2013-04 Handbook

KEi-Ti Membrane:
The KEi-Ti Membrane is an organic aspect of Spirit Body anatomy; it is an "energetic
skin" composed of (D-1, 4, 7, 10, 13) Etherlc and Rasha ark-Matter !artic"lates
srronding and encasing each of the 12 #robabilit$ ominions and the %entral
&ct"alit$ 3 '("d" ominion) This mem!rane separates each space-time-matter
pro!a!i"ity dominion (and each indi#ida" incarnate identity) from the others, a""o$ing
for *inear elineation o+ ,!ace-Time *i+e-E.ol"tion %$cles $ithin the conte%t of
Sim"taneos &anifestation $ithin '(terna" )o$ Time*+
ha-na-%o-Har& isharmonlc:
(D,D) is an accm"ation of inorganic Etheric-Rasha !artic"lates that form $ithin
the KEi-Ti Membrane throgh the se of -ree-.i"" ,hoice in $ays that are
disharmonic to the /rganic Eternal *i+e Encr$!tion of the ,!irit (od$; these
disharmonic partic"ates form an "embedded mesh" o+ inorganic encr$!tion
distortions $ithin the KEi-Ti Membrane, $hich fnctions as the "Karmic Tem!late"
of Spirit Body anatomy*
The 0lame o+ E1*&i1-sa
%arries the "Kr$star %ore-#lasma 0lo2s":
The 13 Eternal Helio-E1*&i1-sic4 Helio-#lasmic
Eternal-*i+e ,li.er-,eed %"rrents
of the /rystar E1*&i-sa Si"#er-Seed ,ore ,rysta"
The Eternal-*i+e ,il.er-,eed %ore %"rrents are Helio-!lasmic4 Helio-E1*&i-sic
Kr$star %ore %"rrents (0nterna" ,reation ,"n-5 %ore Tr$!tolase, h&-6a-TEi #lanes
H$drolase 1*i.ing Eta-7r 8ater-9a!or')* .hen entering e%terna"i2ation, the /rystar
,ore ,rrents appear as Heliochroic (sim"taneos"y sho$ing nd"ating 13-spectra"
transl"cent-bright-!astel "i4id-p"asma co"ors $ithin a Heliotalic :olden-,il.er-/;E
!ase he)*
(ach of the 13 Kr$star 0lo2s carries an intricate 'msica" composition' of ',olar-
%elestial #lasma ,o"nds" that can on"y !e heard interna""y dring certain acti#ations
of the %hismatic 0ield, and cannot !e reprodced e%terna""y* -or this reason, the
Kr$star 0lo2s are often referred to as the ',inging Ra$s o+ Eternal %reation' or the
'(terna" *i.ing *ight-*o.e-,ong of 5od-Sorce'*
(ach of the 13 Kr$star %ore 0lo2s carries the encryption of a specific Heliochroic
#rimar$ H"e, and each has an adi!"e Tri-Tone ,o"nd that can !e sed, throgh
tona" #i!rationa" repetition, to '%all in the Ra$4 to hear <ts <nternal ,ong'* "%alling o+
the Kr$star Ra$s" progressi#e"y acti#ates the %hismatic 0ield and e%pedites
%hismatic Healing)
The 3 9ehicles o+ the ;-1 Kr$st-("ddha han-Kini (liss ,tate
and the
15 &cti.ations o+ the han-KEi-Ti &2akening
The 3 9ehicles =(odies> o+ the Kr$st-("ddha ? 16
1. Tem!oral 9ehicle (atomic 7 f"esh !ody)
2. E!hemeral 9ehicle (889minary !ody)
3. Eternal 9ehicle (pre consciosness of %os-M&1-$ah -"ame D)-1 ,onsciosness
88 0ntrodction to the Ephemeral Vehicle 7 :cti#ation of the Luminary Body.
