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Firewall Security

Features & Benefits

What is Firewall?

Firewall is a network security system based on specific

hardware or software.

It manages and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic

based on a set of application rules.

It controls the access of networks to maintain the security of

your system and guards against threats from the online public

Features of Firewall
1) Human Layer 8 Identity-based ecurity
!) F"I#$ %echnology
&) %hin 'lient upport
() )nterprise-*rade ecurity
+) 'entrali,ed -anagement
.) Logging / 0eporting

1) Human Layer 8 Identity-based Security

'yberoam firewall comes with identity based policy creation

It pro1ides access control criteria 23'') that includes user identity4 -3' and
I5 address4 source / destination ,one4 and ser1ice

It secures 1arious dynamic I5-based en1ironments such as 6i-Fi

Its user identity based decision making feature pre1ents errors associated
with I5 address-based policies

6ith instant user identification it simplifies audit re7uirements

2) FUSI! "ec#n$l$%y

)nables policy creation for multiple security features through single interface
in firewalls

6ell-integrated firewalss with each network and mode of security such as

85$4 I54 anti-1irus / anti-spyware4 web filtering4 anti-spam


ecurity impro1es connecti1ity with producti1ity

#ffers integrated perimeter security

&) "#in 'lient Su(($rt

%hin client authentication with session I9s

It supports 'itri: ;<en3pp ser1er4 -icrosoft 6indows er1er and identity-

based policies in thin client en1ironment

upports cloud en1ironment and aa deployments

)) *nter(rise-+rade Security

%his firewall comes with high a1ailability of stateful failo1er

31ailable as $e:t-*eneration Firewalls 2$*F6) and "%-s

-ultiple ecurity =ones

#ffers dynamic routing

8irtual host capability


Its multi-core technology enables high-speed parallel processing

I'3 certified firewalls

'heckmark Le1el + 'ertified

)) *nter(rise-+rade Security

Faster up times and reduced latency

Its simplified configuration supports rapid network growth

upports creation of work profile based groups across distributed locations

upports applications that work on real time updates

)nables secure hosting of ser1ers inside L3$ and 9-=

,) 'entrali-ed .ana%ement

'entrali,ed ecurity with ''' 2'yberoam 'entral 'onsole)


implified security management

/) L$%%in% & 0e($rtin%

Layer 8 Identity based reporting

Firewall logs

'entrali,ed logging and reporting with 'yberoam i8iew and '''


-eets compliance re7uirements for 'I534 HI5334 5'I 9

ur S$cial 0eac#

'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies
US1 'entral : 21-3&2-)12-)84/
5el#i & !'0 : 241-48441,6&66
1#medabad : 241-442,611&28
Ban%al$re: 241-4886&),/31
5ubai: 2431-)-21) 48/6
'yber$am H$use7
Sai%uls#an '$m(le87
((9 Sans:ruti7
Beside ;#ite H$use7
<anc#wati 'r$ss 0$ad7
1#medabad - &8666/7
+U=101"7 I!5I19
'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies 'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies 'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies 'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies 'yber$am "ec#n$l$%ies
!$rt# 1merica
,6, "#$rnall
Street7 Suite > &6)
*dis$n7 != -688&3