Stevil Corporation

PEB, PFB and LGS Housing Contractor
Mr. Abdul Waheed ated! "#$"%$&"%#
Standard Ser'ices
ear Sir,
As )er *our re+uire,ent, that & build & -oo,s %&./%0. and%". height on to) 1loor.
Scope of work
This section enco,)asses the s)eci1ication 1or 1ast trac2 )re31abricated cold 1or,ed
steel structures. The s)eci1ication includes the generic standards to be 1ollo4ed 1or
design ,aterial s)eci1ication.
General Descriptions!
Sel1 standing static.s units a))ro)riate 1or use o1 housing ,eeting and storage )ur)ose,
under the 1ollo4ing en'iron,ent
5 A,bient Te,) "30& C
5 Seis,ic 6one & B
5 Hu,idit* "37" 8
5 Ma/. 4ind 'elocit* %&" 2,$h
1) Design
esign li1e o1 the structural ele,ents o1 the buildings including 1ra,es, interior
e/terior )anels, roo1, 4indo4s and doors 4ould be at least 0" *ears. The steel
structure o1 building 4ill be ,ade o1 C 1ra,e s*ste, co,)rising light gauge cold
rolled gal'ani9ed steel section con1or,ing to ASTM A:0; or e+ui'alent
standards. All 4alls 4ill be load bearing structural connection 1or <oints 4or2 be
done using nuts and bolts or ri'ets, 4elded connections are not used. The
structures are designed in ,odular 1or, 1or an* changes in 1uture. Through
LGSF technology we can build multi stories building. The Total lie load
allowed is !"lbs#ft$
1.1) %uilding dimensions&
The building area 4ill be %&./%0., %". clear height o1 & roo,s, ;:" S+.1t.
') Steel Structures
i= Light Gauge Fra,ing co,)onents con1or, to ASTM A:0; or e+ui'alent.
Walls o1 LGSF cold rolled gal'ani9ed steel >C. channel o1 #" / 7",, cross
section si9e thic2ness ".?,,.
ii= -oo1 4ill be ,ade 1ro, PPG@ sheet thic2ness ".0,, 4ith 1iber glass
() )all cladding
i. The e/ternal 1acing o1 the building 4ill be cladded 4ith 7 ,, 1iber ce,ent board
ii. The internal 4all 1acing o1 the building 4ill be cladded 4ith %& ,, g*)su, board
iii. The e/ternal and internal 4all 4ill be scre4ed on to the steel 1ra,ing 4ith
gal'ani9ed scre4
!) *oof + ,eiling
i= The roo1 is single $ double slo)ed ,ade o1 )re3)ainted gal'ani9ed steel
sheet o1 ".0,, thic2 4ith )ress 1or,ed tra)e9oidal dee) ribbed
corrugation and )ress bent to the re+uired ta)er 4ith o'erhang 1ro, the
outer 4alls and ,ounted on LGS su)er structure A )urling running
longitudinall* across the length o1 the building.
ii= The inside o1 the roo1 is 1eatured in roo1 sus)ended 1alse ceiling using
a))ro'ed g*)su, decorati'e tiles o1 :"" / :"" ,, si9e and )o4der
coated sus)ension s*ste,.
-) .nsulation
i= All the 4alls 4ill be 1illed 4ith 0" ,, thic2 roc2 4ool insulation 1or gi'ing a
co,1ortable li'ing condition A conser'e energ* during e/tre,e 4inter A
su,,er ,onth.
ii= -oo1 insulation 0" ,, thic2 alu,inu, 1oil bac2ed glass 4ool.
/) )indow + 0entilator
Windo4s A Bentilator 4ill be alu,inu, 4ith 1ra,e sliding t*)e, including C0 ,,=
thic2 tinted glass A 1l* screen etc. 1itted 4ith 4eather )roo1 seals.
1) Door 2Double + Single leaf)
i= E/ternal doors and internal doors 4ill be solid core )l* 4ood double $
single lea1 1lush door #" ,, thic2 4ith steel 1ra,e. Each door 1inish 4ith
a))ro'ed colour A each door are 1itted 4ith a))ro'ed i,)orted handle
3) 4ainting
i= .nterior
The 4alls are )ainted 4ith iste,)er Finish )aint in a))ro'ed shade.
ii= 56ternal
The 4alls are )ainted 4ith 4eather shield )aint in a))ro'ed shade.
7) 5lectrical
i= All the electrical installation $ 4iring 4ill be carried out as BS H ?:?%
ii= All the cables shall be used onl* Pa2. Cables or )ioneer.
iii= All the cables $ 4iring shall be concealed.
i'= All s4itches, light Plug, )o4er )lug, 1an di,,er etc shall be ,anu1actured
'= All lighting and Fans 4ill be )ro'ided b* o4ner.
1") 8uotation
The general +uotation o1 LGS house is -s. %0""$S1t
So & -oo,s o1 C%&./%0./%".= ;:"S+.1t 4ill be ;:"/%0"" I 0#"""".""
An* changes in abo'e s)eci1ication 4ill e11ects on )rices.
@ ho)e *ou 4ill gi'e us o))ortunit* to ser'e *ou our best ser'ices. Please contact
1or ,ore in1or,ation.
A,<ad Per'a9
,ompany& Ste'il Cor)oration
,ell& ";&& &?%""%7
59mail& a,<ad)er'a9Jg,,

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