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12:45pm Rabbi Jeremy Wieder 3:30pm 4:30pm

Rabbi Allen Schwartz Omeq Peshuto shel Miqra: The Rabbi Shalom Carmy Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster
A Book for the Ages: How the Relevance of Academic Bible to “From the Depths” - Between The Image of Exodus in Isaiah
Tanach has Been Studied Talmud Torah Radak and R. Hutner Furst 213
Furst 501 Furst 213
Throughout History Rabbi Ezra Frazer
Furst 501 Dr. Mordechai Cohen How Do Mefarshei HaPeshat
2:30pm Ha-peshatot ha-mithadeshim Approach Halachic sections of
1:30pm Ms. Miryam Brand be-khol yom: Exciting New the Torah
Dr. David Berger Biblical Interpretation in the Developments in the Scholarly Furst 214
Jewish Approaches to the Second Temple Period: “Rewritten Study of Parshanut ha-Miqra. Dr. Shalom Holtz
‘Suffering Servant’ of Isaiah 53 Bible” & the Concept of Sin Furst 501
Prayer in Heaven & Prayer on
Furst 213
Furst Beit Midrash Rabbi Yaacov Jaffe Earth in Tehillim 29
Mrs. Yael Leibowitz Dr. Arthur Hyman Ramban’s Thematic Analysis Furst 313
Maimonides as Biblical Exegete of Chumash: “Parshanut” or Rabbi Menachem Leibtag
Rabbinic Linkage of Biblical
Furst 214 Forced Reading?
Personalities: Joseph and the The Underlying Logic Behind
Rabbi Menachem Leibtag Furst 214
Daughters of Zelophehad. “Ein Mukdam u’M’uchar
Furst 213 Seporno’s Thematic Approach Dr. Mitchell Orlian ba’Torah
to “Peshat” Mishpat Micha – Micha Furst 501
Rabbi Yehuda Sarna Furst 313
God: A Character Analysis Chapter 6 (Hebrew) Mr. Yehuda Kraut
Dr. Lawrence Schiffman Furst 313 Deciphering the Shema: A New
Furst 214
Halachic Midrash in the Dead Mrs. Malka Simkovitch Approach to Devarim 6:4
Rabbi Allen Schwartz Furst 314
Sea Scrolls and Chazal The Role of Fertility and
Do We Read Rashi the Way Ibn
Furst 501 Infertility in the Gan Eden
Ezra and Rashbam Did?
Furst 313 Rabbi Moshe Simkovitch Story and in the Patriarchal
Biblical Sources of the Mitzva of Narratives in Genesis.
Dr. Shira Weiss Furst 314
Tefilla: Are Any Really About Prayer?
Philosophical Interpretation of
Furst 314
the Gan Eden Narrative
Furst 314
Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster date in Bible and Adjunct Instructor of Bible the United States of the Jewish Agency for member of the Advisory Committee to the Six
Shawn Zelig Aster holds a Ph.D. in Hebrew at Yeshiva University. He holds a BA in Com- Israel. He has previously taught Tanach at Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists.
Bible and Assyriology from the University of puter Science, rabbinical ordination, and the Yeshiva University High School and the
Pennsylvania. He uses historical informa- Masters degrees in Secondary Education Columbia University Beit Midrash. Dr. Lawrence H. Schiffman
tion from the Ancient Near East to better and Bible, all from Yeshiva University. He Dr. Schiffman is Chair of New York Univer-
understand the simple meaning of Navi. He has previously taught Humash in the Torah sity’s Skirball Department of Hebrew and
Academy of Bergen County (NJ). He is the
Mr. Yehuda Kraut
has taught at Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion Yehuda Kraut received a BA from Yeshiva Judaic Studies and serves as Ethel and Irvin
University of the Negev, University of Haifa, junior co-author of Rabbi Chaim Jachter’s A. Edelman Professor of Hebrew and Judaic
College, currently a PhD student in Bible at
and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is two-volume Halakhic work, Gray Matter. Studies. He is a member of the team that
the University of Pennsylvania.
Assistant Professor of Bible in Yeshiva College. published the Dead Scrolls in the series, Dis-
Dr. Shalom Holtz coveries in the Judean Desert. He edited the
Mrs. Yael Leibowtiz journal Dead Sea Discoveries and the Oxford
Dr. David Berger Dr. Holtz is an assistant professor of Bible at
Mrs. Leibowitz has taught in ramaz HS for
Rabbi Berger is Professor of Jewish History Yeshiva University. A native of New York, he Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
the last six years, and is now an adjunct
at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of received his early education at the Yeshiva
professor in the Judaic Studies Department
Yeshiva University and Head of the Yeshiva of Central Queens and at the Ramaz Up- Rabbi Allen Schwartz
at Stern college. She also teaches in Central
College Jewish Studies Cluster. He is a per School. In high school, he was the US Rabbi Schwartz is the Raymond J Green-
High School for Girls.
Fellow and Executive Committee member of representative to the International Bible wald chair of Jewish studies at Yeshiva
the American Academy for Jewish Research Contest (Chidon Hatanach). He spent a University, and the Rabbi of Congregation
and a former President of the Association year and several subsequent summers as a Rabbi Menachem Leibtag Ohab Zedek, New York
for Jewish Studies. His academic work en- student at Yeshivat Har Etzion. He holds a Rabbi Menachem Leibtag. founder of the
compasses medieval Jewish history, Jewish- bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) from Tanach Study Center (,
Christian relations and polemic, messian- Harvard University (1999) and a doctorate is one of pioneers of Torah Education via Mrs. Malka Simkovitch
ism, antisemitism, contemporary Judaism, from the University of Pennsylvania (2006), the internet. His weekly essays on Parshat Mrs. Simkovitch holds a BA from Stern
and the intellectual history of the Jews. both in Near Eastern Languages and Civiliza- Ha’shavua, read by literally thousands of College with a double major in Music and
tions. His research interests include the subscribers world wide, introduce a vibrant Bible Studies. She earned an MA in Near
relationship between ancient Mesopotamian analytical approach to thematic study of Eastern Languages and Civilizations with a
Ms. Miryam Brand the Bible and reflect over twenty-five years concentration in Hebrew Bible from Harvard
Presenter Bios

