings
hanging &rom oth ears. She stoppe" a &e' metres a'a* &rom Scott.
“(on4t *ou train enough8”
Scott too$ a moment e&ore respon"ing.
“9ou shoul" e training 'ith me.”
;ean put on an unimpresse" &ace.
“%he 'hole team traine" 'ith *ou &or si5 hours *ester"a*. An" the "a* e&ore that. An" the "a*
e&ore that. 7e $in" o& 'ante" a rea$.”
Scott shoo$ his hea". 6e then egan to punch an" $ic$ the air 'hile in place.
“. can4t 'or$ li$e that!” starte" Scott. “. nee" to sta* prepare". %he ne5t time 'e ha#e to &ace
Sentinels! or another "erange"! cra<* mutant! *ou4ll e than$ing me &or all this training. 7e nee" to e
ale to control the attle&iel"! an" 'e can onl* "o that * &orcing oursel#es to e etter.”
;ean sighe" an" 'al$e" closer to Scott. 7hen she reache" him! she place" a han" on his
shoul"er! an" he stoppe" mo#ing.
“9ou can4t control e#er*thing!” sai" ;ean. “7hat happens 'hen *ou thin$ *ou4#e got comman"
o& a situation! an" then something ta$es *ou * complete surprise8 9ou can4t plan &or e#er* possiilit*.”
“7ell! i& . can4t plan &or it! then 'hat shoul" . "o8”
“%rust us.”
Scott inhale" an" stare" into ;ean4s e*es. A&ter se#eral moments! he e5hale" an" no""e"!
loo$ing at the groun". ;ean smile".
“=esi"es! mister! *ou completel* &orgot aout our "ate tonight.”
Scott per$e" his hea" up.
“-h! er . . . .”
“Sai" *ou 'oul" ta$e me to the cit*8 (o something "i&&erent &or a change8 6mmm8 >r "i" all
*our har" an" &ast training empt* *our memor* an$s8”
“.4ll! er! meet *ou in the lo* in ten.”
? ? ? ?
>ut o& his uni&orm an" no' in casual clothes! Scott 'al$e" "o'n the halls o& the mansion
to'ar"s the lo*. 6is han"s in his poc$ets! he ha" to see e#er*thing in the 'orl" through the lens o&
his re"-tinte" sunglasses. @oo$ing into the recreation room as he passe" it! he sa' =o* an" 6an$
pla*ing a game o& &use-all 'hile 2iotr 'as la*ing on the couch! "ra'ing 'ith a pencil in his
Scott loo$e" a'a* &rom them an" continue" 'al$ing "o'n the hall 'ithout spea$ing. 6e
arri#e" in the lo*! stepping across the giant X on the &loor. ;ean 'as stan"ing at the "oule "oors!
smiling. As he 'as aout to reach her! he hear" a #oice coming &rom oth ehin" an" ao#e him.
Scott turne" aroun" an" loo$e" up to see Xa#ier sitting in his 'heelchair on the alcon*
o#erloo$ing the lo*. 6e ha" his han"s &ol"e" on his lap.
“(on4t 'orr* 2ro&essor! 'e4ll e ac$ * . . . .”
“. 1ust 'ante" to tell *ou to ha#e &un!” interrupte" Xa#ier.
Xa#ier smile". Scott stare" at him &or a &e' secon"s.
Xa#ier no""e". ;ean opene" the "oor.
“And treat her well.”
Scott no""e".
“I will.”
Scott turne" to &ace ;ean! an" the t'o e5ite" the house! closing the "oule "oors ehin" them.
Xa#ier e5hale" an" leane" ac$ against his 'heelchair. A&ter a minute! Moira 'al$e" up ne5t to him.
“%he* lea#e8”
Moira sighe" an" &ol"e" her arms.
“. "unno aout *ou! Charles! ut . reall* thin$ there4s a #oi" in the soul o& that o*. @i$e he4s
lost a part o& himsel& that he4s ne#er gotten ac$.”
“. $no'. All too 'ell.”
