Ascetic - One who lives a lonely, austere life

Extrovert - One whose interests are turned
Egoist - One who is extremely selfish
Misanthrope, Misanthropist - One who hates
people (two words)
Ambivert - One whose interests are turned
both inward and outward
Egotist - One who is incredibly conceited and
talks about themselves
Altruist - One who is more interested in the
welfare of others over their own
Misogynist - One who hates women
Introvert - One whose interests are turned
Misogamist - One who hates marriage
Alter ego - One's other self
Alter - to change
Altercation - A heated dispute
Egomaniacal - Excessively, morbidly obsessed
with one's own needs, desires, or ambitions
Altruistic - Unselfish; more interested in
another's welfare then their own
Egocentric - Utterly involved with one's self;
Alternate - One who substitutes for another
-ego- - self (root)
-alter- - other (root)
intro- - inside
extro- - outside
-verto- - turn (root)
ambi- - both (prefix)
-misein- - Hate (root)
-anthropos- - Mankind (root)
-gyne- - woman (root)
-gamos- - marriage (root)
-asketes- - monk (root)
-centrum- - center (root)
-mania- - madness (root)
-dexter-, -droit- - right hand (root, two words)
-sinister-, -gauche- - left hand (root, two
-monos- - one (root)
bi- - two (prefix)
-polys- - many (root)
-andros- - male (root)
-ist - person who (noun suffix)
-y - Practice/custom (noun suffix)
-ous - Adjective suffix
-ity - Quality/condition (noun suffix)
Asceticism- Philosophy of living austerely
Misogyny - Hatred of women
Misogamy - Hatred of marriage
Misanthropy - Hatred of mankind
Dexterous - Skillful
Gauge - Awkward
Sinister - Evil, threatening
Misogynous, Misogynistic - Describing hatred
of women (two words)
Adroitness - skill
misogamous - Pertaining to the hatred of
Misanthropic - Pertaining to the hatred of
Polygamy, Polyandry, Polygyny - Multiple
marriages (marriage/man/woman, three
Bigamy - Unlawful state of having more than
one spouse
Gynecologist - Doctor specializing in female
Monogamy - One marriage
Ambidextrous, Ambidexterity - Able to use
both hands with equal skill (two words)
Anthropology - Study of mankind
Philanthropist - One who loves mankind
internist - doctor who finds out what's wrong
with you and gives you a physical examination
gynecologist - women's doctor
obstetrician - doctor that delivers babies
pediatrician - doctor who specializes in the
treatment of young children
dermatologist - skin doctor
ophthalmologist - physician whose specialty is
disorders of the vision
orthopedist - bone doctor
cardiologist - treats diseases of the heart and
circulatory system
neurologist - brain doctor
psychiatrist - doctor for mental/emotional
internus - inside
gyne - women
obstetrix - midwife
paidos - child
pedis - foot
agogos - leader
demos - people
derma - skin
hypos - under
ophthalmos - eye
oculus - eye
monos - one
bi- - two (prefix)
-ician - expert (suffix)
opsis - vision
metron - measurement
orthos - straight, correct
odontos - tooth
kardia - heart
neuron - nerve
algos - pain
-osis - abnormal or diseased condition (suffix)
-itis - inflammation (suffix)
psyche - spirit, mind, soul
iatreia - medical healing
geras - old age
Psychoanalyst - Delves into the unconscious
Osteopath - Uses massage and manipulation
or other standard medical procedures to treat
Podiatrist - Takes care of minor ailments of
the feet
Orthodontist - Straightens teeth
Graphologist - Analyzes handwriting
Optician - Grinds lenses and sells optical
Gerontologist - Deals with non-medical
problems of the aging
Chiropractor - Manipulates articulations
connected to the spinal column
Psychologist - Studies and explains human
Optometrist - Measures vision and prescribes
Psyche - One's inner or mental life, or self-
Psychosomatic - The adjective that denotes
the interactions, especially in illness between
mind and body
Psychopathic - Mentally or emotionally
Psychology - Study of human behavior
Psychic - Extrasensory
Psychoanalysis - Treatment of Freudian
Psychological - Pertaining to the study if
Psychogenic - Of mental or emotional origin
Psychotherapy - General term for treatments
of emotional disorders
Psychopath - Antisocial person
-Psyche- - Spirit, soul, mind
-iatreia- - Medical healing
-ic - Adjective suffix
-soma- - Body
-genesis- - Birth, origin
-pathos- - Suffering, disease
-orthos- - Straight, correct
-odontos- - Tooth
-paidos-, -ped- - Child (2 words)
-ic - Adjective suffix
Peri- - Around, surrounding
Endo- - Inner, within
Ex- - Out
-opsis-, -optikos- - Vision (2 words)
-metron- - Measurement
-therme- - Heat
-baros- - Weight
-sphygmos- - Pulse
-osteon- - Bone
-pathos- - Disease, suffering
-pous-, -podos- - Foot (2 words)
-okto- - Eight
-platyas- - Broad, flat
-ium- Place where
tri- - Three
-cheir-, -chiro- - Hand (2 words)
-mancy- - Prediction
-iatreia- - Medical healing
Pedadontic - Pertaining to child dentistry
Podiatric - Pertaining to the treatment of the
Sphygmomanometer - Blood-pressure
Tripod - Three-legged stand
Osteopathic - Pertaining to the treatment of
diseases by manipulation to relieve pressure
of the bones on nerves and blood vessels.