civilization and Jewish civilization. He has

Ms. Brand is a faculty member at Stern Col- published articles and lectured at academic of experience as a teacher at Yeshivat Har University. She currently teaches tanach at
lege, as well as a PhD candidate in Biblical conferences on this subject. Etzion in Israel. Rabbi Leibtag teaches as Maimonides Upper School for 4 years, and
Studies at NYU, where she was a member of well at Yeshivat Shalaavim, MMY, Midreshet is the Dean of 11th grade.
the faculty last year. She holds an MA from Lindenbaum, and Orot College for Women.
the University of Haifa in Biblical Studies, an Dr. Arthur Hyman
MBA from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Hyman, Dean of the Bernard Revel Rabbi Moshe Simkovitch
and is a graduate of the Advanced Biblical Graduate School of Jewish Studies and Dr. Mitchell Orlian Rabbi Simkovich is the Dean of Judaic
Studies program at Matan in Jerusalem. Distinguished Service Professor of Philoso- Dr. Orlian recieved Smicha from Yeshivat Studies at Stern Hebrew High School in Phila-
phy at Yeshiva University, is a specialist Hevron, Jerusalem in 1957, and his PhD from delphia, where he was the founding Head of
in Jewish Philosophy. He has held visiting Revel in 1973 with a major in Bible and Rab- School. He previously taught at Maimonides
Rabbi Shalom Carmy appointments at Columbia University, the binic Literature (Parshanut haMikra). He was School and Ma’ayan in Boston; served as
Rabbi Carmy teaches Jewish Studies and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar-Ilan the coordinator for the National Bible Contest Orthodox Adviser at Brandeis University Hil-
Philosophy at YU and is Editor of Tradition. University, and Yale University and he has for 17 years and served as Judge at the lel; and was Rabbi of Congregation Shaarei
served as president of the American Acad- International Bible Contest several times. He Tefilla in Newton, Ma.
Dr. Mordechai Cohen emy for Jewish Research and of the Society has been teaching Tanach at YU for more than
Rabbi Cohen (Ph.D., Yeshiva University for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. 40 years, and has taught at Lincoln Square Dr. Shira Weiss
1994; Ordination, RIETS 1989) is an Associ- His many publications include: Philosophy in Synagogue for 18 years, as well as at Brooklyn Dr. Weiss is a teacher of Tanach and Jewish
ate Professor of Bible at Yeshiva University, the Middle Ages (co-editor), Eschatological College and Haifa Teacher’s College. Philosophy at the Frisch School of Paramus,
and researches the history of biblical inter- Themes in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and NJ and is also the Director of Admissions
pretation (parshanut ha-miqra). His pub- a textual edition and translation of Averroes’ Rabbi Yehuda Sarna and an Israel Guidance Counselor. Dr Weiss
lished work includes Three Approaches to De Substantia Orbis. He also serves as Rabbi Sarna currently serves as the rabbi at has an MA in Jewish Philosophy and a
Biblical Metaphor: From Abraham Ibn Ezra editor of Maimonidean Studies, a Yeshiva the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life Doctorate in Education. She is currently an
and Maimonides to David Kimhi (Leiden: University publication He was recognized for at New York University and JLIC Educator. Adjunct Professor of Jewish Philosophy at
Brill Academic Press, 2003) and Opening his textual studies by the National Founda- As a major in English Literature at Yeshiva Stern College.
the Gates of Interpretation: Maimonides’ tion for Jewish Culture. University, Yehuda co-founded Eimatai, a
Biblical Exegesis in Light of His Geonic- leadership training program for high school Rabbi Jeremy Weider
Andalusian Heritage and Muslim Milieu Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe students, Mimaamakim: Journal of Jewish Rabbi Jeremy Wieder is the Joseph &
(Leiden: Brill Academic Press, forthcoming). Rabbi Jaffe is a member of the Yeshiva Uni- Art, and Nachalah: The Yeshiva University Gwendolyn Straus Professor of Talmud
versity Wexner Kollel Elyon and the Director Journal for the Study of Bible. Rabbi Sarna in the Mazer Yeshiva Program of Yeshiva
Rabbi Ezra Frazer of the Chidon Hatanch, the National Bible also serves as the assistant editor of Dine University and Adjunct Professor of Bible at
Rabbi Frazer is currently a doctoral candi- Contest. He also serves as the chairman Israel: An Annual of Jewish Law (Tel Aviv Yeshiva College
of the committee on Tanach Education in University & Cardozo Law School) and as a