Will they ever learn? What would it take to stop them another good hiding?

By Aboomohammad 02/02/09 The ink hasn’t dried yet, from the reports of Israeli attacks on Gaza and they are already talking of attacking Iran. They just received a good hiding from Hamas, a ragtag resistance groups whose rockets don’t even hit their targets and end up in empty field and the Negev desert, Israel is talking of attacking, I mean what will it take to stop them another good hiding from a proper army with a massive arsenal this time around? Is Israel prepared to go the distance with Iran who is not the ragtag armies the latter has been attacking for the last 60 years? Iran is not Hezbollah or Hamas. Hezbollah is an arm of Iran and the latter is undoubtedly much more powerful than Israel thinks. The IDF incurred a shameful defeat at the hands of the Hamasis in Gaza. They conceal the true figures of their military casualties in Gaza but it has been reported that it ran in the 40’s to 50’s not counting the wounded, the seriously injured who might have succumbed to their wounds. The Gazans were blocked of from the rest of the world, border sealed, nothing entering and leaving except a few here and there. For 23 days Israel’s plans were stalemated by Hamas, their objectives changed from day to day since they were unable to achieve any. Israel got to a point where it could no longer handle the defeat and massacred innocent women and children in the Gaza strip, only to have many of its allies and supporters turn away from them. Now we here talk of attacking Iran, warmongers as they are, children of terrorist and terrorists themselves, the Israeli leaders are ready to attack Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu who is the head of the Likud party and one of the leading candidates for the Israeli elections on Feb 10 th, has sworn to take the war to the Iranians if he is elected, because of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu, who is among those facing war crimes charges over the carnage in Gaza and other massacres he and other Israeli butchers committed. Israel cannot stand anyone else in the world having nuclear weapons even if it was to be used for domestic purposes. Every other peaceful country seem to represent a threat to Israel and its allies, however Israel who seems to attack all of its neighbours, makes out it is the one under threat. Israel claims that the tin pot Hamas rockets are a danger to its security. Rockets that most of the time fall in empty land, is a threat to one of the world’s most powerful armies in the world, It uses this line in order to be able to inflict punishment on the civilians of Gaza, claiming that they are being attacked in retaliation to Hamas rocket fire. Very few of these rockets cause any casualties at all. Most of the people are treated for shock rather than even minor injuries resulting to Hamas rocket fire. Yet this seems to be the punch line of every Zionist interviewed on every news channel all over the world. Israel wants to make the world think that these tin pot home made rockets are so powerful that it is killing dozens of Israelis daily and this is why they need to put an end to it. The rest of the world who do not have the other side of the picture, the truth of the matter fall for this rhetoric hook line and sinker and thus come out with another punch line “Israel has the right to defend itself”. The boot is on the other foot, it is the Palestinians who need to defend themselves from daily incursions of the IDF, either bombing from their planes or capturing and torturing legitimately elected Hamas ministers and even target them or killing them. If Israel thinks it can do the same with the Persians as it did with Gaza, it must be hallucinating. Iran, formally the Massive Persian empire who once ruled a good part of the area, have their dignity and honour and will not take any of this sitting down contrary to what Israel thinks. Iran is a power in the region, it is not handicapped by any sanctions, extremely rich in gas and other resources, and it holds the key to the Strait of Hormuz, through which supplies for US army base enter, closure of this strategic crossing could make life hell for many. It is high time for Israel to rethink its strategy, its bully boy tactics will not work, at least not any more, there is a wind of change blowing, and may be not entirely from the Obama camp but the people on the streets. Israel no longer has the blind support of many countries and its people and it should face up to that fact and clean up its strategy in the area. May be just then it will have honour rather than humiliation and shame