Chirographic - Pertaining to handwriting
Periodontist - Gum specialist
Podiatry, Chiropody - Treatment of ailments
of the feet (2 words)
Podium- Stand for speaker
Endodontist - Dentist specializing in treating
the pulp of the tooth or in doing root-canal
Exodontic - Pertaining to the specialty of
tooth extraction
Barometric - Pertaining the the measurement
of atmospheric pressure
Chiromancy - Palm reading
Chirography - Handwriting
Chiropractic - the practice of manipulating
bodily articulations to relieve ailments
Platypus - An egg-laying mammal
Octopus - An eight-armed sea creature
Thermometer - An instrument to measure
-graphein- - To write
-kallos- - Beauty
-er - One who
-pyge- - Buttocks
-kakos- - Bad, harsh
-kardia- - Heart
-photos- - Light
tele- - Distance
-bios- - Life
-geras- - Old age
-geron- - Old man
-senex- - Old
-escent - Growing, becoming
Gerontological - Pertaining to the study of the
non-medical problems of the aged
Senescent - Growing old
Calligraphic - Pertaining to the handwriting as
an artistic expression
Cacographer - One who uses ugly, illegible
Senile - Mentally and physically deteriorated
from old age
Graphological - Pertaining to the analysis of
Callipygian - Possessed of a beautiful or
shapely buttocks
zoological - Pertaining to the science of
Botanical - Pertaining to the science of plants
Autopsy - Dissection of a corpse to determine
the cause of death
Biological - Pertaining to the science of all
living matter
Geometry - Science of the measurement of
Geological - Pertaining to the science of the
Earth's composition
Astrophysics - Branch of physics dealing with
the composition of celestial bodies
Aster - Star-shaped flower
Astronomical - Very high in number;
pertaining to the science of the heavens
Astronomy - Science of heavenly bodies
Anthropology - Science of the development of
Astrologer - Person who believes human
events are influenced by the paths of the sun,
moon, and the planets
Entomologist - One who studies insects
Philologist - One who studies language
Sociologist - One who studies social conditions
Anthropologist - One who studies the history
of the development of mankind
Semanticist - One who studies the meanings
of words
Botanist - One who studies plants
Geologist - One who studies the earth
Astronomer - One who studies the heavenly
Biologist - One who studies all living things
Zoologist - One who studies animals
Biopsy - Microscopic examination of living
Autonomy - Self-gov't
Metronome - Time measure for music
Astronaut - Voyager among the stars
Cosmonaut - Traveler through the universe
Disaster - A great misfortune
Geography - Mapping of the earth (noun)
Autonomous - Self-governing (adjective)
Zodiac - Diagram used in astrology
Zodiacal - Pertaining to a diagram in astrology
Nautical - Pertaining to ships, sailing, etc..
Asterisk - A star-shapped symbol
Biography - A story of a person's life
en-, in- - In (prefix, 2 words)
-tome- - A cutting (root)
-sectus- - Cut (root)
-kendron- - Center (root)
a- - Not, negative (prefix)
ana- - Up (prefix)
dicha- - In two (prefix)
epi- - On, upon (prefix)
-logos- - Speech, word (root)
-lingua- - Tongue (root)
-philein- - To love (root)
-sophos- - Wise (root)
-adelphos- - Brother (root)
-biblion- - Book (root)
-anglus- - English (root)
-socius- - Companion (root)
anti- - Against (prefix)
sociological - Pertaining to the study of
Semantic - Pertaining to the psychological
effect of words
Bibliophile - Lover and collector of books
Philander - to make love promiscuously
Philological - Pertaining to the study of
Entomological - Pertaining to the study of
Anglophile - One who admires British customs
Atom- Smallest particle
Anatomical - Pertaining to the structure of the
Tome - A dull, heavy book
Dichotomous - Split in two (adj)
Epitome - A summary
Epitomize - To stand for the whole
Philanthropic - Pertaining to charitable
Eccentric - Out of the norm; odd
Philanderer - One who "plays around"
Aphrodisiac - Arousing sexual desire
Sociology - Science in which the ways that
groups function
Asocial - Self-isolated from contact with
-astron- - Star (root)
-nautes- - Sailor (root)
-nomos- - Law (root)
-autos- - Self (root)
-ge-, -geo- - Earth (root, 2 words)
-graphein- - Write (root)
-zoion- - Animal (root)
-naus- - Ship (root)
dis- - Apart (prefix)
Egregious - Outstandingly vicious; so bad as to
be in a class by itself
Congenital - Starting at birth
Chronic - Happening over and over again;
continuing for a long time
Notorious - Widely and unfavorably known (as
for antisocial acts, character weakness,
unethical behavior)
Incorrigible - Beyond correction
Glib - Smooth and persuasive; unusually,
almost suspiciously fluent
Inveterate - Long addicted to a habit
Consummate - Perfect in the practice of an
art; extremely skillful
Unconscionable - Unscrupulous; entirely
