2) Donut

Things the (G) purpose of which seems hard to (D) comprehend But that’s where (Em) faith comes in (C) Where we end (Am7) God begins (Ds4) (Ch.) (Em) I know, all things will work (C) out for good for those who (G) love the One (D) (Em) Who has made all (C) things in love, Who beckons (Am7) us to come, To come in(C)to His arms The dance has (D) just begun

1.) First Day (D) Good morning, God's child it’s (A) time to rise, yeah, (Em) this is the first day of the (G) rest of your (A) life What your (D) hand finds to do, do it (A) with all your might Cause (Em) this is the first day - (G) of the (A) rest of your (D) life (A-Em-G-A-) Good morning, God's child, rise & shine there's no time to lose, no time to murmur or whine the path of victory is yours, it’s yours to choose So, good morning, God's child; it's time to rise & shine Pick your feet up & leave your burdens behind Yeah, this is the journey to the rest of your life Though a steep path ahead & many hurdles you’ll find Child, this is the first day… Do what you can but don’t push too hard No, don’t worry & let go & let God finish all of the good in your life that He started just take the first step on the rest of your march

3.) Relax Re(E)lax, you didn't miss (C#m) anything it's not like the (A) place you've been was cut off from (B) everything Relax, you're right where you're meant to be even if that's not what you see you've just got to have trust in Me Every(G#m7)body else seems to have so much (F#m7) more fun than you do And you (A) tend to feel as maybe I've for(E)gotten about (B) you But the place I chose for you is one where I can draw you close to Me And if (A) you would only let Me show you, (B) you would clearly see: (Ch.) Some other place than this, you think, it all would be alright It wouldn't be such a fight & there's be no more lonely nights But right here is where I've ordained to be the place for you to come that I am all you ever needed, all you could ever dream & want (Br.:) (As2) Let go & let (B) Me Be all you want to see And I guarantee That (F#m7) you'll be happy in the end for (As2) having trusted (B) in My hand (Ch.)

2.) Everything Belongs Everything be(G)longs, everything must (Em/G)be Everything be(C)longs, everything will (Ds4) be the way it ought to (G) be Everything must (Em) change, we’re not here to (C) stay Everything must (Am7) grow, what has come must (Ds4) go, move from A to (G) B (Em) There are things that don’t seem to (C) make any sense

4.) Donut Gee, this treadmill’s not for me Free’s what I was meant to be

July ‘06

that I do or say Blue, blue is the feeling we get when we don't stick to the truth The color I dream in when the words of his lips are so smooth Distoring the things that you see in your mind when you paint it black I fight to win, won't you please be so kind & come back, come on back Blue, blue's when he's dealing another blow to me & you sending us reeling don't you want to win this fight, too? I never promised a fight without scars but if you hold on you'll shine like a star Blue is the ceiling but the sky's just the ground floor of New Jerusalem's healing Baby, that's what we're heading for Into the blue with a new meaning all we lost will be our gain It's true, come with us into the blue

Bono says, “What can we do To free the world from poverty?” I would ask, “what can we do To free the rich from their misery?” Cast your jewels into the river, Watch them sparkle, watch them glitter In colors you have never seen Aaah, stop making such a fuss! Less is sometimes more, More sometimes less Jesus didn’t have a church, a house, no place to lay his head So why do we all think We need a golden king size feather bed? Go on, build your barns & make them bigger for your 15-digit figures you must leave here when you’re gone Gone. Thanks, Bill Gates, for what you’ve done! You could even make a tiny contribution For this song! I don’t have to envy you As I’m sure you don’t envy me After all, we’re all in the same boat, Big Brother, you & me Except I won’t have to stoop as low To get back to reality The reality that happiness Is merely the ability To enjoy things that money just won’t buy A chirping bird, a sunny sky, To see the donut, not the hole

6.) Enneagram Rap I'm ONE - having fun's not what life's about for me I need perfection, every section of my life is squeaky clean Like St.Paul & Martin Luther at the core I'm a reformer I'm a teacher, preacher, innovative pioneer & explorer I'm a TWO, and for me, nothing matters quite like you I need someone in my life to dedicate my passion to Helping others - sisters, brothers, is what I'll most gladly do Because all you need is love & to be loved & needed, too I'm a THREE, I'm a THREE, and a winner I will be nothing less than success is gonna cut the cake for me I don't have much time for failures nor for losers or for wailers I won't stop, close the shop, before I have reached the top (Chorus:) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 distinguished kinds of human personalities, made in God's design

