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Mr. Adamczyk
Grade Level: 11 & 12
Prerequisites: 90% or higher in Basic P.E.
Course Description
This course is designed for the development of skills and knowledge of certain weight training
and strength training in which the student can participate throughout a lifetime. Emphasis will be
placed on individual physical fitness. Proper care of equipment and safety in the classrooms are
other aspects of the course.
Course Objectives
. !oster healthy lifestyles by developing a mentality that supports life"long physical activity through fitness and
$. %ritten and practical knowledge of the rules& strategies& and analysis of skills are needed to understand strength
training and conditioning.
'. Proper care of equipment and safety in the classroom and other aspects of the course.
Course Content
The student(s grade will be based on the following)
. *kills tests +one rep ma# testing,
$. Presentation +lead the class in a - minute workout& i.e. abs routine,
'. .lass participation
Each student will be evaluated daily on a $-"point scale)
1. /ressed in proper clothing attire +$,
2. Attendance and on time in designated squad +$,
3. Participation in class +$,
. *kill development +$,
0. 1nteraction with peers +$,
A physical education student is e#pected to be dressed and ready to participate each day of class.
1f a student is in attendance at school& they are e#pected to be in attendance in physical education class.
Tardy 2 *tudent is not in his3her assigned location - minutes after the bell to end passing period. There will
be a $"point deduction from the daily grade. E#cessive tardies will result in detention& !riday *chool&
suspension& etc. as prescribed in the *tudent 4andbook.
. *tudents are e#pected to participate on a daily basis to the best of their ability.
$. 1f a student is unable to participate in physical education class& they should bring a note from home or a
doctor(s note to e#cuse them.
'. A doctor(s note is required after two +$, consecutive days of non"participation.
5. *tudents who have a medical issue +i.e. broken bone& long"term3lengthy illness, that prevents their
participation in class in e#cess of two +$, days& MUT present a written doctor(s note with doctor
suggestions for alternate activities the student may participate in +i.e. walking instead of running& sit"ups
instead of push"ups& may bat3field but not run bases,. The principal& parent+s,& student& and teacher will
meet to develop3implement a *ection 0-5 Plan.
0. The student MUT also have a doctor(s release to return to full class participation after an e#tended
period of non"participation.
6. Any student not receiving credit for a quarter of a required class will be required to repeat an entire
semester of Physical Education.
7. *tudents who are absent during skills testing will be required to make up their testing during
1ntervention time.
Dressing out for P!"!
. *tudents are required to wear P.E. attire +T"shirt and shorts,. !ailure to do so will result in deduction of
points from student daily grade.
$. Athletic shoes with socks are to be worn8 properly tied and secured to the foot.
'. !lip flops and bare feet are 9:T acceptable as this presents a safety concern. *tudents %1;; 9:T be
allowed to participate and will forfeit their daily participation points.
5. *weatshirts& hoodies& sweatpants may be worn over the uniform when weather deems appropriate.
9ot acceptable when inside for class.
#oc$s%#oc$er &oo's
. 1t is the responsibility of the student to secure his3her belongings. The teacher is not responsible for
lost3stolen property.
$. *tudents should secure their locks8 should not share their lock combination with others8 and should not
share locker space with others.
'. (O food or drink is allowed in the locker rooms. /etention will be assigned for violations.
5. 4orseplay will not be tolerated! tudent)s* engaging in such acts +ill be referred to the principal!
Any student +ho +itnesses horseplay or any inappropriate act should co''unicate +ith the
teacher i''ediately!
0. All students are strongly encouraged to shower after each class.