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Rupa Purasinghe Javed Alam
California State University at LA Youngstown State University
Los Angeles, CA 90032 Youngstown, OH 44555

This paper describes the power of Pervasive This year alone 500 million small factor
Computing through the use of Personal Digital computing devices will be sold worldwide and it
Assistants (PDA) as an empowering tool that is expected that there will be 2 billion such
will enable the mobile learning in Engineering, devices in use by the year 2007. The adoption of
also creating a possibility of future paperless smart phones in Europe and South East Asia has
classrooms. The current crop of PDAs are been phenomenal. It is expected that the use of
capable of performing functions of word such devices will surpass the use desktop
processing, spreadsheet application, sending e- personal computers in the near future. In
mails, accessing the web, personal information computing capabilities, these devices are as
organization and data storage through wired and powerful as the personal computer’s of five
wireless connectivity. The symbolic years ago. The laptops already have the same
mathematical calculations using programs capability as the desktop computers and their
ported to Linux based PDAs are possible adding sale volume has exceeded the sale volume of
the functionality that is not available in average desktop PC's.
calculators. This paper presents how to use a
one PDA model, Zaurus in an engineering The web-enabled mobile devices[1,2, and3]
classroom that also serves the purpose of and the Web-server based computing
motivational tool to the students. infrastructure provide users access to an
information-rich environment, anytime,
Introduction anyplace at a modest cost. The application of
mobile learning in the form of “Paperless
The merger of computing and computer Classrooms” has been tested in High Schools
networking has spanned a whole new area of using personal digital assistants (PDAs)[4, 5].
distributed network computing and information Some other application that use mobile devices
processing. The cost of computing and the for mobile learning are described in ref.[6,7].
networking infrastructure has been rapidly
decreasing for the past decades in accordance This creates an ideal environment for
with the famous Moore’s law. Also, the size of developing innovative applications for these
the computing devices is shrinking with the devices that can be used in a pervasive mode.
increase in data processing capability due to the These applications will find their use in
advances in microelectronics manufacturing Enterprise information processing, mobile
techniques. There are major projects undertaken learning and many day-to-day consumer
by the large corporations such as IBM and HP to activities. This development also opens up
support activities in the area of pervasive exciting possibilities for innovation in teaching
computing. It primarily deals with the and learning process by creating new
computing devices of small form factor or applications and processes that use these
mobile devices that exchange data between each devices. It provides an ideal platform for
other through wireless networks. The devices developing innovating e-learning applications
that fall in this category are personal digital that support mobile learning environments and
assistants, smart-phones and thin and they can be used to improve the teaching and
lightweight laptops. learning process in engineering education.
Hardware/Operating System a pixel rsolution of (640x480) is bright and
Capabilities of PDAs sharp. The Zaurus SL-C750 series weighs 225g
and measures 120 x 83 x 18.6mm. The SL-C860
Originally known as Electronic Organizers, and SL-C760 is 5mm thicker and 25g heavier. It
PDAs have come a long way since its also has slots for compact flash and SD cards, as
inception[2,3,and 8] and they are now becoming well as an IrDA port. The user accessible RAM
as powerful as desk top computers of few years size is 32MB and approximately 18MB of the
ago. This section describes the hardware available RAM is used by the Operating System
capabilities of the available PDAs from Sharp for performing system related functions. The
Electronics in its Zaurus series SL-C7XX.[9] battery provides approximately four hours of
The PDA SL-C750 features include 64MB uninterrupted usage time per single charge. The
RAM and 64MB flash RAM. The SL-C860 [10] stereo-output is available to play and for
and SL-C760[11] include 64MB system RAM, listening sound and music files in mp3 format.
128MB flash RAM, and an upgraded battery
that last longer between charges. All models use The use of Linux OpenPDA, an open source
the latest Intel XScale PXA255 400MHz Operating System in the SL-C860 and its sibling
processor that has twice the speed of the original make them unique when compared from other
SL-C700. PDA’s that are based upon the proprietary
operating systems such as Windows CE and
The latest version, the SL-C860, has the same Palm OS. It is the same Linux operating system
hardware as the SL-C760 with additional that is used in desktop and laptop computers
features that include the capability to be with some modifications to support the smaller
recognized as a virtual hard drive when display and memory sizes in the PDA. All the
connected to a Windows XP based desktop PC, familiar UNIX commands are available on the
enabling easier data transfer between a PC and a C760 in a console window while using the
PDA. The Zaurus SL-Series has an innovative Terminal application. This allows modification
swiveling screen that transforms its shape from or installation of new custom ROM’s. Other
PDA-style to laptop-style (Figure 1). Once it is TCP/IP based applications such as Telnet, FTP
set in laptop mode the QWERTY keyboard can allow network access into other computers.
be utilized for data entry. The VGA screen with

Figure 1: Zaurus SL-C760 in Laptop (Landscape) Mode and PDA (Portrait Mode).
It is also possible to write computer programs example of a word processed file is shown in
and compile them to develop new software Figure 2. The document files created by using
applications on the C7XX PDAs. The Zaurus PDA are fully compatible with the MS Word file
PDAs have become an attractive software format. However, it does lack a spell checker. It
development platform for the Linux is also supplied with a version of the
development community. The software HancomMobile Sheet that is similar to the MS
distributer has already Excel spreadsheet in its functionality. The figure
released most of the software applications 3 shows an example of its use for a wind load
developed by the third party developers that are calculations performed on a building.
compatible with C7XX series PDAs. In addition
to that most of the existing freely available open
source software that is being developed for
Linux operating system can easily be ported to
the Linux based PDAs with minimal efforts.
This openness in the software development
environment creates many opportunities for
creating new student projects that focus on
mobile applications for student learning.

