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Birth Centenary of Yug Rishi Pt.

Shriram Sharma Acharya

(Vasant Parva 2011 Vasant Parva 2012)
Who was Acharyasri?
Yug Rishi, who revived and rejuvenated the great traditions founded by Viswamitra, Vasishtha,
Vyasa, Yagyavalkya, Kanaad, Charaka, Narada and other rishis.
Yug Vyasa, who wrote contemporary commentaries on Vedas, !"# $panishads, % &arshans, '"
(mritis and !# )uranas.
A world-renowned writer, who wrote *'"" books on various aspects of life.
Great reedom fighter, who participated in the freedom movement of +ndia along with
,ahatma -andhi and ,adan ,ohan ,alaviya. .e was famous as 'Shriram Matta' / one who
was into0icated with great passion for freedom.
Sanskriti Purush !An em"odiment of #ndian culture$, who revived the tradition of Samskaras
and educated the public about the importance of Shodash Samskaras 11!% rites from birth to
Jagadguru !World %eacher$, who taught about the individual and collective goal of life to
humanity that was lost in the dungeon of darkness. .e initiated millions of people on the path of
A great Tapasvi !ascetic$, who performed the arduous sadhana of -ayatri and accomplished the
feat of performing ' Mahapurashcharans, each of ' lakhs japa, of -ayatri mantra in ' years.
A great &hiloso&her, who liberated philosophy from the ma3e of confusions and mysticism and
stood as a live e0ample of the ideals.
A great thin'er, who presented to the world a new thought process propagated through 45khand
A s&iritual &erson, who presented spirituality as true art of living.
%he scul&tor of the new era, who formulated 4Shatasutreeya u! "irman ojana# 1!""/point
plan for ushering in of new era2 and laid a strong foundation for its implementation.
A s&iritual scientist, who established 8rahmavarchas 9esearch Center, first institution of its
kind, to integrate science and spirituality and proved / :(cience and spirituality do not contradict
but complement each other.;
%he Acharya of this era, who revived the ancient tradition of $ishiku%&'uruku% by establishing
centers of e0cellence like (hantikunj and &evsanskriti $niversity
%he (eader of %hought Re)olution, who offered solutions to all individual, familial, social and
global problems.
%he Seer of the era, who gave the slogan of :'!
Century <8right =uture;> thus, giving the
message of the advent of the New -olden ?ra to humanity that was lost in despair.
A Pro&het, who proclaimed with certainty 4@he descent of .eaven on ?arth7 and 45wakening of
divinity in humans7 and also strived hard throughout his life towards this goal.
A great religious sa)iour, who liberated -ayatri and yagya from the shackles of blind faith and
hypocrisy, thus making it a mantra for daily worship in every household.
A great organi*er, who in his lifetime influenced millions of people with his love and formed
5ll Aorld -ayatri )arivar.
A social reformer, who focused his wholehearted efforts on women awakening, de/addiction,
dowry/less weddings, removing discrimination based on caste, color and creed, thus presenting a
model of society based on high ideals.
A great Brahmin, who presented himself as a living e0ample of a true 8rahmin. .e adopted a
simple and ine0pensive lifestyle of an average +ndian befitting a 8rahmin> and inspired many
others to follow his e0ample.
A com&assionate and ins&iring PatronB ,illions of people, who embraced him, felt the
burning agony within him and wholly dedicated their lives to reali3e his noble ideals.
A great Siddhapurush, who accomplished intense penance and utili3ed the fruits of his (apasya
in transforming others.
A great guide, who inspired millions to tread the path of spirituality and noble ethics.
An incarnation, whose life7s goal was to make manifest 4&escent of .eaven on ?arth7 and
45wakening of &ivinity in ,an7.