without conscience
Pathological - Diseases
-notus- - Known (root)
-summus- - Highest (root)
-corrigo- - To correct; set straight (root)
-vetus- - Old (root) -V_ _ _ _-
-senex- - Old (root) -S_ _ _ _-
-genesis- - Birth, origin (root)
-logos- - Study, science (root)
in- - Negative (prefix)
Genital - Sexual; reproductive
Consumate - To complete
Notoriety - Wide and unfavorable reputation
Gene - Particle in the chromosome of a cell
that transmits a characteristic from parent to
Consummation - Completion
Incorrigibility - Inability to be reformed
Genetics - Science that deals with the
transmission of characteristics from parents
to children
Hereditary - Referring to a quality or
characteristic that is inherited
Genesis - Beginning or origin
Genealogist - Student to family roots or
Consummacy, Consummateness - Height of
skill or artistry (2 words)
Genetic - Transmitted by hereditary
Inveteracy, Inveterateness - Quality of a habit
that has been established over many years (2
Veteran - A person long experienced at a
profession, art, or business
Genealogical - Pertaining to a study of family
-chronos- - Time (root)
ana-, a-, in- - Negative Prefix (three prefixes)
con-, sym-, syn- - With (prefix, three words)
-logos- - Science, study (root)
-metron- - Measurement (root)
-ize - Verb suffix
-pathos- - Disease (root)
anti- - Against (prefix)
en-, em- - in (prefix, two words)
-tele- - Distance (root)
Chronological - In order of time
Incongruous - Out of place
Anachronous, Anachronistic - Out of time
(two words)
Incongruity - Something, or state of being, out
of place
Apathy - Lack of feeling
chronometer - Measurer of time
Pathology - Study of disease
Antipathy - Feeling of hostility or dislike
Synchronize - To occur, or cause at occur, at
the same rate
Pathetic - Evoking sorry or pity
Anachronism- Something out of time
Chronicity - State of occurring again and again
Telepathy - Extrasensory perception
Pathologist - One who examines tissue to
diagnose disease
Empathy - Identification with the feelings of
Synchronous - Happening at the same time or
rate (adj)
Telepathic - Skillful at thought transference
without sensory communication
Chronology - Calendar of events in time
Chronometric - Referring to the measurement
of time (adj)
Gregarious - Enjoying groups and
Nescient - Ignorant
Unconscionability - State of not being held
back from antisocial behavior by one's
Prescient - Having knowledge of an event
before it occurs (adj)
Congregation - A religious "flock"
Aggregate, aggregation - A total, whole, or
mass (two words)
Segregate - To separate from the rest
Glibness - Suspiciously smooth fluency (adj)
Omniscient - All-knowing (adj)
Congregate - To come together in a group or
-grex-, -gregis- - Herd (root, two words)
-scio- - To know (root)
-sciens- - Knowing (root)
-omnis- - All (root)
Placate - Change hostility into friendliness
Obviate - Make unnecessary
Disparage - Belittle
Condone - Overlook or forgive a transgression
Titillate - Tickle; delight; stimulate pleasurably
Malign - Spread malicious rumors about
Equivocate - Purposely use language
susceptible of opposite interpretations
Militate - Act to disadvantage of
Proscribe - Forbid
Adulate - Worship; flatter fulsomely
Ambiguous - Accidentally vague
Equivocal - Purposely vague
Parity - Equality
Double entendre - Meaning one thing, but
interpreted as risqué
Disparity - Lack of equality
Disparagement - Belittlement
Unequivocal - Clear and direct
Disparate - Essentially or widely different
Peer - One equal in age to another
Equivocate - To use words in a calculated
effort in order to mislead
-par- - Equal (root)
-ment - Noun suffix attached to verbs
-ity - Noun suffix attached to adjectives
dis- - Negative prefix
con-, com-, - With together (prefix) (two
-aequus-, -equ- - Equal (root) (two words)
-vox-, -vocis- - Voice (root) (two words)
-ate - Verb suffix
-ion - Noun suffix attached to verbs ending in -
-ous - Adjective suffix
ambi- - Both (prefix)
Vocalize - To give voice to; to express aloud
Equilibrist - Tightrope walker
nocturnal - Active or flourishing at night
Equine - Descriptive, or characteristic of, or
like, a horse
Vocal - Referring to the voice; skillful or fluent
in expressing the voice
Equable - Calm and unflappable in
Iniquitous - Wicked; sinful
Nocturne - Night music
Equity - Fairness, justice
Vociferous - Loud, noisy, clamorous
Equestrian, equestrienne - Person on
horseback (two words)
Equanimity, equability - Calmness or evenness
of temper (two words)
Inequitable - Unfair; unjust
Iniquity - Sin; wickedness; grossly immoral
Equinox - Time when day and night are of
equal length
Equitable - Fair, just, evenhanded
Equilibrium- Physical balance; balance
between two opposing forces
Equilateral - Having equal sides
Vocalist - Singer
-aequus-, -equ- - equal (root) (two words)
