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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Health
Center for Health development III
Balan#a Cit$% Bataan
February 12, 2014

This is to certify that &essica G' "e(albo, RN )PRC re#istration no*
+,-.+/+0% born on December 12% 13// has worked in Bataan General
Hospital formerly known as Bataan Provincial Hosital! This is a Tertiary
"evel #overnment Hosital with $%0 authori&ed and 200 imlementin' bed
(he worked as a )e'istered *urse, a staff for Health +nhancement and
"ocal (ervice ,)* heals- emloyed by .eartment of Health under
deartment order 2011/20$0 and was assi'ned to an 1eratin' Theatre from
2u'ust 12, 2010 to 2u'ust 1%, 2011! 3essica re4oined from *ovember 2,
2011 to .ecember $1, 2012 and was assi'ned to P256 deartment durin'
this time! (he has worked a total of 4$20 hours!
Her duties and responsibilities include*
Post Anesthesia Care 4nit
2ssessin' the atient7s condition by checkin' the vital si'ns of the atient,
takin' and recordin' the atient7s temerature, checkin' for any si'ns of ain,
monitorin' the resiratory system etc!
Prescribin' or usin' own knowled'e of ain medication in case of an
emer'ency or administerin' re8uired first aid to any wounds
5han'in' the dressin' of the atient and ensurin' the cleanliness of the wound
or affected areas so as to avoid any sort of infections
#atherin' information about the re/ sur'ery condition of the atient and
rearin' a suitable care lan for the resective atient
)ousin' the atient form anesthesia after the atient has been oerated uon
#roomin' the atient, helin' them dress or bathe if necessary, chan'in' the
bed ans, drainin' urine and other secretions, helin' them to use the
bathroom, etc!
9onitorin' the recovery of the atient after the anesthesia or the sur'ery
:eein' a close record of all the stats of the atient and inform the resective
doctor in case of any comlications or anomalies
Processin' the dischar'e formalities of the atient

!peratin# Room
2ssistin' and rearin' the rocedure room
#atherin' sterile sulies needed for the rocedure and those that may be
(ettin' u the sterile back table
.ressin' the sur'eon and other members of the sur'ical team in their sterile
2ssistin' in the lacement of the sterile draes
Passin' the instruments to the sur'ical team and assistin' as needed to
enhance the continuity of the rocedure
5onstant surveillance of the sur'ical field thus maintainin' sterility
2nticiatin' the needs of the sur'eon and askin' for items before they are
)eortin' to the circulatin' nurse the names of the secimens obtained durin'
Hels with the alication of the sterile dressin' at the end of the rocedure
)emoval of bio burden from used instrumentation before sendin' it to be
rocessed in central rocessin'!
2ssist in the cleanin' of the rocedure room to make ready for the ne;t
sur'ical rocedure!
<t is further certified that she is ersonally known to the undersi'ned to be a
erson of 'ood moral character, dili'ent, efficient and very much cometent
in her work and assi'nments, and relates well with her collea'ues and
This certification is issued to 9s! 3essica #! (e4albo for whatever urose it
may serve her best!
E5E6N R' R4BIA% RN% 7AN% PhD
5hief *urse
Phone= 00>$01?@01$?%>

G!R6 5' BATA8AR% 7D% 7PH% 7HA
1<5/ 5hief of Hosital <<<
H)= B>$4? ?01 $@%? Tene4ero, Balan'a 5ity htt=CCbataan'eneralhosital!doh!'ov!h
Fa;= B>$4? 2$? $>$% Bataan, Philiines

Note: Not valid if without BGH seal