“All he "oes is 'or$ an" train! ut . ne#er see him get an* 1o* out o& it. .t4s 1ust an en"less c*cle
'ith him. . can4t e#en rememer the last time . sa' him smile. . hope she can help him. A o* his age
shoul"n4t e that 1a"e".”
Xa#ier e5hale".
“7hether one is an i"ealist or a c*nic! 'e rarel* ha#e the chance to choose that &or oursel#es.
Circumstance pla*s a larger role in that than most care to a"mit.”
Moira raise" an e*ero'.
“9ou "on4t reall* elie#e that8, 7hat aout 'hat *ou tol" to Eri$8”
“Eri$4s ha" a har"er li&e than .!” sai" Xa#ier. “An" 1ust ecause one is a c*nic "oes not mean
that the* are not accountale &or choosing et'een right an" 'rong.”
Xa#ier &ro'ne" an" shoo$ his hea".
“. nee" some time alone in m* stu"*. %ell the others that .4m not to e "isture".”
Moira 'as silent &or a &e' moments e&ore no""ing.
Xa#ier turne" a'a* &rom Moira! sighing. 6e then rolle" a'a* &rom her. She 'atche" him the
'hole time! 'ith a gro'ing &ro'n. As he rolle" into his pri#ate stu"*! he close" the "oor ehin" him.
+or se#eral minutes! Moira silentl* 'atche" the "oor. 7hat she coul" not see! 'as that the entire time
she 'as staring! Xa#ier ha" his &ace in his han"s.
? ? ? ?
“An" at the ninth hole! he 1ust &ro<e it o#er so there 'as no chance.”
;ean laughe" as she &inishe" spea$ing! an" Scott let out a hal&hearte" one himsel&. She hel" in a
sigh as the* continue" to 'al$ "o'n the street! to'ar"s the =oston -ni#ersit* =ri"ge. Scott4s han"s
'ere once again in his poc$ets. Steeling hersel&! ;ean reache" out an" lin$e" her arm aroun" his elo'!
startling him.
“Come on!” sai" ;ean. “. 'ant to tr* something.”
;ean tugge" at Scott4s arm! ec$oning him to &ollo' her to the ri"ge.
“7hat 'oul" that e8”
“9ou4ll see. Come on.”
;ean an" Scott 'al$e" up the ri"ge! arm in arm. 7hen the* reache" the mi""le! ;ean place"
her han"s o#er the railing! loo$ing out at the Charles )i#er. Scott stoo" ne5t to her! an"! un$no'n to
her! spent a &e' secon"s ga<ing at her hair.
“9ou $no' that prolem . tol" *ou aout8” as$e" ;ean. “%he one .4#e een ha#ing since that
“. rememer.”
“. 'as thin$ing aout it again. .4#e pla*e" it o#er an" o#er again in m* min"! ut . . . . . 1ust
can4t &igure it out! *ou $no'8.”
“. $no' 'hat that4s li$e. 7hen *ou4re tr*ing to! li$e! &igure something out! an" then 1ust . . . . .
"on4t $no' . . . .”
Scott put himsel& in the same position that she 'as! his han"s o#er the railing. She glance" at
him 3uic$l* e&ore spea$ing again.
“9ou 'ere 'atching me 'hen it happene". Coul" *ou ma$e sense o& it8”
Scott inhale" an" "i" not respon" &or at least hal& a minute.
“:o. :o! . coul"n4t.”
;ean loo$e" at him again an" &ro'ne" as he stare" out at the ri#er. Closing her e*es! she turne"
her hea" &or'ar"! e&ore 'i"ening them in surprise upon hearing him spea$.
“(i" *ou &eel an*thing8”
“7hen it e5plo"e"! . mean!” sai" Scott! “(i" *ou &eel an*thing8”
.t 'as ;ean 'ho no' too$ some time e&ore respon"ing.
“. "on4t thin$ so. . mean! e&ore! 'hen . 'as going up! . coul" &eel so much at once. So man*
emotions running through m* hea". Anger. Anguish. +ear. =ut most o& all! . thin$ . . . . . 'as sa". .
thought &or sure that there 'as going to e nothing more. %hen! it 'ent all 'hite! an" the ne5t thing .