in- - negative prefix
-nox-, -nocis- - night (root) (two words)
-animus- - mind (root)
-ity - noun suffix
-libra- - weight, balance, (root)
-ist - person who (suffix)
-latus-, -lateris- - side (root) (two words)
-equus- - horse (root)
-ine - descriptive, like (suffix)
-pedis- - foot (root)
-paidos-, -ped- - child (root) (two words)
-vox-, -vocis- - voice (root) (two words)
-fero- - to bear, carry (root)
-magnus- - large (root)
Maladroit - Clumsy, Awkward
Malevolent - Wishing ill-will or harm
Titillation - Pleasurable stimulation
Militant - A person aggressively fighting for a
Proscription - Prohibition against something
Adulation - Excessive flattery or exaggerated
Malaise - A vague feeling of general, physical
Malefactor - A criminal or wrongdoer
Malediction - A curse
Malefaction - A crime; bad or evil act or
Obviation - Fact or act of making unnecessary
or taking effective steps toward prevention
Militancy - Aggressive attitude
Malign, Malignant, Maleficent - Harmful,
hurtful or bad (Three words)
Trivial - Unimportant or insignificant
Trivialities, Trivia - Unimportant, insignificant
things; trifles (Two words)
Maledictory - Cursing; of the nature of, or
relating to, curses
Adulatory - Worshipful
-ory - Adjective suffix
-scribo-, -scriptus- - To write (root) (two
de- - Down (prefix)
-manus- - Hand (root)
sub- - Under (prefix)
in- - In, into (prefix)
-post- - After (root)
-via- - Road (root)
tri- - Three (prefix)
-militis- - Soldier (root)
-malus- - Bad, evil (root)
-dico-, -dictus- - To say or tell (root) (two
-volo- - To wish (root)
-facio- - To do or make (root)
-ence, -ancy - Noun suffix (two words)
Dictatorial - Tending to give orders
Condonation - Act of overlooking (an offense)
Implacable - Unyieldingly hostile; beyond
Placatory, Placative - Intended to soothe or
pacify (two words)
Volition - One's desires or wishes
Placidity - Calmness
Complacence, Complacency - Self-
satisfacation; smugness (two words)
Infidel - Non-believer in the "true" religion
Benign, Benignant, Benevolent - Kindly; well-
disposed (three words)
Infidelity - Unfaithfulness
Benedictory - Involving a blessing
Beneficent - Doing something good or kind
Fidelity - Faithfulness
Bona fide - Sincere; valid; in good faith
Benefactor - One who does something good,
kind, or charitable (for another)
Benefaction - A kind or charitable deed
Beneficiary - Recipient of kindness, or gifts
Placable - Able to be soothed or pacified
-bonus-, -bene- - Good, well (root) (two
-fides- - Faith (root)
Pre- - Before (prefix)
-phone- - Sound (root)
contra- - Against, opposite (prefix)
ad- - To, toward (prefix)
-ory - Place where (suffix)
plac- - To please, appease, soothe, pacify
-ive, -ory - Adjective suffix (two words)
im-, in- - Not; negative prefix (two words)
-dono- - To give (root)
-par- - Equal (root) (not -aequus- or -equ-)
-taceo- - to be silent (root)
re- - again (prefix)
-loquor- - to speak (root)
-solus- - one who (root)
-venter-,-ventris- - belly (root) (two words)
com-, col-, con- - with, together (prefix) (three
soliloquize - to speak to oneself
ventriloquize - to throw ones voice
taciturnity - unwillingness to engage in
tacit - unspoken
circumlocutory - referring to an indirect,
roundabout syle of expression
colloquial - suitable for informal conversation
loquaciousness, loquacity - talkativeness (two
reticence, reticency - reluctance to express
one's feelings or thoughts (two words)
soliloquy - a speech to ones left, especially in
a play
circumlocution - an indirect roundabout
-Laconia- - Sparta (root)
-ness, -ism, -ity, -ence, -tude - noun suffix (five
ex-, e- - out (prefix) (two words)
-ent, -al, -ary - Adjective suffix (three words)
-magnus-, -grandis- - Big (root) (two words)
-verbum- - Word (root)
-Volvo-, -volutus- - To roll (root) (two words)
-garrio- - to chatter (root)
-animus- - mind (root)
-fy - To make (suffix)
-opus- - work (root)
-opero- - to work (root)
re- - again, back (prefix)
in- - in (prefix)
evolutionary - gradually unfolding, resulting or
developing (adj)
revolutionary - causing, or resulting from,
radical change (adj)
laconism, laconicism, laconicity, laconicness -
quality of conciseness and economy in the use
of words (four words)-
eloquence - expressiveness in the use of
revolve - To turn round and round
magnate - important person, as in the
commercial world
magnanimous - unselfish, generous
verbal - using words easily, articulate
verbiage - style of word usage; over
abundance of words
verbosity - quality of using excess words
magniloquence - elegance in word usage
garrulity - quality of chattering on and on
about trivia, or with little meaning
volubility - fluency and ease in speech
verbatim- word for word
magnum opus - masterpiece, great artistic
cogency - persuasiveness and forcefulness in
speech through closely related logic
