GCE EDEXCEL Applied ICT – Unit 8 Project Management

Project Review Meeting Sheet
Remember YOU are the Project Manager for this project. You are also the Analyst and the Developer of the software and are fully responsible for conducting all activities and completing the associated deliverable for these roles. By now you will have had several meetings with you client to update them on the progress and get feedback into your work so far. The Senior Managers at your software company have asked you to update them with the progress so far. Use this document to prepare for your meeting as you will be presenting each of the points to them.

Your Project Name: New Club Launch Project Manager Name: _________________________________ Client Name: __________________________________________

Areas you need to prepare for: • • • • • • Document to record feedback from the Senior Managers during the review meeting Show updated plan and progress of the project. Show up to date project log. Show minutes of Design meeting and list of actions required to take from client’s feedback. Show folder of all communication between you, your client and other stakeholders Show the folder structure of your project organisation

Draft minutes document to record feedback Before you conduct your review meeting you must create a document that you will use to record the feedback given to you from your Senior Managers. Create a WORD document called – ‘draft minutes.docx’. You must act on all the feedback you are given. You can also use the draft minutes to write up the formal minutes for this review meeting. The document must contain the date you hold your meeting. Do this now. Cut and paste the document name here: _________________________________


Show updated Microsoft Project Plan(s) You need to make a copy of your last MS Project Plan and update the copy to show what tasks have been completed. You will need to include in the file name and header the date you made this copy. Cut and paste the document name here: __________________________________ For each task update the Percentage Completed via the task information window. Look at the help if you don’t know how to do this. Make a list of each task that is behind schedule (i.e. late). For each of these tasks list what will you do to catch up? Take your evidence from the plan(s) and log and complete this table: Description of the task behind schedule What action are you going to take now to bring the task back on schedule?

You must also tell the Senior Managers in your meeting what tasks in your project plan have been added or changed and the reason why. Take your evidence from the plan(s) and log and complete this table: Description of task added or changed Why have you added or changed this task?

Show the Project log Display your project log. There must be an entry for every time you have worked on your project. For each entry you must say what you did and any problems you had to solve. If there is a deliverable for any entry (e.g. a Document or a new version of the plan) you must include the name and a working link to it. Use the Log to record communication with your client and the other stakeholders– giving the evidence…. See below


Show the communication between you and all the stakeholders Ensure all communication between stakeholders is shown. Refer to your stakeholders list to check all are included. Any emails you have sent / received to your client and other stakeholders must be an actual screen print clearly showing the data and time. Summarise all communication so far between you and the stakeholders as in this table: Stakeholder name(position) E.g. John Brown (Client) What has been discussed Have updated the last two copies of the project plan and emailed. Sent copies of the design document before the meeting. Telephoned to discuss the images required for the products screen. Link to copy of email Link to notes on the phone conversation

Show the Minutes of the Design meeting Show your Agenda and the Minutes of the meeting you had with you Client. You should have a list of actions from this meeting. These actions will be a list of changes to make to your Flash product. If you do not already have a document showing the changes you must make to the Flash product as a result of feedback from your client then complete this table: Points made by your client E.g. The overall colour scheme does not represent the business correctly. The action you must take now I will contact their marketing department to get the colour scheme that represents the company brand. I will then modify the Flash product so that these colours are used.

Project Folder structure and content You must show the Senior Managers your project folder structure and contents to ensure that all documents are created and maintained correctly. An example may look like this:



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