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Issue 27 - July 2014

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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church
that seeks to provide an avenue where men and women can share
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age one another as the older perform the act of paralambano to the
Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.
1. In 1 Timothy 6:10, the Bible refers to the love of money as the root of all kinds of
evil. Why do you think the Bible uses such a strong analogy?
My understanding of the word root is that it goes deep into being the foundaton of a
plant. The root is therefore the foundaton for anything to stand or be seen. Loving
money means selling out your love to something that the world system uses to control
The meaning of the love of money is well represented in the verse Luke 16:13: No
servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he
will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.
In 1 John 5:19, the Bible says that this world is under the sway of the evil one. The
essence of the sway rotates about things like money. Money is a controller in this
world. So the moment your love, your heart, your being is rooted in the love of money,
then trust me you are rooted in evil itself. And the concept of money is only found on
this earth. It was created by man and we use it to represent material wellbeing or wel-
2. Has there ever been a point in your life when you felt like money was or wanted to
be in the
drivers seat of
your life?
Yes. Sometme
in 1987, I was at
that tme
employed by
Internatonal as
chief fnance
ofcer. I was
involved in a lot
of procurement.
This partcular
tme I was
required to buy
some furniture. I
went and
bought some good furniture but also did some bargaining on the cost of the furniture. I
saved almost 25% of the estmated total cost of the furniture. As I was taking back this
furniture a thought came into my mind that I should pocket this 25%.
I did pocket the money but was never at peace within me. I knew deep within me that
this was wrong; I had fallen for the temptaton of taking of this money and ratonalized
it in me by saying that it is I that had done the bargaining.
But my bargaining did not make the cost of that item to be what I was presentng in the
books of accounts because I had paid a diferent amount all together.
That was the beginning of my understanding of how money can sway and derail an
individual. And it could have been the start of my ratonalizing the use of money for my
own beneft and not for the beneft of the cause to which I had been called.
3. As a Christan, what practcal things did you do to
put money back in its biblically right place?
One critcal thing I have learnt over tme is that
money has got to be earned by working. To work,
the whole concept of toiling, is an act of worship; it
is God who initated it not us. The moment you peg
your life on taking the change (locally referred to as
balance) it becomes part of your system, your
understanding and part of your means to achieving a
given end. And one has to get to a point where they
understand that this understanding is not right
before God; we have got to listen to what God tells
us in such circumstances and respond accordingly.
For me because I was in control of the money it was
easy. I did return the money the next day. All I had to do was go back to the seller and
ask him for a receipt with the actual amount I had paid. But in some circumstances it
might be hard for someone to return what they took say ten years ago. And that is where
we all need to repent. We need to acknowledge that what we did was not right and bring
our minds to understanding that pocketng the change is not right, it is in fact stealing.
And that convicton has got to be deeply seated in your mind. Otherwise your under-
standing of what God says about money is already derailed and you will not be able to
live within Gods parameters.
4.The more money
people get, the
more they seem to
want just for the
sake of having
more. What can
one do to avoid
falling prey to this
We need to agree
on one thing here:
that we are all corrupted by virtue of our sinful nature. Much of the world system
propels the agenda that the more you have, the safer you feel. We have transferred our
sense of security from God to material stuf and one of the reasons is because it is more
tangible and kind of gives instant solutons. When you have money you feel like you can
solve everything. And as a result of that, our minds have shifed from trustng God to
trustng other things which is in fact idol worship. It is a process where we allow the
world system and not God through His word to inform us of who we are and our com-
plete dependence on God and His provisions. The more we look outside Gods word to
the world, the more we drif from trustng God to trustng the world more.
It takes spending tme, being connected with God for one to build that confdence and
know that our trust should be in none other than God Himself. It has to do with building
your faith in Christ, building your faith in God, all the tme. Because at the end of the day
and over tme even those with big amounts of money get to a point where money cannot
solve their problems. There are certain things about our lives that money can never
solve. But for us to get to that level of understanding, we have got to keep our
connecton with God. Allowing His spirit, prayer and His word to be a part of every single
moment of our lives.
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