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iPhone App Development India: Exciting Times Lay Ahead - Hyperlink Infoystem

Well, folks if you were thinking to yourself that it'd been too long since the last iPhone 6 "leak" came
out, then worry not. The latest news from the rumor mills is one that'll surely get you excited for the
device. f it is im!lemented that is. The leak shows a torture test of the iPhone screen that's been
claimed to have been sourced from the assembly line itself. This iPhone 6 ".#" screen maybe using
sa!!hire glass to give it the extra strength that we've been reading about for the !ast few months.
$ike said, this would be a very welcome change for iPhone users all over the world since this is one
of the main com!laints that users have. %bout their devices having easily breakable glass screen and
the other being the battery life, that's nothing to write home about. &o, if what we're seeing is true right
now, then this would greatly hel! their sales.
What's very interesting to see is how the screen not only withstands various tests that are thrown at it,
but also without any sort of residue whatsoever. The screen as !art of the test, was sub'ected to things
that would 'unk your smart!hone in a matter of seconds. (ere, the !erson testing it out scratched and
stabbed the screen with a knife and even keys. )ind you that these ty!es of abuse isn't what your
smart!hone would go through on a normal use.
%s if this wasn't enough, next it was time to bend it and twist it. *one of this made any difference to the
!art, which is !retty astonishing, and !aints a !retty ha!!y !icture about what we can ex!ect if this is
what the final iPhone will be shi!!ing with. There have been numerous rumors associated with the
release in the !ast months as you may be aware.
The biggest of them all was about the increase in real estate. %n iPhone with a larger screen was made
out to be nothing less of a miracle !roduct, every !ublication out on the nternet wanted to re!ort on the
story and !eo!le were discussing it all over the !lace. +rom enthusiasts to iPhone a!! develo!ment
ndia !rofessionals that now had to look for ways to work kee!ing in mind the newest screen si,e and
also the change in resolution that would bring.
Then came the news about the device becoming more lighter and slimmer than ever before. With
!eo!le even commenting that %!!le might even make use of some s!ecial material that'd make it su!er
strong but also not at the cost of making it bulky, but in the !rocess drive u! the cost a little above what
!eo!le might ex!ect.
%!!le is also rumored to be working on solutions that not only bring minor but crucial changes to the
overall design and usability of the device but also some that'd enhance user ex!erience more because of
the ado!tion of some unconventional designs, the like of which isn't readily embraced by %!!le very
often without seeing the effects first hand on its com!etitors' !roducts.
This was rumored to be done by the use of really robust materials on the hardware controls that are
most likely to be victims of wear and tear. %nd the other as!ect being how %!!le is now looking to
em!loy curved edges for the screen that are easy on the eyes and offer su!erior media viewing, that'd
make watching movies a treat. &omething that can really make a huge !lus !oint for iPhone a!!lication
develo!ment ndia when develo!ing media centric a!!s that's a great hit among the masses.
-ne of the ma'or things that !eo!le ex!ect from !remium smart!hones as far as features are concerned
is to! notch camera !erformance. .s!ecially, with %!!le's re!utation with delivering great /uality
hardware. The new devices will re/uire to be !resent with an absolutely ama,ing camera that offers to!
notch video ca!ture ca!abilities, along with an o!timi,ed software to guarantee su!erior image /uality
and (0 video recording.
%!!le is always trying to stay ahead of the curve by introducing new and innovative methods to solve
their users' !roblems and make sure that they can continually have a loyal fan base that ex!ects them to
!roduce /uality !roducts and services. -ne such feature that it is ex!loring is to minimi,e the efforts on
the users' side by im!lementing the never before seen eye1tracking. magine a scenario wherein the
user is dee!ly immersed in a game or watching a movie and a gets a message notification. *ow, instead
of having to interru!t the ex!erience and go all the way to the the other a!! by minimi,ing the current
a!! she or he can 'ust use their eyes to choose to dismiss the notification or answer with one of the
default o!tions made available within the notification itself to save on time and go on watching the
movie or resume the game. %ll this took only a mere seconds and didn't even re/uire the user to move
from their sweets!ot.
$astly, its im!ossible to ignore the health fad that's suddenly gri!!ed the smart!hone industry, where
everyone who's a someone wants to create something to hel! users with their workout sessions and
even monitor their vitals. Which is definitely good news, in all ways, but again, %!!le wants to get at
the to! of the game by streamlining and create yet a better user ex!erience by using highly o!timi,ed
hardware with embedded sensors that will monitor the users bodies and will even with able to
communicate with other cou!led devices, such as an %!!le wearable, for exam!le. %lthough, we are
yet to get any information about any such device, the rumormills have long been at work about how
%!!le is su!er secretly working on creating an iWatch that will !retty much trum! all similar !roducts
that we have witnessed over the !ast cou!le of years. iPhone a!! develo!ment ndia !rofessionals have
a lot to look forward to in the duration on the next year itself. f all the rumors and the %!!le hy!e is to
be believed, the coming year is going to bring us /uite a few sur!rises.