5.) Blue Blue, blue is a feeling a feeling I get thinking of you the color I see in when I think of the things that you do Believing the lies Lucy tells you 'bout me along with his green-eyed friend, Jealousy Accusing & blaming & twisting the things

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - if you can figure out yours I'll tell you mine I'm a FOUR, and what's more, I am different, that's the score to be anything but ordinary's what I'm striving for to stick out from all the others, I will dress in different colors because beauty is what's gonna save the world, & not your dollars I'm a FIVE and I jive with those who let me live my life In the castle that's my home I prefer to be alone Unless you will let me mind my business and will mind your own To collecting things and hoarding knowledge I am rather prone I'm a SIX, just a SIX - your old average people mix I will play along the game as long as by the rules you stick You don't really need to praise me or tell me that I'm amazing 'cause I fear that's just a game you play to rig things up your way (Chorus) I'm a SEVEN, and to me, life is pretty close to heaven I enjoy myself, & I would like to keep it up, so never let me in on all the ugly things out there, cause that's not clever Just don't worry and be happy & don't spoil the party, ever! I'm an EIGHT, I'm the boss & give you hell if you're too late I will even pick a fight with you, if that is what it takes If you're weak I will protect you, if you're strong I will respect you But provokoing me is something you might easily regret I'm a NINE, and I'm fine, even if I lag behind I don't need to be the greatest, I prefer to just be kind Ambition, competition & endeavor's not my mission I'd prefer to bring you peace & like to help you catch that vision (Chorus 2x)

7.) Straight to Me Straight to Me’s where I want you to run, want you to come To find the answers that you seek Straight to Me’s where I want you to fly, to send your cry Find everything you need I’m always right here for you to come, for you to run to To give you all you can receive I will always answer your requests, yes, everyone As much as you believe Here with Me you will be be Safe, protected from all harm, Sincerely loved and cared for Here inside My loving arms You’ll find true love forevermore (Rep. Song)

8.) THERE Ds2-B/Ds2-C6-G There – there goes a real queen One who’s got everything that a man would want From the woman he loves There – there walks the real thing No matter how small she seems against those big shot imitations on your TV screens Where are all those beauty queens when you’re a man in need Of just a little bit of love You can touch indeed (Br.:) C6-G-Ds2-B/Ds2 In this whole world I have found nothing better ever True beauty beats all those clowns who think they’re so clever She chased away all my frowns with her smile – Forever I’m gonna sing it out (Em) loud, you’re a (A7) taste of heaven (rep. whole song & first 2 verses) There goes the real thing

Babe, you’re a real queen Ds2-B/Ds2-C6-G-Ds2-C6-G-A7… Girl, you’re so much better than their pomp & their lies Everyday I thank my Creator for you opened up my eyes And if I’d write a million letters how could I ever deny That baby, He put us together, He’s the Cause for you & I You & I, Babe Cause you are my real thing The one who’s got everything That a man would want from the woman he loves When you’ve declared war on the enemies of life You’ll know that life’s more than what they take with bullets or with knives You’ll face the dawn when your last hour on earth will have arrived And you’ll go on as the victor over all of the enemies of life (Chorus) (First verse) …on the enemies of truth (3x)

10.) Rock Bottom Club 9.) Enemies of Truth When (Bm7) you’ve declared war on the (En7) enemies of truth You’ll find the ride rough, turbulent and (Bm7) anything but smooth You’ll face one huge, tough Goliath, stout & (Em7) armed to his last tooth But life ain’t (Cmaj7) life until you’ve declared (G) war (As2) on the enemies of (Bm7) truth When you’ve declared war on the enemies of love You’ll walk a rough trail that you won’t make with no help from above They’ll try to tear you down, destroy you, make you scream “I’ve had enough” But life ain’t life until you’ve declared war on the enemies of love (Chorus:) (Em) Bring truth and love, instead of (Cmaj7) hatred and their (Bm7) lies Replace bondage with freedom, open up their blinded eyes Shatter illusions & expose the foe’s disguise And you’ll see (Cmaj7) God’s new world (Em7) finally a(Bm7)rise When you’ve declared war on the enemies of peace You’ll find the first hill to tackle’s to make your own hatred cease For only then will God’s full awesome power be released Life ain’t life until you’ve declared war on the enemies of peace It was one of those times when you don't seem much like you're ever gonna amount to anthing much when I came to a sign, "Welcome to Rock Bottom Club!" and it sounded like home, so I went to check it out There was a friendly bar-keep', smile from his toes to his head and with eyes likle he knew every trouble I've had He said, "Sit yourself down, have a cup of New Wine," and with a wink and a grin at the old sign said, "Welcome to Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom the point from which the only way to go's up Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom you're never closer to this joint than when you're near the top Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom Welcome to Rock Bottom Club! As I drank in my New Wine a sound filled my ears made me forget pretty soon about my troubles and fears Just then the keep' came again, I think his name was Josh He said, "You look just like you heart could use a good wash." Said, "If you wanna go somewhere, want to leave a mark, then Rock Bottom is really the place to start When there's no other way that you can go but up you can be pretty sure some day you'll reach the top