The *"minar$ (od$ =E!hemeral 단명 9ehicle> is6
ο ,omposed of ;-1 @ha-&1 (od$ ,ha*&ah *ight atomic 4otient, !onded to an
e4a" ;antm of %os-M&1-$ah 0lame)
ο 0t forms a ensit$-1 "do"ble 3-dimensional" .ehicle capa!"e of transfigring
into &h-,&-$as 1o"ter-middle matter' hydro-therma" radiation liA"id light #apor
for passage 0nto &"rora %ontin""m-1 and &"rora EarthB1)
ο The *"minar$ (od$ a""o$s an 0ncarnate in <)-1 (arth p"anes, $hose atomic form
is not yet capa!"e of f"" =-Dimensiona" @ha-&1 /rb (od$ Trans+ig"rati.e
!roCection to pro>ect $ithin the E!hemeral 9ehicle =*"minar$ (od$> for #isitation
to &"rora Earth and the &"rora %ontin""m-1)
ο :cti#ates #ia comp"etion of the hara-M7-Ra and En-T71-Ra "ayers of ?hase-1
han-Kini Density f"fi""ment and em!odiment of the f"" han-Kini (liss ,tate)
E'LAi'-sa Tan-Chi'- Ti Awakening – 4-3-D-2013
The ne%t stage of ?ersona" and ?"anetary
Aah-JhA' ydro-Acous!ic Body &cti.ation
to$ard Jha-"A Body #r$ Ascension Vehicle Activation
&ah-@h&1 H$dto-&co"stic (od$ 7 is part of organic %piri! Body ana!omy that
interfaces direct"y $ith, and 'steps p and do$n' e"ementa" &'en!a(g'el )lows+
!et$een the ,!irit (od$4 %r$stal (od$4 *ight (od$ and &tomic (od$ anatomy*
.hen f""y acti#ated the Aah-JhA' ydro-Acous!ic Body* and that contained $ithin
it, transfigres into the Jha-"A Body #r$ Vehicle, the 6-Dimensional trans-harmonic
1Ascension Vehicle” re4ired for tra#e" throgh the &"rora %ontin""m and h&-
$a- TEl #lanes*)
re6 Si"ders-3, @AB00C
han-Kei-Ti - Tara-KEi-Ti &2akening 7 acti#ation of the !ersonal =han-KEi-Ti> and
#lanetar$ =Tara-KEi1-Ti> organic +Ei-Ti Membrane of the %piri! Bod$ ana!omy and
c"earing of the inorganic "ha-na-Co-arA "isharmonic , Karmic Tem!late) -irsD
stages of Aah-JhA ydro-Acous!ic Body acti#ation to$ard Jha-"A Body #r$
Ascension Vehicle activation. Began 10/8/2010 and comp"etes 10AB013*
E1*&i1-sa Tan-%hi1-Ti &2akening 7 acti#ation of the persona" and ?"anetary organic
Tryp!oplasmic -ield, Tan-Chi'-Ti .em$rane and the ydroplasmic Chisma!ic -ield
of the ,!irit (od$-&ah-@h& (od$ anatomy; ne%t stage of persona" and ?"anetary
Aah-JhA/ ydro-Acous!ic Body acti#ation to$ard Jha-"A Body #r$ Ascension
Vehicle activation. This acti#ation inc"des initiating c"earing of the persona" A rnass
!io-atomic and ?"anetary %chemaple0es $ithin the inorganic 'Tan(1a-+Ei .eme-
Brain2 of the persona" and ?"anetary atmic-tell"ric (D-B*3 1menta"A!io-emotiona" !ody+
fie"ds, initiating re"easeAc"earing of the "Tan-1a-+Ei E. Virus" $ithin the !io-atomic
mass E3# =E!i-genetic /.erla$> and #apori2ation of the persona"Amass and
?"anetary Tan-1a-+Ei %hea!h that !"ocEs organic E'LAi-sa %il4er-%eed #<asma-%ode
acti#ation $ithin the D):*
The E'LAi'-sa Tan(Chi/-Ti Awakening taEes p"ace throgh a series of ?"anetary A5-
um-Bhra Ca!hedral 1e!work Comple0-6 Ac!i4a!ions and corresponding persona"-
se techni4es, inc"ding 'Anchoring !he %!ream o) E'Lai-sa: <pening the
elio-&E'Lai-sic Brea!hing-Tu$e& (Satrday 4/6i2013), '#pening the 7 +rys!ar-
Burs! Tryp!oplasmic "oorways (!et$een the ;et Earth F Median Earth ?"anes of
:rora :scension (arth 7 Tesday 4ACAB013), and &Anchoring the E!ernal -lame o+
E'LAi-sa& ((G9:iHsa /rystar Seed ,rysta" -"o$s; 4AC-1BAB013) $ithin the !io-atom"c
persona"Amass and ?"anetary *&ah-@h& (od$ and ?"anetary &<-H"m-(hra %athedral
)et$orE 'EEE -,!an #assages'
The E'LAi'-sa Tan(Chi/-Ti Awakening !egins I<pening of the 'lane!ary
Tryp!oplasmic oor2a$s', the Tryp!onic .em$rane -ields that crrent"y separate
