Student Created SCIENCE FICTION WRITING RUBRIC Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four Knowledge

I found it difficult to follow I somewhat followed the I followed the correct text I followed the correct text form but and the correct format. correct text form (letter, form (science fiction story) also added my own style to the writin. Understanding persuasive argument, poetry) I did not write using Beginning, Middle and End Very interesting Introduction that - Organization paragraphs. is clear captures the readers interest. I did not separate my ideas into paragraphs - Paragraphs I used very little Elements of Science Fiction I used paragraphs well by stating the correctly. elements of science must be present (prediction main idea and supported my main fiction. for future, real science facts) idea well. I used some elements of I did not have a planner science fiction Story should have message that Not only did I have dialogue in my or organizer prior to deals with biodiversity. story, but I also used a narrarator very writing the story I had some narraration and well and added lots of detail and but did lack in describing I used paragraphs correctly. description. the events and details. Thinking I used ideas of others I used my SOME of my I used my own thinking I used my own thinking and pulled own thinking. (instead of using a story that ideas from other subjects I already know). (Biodiversity, Science). - ideas and I had few of my own Content ideas I had SOME ideas I had MANY ideas I had MANY creative ideas I somewhat described my ideas but my sentences I described my ideas, I described my ideas with lots of continue to be very simple. characters details, adjectives and examples. I did not describe my idea's I used my imagination. I used my imagination in a highly effective way. Communicatio I did not write I wrote with a little I wrote with expression. I wrote with several kids of n expressively. expression. expressions. 5 or less spelling errors. - Voice My sentences have 6 or more spelling or My sentences are clear and have proper punctuation some punctuation errors My sentences are clear and connecting words (but, and, so, however, nevertheless). - Word Choice of the time. have connecting words I used sentences without (but, and, so, however, any connecting words. nevertheless) 3 or less errors - Conventions I checked my spelling but did not fix. I have many errors. I read over my work once - use quotations; Interesting My writing is fluent and easy to read - Sentence or twice by others. beginning ; contrast and Fluency I repeated myself and my compare words were present ideas. I repeated the same idea. I used contrast and comparing words I read over my work many in a highly effective way to add to the story.. many times. I did not repeat myself


Limited connection to myI connected my ideas and I connected my ideas to real I connected my ideas to real life ideas to a real life gave some examples that life examples. examples from school and home that example. were realistic. specifically related to biodiversity and - Ideas and environment. Content I gave good examples to (transfer and I did not questioned I gave examples to demonstrate my ideas. connection) ideas that I did not agree demonstrate my own I questioned ideas that I did not agree wit feelings about what I am I connected my ideas other with and explained why with detail and writing about. gave a convincing argument. people’s ideas. I put some effort and confidence in my writing I put some effort and Three or more real facts that I gave more than one point of view but I could have re-read confidence in my writing applies to what is going on through my characters the writing again. but had some trouble in our world right now connecting my writing to I used 1 or less real facts our science unit. I used pertaining to biodiversity. only 1 or 2 real facts

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