-venter-, -ventris- - belly (root) (two words)
-loquor- - to speak (root)
-auris- - ear (root)
-avunculus- - uncle (root)
-dorsum- - back (root)
-vox-, -vocis- - voice (root) (two words)
-fero- - to carry (root)
-somnus-, -sopor- - sleep (root) (two words)
-ous, -ory, -ent - adjective suffix (three words)
in- - negative suffix
-ambulo- - to walk (root)
per- - through (prefix)
pre- - before (prefix)
fic-, facio- - to make (prefix) (two words)
-ness, -ity, -ion, -ation, -ence, -ency - noun
suffix (six words)
banality - lack of imagination or originality in
speech, actions, or style of life, hackneyed or
trite phraseology
somniferous, soporific - sleep-inducing (two
insomnious - unable to fall asleep (adj)
articulate - verbal, vocal, speaking fluently
avuncular - acting like an uncle
ventral - referring to the front; anterior
dorsal - referring to the back; posterior
endorse - approve of; support; sign on the
back of
vociferate - shout vehemently
insomniac - one who cannot fall asleep
somnolent - drowsy/sleepy
somnambulist - sleepwalker
ambulatory - now able to walk, though
previously bedridden
amble - walk aimlessly
preamble - introduction; introductory event
inarticulateness - incoherence
Hypochondriac - A person whose emotional
disorder is reflected in non-organic or
imaginary body ailments
Martinet - A strict disciplinarian
Lecher - A lewd and sexually aggressive male
Sycophant - A toady to people of wealth or
Atheist - a disbeliever in God
Dilettante - A dabbler in the arts
Virago - A shrewish, loud-mouthed female
Iconoclast - A scoffer at tradition
Monomaniac - A person with a one-track
Chauvinist - A blatant superpatriot
-sykon- - Fig (root)
-phanein- - To show (root)
dia- - Through (prefix)
-vir- - man (root)
-pater-, -patris- - Father (root) (two words)
syn- - together, with (prefix)
-onyma- - name (root)
-anti- - against (root)
-homos- - the same (root)
-phone- - sound (root)
-ity, -ism, -mony - noun suffix (three words)
-al, -ic - adjective suffix (two words)
-archein- - to rule (root)
-cide - killing (suffix)
-mater-, -matrix- - mother (root) (two words)
-alma- - soul (root)
-sui- - of oneself (root)
-frater-, -fratris- - brother (root) (two words)
-soror- - sister (root)
-homo- - person, human (root)
-rex-, -regis- - king (root) (two words)
-uxor- - wife (root)
-maritus- - husband (root)
-infanis-, -infantis- - baby (root) (two words)
-genos- - race, kind (root)
patricide - The killing of a father
uxoricide - The killing of a wife
matron - Mature wife/older woman
sycophantic - Toadying to people of influence
virtuoso - Skilled musician
chauvinism- Exaggerated Patriotism
termagant, harridan, virago - Turbulent
female (three words)
patronymic - Name derived from father's
patriarch - Powerful father figure in a ruling
matriarch - powerful mother figure in a ruling
maternal - motherly
maternity - motherhood
matrimony - marriage
alma mater - one's school or college
sycophancy - attitude of catering to wealth or
genocide - killing of a race or nation
dilettantism- dabbling in fine arts (noun)
tyro - a beginner in a field
virtuosi - plural of virtuoso (italian form) (A
person highly skilled in music or another
artistic pursuit)
chauvinistic - having an attitude of excessive
patrimony - inheritance from father
diaphanous - sheer, transparent
matricide - mother-killing (noun)
fratricide - brother-killing (noun)
sororicide - sister-killing (noun)
homicide - killing of a human being
regicide - killing of one's ruler
infanticide - killing of a baby
mariticide - killing of one's husband
parricide - killing of either parent or of both
synonyms - words of similar meaning
antonyms - words of opposite meaning
homonyms, homophones - words of the same
sound (words that sound the same) (two
paternal - fatherly
paternalistic - protective and fatherly toward
one's subordinates (adj)
suicidal - self-destructive
synonymous - meaning the same (adj)
antonymous - having opposite meanings (adj)
homonymous, homophonous - sounding the
same but spelled differently (adj)(two words)
Fraternize - To socialize
Uxorious - Excessively indulgent to, and doting
on, one's wife
Regalia - Full dress, with ribbons, badges etc...
Monomaniacal - Obsessed in one area with
one overriding interest
Pyromaniacal - Having a compulsion to set
Kleptomaniacal - Stealing for thrills or out of
psychological compulsion, or having a
psychological compulsion to steal
Incendiary - Person who sets fires for revenge
Arson - Felony of putting the torch to property
for economic profit
Satyromania, Satyriasis - Obsessive need for
sexual gratification by a male (two words)
Claustrophobic - Morbidly dreading tight or
enclosed spaces
Acrophobic - Morbidly dreading heights
Agoraphobic - Morbidly dreading wide-open
Megalomaniacal - Having delusions of
grandeur or power.