Software Capabilities/Applications
For Zaurus PDAs

The standard application software that is

distributed with the PDA is organized into Figure 2: HancomMobile Word: PDA’s
several groups. It includes a Clock, Calculator, word processor.
Calendar, Contacts, and ToDo List, which is
very useful for students to organize their work.
It also include a Text Editor for word processing
(Figure 2), a spreadsheet equivalent to MS
Excel (Figure 3), presentation software
equivalent to MS PowerPoint (Figure 4) and an
ImagePad equivalent to Photo Viewer that
enables mobile learning for the students. It also
has the capability of sending e-mails, and allows
web browsing through NetFront browser
(Figure 5) while connected to the Internet
through wired or wireless networking. It also
comes with a Music and Video Player. These are
ideal features in PDAs to allow engineering
students to use a multimedia capable internet
connected device in pervasive computing mode.
These features facilitate mobile learning where
student can perform class related work from any
location and they can access course material
anytime at their own convenience.

Zaurus’s HancomMobile Word program, an Figure 3: Zaurus C760 Spread Sheet Program
equivalent of MS Word can be used for word Calculation Example.
processing in engineering course work. An
Figure 5: Zaurus C760 Web (Net Front)
Figure 4: Zaurus C760 Presentation access example.
Program Slide Example.
A significant amount of work in Engineering
As part of the application package the PDA and Engineering education involves numerical
comes with the presentation software similar to and symbolic mathematical calculations.
MS PowerPoint. However, the software on the Ordinary calculators used by the students have
PDA is not capable of creating or modifying limited functionality to perform these types of
presentations. The PowerPoint presentations can calculations. The MAXIMA[12] package that
be viewed on the PDA and with a properly has its origin in the original program Macysma
connected projection system the PDA can act as that was developed at MIT, is now available as
a computer that controls the presentation. Also, an open source program under GNU/GPL
24/7 based accessibility is an added benefit that license as a free download from
allows students to review their project or course To add more
related presentations from anywhere anytime. useful functions to the PDA the MAXIMA was
The figure 4 is an example page of a successfully implemented[13] on Sharp Zaurus
presentation created using PowerPoint and PDAs by using CLISP , a very portable Lisp
ported and viewed on the PDA. programming language interpreter. Now, it is
possible to perform symbolic mathematical
The PDA is also equipped with a web browser functions such as differentiation, integration and
known as “NetFront”. This web browser is solution of ordinary differential equations on the
capable of displaying multiple windows, PDAs. The figure 6 shows an example of the
bookmarks and JavaScript. It appears to be symbolic mathematical computations performed
superior to many browsers in handhelds, but for obtaining frequencies of a tapered beam for
lacks desk top quality. The Figure 5 shows a a problem related to the area of structural
screen capture of PDA’s web browser for the dynamics. This enhancement in the capability of
web site of the “American Society of the Zaurus PDAs that allows performing
Engineering Education” (ASEE). numerical and symbolic mathematical
calculations makes the PDA a powerful tool for
mobile learning with a wider set of potential
applications in engineering education.
Figure 6: Zaurus symbolic mathematic calculation example.

Shortcommings of PDAs as an mathematical computations which are very

Engineering Education Tools useful for students in engineering. It will allow
them to carry out their learning activity from
The small form factor that is an advantage of any location any time in a connected
the PDAs because they can be carried in the environment using a device that they can carry
pocket as a portable device also acts as a basic in their pockets. It does have the draw back of
shortcoming of PDAs. It is often hard to read having small form factor making it difficult to
the character displayed in small fonts on the view web pages with full width due to limited
screen. Also the size of the keyboard is small size of the screen. The small keyboard also
and some skill is required to use it. There is a presents a challenge to use. We anticipitate that
need to develop more responsive user interface the future improvements in the user interface for
for the current PDAs. These drawbacks PDAs will make it an empowering tool for
notwithstanding the PDAs or the handhelds in a mobile learning that could be effectively used
form factor that is in between a PDA and a to deliver accessible engineering education to
Laptop will find widespread use in mobile traditional and non-traditional students in
learning environments with significant blended or online mode.
implications for engineering education.
Discussion and Summary
This work was partially supported by the
We have discussed and demonstated the use of Earthquake Engineering Research Center
a PDA as an empowering tool for mobile Program of the National Science Foundation
learning environments with applications in under NSF Award Number EEC-9701471.
engineering education. It has most of the Any opinions, findings, conclusions or
functionality of the laptops and desktop recommendations expressed in this material are
computers, with word processing, spreadsheet, those of authors and do not necessarily reflect
presentation, web browsing capability as well those of the National Science Foundation. Help
as added feature of performing symbolic from student Ronald Lin is also acknowledged.
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