$no'! . 'a$e up an" . see . . . .”
;ean an" Scott loo$e" at each other. +or a long 'hile! the* lost trac$ o& time an" simpl* stare".
Scott then reache" his hea" &or'ar"! an" nu<<le" his &ace against hers. %heir e*es close"! the* rue"
their chee$s together e&ore ;ean &inall* plante" a 3uic$ $iss on his lips. >pening her e*es! she smile"
an" loo$e" &or'ar" again! seemingl* re1u#enate".
“. 'ant to tr* it.”
Scott raise" an e*ero'.
“Are *ou sure8”
“7hat change"8”
“9ou4re here.”
;ean steppe" up onto one o& the railing4s columns! stan"ing as tall as she coul". Closing her
e*es! she sprea" her arms out laterall*. Scott clamere" onto the column 'ith her! an" the small si<e o&
the plat&orm the* 'ere stan"ing on &orce" their o"ies together. %heir reathing 3uic$l* ecame
s*nchroni<e" as Scott4s chest presse" against ;ean4s ac$.
Scott put his arms &or'ar"! grasping at ;ean4s hips. She let out the lightest o& moans at his touch.
%a$ing a &e' more secon"s to reathe! she then put her le&t &oot &or'ar"! hanging it o#er the air! "o<ens
o& metres ao#e the 'ater. >pening her e*es! she loo$e" "o'n an" let out a small gasp. She then egan
reathing &aster! an" Scott respon"e" * placing his hea" on her shoul"er.
“.4#e got *ou!” he 'hispere".
;ean leane" her hea" against his &or a &e' secon"s! closing her e*es again. She then steppe" out
'ith her right leg. 7ith oth o& her &eet in the air! she reathe" in one last time.
“@et go.”
Scott release" his hol" on ;ean4s hips. Cautiousl* pulling his han"s ac$! he let his mouth hang
open upon seeing that she 'as &loating in the air. A&ter se#eral secon"s o& le#itation! ;ean opene" her
e*es an" loo$e" "o'n. /rinning to hersel&! she then shoute" 'ith glee an" "i" an aerial somersault.
She turne" ac$ an" loo$e" at Scott.
+or the &irst time all "a*! he 'as smiling.
? ? ? ?
@ater that night! ;ean an" Scott 'ere together in her room! la*ing on the e". %he* 'ere oth in
their un"er'ear! an" 'ere on their si"es! &acing each other. +or a long time! the* 1ust sta*e" still!
hol"ing han"s.
“.4m sorr*!” sai" Scott.
;ean opene" her e*es.
“+or 'hat8”
“=eing so . . . . "istant.”
;ean 'ea$l* smile".
“.t4s o$a*.”
“:o! .! ugh.”
“7hat is it8”
“. mean! *ou4#e een so . . . . . "on4t $no' ho' to sa* this.”
“9ou "on4t ha#e to.”
“:o! . "o. 9ou4#e een so goo" to me! an" .4#e 1ust rushe" *ou o&& too much. 9ou! *ou "on4t
"eser#e that.”
“Ma*e not! ut . $no' *ou nee" *our space. 9ou "on4t "eser#e to &eel o#erur"ene"! either.
(i&&erent people nee" "i&&erent things. . get it.”
“:ot tonight.”
Scott pushe" himsel& closer to ;ean! graing the ac$ o& her hea".
“%onight . . . . tonight! . 'ant to share.”
“Scott . . . .”
;ean loo$e" "o'n &or a &e' secon"s e&ore loo$ing ac$ at him.
“@ast time 'e tal$e" aout this! *ou sai" *ou 'eren4t rea"*. %hat 'e 'eren4t rea"*.”
“. $no'. .4#e ne#er let someone get this close.”
“Me neither.”
“=ut . trust *ou. .4m rea"* no'. . $no' that . . . . . $no' that .4m not goo" at telling *ou ho' .
&eel. . thin$ .4" rather sho' *ou.”
Scott pulle" ;ean in &or a $iss as she egan pulling o&& her ra.

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