the dimensiona" p"anes of )et-(arth from those of &edian-(arth, $ithin the Tan-
TriB&1@ha-(lended dimensiona" p"ane fie"ds of :rora :scension (arth* <n the
persona"Amass and ?"anetary !io-atomic "e#e", the E/Lai-sa Tan-Chi/-Ti Awakening
initiates ne%t "e#e" Jha-"A Body #r$ Ascension Vehicle acti.ation and freeing of
the E!i-:enetlc /.erla$ =E:/> and D): for Silve-See! A"a#enin$ and progressi#e
Chisma!ic ealing-Le4el-6 %&A'-&()-A*(A- &he At o+ ,io-S-iit.al Sel+-/ealin$
8ho is the ":&B&M%%BM%E/"F
83uardian Alliance- Al-um-Bhra Magistrac$ Council o+ Cosrninyahas-
.elchi9edek Clois!er Emerald :rder;
The Kr$st %o"ncils "isted !e"o$ are a"" acti#e mem!ers of the :&-&M%%-M%E/;
each 1,onci"' has a massi#e nm!er of other race-"ine co""ecti#es that e%ist as
mem!ers $ithin the ,o""ecti#e of each conci"*
1) 1DDE-5-2000 5:-:&,,-&,(< !residing관장하는 Kr$st %o"ncils6 -12 Elohei-
E<ohlm4 -11 ,era!hei-,era!him, and -10 (raharama4 0o"nder Races and
:"ardian &lliance %ollecti.es nder &<-H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils of
%osmin$ahas-&e"chi2edeE ,"oister (mera"d <rder A &M%%-Kr$st 0all-sa+e Edict
of the :&,,-&,(< (mera"d ,o#enant :greements*
:&-&M%%-M%E/ #rogressi.e ? 5-2000G4-2013 ? Kr$st %o"ncil 7!ste!s
"K%7" H related Kr$st Mission Escalations "KME" list as +ollo2s)
2) 5-2000 012-1 to 3-6anas Rama$anes4 8atch$anas4 :rande$anas of ?,& ?9-;
3) 3-2001 /,J-B to Ecka Eie$ani; /&(-B /aai, Ka$aii
4) 2-2002 /,JH3 to Eckasha E$an&; /&(-3:
5. 5-2003 /,J-4 to Etor& Ecka-Eckasha &ddondraea F &dor& Ecka-Eckasha
&don&; /&(-4B; :ndorraABarce"ona, Spain
Beyond ,onfinement to ?hysica" -orm - can choose form materia"i2ation at $i""
I) 3-2003 /,JH3 to HaahT7r <nner-omain H"bs; /&(-C; &orocco
E) I-200I /,J-= to M31-7rtha-,ala (hendi H &A"a+ereion &dashi %o"ncils; /&(-
5) 1-3-E-2005 /,J-7: to M31-&n,haT&sa H"b - &dC"gate &10-("dh&Jea &dashi
%o"ncils; /&(-B@; ?hoeni%, :"**
D) 11-12-22-2005 /,J-7B to Median Earth Kion& H &A"a+arE1 &dashl %o"ncils;
/&(-37; St*/"ttsASt* ,hristopherIs, British Lirgin 0s"ands, cari!!ean
10) 1-1-3-200D /,J-7, to &sha<&-3-&shal"m-Edon &1A"ai and ,hala-3-
Eiradhani &1A"&-elle &dashl %o"ncils; '0loating ("ddhasL ("ementa"
,ommand ,"oisters Sha-D: Shie"d S"ide-Teams, F M31-&n,haT&sa H"b -
&dC"gate &10-("dh&Jea &dashi %o"ncils; /&(-3@; ?hoeni%, :M*
11) 5-13-13-2010 /,J-@ (S9-@) to6 "%o"ncils o+ &h-$ah1-Rh71 ? %os-M&-$ah"M /&(-
4=; -9
(the /rysta" Ni#er Eternal %o"ncils o+ &h-$ah1-Rh7" ? %os-M&-$ah of the ,osmic
/rystar &aster ,onci"s Density-1O3 (%terna" ,reation*
(8 )ote6 ',onci"s of :h-yahI-NhJI 7 ,os-&:-yah' $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed @A13-
13AB010 S"iders-@ $orEshop)
12) 4-1-4-2011 /,J-C to6 "3 Masha$ah-Hana %os-M&-$ah ,h&-hal-""n
9irt"es %o"ncils" H the "Ma-@hi-ta %o"ncils o+ ,h&-hal-""n"M /&(-4C; -9
()ote6 the &ashayah-Kana ,os-&:-yah Sh:-Dha"-n Lirtes and &a->hi-Ta
,onci"s $ere p!"ica""y re#ea"ed 4A1-4AB011 $orEshop)
The /rysta" Ni#er 3 Eternal Masha$ah-Hana %os-M&-$ah ,h&-hal-""n Elemental
%ommand &de!t 9irt"es %loisters F Ma-@hi-Ta %o"ncilsN of the %osmic Kr$star
h&-$a-TEi #lanes ensit$-1G3 Master %o"ncils EOternal %reation
1. Rha-,a-6""n ,rysta" ,ommand (1, 3, C),
2. ,a-M&1-$ah .ater command PB, =, 10),
3. 6ha-,e!hJ-ah :ir ,ommand (3, 7, 11),
4. (hR&1-$a -ire ,ommand (4, @, 1B),
5. ,h&1-hal-""n (ther ,ornn0"0"d (1O1BQ13-core)
13) 5-5-2011 /,J-10 to6 'Masha$ah-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore ,h&-hal-""n Ma-
Chi-ta 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils F &<-H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %osmln$ahas