Nymphomaniacal - Referring to a female who
obsessively needs sexual gratification
Dipsomania - Alcoholism
Fraternal - Brotherly
Uxorial - Characteristic of, or benefiting, a
Marital - Referring to, or a characteristic of,
referring to a matrimonial relationship.
Regal - Kingly, royal, etc...
Extramarital - Outside the marriage
Premarital - Before marriage
brother (root) (two words) - -frater-, -fratris-
sister (root) - -soror-
wife (root) - -uxor-
husband (root) - -maritus-
king (two words) (root) - -rex-, -regis-
madness (root) - -mania-
one (root) - -monos-
noun suffix - -ac
adjective suffix (two words) - -al, -ic
thirst (root) - -dipsa-
thief (root) - -klepte-
fire (root) - -pyros-
to set fire (root) (two words) - -incendo-, -
to burn (root) (two words) - -ardo-, -arsus-
great, big (root) - -mega-
sound (root) - -phone-
satyr (root) - -satyros-
bride (root) - -nymphe-
enclosed place (root) - -claustrum-
market place (root) - -agora-
highest (root) - -akros-
morbid dread (root) - -phobia-
before (prefix) - pre-
outside (prefix) - extra-
-eikon- - religious image (root)
-klaein- - to break (root)
-theos- - God (root)
-gnostos- - known (root)
-gnosis- - knowledge (root)
pro- - before (prefix) (not pre-)
-ician - one who (suffix)
-pan- - all (root)
-logos- - study (root)
-prurio- - to long for (root)
-hyper- - over (root)
-hypos- - under (root)
monomania - single obsession
pyromania - desire to set fire
nymphomania - desire to have sex, on the
part of the woman
kleptomania - desire to steal
megalomaniacal - desire to have grandeur
dipsomania - desire for alcohol
satyromania, satyriasis - desire to have sex, on
the part of the male (two words)
acrophobia - Dread of heights
agoraphobia - dread of open-spaces
claustrophobia - dread of enclosed spaces
Lecherous, libidinous, lascivious, lubricious,
lewd, lustful, prurient, licentious - sexual
immoral, desirious, sexually curious (eight
words. 7 L_, 1 P_)
Theology - study of religion
pantheism- belief that God is the sum total of
natural forces
atheism- belief that there is no God
agnosticism- belief that God's existence is
monotheism- belief in one God
polytheism- belief in many gods
hypochondria - morbid anxiety about one's
hypertension - high blood pressure
incendiarism- malicious fire-setting
arson - the felony of setting fire for economic
iconoclasm- sneering contempt for
convention or tradition
prognosis - a forecast of development (of a
disease etc...)
diagnostic - designed to discover causes or
conditions (adj)
hypotension - abnormally low blood pressure
prognosticate - to forecast by examining
present conditions
diagnose - to determine the nature of a
disease, condition, or state by examination
prognostication - the act of forecasting by
examining present conditions
diagnostician - a doctor who is an expert at
recognizing the nature of a disease or
hypertensive - possessed of, or referring to,
high blood pressure
hypotensive - possessed of, or referring to,
abnormally low blood pressure
theologian - One who study religion
witty - scintillating
noble, forgiving - magnanimous
capable in many fields - versatile
keen-minded - perspicacious
uncomplaining - stoical
friendly - convivial
poised, polished - urbane
courageous - intrepid
tireless - indefatigable
simple, honest, frank - ingenuous
Oviparous - Bearing young by eggs
Viviparous - Bearing live young
Conviviality - Good fellow-ship
Vivisection - Operating on live animals
Antivivisectionist - One who opposed to
operating on live animals
Ovulation - The process of realeasing an egg
from an ovary
Devitalize - To remove life or vigor from
Joie de vivre - Joy of living
Glutton - One who eats like a pig
Bon vivant - A "high liver"
Gourmet - One who is a connoisseur of good
Gourmand - One who gets a sensual
enjoyment from good food...( ;) awkward)
Gluttonize, Gormandize - To stuff oneself like
a pig; to eat greedily (two words)
Ennui - Boredom; discontent; tedium
Vivacity, Vivaciousness, Vitality - Liveliness,
pep (three words)
Oval, Ovoid - Egg-shaped (two words)
Revitalize, Revive - To renewed life or vigor to
(two words)
Ovarian - Referring to the ovary
Vital - Essential to life; of utmost importance
-vivo- - To live (root)
-ous - Adjective suffix
re- - Again (prefix)
-sectus- - Cut (root)
anti- - Against (prefix)
-ovum- - Egg (root)
-pareo- - To give birth (root)
-vita- - Life (root)
-ize, -ate - Verb suffix (two words)
-ation - Noun suffix added to verbs ending in -
de- - Negative prefix
-bon- - Good (root)
in-, dis- - Negative prefix (two words)
-ness, -ity, -ence - Noun suffix (three words)
-credo- - To believe (root)
-ous - Adjective suffix
-ible - Can be; able to be (suffix)
Naive - Inexperience or unsophistication
Credulous - Believing
Creed - A religious belief
Credible - Believable
Indefatigable - Great reservoir of energy
Ingenuousness - Frankness
Disingenuous - Craftily dishonest
Ingenious - Inventive; clever
Gullible - Easily tricked
Incredulous - Skeptical
Incredible - Unbelievable
Credo - A personal code
-specto- - To look (root)
per- - Through (prefix)
-acuo- - To sharpen (root)
-punctus- - Point (root)
-ate - Verb suffix
-al, -ent, -ive - Adjective suffix (three words)
-pungo- - To pierce sharply (root)
-ence, -ency, -ness, -ity, -ion - Noun suffix (five
retro- - Backward (prefix)
pro- - Forward; before (prefix)
intro- - Inside; within (prefix)
circum- - Around (prefix)
Specious - Plausible, but incorrect
Pungence, pungency - Piercing quality (two
Perspicuous - Clear, easily understood
Acumen, acuteness, acuity - Sharpness of
mind (three words)
Circumspection, circumspectness - Wariness
(two words)
Acupuncture - Piercing of the skin for medical
Introspective - Tending to examine one's inner
Punctilious - Exact in observance of proper
Puncture - To pierce and make a small hole in
Retrospect - to look backwards
Perspicacity, perspicaciousness - Keenness of
mind (two words)
Acute - Sharp
Punctuate - To interrupt suddenly
Pungent - Piercing (in taste, wit, etc...)
