My PI EXPERIENCE I was the last one to face the interview in the whole group.

There were 4 panels made and I was in panel 1. In panel 1, there were H.O.Ds and V.K. Nangia sir, the head of DoMS Roorkee. We were told by seniors that there won’t be much technical questions in the panel 1.By the time I was called for the interview two of the professors left the room. I feel that they were tired of taking interviews. Nevertheless, I went in with maintaining all decencies. I was offered seat by the panel. There were 2 ladies and one gentleman. 1st Lady: So Prashant you have 30 months of experience. Tell me about that. Me : Maam I have been working with HCL for last 30 months and I have worked on 3 projects AC,DUKE and CBOP.And maam along with working with HCL I have joined and NGO(which I actually have) and I teach small children. 1st Lady: Oh ok so what is that. What’s the of the NGO (asked some details) Me : Maam the NGO is Vidya and Children. It’s the NGO working for the welfare of children whose parents can not afford education for them. 1st Lady: What do children want to do in future? Me : Maam there is big diversity in what they aspire for. Some want to be singer, some aspire for Engg, medical and some want to go to fashion fields. 1st Lady: Are they drop outs? Me : drop out?????(I did not get the meaning) 2nd Lady: Have they left their schools Me : No maam they study in schools and the NGO organizes for the fund. I only teach them on weekends. (The first lady then directed the going to the gentleman) Gentleman (GM): Which place do you belong? Me : Sir, I belong to Chhapra Bihar. G.M. : Do you have any other calls? Me : Yes sir, I have IIT Kharagpur call and I am also expecting one from IIT Kharagpur G.M. : So will you join IIT KGP? Me : Yes sir, if I get a chance I will. I talked to one of my senior who passed from IIT KGP in 2007 and he told me that it was actually a good B-School. 2nd Lady: (I don’t remember the exact question but it meant like) Why MBA? Me : I have my entrepreneurial aspirations and through MBA I can achieve this. I want to own my own business. 2nd lady : What type of business? Me : Maam I want to start a home made food delivery business .In Noida; people are flocking in from different places, so the business will be good opportunity. I, at my personal level, feel that there should be some good Tiffin system in Noida 2nd Lady: Have you heard of same kind of business running in Mumbai………… Me : (interrupting at the mid which I should not have) Yes maam Dabbawalas.they provide the service in Mumbai. 2nd Lady: can you tell me in brief how they work Me : yes maam I have read that each Dabba exchanges 6 hands before it is delivered to end cuntomer . For dabbawala’s just 6 out of 200000 deliveries go flawed and I have tead that they are very creful about the food and time. 2nd Lady : So you have read that Me : Yes maam I have read that. 2nd Lady : Ok you may go now Me : Thank you maam, thank you sir, thank you maam

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