Demon Let Loose Chapter 1:Beginning of the End

Ok, my name is Tsukiko S. I can't really tell you my last name, but you might find out in the story. I have white, long hair, red eyes, some people says it's gothic clothes, but I call them my regular clothes, large fangs and I my right demon arm that I was born with. Well with that information, I blew some some of the surprise away. I'm a half demon or devil, which ever you want to call it, and half human. My father is the ruler of the demonotic world or a easier term, hell. He fell in love with a beautiful human, which was my mom by the way, and they got married.My mom was the most beautiful, kind, and the most gentle person in the cruel world, and she couldn't even hurt a fly. Even though if the fly is trying to hurt her. My mother died from a sickness when I was a little baby and my father is unknown to me. I only found out about him in a diary my mother left. Surprisingly my father never told my mother he was a demon and he was ruler of evil itself and she some how, found out who he was. Maybe she drunk him out of it. I will never know. Anyway, I grew up on my own, living and surviving by myself. I was always good at combat and when I was little, I was attack many times by demon who wanted my soul or blood and I had to fend for myself. I didn't know what they were talking about when I was little, so ignore them most of the time. I sometimes ran away when the attacker was too large. I learned how to use a gun, a sword and basically any other weapons. Don't ask me how I got it the other weapons. It was difficult and dangerous, not to mention that there were lions chasing me in some rich person's yard. I inherited 2 silver gun with the initeral of D.L, a giant sword with a skull on the handle and other design on the sword, and a golden pocket watch with different kinds of jewels ingraved in it. When I was 18, I started business. It's a guarding, protecting, delivering, finding or killing job, or should I say

jobs. It wasn't bad, nor was it good. Nor happy or sad. I do what I got to do for money. Hey, who said the world was a easy and nice place. The world only chew you up and spit you back out. Or in my case, a world that is trying to steal my soul and blood because I'm the Demon Lord's daughter. Besides, there are dogs eating dogs, cats eating cats, goldfishes eating goldfishes, and even chickens eating chickens. It's not pretty sight, trust me, I've seen it. Well, let start with normal day, well at least as normal as it gets for me. Before I start, I just want to tell you, it is not a about me thing. If you think that, I will kill you. ANYWAY..... I was leaning my chair backward with both my feet on my desk and a book on my face, sleeping. My office or should you call it a building was a mess. There were empty pizza boxes, empty ice cream cup, chicken bones, and other undiscribable things. I was having a wonderful dream at a wonderfully hot day. Until SHE showed up. She is the most annoying, she-devil person in the entire world. And she is my part-time partner on some of my jobs/missions. Her name is Amaya. And here comes the roar of the shedevil. "WAKE UP YOU NO GOOD SLEEPING HEAD!!!" she practically screamed in my ears. Which caused me to jump up out of my seat and fall and hit my head. "Damn it! Why do you always scream in my ears. Why can't you wake me up like a normal person!?! You know that I was in the middle of a good dream and you just have to ruin it for me!!! What the hell are you doing here anyway?!?!"I yelled at her. I rub the the spot where there was a bump on my head. Not the smallest bump in the world, that's all I can tell you. Oww!!!! "What is the only reason I come to this dump anyway?"she said, folding her arms. I sighed. " All the missions you give me is dangerous and sometimes almost killing me."I said getting up and yawning. "Well excuse me?! I only do what I am told. To find mission for you to earn some cash.

Since you don't want it, I guess I'll do myself." she said, turning away. " Well I guess I could use the extra 30 GRAND." "Wait! Fine, what is it?" I sighed in defeat. One thing I hate is getting or amitting defeat...and wearing frilly dresses or any kind of dresses. She gave me a note and I read it. I looked back at her. "So, at I have to do is to fine this demon who is stalking out with the mayor's daughter and kill it. Easy enough." I said with confidence. "Do you really think they are going to give you 30,000 dollars to kill one lozy demon. You have to kill all 8 or so demons that is there. And look closely at the bottom of the page." she said. I looked and my face changed from happy to horrified. It said:The person who is handing this to you will be going with you. Thank you for your cooperation. I stared back at her with the face "You have got to be kidding me." Amaya just shrugged. "That's what it got to be. Hey, I don't make the decisions, the mayor do." I walked to the closet behind me and took out a pool stick and walked toward her slowly with a evil grin. She stared at me with a horrfied face. "Wh...What are you going to do with that?" "What are you think I'm going to do?" I questioned back. Payback time. Revenge. Mha-ha-ha-ha-ha. "Um...Not going to hit me with the stick?"She smiled scardly and sheepishly. Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. "Buzzz!!! Wrong answer, now you get double what you already get."I said and laughed. Here comes the one who is going to give you a makeover. ~At the town of Bathony~ I got off my motorcycle and Amaya got off hers. I removed my helmet and when she removed hers, her head had bump over another bump and so forth. She desevered it. She knows how I hate teaming up with her. And how much her talking had done to me. She even talk loudly when we were about to sneak up to a giant demon. I sadly got stabbed close to the heart several times. But never died for some reason from being part demon. Anyway, I took off my giant sword and put it on the strap on

my back. I loaded up both my silver guns and put it in my jacket. We went up the stairs to reach the door. I wasn't small steps to tell you that. I rang the door bell and a maid answered. "Excuse me, we are here for the mayor and I'm from Demon Let Loose."I said to her and she led me to the living room. I whistled at the decoration and the design that make up the living room. What a expinsive room. Then, the mayor of Bathony came down the grand stairs. "Ah, welcome, welcome! I hope this town have been pleasent to you." he said with a smile. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let's just get to business. You sent a letter saying that your daughter has been stalked by what you know, demons."I said directly. His smile turned upside down just as I mentioned it."Yes, you are correct. Numerous of Demons has been stalking my daughter. Please take care of these investation. I'm begging you for my daughter's safety."he said desperatly. "Fine, but I will need the deposit for job of guarding your daughter." I said, holding my hand out. He handed me a small breifcase. I place it on the glass table and open both side of the latches. I looked through it, just in case it is a fake and quickly closed it. "It seems it is all here. So, would you care to explain to me how and when this started or happen?" "Oh,yes. Very good."he stuttered and sat down on the couch. I did the same on the oppisite couch and Amaya just stood behind me. "Anyway one day,my daughter and I went walking in the park and suddenly we shadows and from the shadows were big red eyes staring at us with blood-lusting eyes. We ran after that. The next time my daughter went out and she was walking home late at night, giant thing that was not human. It had a pair of big yellow eyes, it had blades as arms, one of the leg was a blade, and it's face was not human."he said terrifingly. "How long have this been going on?"I asked him borely. "Um...about a week or so. Please kill these monsters. My daughter is so terrified that she refuse to leave the house anymore."he pleaded.

"Alright. Hey, Amaya! What do you think? Is it a demon situation,"I asked, leaning back my head to look at her with a smirk. "I think it is. I also think it's killing time."she said, taking out her bag, a machine gun and also smiling. I turn my head back to the terrified mayor. "Mayor, just consider the demons good as dead. Oh, I hope you get the payment ready. I'll be collecting it later in the evening. For now, I need your daughter to be out of the house."I said to him. "I can't kill any demons if I don't find any."I said to him. "I am not letting my daughter in this mess." he yelled standing up firmly. I just smirk at his courage. He even raise his tone at me, a demon, well half demon like myself. Hey, don't you think I'm weak, a half demon can do as much damage as a pure blooded one. But there is a excepting to that, you can be stronger if you are the offspring of the demon king himself. " Your daughter is already in it. You can use your daughter as bait with the slight chance that she might be killed or not as bait and the whole town will be the food of the demons and the whole will be killed, including you." I said firmly and still have a smirk on my face. On his face showed different emotion like there was a conflict in his head. Then, his face showed the defeat. Oh, how I love winning. "Fine."He said sadly. "Great." I said boredly. "We'll start tonight at about...when the sun goes down." I got up and headed for the door. Amaya just followed obediently. When my hand reached the door handle, I turn to the sad mayor. "If you need me until that time, just give me a shout out. For the time being, I'll be looking around the town. Anyway, how many demons you say there was in this town?" "Ei...Eight."he stuttered, looking down on the floor, ashamed at putting his daughter in more danger. "Got'cha. I'll be on it. Have a great evening." I said, waving good bye with my back facing toward him. I got on my bike and put on my helmet. I rode to a empty

bar/buffet. Sadly, Amaya had to follow me here. Why can't I get away from her?! What have I done to upset karma (A/N change karma to God)?!? So sad I don't believe in it, I think that's my undoing. Anyway I walked up to the bar and sat down. Again,...Amaya just have to sit next to me. She is really temping me to take out my gun a shoot her head or take my sword and cut her head off. But, she does have a shotgun with her too... and I'm not planning to get hurt until after the mission is over. "What can I get you, little lady?" the bartender asked. "A pepperoni pizza."I replied. He got to work after that. "Hey," the bartender asked."Your new here right?" "Yeah, I'm just in town for visiting. I'll be out of town after I'm finish." "I suggest you to get yor pertty little face out of here soon." "Why is that?" "Demons are in town. They aren't the perttiest bunch here." "Oh, they are? Would you care to tell me more at where the demons are located?" Please help me. I'm dying of being sick over here. I mean gag! Why am I even talking to this country hill billy? Oh well, I really need the information in where the damn demons are, so I can get the heck out of this place. "Well I reckon that they show up in the ally ways and at the park at night....Oh! People say that they show up in the abandon building at the outskirts of town." "Oh really."I said with intrest. Jackpot! Now don't have to bring the girl and indanger her and now I won't have to babysit. I quickly finished the pizza. My best record, eating a large pepperoni in 1 minute flat. I quickly took my giant sword of the bar table and put the strap over my shoulder. I quickly walked out the door and to my motorcycle, leaving Amaya sitting there, drinking liquor and staring at me making my escape. I got on my motorcycle quickly and drove to the abandon building, which is located at the outskirt of town. Ok, I've reached to the abandon building WITHOUT Amaya tailing me everywhere I go. Thank goodness. I got off my bike and loaded

both my guns. I place them in my coat pocket and walked toward the dark, creepy, squeaky, abandoned building. I heard a noise and I put my hand in my pocket and held the gun. I looked at the allyway of the building. There came out a half black and half white dog. It walked to me and stopped in front of me. I squat down and petted him, then I nptice something. "Who would of known? That a cute, little dog could be a demon. Ha. I don't think that was one of the demon who is out to get the mayor's daughter." I said to myself out loud. The demon dog just whined and looked at me. I place a collar and a chained leash on it. It just looked at me with excitment.I walked into the building and up the stairs. I looked around to find a vacant, dusty room. The room smelled weird. It smelt of .... dried blood and death. I walked over to a closet door and I found...dried blood, skin only covering bones body. There were about a dozen or so in there. I smirked and laughed. This is the best they can do on hiding a dead body. Pathetic. Absoulutly pathetic. I turn away from the closet. "Why don't you come on out and play with me? Hiding will do you no good. I'll rather enjoy killing one at a time instead of burning this place down to the ground. But if I'm force to, I will do such that." I yelled in the vacant room. Then, dark smoke began to rise from the crack of the floorboard and they formed the demons of the description that the mayor told me. Ugly monsters with long blades as arms, big yellow eyes, and one giant blade as a leg. A perfect description. "Are you the daughter of the Demon Lord, Daimon?"one of the demon asked. "You are correct on the part where I'm the Demon Lord's daughter, but who the heck is Daimon? Is that the name that my father refers to himself?"I asked. "If you are the daughter of the Demon Lord, we must take your blood."they said. "Yeah, yeah,yeah. Whatever. Who cares? I heard that a million of times. Please save it for somebody else. Just skip to the fighting." "Very well, if you are so eager to die." I just rolled my eyes. I took out one of my guns and shot each one of them until one demon was left. "Talk and I might consider letting you go. Where is the eighth demon at?" "Your holding the leash of it." My eyes widen. I looked at the dog and the eyes of the demon dog turned red. It spitted out fire at the last remaining demon and it burned, as I watched. It spitted out fire at the rest of the bodies of the demon. We quickly got out of the building and watch the building burn to the ground slowly. I squatted down next the dog and scratched his head. "Hey, I got a question? Where you one of the demons that were following the mayor's daughter? Or were you just lumped with the rest

of them? Oh, what's your name?" The dog was looked at the burning building when saying this. "My name is Spirits. I was only seen fighting with them, so I was lumped in with the other demons following the mayor's daughter. I have a request?" "Yes?" "May I be a loyal servant of yours?" I sighed. "Fine. From now on, your life belongs to me and you will live the rest of your life with me. And blah...blah blah...blah blah...blah blah."I smiled at Spirits and he manage to see it at the corner of his eyes. He gave his own toothy grin. We are back at the office and I got my 30 grand. What I'm currntly doing is sleeping with my boots on my desk, leaning my chair back, arms behind my head, and book on top of my face. Spirits is sleeping on the floor next to me, never leaving my side. Seriously, he follows me everywhere. Again, the she-devil comes in barging in through the door. "WAKE UP YOU NO GOOD DEMON!!!,"she practically screamed. I lift the book of my face and looked at her. "Spirits, please dispose of Amaya out the door for me." I commanded. He got up from where he slept and streched. "Yes,milady."His fangs grew longer and sharper. He barred his teeth and claws came out. "You wouldn't dare."she said, glaring at me. "Wouldn't I? Attack."I said smirking. She ran out of the double door with Spirits chasing her and I am left in peace. I place the book back on my face and went back to sleep.

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