Perspicuity, perspicuousness - Clarity (of style,
language, etc...) (two words)
Perspicacious - Keen-minded, perceptive
Prospect - To look forward
Introspection - Act of looking inward
Circumspect - One who carefully looks around
is _____; cautious
Prospective - Anticipated; looked forward to
-animus- - Mind (root)
-anima- - Soul; spirit (root)
-magnus- - Large (root)
-pusillus- - tiny (root)
-unus- - One (root)
-aequus-, -equ- - Equal (root) (two words)
-verto-, -versus- - To turn (root) (two words)
-stoa- - Porch (root)
in- - Negative prefix
-trepido- - To tremble (root)
-scintilla- - A spark (root)
-urbs- - City (root)
sub- - Near; under (prefix)
inter- - Between (prefix)
ex- - Out (prefix)
-rus-, -ruris- - Country, farmlands (root) (two
-ate - Verb suffix
-ion - Noun suffix added to -ate verbs
Magnanimity - Big-heartedness; generosity
Pusillanimity - Petty-mindedness
Unanimity - Complete agreement, all being of
one mind
Equanimity - Calmness, composure
Animosity - Resentment
Versatility - Ability to do many things well
(function successfully)
Stoicism- Unemotionality; Bearing of pain
without complaint
Intrepidity - Fearless; great courage
Trepidation - Fear, trembling; alarm
Scintillation - A sparking with wit or cleverness
Urbanity - Sophistication; courtesy
Suburbia - Residential areas near large cities
Exurbia - Residential areas far from big cities
Animus - Hatred
Interurban - Between cities
Intraurban - Within one city
Rural - Referring to the countryside
Rustic - Roughhewn, farm-like,
Rusticate - To spend time in the country
Pejorative - Word with negative connotations
Cacophony - A harsh sound
Ephemeral - Having a short life
Penury - Dire poverty
Euphemism- Substitution of an indirect or
pleasant word or phrase for a possible
offensive one of the same meaning
Vicarious - Experienced as a spectator rather
than a participant
Nostalgia - Acute feeling of homesickness
Badinage - Light, half-teasing banter
Carnivorous - Subsisting solely on meat
Bovine - Cow-like or stolid
Clandestine - Secretly or concealed
penuria - need, neediness
ad- (or af-) - to, toward
fluo - to flow
opulentus - wealthy
ephemera - dayfly
eu- - good
vanesco - to vanish
-esce - begin to
pheme - voice
phone - sound
logos - word, speech
thanatos - death
platys - broad, flat
odyne - pain
penurious - stingy, tightfisted
penuriousness - stinginess
parsimonious - stingy
parsimony - stinginess
indigence - poverty, want
indigent - poor, of limited means
destitution - poverty
destitute - poor
affluence - wealthy
affluent - wealthiness
opulence - lavish luxury
opulent - luxurious
evanescent - fleeting
evanescence - impermanence
evanesce - begin to vanish
euphemistic - non-offensive
euphony - pleasant sound
euphonic - pleasant sounding
euphonious - pleasant in sound
eulogy - high, formal praise (funeral)
eulogistic - high praising
eulogize - praise (v)
euphoria - feeling of well-being
euphoric - ecstatic
euthanasia - painless death
persiflage - light, teasing banter
clichè - hackneyed phrase
bromide - trite/banal remark
bromidic - stilted in expression
platitude - trite remark
platitudinous - flat, trite, dull
anodyne - statement intended to allay anxiety
-ine - like, similar
leo - lion
felis - cat
porcus - pig
canis - dog
vulpus - fox
ursus - bear
lupus - wolf
equus - horse
piscis - fish
nostos - a return
algos - pain
kakos - bad, harsh, ugly
xylon - wood
carnis - flesh
voro - to devour
herba - herb
omnis - all
potens, potentis - powerful
ubique - everywhere
vale - farewell
clam- secretly
leonine - lionlike
canine - doglike
feline - catlike
porcine - piglike
vulpine - foxlike
ursine - bearlike
lupine - wolflike
equine - horselike
piscine - fishlike
nostalgic - homesick
cacophonous - harsh-souding
phonetics - science of speech sounds
phonetic - of or relating to the scientific study
of speech sounds
phonetician - expert in speech sounds
carnivore/ous - meat-eating
herbivore/ous - grass-eating
omnibus - a collection of all things
omnivore/ous - grass and meat eating
voracious - greedy, devouring
voracity - greediness
omnipotent/ence - all-powerful
impotent/ence - powerless
omnipresent/ence - universality
