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Banquet Menu and Information

Thank you for expressing interest in our Banquet Facilities.

Enclosed you will find our menus for our Sit Down Dinners, Buffets, and
Luncheons. If you desire anything other than what is listed on the enclosed
menus, we will be happy to provide you with prices.
General Banquet Information
Tax and 20% gratuity are not included in any of the listed prices. A minimum
deposit of 50.00 is required to hold the date desired. Deposit will be returned
upon written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to banquet.
We must know the approximate count one week prior to banquet. This is not
a guaranteed figure. An exact count is required 24 hours prior to your banquet.
This will be considered your minimum number and is not subject to reduction. If
less than the guaranteed number are served, it is required that the guaranteed
number be paid. If more than the guaranteed number are served, you will be
charged for the actual number served.
Up to 3 selections are available for sit down luncheons and dinners.
The number of each selection is due one week prior to your banquet. These
numbers can be altered 24hours prior to your party. Place cards must be provided
by host or hostess indicating the selection of each person attending.
Children under the age of 10 are 1/2 price on buffets. They may also have a choice
of toasted ravioli, spaghetti with (1) meatball, or chicken fingers for a charge of 8.00.
Prices subject to change.
Cook good food & give plenty.
5914 South Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63123
2103 Sulphur Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139
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Chicken Modiga, Veal Parmigiano,
Cannelloni, Vegetable, Salad, Relish Tray
Italian Bread and Butter, Spumoni Ice
Cream and Coffee or Tea 22.95
Chicken Spedini, Thinly Sliced Prime Rib,
Vegetable of Choice, Cavatelli Alfredo and
Penne Marinara, Salad, Italian Bread and
Butter, Spumoni, Coffee or Tea 24.95
All Sit Down Dinners include: Salad, Entree, Potato and Vegetable, Italian Bread
with Butter, Spumoni and Coffee or Tea.
Prime Rib (14 oz.) 31.95
Filet Mignon (8 oz.) 31.95
Strip Sirloin (14 oz.) 31.95
Steak Modiga 28.95
Chicken Spedini 22.95
Chicken Modiga 22.95
Chicken Marsala 22.95
Veal Marsala 22.95
Veal Parmigiano 24.95
Broiled Filet of Sole 22.95
Charbroiled Shrimp 24.95
Broiled Fresh Salmon, dill butter 26.95
Breaded Fried Artichoke Hearts Toasted Ravioli Tenderloin Tips in Mushroom Sauce
Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Chicken Wings Toasted Cannelloni
Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms Zucchini Sticks Cheese and Fruit Tray
Assorted Raw Vegetable Tray Antipasto 15.95
$3 per person (per item) when added to any buffet or sit down dinner.
Cold Jumbo Shrimp or Shrimp Dijon 1.75 per piece
BUFFET DINNERS (30 guest minimum)
2 MEAT BUFFET Roast Beef and Chicken Ferri 20.95
3 MEAT BUFFET Roast Beef, Chicken Ferri and Ham 21.95
Two and three meat buffets include the following:
Penne Meat Sauce, Vegetable, Salad, Relish Tray, Italian Bread and
Butter, Spumoni Ice Cream and Coffee or Tea.
*Veal Marsala or Veal Parmigiano may be substituted for any of the buffet meats for an
additional charge of one dollar. Turkey may also be substituted at no extra charge.
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Available Monday through Friday - 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Only.
All Sit Down Luncheons include: Salad, Entree, Potato and Vegetable, Italian
Bread with Butter, Spumoni and Coffee or Tea.
Entrees, your choice 15.95
Breast of Chicken Parmigiano
Breast of Chicken
Mushrooms and white wine sauce
Chicken Ferri
Lightly breaded and charbroiled with butter,
lemon garlic and wine
Pasta Selections, 14.95
Cannelloni or Lasagna
Bartolinos Box Lunches, 12.00
(Ask for details)
LUNCHEON BUFFET (30 guest minimum)
Two Meats: Chicken Ferri and Roast Beef
Luncheon Buffet includes the following:
Vegetable, Penne, Salad, Relish Tray, Italian Bread and Butter,
Spumoni Ice Cream and Coffee or Tea. 15.95
Turkey may be substituted for the above buffet meals at no extra charge.
Veal Parmigiano
Broiled Filet of Sole
Lemon and Butter
Roast Loin of Pork with Dressing
(10 minimum)
Grilled Pork Chop
with Honey Lemon Soy Glaze
Light Lunch, 14.95
Bartolino Salad with Cup of Soup
Deli Buffet 13.00
(20 guest minimum)
Bar Service
Bar service will be provided by our servers and can be arranged on either a hosted basis with an itemized bill
provided which includes tax and a 20% gratuity added at the end of your event, or on a cash basis with each
guest paying as they are served.
The following open bar options are available and are priced on a per person basis. All guests 21 years or older
will be charged with tax and 20% gratuity added.
3 Hour Open Bar (Bar Brands) 16.00 3 Hour Open Bar (Premium Brands) 18.00
4 Hour Open Bar (Bar Brands) 19.00 4 Hour Open Bar (Premium Brands) 21.00
We have a full wine and champagne list available for your event as well. If you choose, you may bring in
your own wine or champagne. A corkage fee of 15.00 per 750ml bottle will be charged and a 20% gratuity
added. No other beverages may be brought into the facility.
*All Liqueurs excluded on open bar. *Tax and Gratuity will be added to the above bar prices.
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The Bartolino Family of restaurants appreciate the
opportunity to cater your next family event or business
meeting. From large or small, elegant to casual, enjoy our
delicious food and exceptional service at your home,
wedding or business event.
In addition, we have banquet rooms for small groups or
large functions.
Entertaining at home? Want it stress free? Our Bartolinos
at Home menu is the best way to serve our famous Chicken
Spedini, Chicken Ferri, pastas, salads and much more!
Please ask for John, Mike, Bart or Chris Saracino for more
Bouna Fortuna!
Bartolinos Family of Restaurants
5914 S. Lindbergh
314 487 4545
5980 Southwest Ave
314 645 2088
2103 Sulphur Ave
314 644 2266
& Dining
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