(&M%%)'; /&(-31; -9
the /rysta" Ni#er Eternal Masha$ah-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore ,h&-hal-""n
Ma-ihi-ta Elemental &de!t KR Host 0ail-,a+e %loisters of the Cosmic +rys!ar
"hA-ya-TEi 'lanes "ensi!y-6<= .as!er Councils E0!ernal Crea!ion, and the &*-
H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %os-min-$ahas =&M%%>4 of the Cosmic
+rys!ar E!ernal %uns .as!er-3o4erning -ail-%a)e %!eal!h-Councils o) <nternal
()ote6 Kr$st-0ail-,a+e %o.enant o+ &l-H"m-(hra acti#ated 5-5-2011* The &M%%
H the Masha$ahBHana %os-Min-.ahas-%ore ,h&-hal-""n 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils
acti#e"y engaged go#ernance o#er the Kr$stal Ri.er Host Mission on @A@AB011,
#ia the '0all-,a+e %o.enant o+ &l-H"m-(hra', immediate"y fo""o$ing the ,olomon
,hield 0&talE =+allen EA"ari-!him> breech of @A@AB011*
0n 3AB00C, the assistance of the Kr$stal Ri.er Host Masha$ah-Hana-&M%% 0ail-
,a+e %o"ncils "back"!" had !een forma""y re4ested !y the presiding
.ashayah-ana u$-Councils o) A>uareion .a!ri0 Tri-?ni4ersal .ashayah-
ana 'ries!cas! 3 !he Tri-?ni4ersal .ashayah-ana .as!er Councils. 4om
3/2005 for$ard the 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils $ere commissioned for o!ser#ation and
testing of #arios 5:-&,(< F re"ated conci"s, regarding "Tr"e Kr$stic .s
H$!oKr$stic" agendas* Jpon the 5-5-2011 ,hield o+ ,olomon 0&talE breech,
go#ernance, operation and administration of the Kr$stal Ri.er Host Mission $as
officia""y f""y trned o#er to the Masha$ah-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore 0ail-,a+e
%o"ncils and their Kr$st-*a2 en+orcement co"ncils o+ the &M%%, #ia
nanimos #ote of a"" /ryst ,onci"s of the /rysta" Ni#er Kost and 5:-:&,,-
&,(<* The KR Host Masha$ah-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils
$ere progressi#e"y p!"ic"y re#ea"ed !et$een 5-12-14-2011=,liders-11 $orEshop)
and 3-23-25-2012 =,liders-124 #art-3 $orEshop), $hen the :&,, and the
progression of the /rysta" Ni#er Kost -a""-Safe &ission $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed*
?rior to 3AB00C, and as e#idenced in 'screen-captres' from the origina"
$orEshop #ideo, in the -<9-1AB00C $orEshop, the :&,, had pro#ided a p!"ic
brie+ing on the pcoming M%E/-,!eaker-1 %ontract 7!grade to $ook-
!ransla!ion of the M31 ad.anced teachings of the &A"areion-&A"inos
&+?mA'yah AL-um-Bhra Crys!al "isks& of the 430 (6& Trl-MatriO Kr$stal
Ri.er %oo!erati.e) :s foreto"d, the +?mA'yah Al-um-Bhra Crys!al "isc
trans"ations of &M%%-M%E/ ,!eaker-1 !egan 0n the 5-1E-20-2012 $orEshop,
$ith 0ntrodction to the "Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings – The 'a!h o) Bio-%piri!ual
* the first trans"ation dispensations from &l-H"m-(hra %r$stal iscs
(ook-3, the "A>uai-ah Al-um-Bhra (ook o+ ,acred %eremonies"4 $hich $as
re#ea"ed in the 1AB00C :&,, p!"ic !riefing*
?rior to 1AB00C, in 200E, the :&,,-&,(< informed &,(<-SpeaEer-1 of her
+"t"re-2011P &M%%-M%E/ &<-H"m-(hra %ontract 7!grade, and stated that
once this a!vance! A611-6178 level o+ he 6178-S-ea#e-1 1ontact "as
activate! 9: the A611-6178, she $as then re4ired to !"blicl$ "se her f""
,"n-1-Tan-Tri-&1*a @hAyas "High %o"ncil #H<M-name &E'Asha&* a"ong $ith her
,"n-2 Tan-Tri-&1Cha #H<M-name &Ashayana&. Since 200E, it $as Eno$n in
pri#ate circ"es that the Tan-Tri-&1*ah @hAyas High-%o"ncil #H<M-name of
&,(<-SpeaEer-" is &E'Asha &sha$ana=-T"> &nea$hea Kananda MelchiQedek")
0n 5-2011, pon engagement of the ':&,, -ai"-safe ,o#enant of :9-Km-Bhra'