But if you ever get dizzy from those heights up there, just remember, young man, I'll always be right here and if you happen to stumble and fall again I'll be happy to welcome you back, my friend, at Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom the point from which the only way to go's up Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom you're never closer to this joint than when you're near the top Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom Welcome to Rock Bottom Club! Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom… (Rep. Choprus)

Calculations and equations till your head starts to ache? Uh-uh! Follow God! Mystifying speculation, mind-rotations till late? I’d say, you gotta see God! (Chorus) (rep. last line)

12.) Fall In Love In My Dreams It's 6 A.M., woke up crying again from a dream I wish I'd never had They say dreams aren't real, but the sadness I feel must be more than some ghost in my head Tell me you were never there & I'll forget you forever, girl, but promise me you won't come back cause this wasn't the first time you had me wake up cryin' and I don't think I can handle this yet (Chorus:) Let me die in my sleep! Don't wake me up from this dream Of all the fools in this world why must I be the one to fall in love in my dreams? Let me die in your arms Is this more than it seems? But girl, please don't be gone when I wake up alone just in love with a dream Mysteries have come and more mysteries have gone but did you have to be one of them? I lie awake with your face in my head and I still feel your touch & think, "Damn!" I'm cryin' my heart out & pray I'm not too loud This ain't somethin' I could explain If I see you in paradise then that's where my heart lies Only tell me I'll see you again (Chorus) (3rd Chorus:) I fall in love in my dreams and as mad as it seems Don't know where, don't know when but I believe in the end you'll be coming for me This life's not all there is that's something I can now see

11.) Follow God

For God’s sake, follow God ‘cause we’re just gonna have to trust Him, it has come to that For God’s sake, you’ve gotta see God No use in tryin’ to figure it all out in your own head That’s right, you heard what I said: You gotta see God, for God’s sake, follow God! For God’s sake, follow God ‘cause in the end we’re gonna find out we’re not all that smart It’s true, you gotta see God His signs are everywhere to see for open minds and hearts You wanna get it right from the start? You gotta see God, for God’s sake, follow God! (1st verse:) What’s the first thing you should do when you get stuck? Pray! – You gotta see God! Who do you turn to when it seems like you just ran out of luck? For God’s sake, follow God! Who’s the only One Who really knows what’s up? Hey, you gotta see God! (Chorus) For our mission, blind ambition’s not quite what it takes No way! You gotta see God!

And well, if that's what it takes to make hearts of stone break, let it be, let it be Yes, if that's what it takes, come again and make me fall in love in my dreams 13.) MOUNTAIN Let's (G) go, My friend, climb that mountain with Me we're gonna (F) sing & dance for e(C)ternity This trail we're on may be quite rough & steep but as you start to walk, I'll give you all that you need: (A#s2) Strength to (F) climb when you feel (C) weak (G) And the faith to make it up to that golden (A) peak (D-C-G…) Come on, My friend, climb this mountain with Me, this is the mountain which before you couldn't see when you were so distracted by comfort & ease that you forgot to show people the way to be free Now you know you're going somewhere Step by step toward that crown up there

and live (Ch.:) (As2) Wake up, it's time to stop drifting & (Em) reach up for the top (As2) Wake up, it's time to start living for (Em) real, not for the mob (As2) Wake up it's time to know that you can be (Em) healed, you can be (Cmaj7) freed from the ad(As2)diction to this lie that you have (Em) lived Ladies & Gentlemen, let me most humbly present the One Who paid the price to set you free Condemned, executed & tortured to death in a place named Calvary that was a thing He did for you and me that was the thing He'd come to do and be the Savior-Scapegoat of humanity that we should wake up and live (Ch. 2x)

15.) I Give It All To You My ambitions, pre-conceived ideas & notions & desires - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My possessions, attitudes, my self-deceptions & my lies - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My reputation, situation, sense of duty to this world - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My own will, my selfishness, my independence & my girl - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) Because You said, "Whosoever he be of you that won't give up all that he has" Because You said, "Whosoever he be of you that won't give up all that he has he cannot be My disciple" My perception, all I think I know and all I have been told - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My expectations of what life is gonna hand me when I'm old - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My illusions & confusions rainbow-castles & delusions - give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My position, superstitions, fears and secret inhibitions - give'em all to You, - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) My opinions & dominions, ghosts & phantoms of the past - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You!