omniscient/ence - all-knowing
ubquitous(ness) - found everywhere
ubiquity - occurrence found everywhere
carnelian - a deep blue color
carnal(ity) - lewd, lecherous
carnage - slaughter
reincarnation - a return to life in a new body
or form
reincarnate (v) - bring back into a new body
incarnate (n) - in the flesh
incarnate (v) - embody, make real, put into
bodily form
surreptitious(ness) - stealthy, clandestine
simulate - pretend
castigate - scold
self-abnegate - sacrifice one's desires
vacillate - waver
enervate - exhaust
commiserate - sympathize
recapitulate - summarize
alleviate - lighten
intimate - hint
vegetate - stagnate
e, ex - out (root) (two words)
nervus - nerve (root)
en - in (root)
ergon - work (root)
syn - with, together (root)
ic, ory - adjective suffix (two words)
ion - noun suffix
ab - away (root)
nego - to deny (root)
caput, capitus - head (root) (two words)
de - negative prefix
capitulum- little head (root)
re - again (prefix)
vegeto - to live and grow (root)
capitulate - to give in
synergistic - working together for a greater
enervation - total fatigue
recapitulatory - for the purpose of
summarizing or review
self abnegation - self-denial
negate - deny; render ineffective
synergism, synergy - process by which two or
more substances produce a greater effect
than the sum of the individual effects (two
decapitate - to cut off the head of
castigation - strong censure
capitulate - to surrender
simulo - to copy (root)
similis - like; similar (root)
dis - pejorative prefix
ad, al - to, toward (root) (two words)
levis - light (root)
ate - verb suffix
ion - noun suffix
e, ex - out (root) (two words)
intimus - innermost (root)
miser - wretched (root)
vacillo - to swing back and forth (root)
ambi - both (prefix)
oscillum- a swing (root)
ambivalent - feeling both ways at the same
dissimulate - to conceal real feelings
simulation - pretense
levity - joking, frivolity
vacillatory, vacillating - indecisive (two words)
levitate - to rise in the air, as by illusion
alleviate, alleviating - tending to ease pain
(two words)
commiseration - a sharing of another's grief
dissemble - to pretend ignorance through
knowing the facts
oscillate - To swing back and forth (like a fan)
-sequor- - to follow (root)
-queror- - to complain (root)
-cilium- - eyelid (root)
-super- - above (root)
-strepo- - to make a noise (root)
-pecus- - cattle (root)
-ary, -ous, -ic, -ent - adjective suffix (4 words)
-im, in- - negative, in (prefix) (two words)
-cheval-, -equus- - horse (root) (two words)
-callabus-, -caval- - inferior horse (root) (two
-ine - like, similar to, characteristic of (suffix)
-bibo- - to drink (root)
-cado- - to fall (root)
de- - down (prefix)
-ence - noun suffix
con- - with, together (prefix)
dolorous - sorrowful
obsequious - overly polite, servilely attentive
cadaverous - haggard, gaunt, pale
querulous - complaining, whining
bibulous - addicted to alcohol; likely to drink
past the point of sobriety
supercilious - arrogant, haughty
innocuous - harmless
obstreperous - noisily unmanageable
chivalrous - attentive and courteous to
impecunious - short of money; without funds
noxious - harmful
sequel - a literary work or event that follows
imbibe - drink in
dolor - poetic word for sorrow
obsequies - burial ceremonies
equestrian - horseman
equestrienne - horsewoman
equine - horselike
subsequent - following (adj.)
pecuniary - relating to money (adj.)
doleful - exaggeratedly sad
sequence - proper order
cavalcade - parade of mounted riders
cavalier - offhand; unmindful of others
cavalry - mounted soldiers
cadaver - a corpse
decadent - morally deteriorating
decadence - spiritual decay
condolence - expression of women
chivalry, chivalrousness - gallantry to women
(two words)
Taciturn - Silence, unresponsiveness
Lacontic - Economy, brevity, meaningfulness
Inarticulate - Awkwardness, sputtering,
Garrulous - Rambling chatter
Banal - Hackneyed, unoriginal phraseology
Verbose - Wordiness, repetitiousness
Voluable - Fluency, rapidity
Cogent - Logic, clarity, persuasiveness
Vociferous - Noise, vehemence
Loquacious - Talkativeness

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