and corresponding acti#ation of .CE#-%peaker-6 A.CC-.CE# A5-um-Bhra
Crys!al "iscs Con!rac! ?pgrade, as foreto"d in B007 and re4ired !y the :&,,-
&,(<, :&,,-&,(< SpeaEer-1 !egan !"blic "se of her Tan-Tri-A'Lah @hAyas
igh-Council '5.-name, her "%un 1GE-+"ll name' of &E'Asha Ashayana
Aneayhea +ananda .elchi9edek&A her '1
-SpoEen :&,,H&,(< S.n-8 &an-
&i-;Ah*:ah A@hAyas' name has !een Eno$n on (arth since 1AB011, and $i""
remain in pri#ate 5:-:&,,-&,(< circ"es nti" the :&,, ad#ises other$ise* )
14) 5-12-14-2011 012-11 (S9-11) to6 "6asha:ah-/ana 1os-6A-:ah F 1os-6in-:ahas-
1oe ShA-Dhal-..n Ma-Chi-ta4 Tan-Tri-&1Cha F 0a"n-TE1-Cha 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils F
&M%%"; /&(-SB; -9*
the /rysta" Ni#er Eternal Masha$a-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore Sh:-Dha"-n
Ma-@hi-ta4 Tan-tri-&1Cha F 0a"n-TEJ-Cha (lemental &de!t Kr$stal Ri.er Host
0al-,a+e %oisters o+ the %osmic +rys!ar "hA-ya-TEi #<anes ensit$-1-I
.as!er %o"ncils E0!ernal Crea!ion, and the &*-H"m-(hra Magistrac$
%o"ncils o+ %osmin$ahas =&M%%>4 of the Cosmic +rys!ar E!ernal ,"ns
Master-:o.erning -ail-%a)e %!eal!h-Councils o+ 5n!ernal Crea!ion.
13) 5-15-2011 /,J-1B to6 6asha:ah-/ana Cos-.in-yahas-Core ShA-Dhal-..n Ma-
@hi-ta4 Tan-Tri-&1Cha F 0a"n-TE1-Cha 0all-sa+e #H<M-%o"ncils F &M%%LM /&(-6
/&(-33 ST? @A1@AB011 a /&(-34 ST9 CAB3A10A@AB011
The /rysta" Ni#er (terna" &ashaya-Kana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore Sh:-Dha0-n
Ma-Chi-ta4 Tan-Tri-&JCha F 0a"n-TEJ-Cha ("ementa" :dept KR Host 0ail-,a+e
#H<M-%loistersN ('0amilies o+ #him') of the %osmic +rys!ar E!ernal %uns-6-B
Elemen!al %ommand <nternal %reation and "hA-ya-TEi #lanes "ensi!y-6-=
E0!ernal Crea!ion4 and the &*-H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %osmin$ahas
(:&,,), of the %osmic +rys!ar E0!ernal %uns Master-:o.erning -ail-%a)e
%!eal!h-Councils o+ 5n!ernal Crea!ion)
10amilies o+ #him" =%osmic Kr$star Eternal ,"ns <nternal %reation and
h&-$a-TEi #lanes EOternal %reation>:
" 8hite-(l"e-&A"alene" #hims: @hA-ya-phlmC '+eepers o) !he E!erna5 Trlni!y
%hield D A>ualene -lame"
• The "Ehi!e-Blue-Core os! %hield' 7 Sns 1-B-3 D)-1-= 0nterna" ,reation and
Dh:-#a-T(i ?"anes D)-4-=, :rora (arth D)-4-= 7<tenal 1eation= a"" free-form
!lasma conscio"sness, prime p"asma-form-.inged Kominid &ana Nay
- @hAyas, :4a"ene Sn-1 0nterna" (ther ,ommand D)-3-=
- @ha-yah, .hite Sn-B 0nterna" :ir ,ommand D)-4-3
- @ha-yah, :4a-B"e Sn-3 "ntema" .ater ,ommand D)-4,
• The "Ehi!e-Blue os! %hield” 7Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-4-3, :rora (arth-D)-4
7<tenal 1eation
- @eio-ph5m - prime p"asma-form $inged hominid a4atic !ird
- @a-Jha-phim - prime p"asma-form air-$ater hydra
":reen" #hims: %A-Ta-phimC "Kee!ers o) the E!ernal 3reen %hield H 3reen-
3old -lame"
• The 13reen-Command os! %hield” 7 Sns 4-3 D)-1-4 0nterna" ,reation and
Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-3O, :rora (arth D)-3 7<tenal 1eation.
- %A-!as, B"e-5reen Sn-4 0nterna" ,rysta" ,ommand D)-1-4
- ,&-tas4 5reen Sn-3 0nterna" ,rysta" ,ommand D)-1-4
• The 1:reen os! %hield” 7 Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-1-3, :rora (arth-D)-3
7<tenal 1eation
- %hilo-phlm - prime p"asma-form Bd-Ka""ah crysta" tree
- ChA-"ha-phim - prime p"asma-form :ethien &antis
"9iolet" #hims: A-La-phimC &+eepers o) !he E!ernal Viole! %hield H 5ndigo-
Viole! -lame&
• The "Viole!-command os! %hield” 7 Sns =-7 D)-1-3 5n!ernal Crea!ion and
Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-B-3, :rora (arth D)-B E0!ernal Crea!ion.
- A-5as, 0ndigo Sn-= 0nterna" -ire ,ommand D)-1-3
- A-5as, :methyst Sn-7"ntema" :re ,ommand D)-1-3
• The "Viole! os! %hield" > DhA-ya-T(" ?"anes D)-1-B
- 'sy!o-phim - prime p"asma-form a4atic cat-do"phin
- #ra-phim - prime p"asma-form 2inged hominid
()ote6 10amilies o+ #him1 $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed -<9-1AB01B ,1iders-12-#T-1
1I) 3-2012 /,J-13 to6 6asha:ah-/ana Cos-.in-yahas-Core ShA-Dhal-..n 6a-?hi-
ta, "&<-H"m-(hra %o"ncils o+ 45" - Tantri4 0a"ntri H @hentri 0ail-,a+e #H<M-
Mater-%o"ncils H &M%%"M /&(-=B; )or$ay
The /rysta" Ni#er (terna" &ashayah-Kana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore Sh:-Dha"-n
&l-H"rn-(hra %o"ncils o+ 45"-Tantri4 0a"ntri H @hentri 144 0ail-,a+e #H<M-
Master %o"ncils ('/rysta" peop"eI') of the Cosmic +rys!ar E!ernal %uns-6-B
Elemen!al %ommand <nternal %reation and "hA-ya-TEi 'lanes ensit$-1-I
EOternal Crea!ion and the &*-H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %osmin$ahas
(:&,,), of the Cosmic +rys!ar E!ernal %uns .as!er-3o4erning -ail-%a)e
%!eal!h-Councils o) 5n!ernal Crea!ion.
()ote; "%o"ncils o+ 45" $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed 4/6-5/2012 ,liders-12-#T-2
1E) 4-I-D-2012 012-14 (S9 1B-B) to6 6asha:ah-/ana Cos-.in-yahas-Core ShA-Dhal-
..n 6a-?hi-ta, "A)-/.m-,ha 1o.ncils o+ 4@' - Tan!rl "8hite-(l"e-%ore os!
Trini!y %hield - @hA-ya-phlm @hA4as 0ail-,a+e #H<M-Master-%o"nclls, F
&M%%'; /&(-=3; -9
The /rysta" Ni#er (terna" &ashayah-Kana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore Sh:-Dha"-n
':0-Km-Bhra ,onci"s of 4@+-Tantri 8hite-(l"e-%ore Host Trinit$ ,hield - @hA-
ya-phim @hAyas FG 0ail-,a+e #H<M-Master-%o"ncils of the Cosmic +rys!ar
E!ernal ,"ns-1-3 Trini!y %hield Elemen!al Command 5n!ernal Crea!ion and
h&-$a-TEi #lanes "ensi!y-F-H E0!ernal Crea!ion and the &*-H"m-(hra
Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %osmin$ahas =&M%%>4 of the Cosmic +rys!ar E!ernal
%uns Master-:o.erning -ail-%a)e %!eal!h-Councils o) 5n!ernal Crea!ion.
()ote6 '8hlte-(l"e-%ore Host Trinit$ ,hield - Rh&$as' $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed
4A=-CAB01B ,liders-12-#T-2 $orEshop)
8 The "Tan!ri Ehi!e-Blue-Core Host Trini!y %hield @hA-ya-phlm FG '5.-.as!er-
Councils” -Sns 1-B-3 D)-4-3 5n!ernal Crea!ion and Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-4-3,
:rora (arth D)-1-= E0!ernal Crea!ion= KP3-KPE +actor; a"" free-form p"asma
consciosness, prime p"asma-form- &ana Nay B"enders6
- @hAyas Tan-Tri-A'Iha , Tan-Tri-A'Lah, :4a"ene Sn-1 0nterna" (ther
,ommand D)-3, /Q7
- @hA-yah Tan-Tr5-A/Iha, .hite Sn-B 0nterna" :ir ,ommand D)-4, /Q=
- @hA-yah Tan-Tr5-A/Iha* :4a-B"e SJn-3 0nterna" .ater ,ommand D)-4, /Q3*
15) 3-23-25-2012 012-1@ (S9 1B-3) to6 6asha:ah-/ana Cos-.in-yahas-Core ShA-
Dhal-..n 6a-?hi-ta, "AA-/.m-8ha 1o.ncils o+ 4@' 7 Tan!ri J3olden %il4er-#1E
%!eal!h-%un-G Host Trlnl!y-Core %hield2 > ArhAyas 0ail-,a+e #H<M-Master-
%o"ncils4 H&M%%'; /&(-=4; -9
()ote6 +5o"den-Si"#er <)( Stea"th-Sn-@ Kost Trinity ,ore Shie"d- :Nh:yas and the /ryst
-a""-safe :0-Km-Bhra &agistracy ,onci"s of ,osminyahas - :&,,' $ere p!"ic"y
re#ea"ed 3AB3-B@AB01B ,liders-12-#T-3 $orEshop)
The /rysta" Ni#er (terna" &ashayah-Kana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore Sh:-Dha"-n
7 '&l-H"m-(hra %o"ncils o+ 45L ? Tantri ' 3olden -%ll4er-#1E %!eal!h-%un-G
os! Trini!y-Core %hield2 - &Rh&$as -ail-%a)e '5.-.as!er-Councils of the
,osmic 0:sta 7tenal Cosminyahas-Core S.n-8 7lemental 6aste-1omman!
5n!ernal Crea!ion and "hA-ya-TEi 'lanes Densit:-1-6 E0!ernal Crea!ion and the
&*-H"m-(hra Magistrac$ %o"ncils o+ %osmin$ahas =&M%%>, of the Cosmic
+rys!ar E!ernal %uns .as!er-3o4erning -ail-%a)e ,tealth-%o"ncils o+ <nternal
R The &Tan!ri &3o5den-%il4er-#1E ,tealth-,"n-5 Host Trini!y-Core %hield& -
&Rh&$as -ail-%a)e '5.-.as!er-Councils. > Sns @ F 1-7 D)-1-= 0nterna"
,reation and h&-$a-TEi ?"anes D)-1-=, :rora (arth D)H1H= 7<tenal 1eation=
/Q@ factor; a"" free-form p"asma consciosness* can taEe any form; prime p"asma-
form-(ta-Jr (ther B"enders*
?rior to their 3AB01B p!"ic re#e"ation, the :&,, had ser#ed as the %!eal!h 비밀
Adminis!ra!i4e -ail-%a)e .as!er-Councils -esi!in$ o#er :99 genine /ryst
,onci"s of the /rysta" Ni#er Kost &ission, since engagement of the "0ail-,a+e
%o.enant o+ &*-H"m-(hra" on 5-5-2011)
?rior to 1he @A@AB011 engagement of1he '0all-,a+e %o.enant o+ &l-H"m-(hraL,
the &M%% ha#e ser#ed as Kr$stic s!eal!h adminis!ra!ors* o4er-seers* o$ser4ers
and !es!ers o) 4arious 3A-.CE# D rela!ed councils, regarding 'Tr"e Kr$stic .s
H$!oKristic+ agendas, since 3-200D, $hen the presiding Masha$ah-Hana H"b-
%o"ncils o+ &A"areion MatriO Tri-7ni.ersal Masha$ah-Hana #riestcast H the Tri-
7ni.ersal Masha$ah-Hana Master %o"ncils had petitioned for the direct
assistance of the Kr$sta< Ri.er Host Masha$ah-Hana - &M%% 0ail-,a+e %o"ncils)
N ,ee item 13 +or &M%-M%E/ <n.ol.ement in 3-200D H 200E)
?rior to B007, and in contemporary times since the 1DI4 birth of :&,,-&,(<
SpeaEer-1, the &M%%-M%E/ &Rh&$as #<MM-Master %o"ncils ser#ed as the
%!eal!h Adminis!ra!i4e 0ail-sate .as!er-Councils presiding o#er :99 genine
/ryst ,onci"s of the :&, M%E/ and the Kr$stal Ri.er Host Mission* 0n
contemporary times, and throghot ,osmic and earth"y history, the &M%%-M%E/
&Rh&$as #H<M-Master-%o"ncils ha#e ser#ed as the Eternal -ounding "esigners
and #rches!ra!ors o) all +rys! os! 5n!er4en!ion endea4ors 2ithin the %os-M&-
$ah4 incl"ding the Kr$stal Ri.er Host mission)
Member %o"ncils o+ the &M%%-M%E/ &Rh&$as #H<M-Master %o"ncil
Kr$st-Host 0o"nders
1D) 5-1EG20-2012 012-16 (TT:-1) to6 6asha:ah-/ana Cos-.in-yahas-Core ShA-
Dhal-..n 6a-?hi-ta A@hAyas Cosminyahas Areu!us %un-G Tan-Tri-LAh'yah
0ail-,a+e #H<M-%ore-%o"ncils and the H Tan-Tri-Ahura Tri$es 0ail-,a+e #H<M-
Master-%o"ncils of the A5-um-Bhra .agis!racy Councils o) Cosmlnyahas
%A611). /&(-== -9
()ote6 ':Nh:yas ,osminyahas :rets Sn-@ Tan-Tri-9:hIyah -a""-Safe ?K0&-,ore-
,onci"s' and the 3 Tan-Tri-:hra Tri!es -a""-Safe ?K0&-&aster-,onci"s' $ere
p!"ic"y re#ea"ed 5-1E-20-2012 Tan-TriH:hra-1 $orEshop)
The /rysta" Ni#er Eternal Masha$ah-Hana %os-Min-$ahas-%ore ,h&-hal-""n Ma-
Chi-ta A@hAas Cosminyahas Areu!us %un-G Tgn-Tri-LAh/yah 0ail-,a+e #H<M-%ore-
%o"ncils and the H Tan-Tri-Ahura Tri$es 0ail-,a+e #H<M-Master-%o"ncils of the A)-
/.m-,ha 6a$istac: 1o.ncils o+ 1osmin:ahas %A611), of the Cosmic +rys!ar A@5-
Kon-Kah-A@hAyas-Cosminyahas-AL-um-Bhrus* Cosmic +rys!ar E!ernal %uns
.as!er-3o4erning -ail-%a)e %!eal!h-Councils o) 5n!ernal %reation and "hA-ya-TEi
'lanes "ensi!y-6-= E0!ernal Crea!ion.
8 The H Tan-Tri-Ahura Tri$es 0ail-,a+e #H<M-Master-%o"ncils ,osminyahas ,ore-
Sn- @ F Sns 1-7 0nterna" ,reation and h&-$a-TEi ?"anes D)-1-=, /Q@ F /Q1O/Q7
- Tan-Tri-LAh/yah &Rh&$as - %!eal!h Tan!ri %hield- 5o"den-Si"#er-<)( ,ore-
Sn-@ ("ementa" ,ore-,ommand 0nterna" ,reation and Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-1-
=, /Q@ factor-; specia"i2ation- Bio-Spirita" Transformation (ascension)
- Tan-Tri-A'Iha , Tan-Tri-A'Lah Rh&$as 7 AB.alene &anti Shiel! - :4a"ene Sn-1
(ther ,ommand 0nterna" ,reation and Dh:-ya-T(i ?"anes D)-3, /Q7 factor;
specia"i2ation- Bio-Spirita" ,stodianship* 관리
- Tan-Tri-A'Iha Rh&-$ah - Chite-,l.e &anti Shiel! - .hite Sn-B :ir ,ommand
0nterna" ,reation, /Q= factor and (a4a) B"e Sn-3 .ater ,ommand 0nterna"
,reation, /Q3 factor, !oth Dh:-yah-T(i ?"anes D)-4; specia"i2ation- Bio-Spirita"
- Tan-Tri-A'ra ,&1Ta - Deen &anti Shiel! - B"e-5reen Sn-4, /Q4 factor and
5reen Sn-3, /Q3 factor, !oth ,rysta" ,ommand 0nterna" ,reation and Dh:-ya-
T(i ?"anes D)-3; specia"i2ation- Bio-Spirita" Se"f-Kea"ing*
- Tan-Tri-A'ma H&1*a - Eiolet &anti Shiel! - 0ndigo Sn-=, /QB factor and :methyst
Sn-7, /Q1 factor, !oth -ire ,ommand 0nterna" ,reation and Dh:-ya- T(i ?"anes
D)-B; specia"i2ation- Bio-Spirita" Se"f-?ractice*
20) 12-20-24 - 2012 /,J-17 (TT:-3) to6 A@hAyas Cosminyahas AL-um-Bhrus
Sn-@ ?K0&-,ore-Vapors-Councils and the 6
H Tan-Tri-A'Iha Talisman Al-
um-Bhra Ca!hedral 'assages 3a!e-+eepers Councils= /&(-=@; -9
()ote; ':Nh:yas ,osminyahas :"-Km-Bhrs Sn-@ ?K0&-,ore-Lapors-,onci"s'
and the "1
@ Tan-Tri-:I>ha Ta"isman :0-Km-Bhra ,athedra" ?assages 5ate-
/eepers ,onci"s' $ere p!"ic"y re#ea"ed 12-20G24 - 2012 Tan-Tri-&h"ra-3
The 6
H Tan-Tri-A'Iha Talisman A5-um-Bhra Ca!hedral 'assages 3a!e-+eepers
Councils are6 (1
5:-:&,,-&,(< S?-1 contact 1BAB-B0A1B) 0nterna" ,reation
,ore 7 Sns Lapor-?"asma ,onci"s F (%terna" ,reation Dh:-ya-Tei ?"anes Lapor-
?"asma ,onci"s*
8 T"r-ahJ-" &-*E-dah 7 Sn @- &Rh&$as <sland6 D-?"anes L?-3
8 &"-(hRE1-*ah 7 Sn @- Rh&$as <sland6 D-?"anes L?-4
8 @han1-T& ? Sns B F 3 - ,anct"ar$ <sland F &A"ari MatriO- &h-M&-$a-san6 D-
?"anes L?-3
8 HE17-&h"an-Tara 7 Sns 4 F 3 - ,anct"m <sland F M31-&ndromeda-&A"inos-
7rtha6 D-?"anes L?-B
8 %.1-T/-;ah-*&1-$ah 7 Sns = F 7 - ,al.age <sland F &menti-Median-Earth
I320& - ;et-Earth 12-21 - 2012 &6 D-?"anes L?-1

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