14.) Wake Up (Em) Look at those junkies, hooked to the lie they’d better (Cmaj7) wake up before they (As2) die without even having (Em) lived look (Cmaj7) up to the sky, your re(As2)demption is nigh if you are (Em) bold enough to live (Cmaj7) brave enough to receive the light, want to be (As2) saved from the deceit & lies & think it's (Cmaj7) time to open up our eyes think you should (As2) wake up & (Em) live (Em) Maybe the darkness was all of the light you have (Cmaj7) known for all your (As2) lives, but you've merely been de(Em)ceived There (Camj7) is such a thing as the (As2) truth and the right thing to (Em) do if you believe have got the (Cmaj7) courage to receive the guts to (As2) work on this with me the urge to (Cmaj7) break out of your trance & sleep, think you should (Asus2) wake up

Any riches and material things that aren't gonna last - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! All my plans, my past, my present, future, both my life and death - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! Anything You'd ever ask for, both, my tears and happiness - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) ..."My disciple... My Disciple"

There's a (D) mighty harvest (A) out there no one's (Bm) reaping (G) there's a (D) big job waiting (A) no one wants to (Em) do (G) And I sometimes think that I can hear Him weeping 'cause the ones who care for others are so few So the (Bm) next time that old (A) loneliness comes (Em) creeping (G) Just be(Bm)lieve with all your (A) heart that this is (G) true: (Ch.)

16.) God Needs You (capo 3rd) Don't you (C) sometimes feel the need to (G) prove that you can (Am) make (F) it in this (C) lost & lonely (G) world, all on your (Dm7) own? (F) And then sometimes you might even try to fake it and pretend that all you need is brains & brawn But when the (Am) storms of life tear (G) down your house & (Dm7) shake it (F) (Am) wouldn't it be nice to (G) know you're not a(F)lone? You don't (Am) have to be a (G) self-made fool you don't (Dm7) need to show off all (F) you can do there's (Am) really no point that you've (G) got to prove, brother (F) I've got news for (G) you: (C) God (G) needs (Am) you (F) to (C) do what you a(G)lone were meant to (Dm7) do (F) to play that part in His big plan that He knows no one else but you can, to love Him and to know you need Him, too So, when it all comes down to it, remember you're worth, every bit because (Am) God (G) needs (C) you Do you sometimes feel like everybody's watching? And just waiting for the moment you will fall? But then you're not the only one nobody's touching and there's many who feel no one cares at all If you realize there's many others searching Why not turn around & tune in to their call? It's time to take note you're not alone out there there are hungry souls like you everywhere they're just waiting for you to break out & share & to show them someone cares (Ch.)

17.) The Enemy Is Freakin' Out (Chorus:) The Enemy is freakin' out! He's going mad without a doubt He's pulling all his big guns out But there's nothing he can do he's just a raging fool and we're gonna stand our ground "Lucy in the sky" has gone electric: he's panicking and freaking out right now The battle got intense and rather hectic Won't be long till Jesus knocks him out (Chorus) Everytime the Devil pulls a smart one & thinks he's gonna score a point this time he finds himself out-smarted, licked & out-gunned So he'll just throw a fit & scream & whine (Ch.) (Bridge:) Old (Asus2) Satan't just a bluff & not a (D) real threat Intimidation's what he's all about He may pretend he's really quite some (Bm) big cat (G) But (Em) when God's hounds come, (A) he'll just run & (D) shout (Chorus)

18.) The Bible Says...

19. Big Easy

20. Desnudo Puedes decirme tu quien yo soy? De donde vengo y a donde voy? Puedes decirme tu que hago aqui? Si hay una razon de existir para mi? Llamando al cielo, habla tierra aquí Que veo aca es un susto para mi lo que escucho son mentiras y cuentos sin fin Ché, Dios, no puede ser que sigan siempre asi Hay un payazo en la téle jugando rey Que dice sus palabras desde hoy son ley Mas yo no quiero mas que paz, mañana y hoy Y sin verdad, dispuesto a vivir no estoy
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No aguanto mas sólo sobrevivir Preciso nuevos mundos pa descubrir Debo saber a donde debo ir Sin que me digan como me tengo que vestir (Ch.:) Desnudo llegué a éste mundo y desnudo me iré Lo unico que cuenta es el segundo y vivir cada uno antes de que se fué

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