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You’ve all been fast asleep too long,

(2003) Standard Of Love repeating all the same old songs

On your pews on Sunday morning,
you despised to heed the warning
You preferred to keep on yawning,
refused to see the new day dawning
Truth, the light & I repeat:
Now you’ll have to face the heat

Killed the prophets through the ages,

persecute the wise & sages
Burned a million sacred pages,
locked your pupils up in cages
There’s no war you wouldn’t wage
to try to blot out in your rage
The truth, the light & I repeat: Now you’ll ...

“Rich man, yeah! But pauper? No!”

That’s the way you chose to go
1.) Anymore
Soon you’ll feel the mortal blow
of one who’ll reap what they have sown
Times all I dreamed of was finding
A better way you once were shown
Just a small trace of human touch
but refused and even so, Truth ...
Voices around would remind me
I always expect to much
Where did those sweet times go Will there be a second chance
after you’ll have paid the dance?
That you & I used to know
Or will you settle for romance
Where did all our minds go
with predition’s evil prince
That` s one thing God only knows
& Reap the harvest of your sins?
(Chorus:) But I can’t wait in silence anymore Babylon, please take the hint! Truth ...
I run from my island to your door
3.) I Don’t Know
Now those times left behind me
Are lessons learned no more
(Chorus:) I don’t know. Why can’t I just be smart
And I think I may find me
& let go?
A much brighter way to go
No more sleepy dreamin` The faster you’ll learn that you don’t know,
the better off you’ll be, so, be smart & say I don’t
Of what is & could not be
No more smoke and steamin` know
Well, that`s, at least no more for me I don’t know, tomorrow’s in the hands of God
The faster you’ll that there’s no need to worry,
the happier you’ll be, so, just let go.
You gave me faith when all was lost
You taught my eyes to see Who among you can add one single day to your
Just bein’ next to you`s the perfect thing for me lives by what you know
It’s easy to say Hey, folks, I know the way
But the wiser man will just say I don’t know
2.) Blind Guides
Don’t be like the man who crossed the frozen
river on hands & knees, so slow
(Chorus:) Blind, oh, blind guides of the blind
When, all of a sudden, behind him came rattling
deep is the ditch you’ll both wind up in
A team of horses, pulling a heavy load
Truth you won’t find in the closed
rejecting mode your mind’s in
4.) Do You Come into the light of love that’s gonna kindle
your heart
When you sheer collapse under the weight that’s Come to da Poppa, you know He’s loved you right
on your back from the start
& you’re feelin’ trapped & like you’re runnin’ outta (Chorus) (Bridge:) Come on back to shine
luck He`ll make your whole
close your eyes, world rhyme
call on Me & you`ll be alright Just say I’ll be Thine, for you are, you are
When you’re feelin` strong, that’s not when I got
through to you
Please, don’t get me wrong, I want you to enjoy 6.) Fiery Eyes
life like I do
It’s true, I’ve been with you all along Woman, let me forget myself in your fiery eyes
I’m your song You came into my life, such a sweet surprise
Your soft & slender body, tough spirit but broken
Please, bear with me, darling, just like I will bear hearted
with you You gave me more than un poco de amor
Are we just getting started or are we almost
through? Woman, let me refresh myself at your tender lips
Wrong or right? My happiness lies in every move of your
- Please, not tonight! fingertips
there`s gotta be something so much better to do I long for your sweet caress, the taste of your
gentle breast
(Chorus:) Please, tell me you remember (how I Baby, to me you` re a princess
kept you warm at night)
(Do you?) Tell me, can you remember (that I love (Bridge:) Angel on fire, don`t look so disheartened
you, wrong or right) as if our ways had already parted
(Do you?) Do you ever remember, do you? Woman in love, there`s nowhere I`d rather be
(Tell me, do you remember, do you?) Than right here with you on your bed reminding
Do you want me to stop? Should I just pack my Of the love, my Creator has for me (1st line)
things & go
But you don`t wanna talk, so there`s some things Make me regret the times when I lived in lies
I`ll never know Sweetest of all my treasures,
Should I just keep on gessin` what`s wrong with c`mon my queen of pleasure
you? You give me more than un poco de amor
I just think there should be something better to do (Repeat 1st line 4x)
(Chorus 2x)

7.) You (Living God)

5.) Come To Da Poppa Oh You are my sunshine, you are my life

(Rap:) Oh, You give me comfort from all my strife
You enlighten my hours, both, day & night
//: Come to da Poppa man, come to da Poppa :// You’ve wiped away all of those tears from my
(2x) eyes
Come to da Poppa, you’ll see things aren`t really -- You are a rainbow, you made the flowers, you
that bad made the butterflies
Come to da Poppa, he’ll make your broken heart You are my Angel, You are my Lover, Your Spirit
glad takes me so high
Come back into those arms that make the mighty You set me on fire, You gave me light
universe spin You encouraged my heart in the deepest night
Come to da Poppa, so good to be together again Oh, You show all the wonders of life to me
(Chorus) You shared all the secrets of life with me
Come on back to the city of Banana Moonshine -- You taught me the dance & You taught me to
Come on back into the House of Joy where sing
everybody`s so fine You taught me to love & to give
You taught me to cheer up a broken man’s heart Mete out destruction, mete out the wind, a mighty
You’re the first One who taught me to live hurricane
Oh, You make me happy You make me sing is what you'll reap, & righteous judgment for your
You fill up my heart like a deep blue spring sins
Oh, You are the meaning of life to me you self-righteous & foolish men, deceived by
& now, rise up again & make love to me Satan & his kin:
-- Over the hills and over the trees, over the Be ready, for I'm bringing in the standard of love
mountains so high
Over the rivers and over the waters on wings of Prefer your neighbor to yourself & don't hurt
the spirit we fly, high anybody else
(1 verse) for if you give you will receive; if you will live you
Oh, Jesus, the Son of the Living God, must believe
Praise be unto Your name, oh, Living God! And man will reap what he will sow, this simple
rule for all to know:
8.) STANDARD OF LOVE that's the standard of love

(Asus2) Love don't give up hope to soon, Do unto others as you would that they do to you;
though you're not born with silver spoon that is good
in (A/E) hand or mouth, nor your own room And keep your brother fed & warm, don't wish
with hobby horse & lots of toys, upon them no ill nor harm
don't (F#°/A) worry away the afternoon, No greater love has any man than he who would
those (F#°/D) pampered little girls & boys die for his friends
are (Asus2/C#) not as rich as (Esus4) you That's the standard of love
(Lift the standard up, hold the standard up, raise
For (Asus2) I have something more to give the standard up, lift the standard of love....)
to My children than to live mere
(A/E) superficial, little lives
with everything that money buys 9.) Nigga @ Hawt 3/03
& (F#°/A) yet an emptiness within
that (F#°/D) grows & grows with every sin This is a song I write for Michael Moore
of (Asus2/C#) selfishness & (Esus4) pride Although I'll have to admit, I never rapped before
I've got to thank you for the way you opened up
All (Asus2) the distractions in the world my eyes
could never numb the pain & the hurt to how some smart white guys fooled my white
that (A/E) comes from leaving out the word stupid ass
proceeding from the mouth of God
to (F#°/A) shine a light onto your path, They had me thinking that we've really got
bring (F#°/D) love & light where darkness was, equality
the (Asus2/C#) code to bring your system up when that word couldn't be much further from the
(Esus4) to the standard of (Asus2) love truth, you see
the standard of (A/E) love They had me fooled discrimination was a thing of
the standard of (F#°/A) love (F#°/D) the past
(Asus2/C#) Lift the standard of (Esus4)love They sold me Eminem, the Backstreet Boys &
Obliterated, ridiculed have been My teachings by
those fools They said, "You'll get your share if you just do
themselves professing to be wise, selling for truth your part"
a pack of lies But I say "____ you!", now, cause I'm a nigger at
they claim their darkness to be light, declare their heart
wrongs to be right & the only way of life
So, I sent prophets, one by one, to show them (Chorus [Courtesy Of Beck]:)
that this can't be done:
the Lord & Builder of the house expelled from His Soy un perdedor, I'm a loser, baby, so why don't
own & cast out you kill me
they persecuted everyone, they even killed My I may be a stupid white man, but I'm a nigger at
very Son, how long will you go on? heart

I got the number of that rich Illuminati bunch:

the Rockefellers & George Bush are having you
for lunch
Along with Rothschild & the dollar bill's all-seeing
the king of empires & of diamonds, "Lucy In The

There's not a single scene in this Big Picture

you didn't stage & tell us, "Well, that's just the
way it goes"
From World War I all the way through to the rape
of Iraq
to get your share, get what you want, to save
almighty buck

You drain our life-blood with your taxes & don't

pay a fart
Guess you can do it with us, cause we're a nigger
at heart


There's just one flaw in your plan, one point

you're erring in:
you made your bill without the Keeper of the Inn
And though you're ushering in the grand finale of
your show
your Brave New World Order act will feel a mortal

In just one hour, Byblon the Whore will be blown

And after 31/2 years your dog will have his day
For with a shout & a trump, descending from the
Jesus will come, also know as Yeshua, the

And all the chains 'round our necks will be torn

for He will free every slave, every nigger at heart

(new chorus:)

Soy el ganador, you're the losers, baby, although

you may kill me

(Romans 8:36-39)
10.) THOU SHALT LOVE (Chorus)
(G) Hey, Mc Gov’ner, ruler, have you (C9) gone Thou shalt (Esus2°) love, love, (Dsus2°) love, love,
insane? (Asus2) love, love, love
(G) Don’t you know that evil doers have (C9) hell -- all else will (Esus2°)...fade away (Dsus2°)
to pay? (Asus2)
You (G) slap us in the (C9) face with your (G) lies Yes, thou shalt (Esus2°) love, love, (Dsus2°) love,
every(C9)day love, (Asus2) love, love, love
& you go (D) on & on & on as if you (C9) planned -- why don’t you (Esus2°) start today? (Dsus2°)
WWIII (Asus2)
to be happening by latest next (G) May. (C9) Hey,
hey, hey, (G) hey. (C9)
Your greed & your selfishness, they take the cake Intro
You sleep & you dream when will you awake? e------3--2-0---------------------------------3--2-0---------------
To the fact that you might wind up with hell to pay g----0--------------0----0---2-4-2-4-2-0----0----------0---0-2-4-2-
For the crimes & wrongs you perpetrate on the d----------------0---------0-------------------------------0-------
poor a------------------------------------------3---------3---3---------
& the needy you said you would save E--3----------3-------3--3-----------------------------------------

Hey, hey, hey, (D) hey, (C9) (G) don’t you hear (Gsus) I have been told
Him (D)...say, the ma(C9)jority is always (Dsus4) right (D)
You‘re (Gsus) born, you grow old,
(Chorus:) you (C9) work & you live, then you (Dsus4) die (D)
Thou shalt (D) love, love, (C9) love, love, (G) love, And (Em/G) when you are gone
love, love there‘s (Am7) no trace left of you at (Dsus4) all (D)
-- all else will (D)...fade away (C9) (G) Except (Em/G) dead flesh and bone,
Yes, thou shalt (D) love, love, (C9) love, love, (G) there‘s (Am7) nobody out there to (Dsus4) call (D)
love, love, love
-- why don’t you (D) start today? (C9) (G) (Chorus:)
(Gsus) I have been told many things to believe in
Turn around, remember, there’s a deal you made (C9) I have been told things that (Dsus4) turned
When you said that you’d accept the price He paid out a (D) lie
Instead you’re just another sad addition to the (Gsus) One of the things they said not to believe
weight in
Of the cross He took up on that hill, that those (C9) Turned out to be the truth (Dsus4) for wich
you would I‘m (D) ready to (intro) die
have killed might find life & be saved, Hey, hey,
hey, hey I have been told “the Bible‘s symbolic, that‘s all“
Don’t you hear Him say And that paper, not gold is what makes man rise
up or fall
(Chorus) “It‘s all in your mind; the truth is a matter of
(D) Only what you do in love is (C9) ever really What you will find is nothing“ ... oh, stop, I can‘t
gonna count hear anymore, you know,
& (G) ever really gonna stay
(D) Love is still the answer to the (C9) problems of (Chorus)
the world,
no (G) matter what you do or say, I said (Bridge:)
(Gsus) There is a light wich no mortal eye‘s seen
(Chorus) yet
(C9) There is a sound wich no (Dsus4) ear has yet
(Bridge:) (D) heard
(Asus2) Do you really think that Heaven (C9) Gsus) There is a truth wich will blow your finite
waits minds
For (G) someone sowing cruise missiles & (D) (C9) There is a wisdom that‘s (Dsus4) not of this
hate? (D) world
Hey, hey, hey, (Esus2° ) hey (Dsus2°)(Asus2)... I have been told that if you become like a child
You‘ll never grow old in a world that‘s so far out & (Em) name of the power, the power of the keys
wild We’re gonna (G) bring that (D)old, damn (Asus2)
lizard down to his (Em) knees
Dig this, you cone heads, pseudo intellectuals
Concocters of theories, I‘m ready to die In the (Em) name of the keys of the Kingdom
Eat this, dictators of false education We‘re gonna (D) bring Satan to his (Em) knees
The science you boast of ‘s a bittersweet lie We‘ll rise a(D)bove things we used to (Asus2) call
Nothing of all that you‘ve told us could ever live impossibili(Em)ties
up to this
Stand back, I‘m ready to live & to die With the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
We‘re gonna open up any door
Yes, we shall wield greater strength & power than
12.) Seguiré / I’ll Go On any man before

(Chorus:) Con El seguiré a cualquier lado, con El (Refrain:)

me iré al citio dorado (2x) So, let’s (C) all claim the (G) power, the (D) power
of the (A) keys
No me importa donde vaya, tampoco peligros que Yes, we’ll (C) stand in the (G) power, the (D)
hayan power of the (A) keys
No me importa que haga el malo, no me iré de Su Yeah, let‘s (C) call on the (G) power, the (D) power
lado of the (A) keys of the
(Em) Kingdom
Y aunque no sé donde vaya, sé que mi Dios
nunca falla With the power of the keys of the Kingdom
Y aunque ya no veo nada, sólo sé Jesus me ama The word “can`t“ has no meaning to you
There‘s no limit to what can be achieved &
(Ch.) understood

Jesus es Amor que nunca falla, Dios es el calor If you call on the keys of the Kingdom
que acalenta mi alma There’ll be a new way in wich you’ll see
For there’ll be light on your path and no more
Y aunque no sé donde vaya, sé que mi Dios lying vanities
nunca falla
Y aunque ya no veo nada, sólo sé Jesus me ama (Refrain) (Chorus) (add:)
We’ll rise a(G)bove things we (D)used to (Asus2)
Amor, la verdad, amor – nada mas (2x) call impossibli(Em)ties
Jesús, que vengas, danos que tengamos (2x) (Asus2) (Em) And there‘ll be (G)light on your (D)
(Solo, chorus, 1st verse, chorus) & (Asus2) no more lying vani(Em)ties
(Asus2) (Em) We‘re gonna (G) bring that (D) old,
Jesus es Amor que nunca falla, Dios es el calor damn (Asus2) lizard
que acalenta mi alma down to his (Em) knees. (Asus2) (Em)
Amor, la verdad, amor – nada mas (2x)
Jesús, que vengas, danos que tengamos (2x)
Where you stand, I must have missed
Perhaps your face will tell me this
If you won’ pull back into your den
13.) NAME OF THE POWER OF THE KEYS Do something for me,don`t run off again!
Intro: (C-G-D-A) 4x Where you`re headed, no one really knows
(Chorus:) Least of all yourself, but that`s the way it goes
In the (Em) name of the power, the power of the Anywhere a pretty face will take
keys A young woman who’s just just learning how to
name of the power, the power of the keys fake
(Asus2) name of the power, the power of the keys
(Chorus:) Listen to the word I’ve got for you, Dann wird dir von manchen ein Tor aufgemacht
There’s nothin’ you can say or think or try to do wirst von einer Handvoll gelobt & von den Massen
That’ll ever manage to replace respect verlacht
See you later, once your senses have you back
Doch du kannst sie nicht einmal hören
I don’t know with whom or how you sleep Dein Blick ist fixiert auf dein Ziel
I just hope that he’s a little deep Du lässt dich von niemandem stören weder
Not like the rest of those superficial dudes hindern noch ablenken, von ihrem Spiel
Who threaten to pluck you up by your roots. - du steigst
(Chorus 2x)
Bereit sein sich selbst zu verlieren bedeutet zu
seh'n zu kapieren
15.) Hier komm’ ich (So viel zu tun) