(1991) One Moment In Heaven

You can show off with your latest model of a BMW take me to your favorite golf club every Sunday afternoon You can treat me nice with color slides of your trips to Honolulu but fulfill that yearning, aching void inside your cold & empty heart, they'll never do (chorus)

2.) The Ambassador

1.) Life Is Deeper You can give me your phony smile & tell me you're alright You can even tell me you're satisfied with the way you drink away your nights You can tell me your stories of how happy you once were but a look into your eyes shows me that there's a deep desire in you for something more (Chorus:) Life is deeper, much deeper than some people confess That is why they all live in such a superficial mess There is more to, much more to life than people admit It is more than playing poker, drinking beer or watching football on your tv set You can give me your party life & pretend you're living high & I congratulate you for the different one you lay almost every other night You can call it relaxation or satisfaction of some kind But if that's what you call happiness, my friend, I really must confess you're far from right (chorus) (Bridge:) But you just wonder how I can believe in the hereafter & all my pleas for you to believe are met with cynical laughter But if eternity's an ocean then this life's just a tea spoon's portion of it all, friend, can't you see?

3.) My Melody You say you know me by the way I walk categorize me by the way I talk I'm just a gypsy beggar you can mock & that's alright with me You judge me by the way I sing my song & whisper to your friend, that note was wrong She answers, and his nose is much too long! What kind of freak is he? (Chorus:) But I Just sing you my melody a love song that could set your spirit free And even though perhaps you don't like me

just one or two minutes, couldn't you listen? Cause I don't wanna be the star of the show I just want one thing & that's let you know that there's Someone above you who loves you more than you know You say attention's what he's looking for Or, he's just after money, & that's all Why don't you tell him to get on the ball & go to work like we? And all the while you try to analyse how could you ever even realize that in my song a secret message lies how could you ever see? (Chorus)

5.) The Veil

4.) Country of the Damned

6.) One Moment In Heaven

7.) Love Doesn't Care What People Say I've got a feeling, an honest opinion an inner conviction to stand up for what's right For there have been times I listened to people caring too much what they'd call wrong or right Now set me free, Lord. Help me to be what You want me do be and not care what they say For I must be free, Lord. & know what I'm here for And see it through no matter what price I have to pay (Chorus :) Love doesn't care what people may say It just keeps on loving the one anyway Though thousands may try to toss you off the brink No, love doesn't carfe what people think Sometimes I doubt and sometimes I waver struggling to bring out the words on my heart No compromise, no truth mixed with lies will ever succeed to turn darkness to light Help me to be bold now. a messenger sold out on what I'm proclaiming wherever I go So I'll be a fighter, willing as a martyr to live and do die for the truth that I know ( Chorus ) Cause if you really love someone you're afraid of losing You'll tell them the truth even though if may hurt An honest foundation makes the best relations Keep sharing your heart with the world everyday

and (Am) that's when I (G) realized (C) I was feelin' (Dm) just so light and (F)hoverin' right a(Dm7) bove a nearby (Gs4) tree (G) (Am) I felt like (G) I could fly and (C) yelled, 'Hey, I (Dm) didn't die' though (F) no one heard me, (Dm) I just felt so (Gs4) free (G) (Chorus:) I was (Am/B) dead and am a(G/A)live again I was (Am/B) dead and am a(G/A)live again and when (F) I came back my (G) whole life was (Am/B) changed (Em/f#)...As I soared up into the evening sky suddenly I saw Some former loved ones who had passes away and left this World long ago They greeted me and told me not to be afraid or worry anymore as they led me through a passage of light beyond the tunnel I saw golden light, as bright as I had never seen A shiny City full of flowers of new colours, rolling hills of green As we drew nearer I was welcomed by a bright, angelic, shining Being and I felt such warmth and love I'd never known and (Am)...then, in a moment's time He showed me all my life and all I'd ever done, good, wrong or right I saw how I had failed and prayed, 'God if there's a way, please let me go back and start again!' (Chorus) (Em/f#)...Then, suddenly, to my amazement, I woke up back in the hospital Doctors around me had revived my body, which was feeling miserable But all the pain I felt could not begin to equal with the joy I felt That my life had begun to make sense Now for the first time in my whole life I could realize there was a plan and behind everything in life there is a reason and God's mighty hand and that our purpose here in life is just to learn to love our fellowman and yes, I now know there's a life after death And (Am)... I talked to all my friends about this experience Though they just laughed it off, time and again I know that it was real and so is the joy I feel I now have a mission to fulfill (Chorus)

8.) I WAS DEAD (Em/f#)I still remember it as clearly as if it happened (D)just today: (Em/f#)I was driven in my car when suddenly this truck rolled up a(D)cross my way, (Am)It was to late to brake, and all I could do was cry (G/A)out and pray & the (Am)next thing I re(C)member (D)was the (Em/f#)crash (Em/f#...)I somehow knew that I was dead, though I remember I was feelin' great Then I heard people scream and someone by the car wreck said, 'It is too late' when I looked over there to see what he meant I thought that (Em)I would faint, for the dead man lying on the ground was me

9.) To My Family When you were born you filled my life with joy on that cool autumn morn My little girl, my precious gift of love, you came, so sweet Your little eyes exploring all around you, always open wide Such lively eyes, intensely studying everything they'd see I sang & danced those first days of your life, holding you in my arms I still recall singing to you, rocking you to sleep Now time has passed & I've watched you learning how to walk & talk & now my love, you’re even learning how to write and read And someday soon you'll have grown up and maybe you will hear this song Remember that you’ll always be the girl that one day came from Heaven to me My little boy, red cheeks, big eyes, you're truly any father's joy Can laugh, can cry, & sometimes you don't know which of the two You grow so fast that when I've gone a few days I feel years have passed But even then you cuddle up, I'm still daddy to you you're showing me my weaknesses & strengths just like a mirror's glass for you reflect the love, the joy, the pain that we show you And yes, I know, together we will always be in heart & soul & though sometimes you're not with me, my son, you can be sure I'll always love you My little wife, mother of my children, partner of my life you hold me tight, assuring me each day & every night You're loving me, putting up with my faults & helping me I couldn't see where I would be without you today And if sometimes it got too hard to bear when things just weren't right I thank you now for that you stayed & stuck it out with me My faithful one, we've surely come a long way since our love began And I believe we'll always be a true family & now we wait for number three And yes, no matter what may come, whether ill, death or harm we'll sail through the storm & be safe His arms

10.) KING OF LOVE (Em) The streets are empty and you (Asus2) hear (Am) the wind blow (D) & whisper of forgotten (G/A) things you don't know (Em/f#)if there is something for you (Cmaj7) to be(Ds2/F#)lieve (Em/D) in (B7) if there is someone you can (C) still hold (D) on to So many years of your whole life seem wasted although of every cup of fame you've tasted but all those streams of pleasure have run dry now & leave you empty with a thirsty sigh, oh But there's a voice that whispers deep within you a voice of hope that cries, 'Let the light shine through! And let it chase all your dark clouds away & change your life into a (Em) sunny (E) day (Ch.:) Let Him (Am) in, let Him (D) in This is the (G) King of Love Who's (C) calling (B/G) (Am) Calling you to come (D) back into the (G) Country of the (Em) Free (E) Let Him (Am) in, let Him (D) in This is the (G) King of (F#/Dsus2) Love Who's (Em) calling (Am) Calling you to (D) come back to be (Gs4) free (G) So many people live in their own cages chains forged by their own hands in selfish rages Prisoners of their own desires & passions yet never really knowing satisfaction But there's a Man Who longs so hard to free them Who lived for love & died for you and me and rose again to set the captives free that we might live for all eternity (Ch.)

Buenos Aires, 1984

11.) Get On Board

13.) You Won't Ever Be The Same I had such a very broken heart, everything I dreamed fell apart couldn't find another start, oh no I, deep down inside was so alone, in spite of all the things owned kept on looking for a way back home Then I still clearly remember the day when the Son came into my life set me free from care & strife, turned my darkness to light and chased the dark clouds all away Now I won't ever be the same again my heart cracked open & love came Now want to tell the World & sing That all life’s reason is in loving Him Now you, I turn around & look at you because you're seeming just as blue as me before I was born anew You see, this love, isn't just for me but it can also set you free & lift your life into the heavenlies So why, why don't you Just give it a try? You hear him knocking at your heart He'll give your life another start, although you're torn apart And a love that will never die And you won't ever be the same again If you just open up & let Him in Then you'll want to tell the World & sing that all life's reason is in loving Him

12.) Where Will It Lead from Here

14.) The Day I know it's hard when you don't have a reason Nothing to live for, nothing to believe in everyday's struggle to just keep existing I know how it feels accuse I've been through the same thing But then one day a friend & I were talking about religious trips & groups, you know, kind of joking He told me about the People of Love then We met the next day to go & see them I still remember it, how the door opened Two arms flung around me, a smile, a warm welcome True songs of life were sung, words of love spoken

I was a lost sheep, my heart young & broken People bald hands & sang prayers before eating I knew that this was the love I'd been seeking & then they asked me if I would receive Him I didn't know but how could I resist Him (Chorus:) The day first believed in Him, I'll never forget it The day my new life did begin I'll never regret it The day I first believed in Him, the day I was born again Something inside me was suddenly changing And I came back almost every evening soon I quit dope, though at school friends were laughing Suddenly I knew my life had a meaning Never again I'd be tired of living Now I know all my mistakes are forgiven God fills with life every moment I'm breathing And I know I'm donna make it to heaven I know it's real & I really believe it It's nothing you must do, only receive it He’s knocking on your heart's door, of, can't you feel it If you just let Him in you'll be so glad for the day you first... (Chorus) (you'll never forget it....) (remember I said it...) (you'll never regret it...)

15.) Like a Soldier

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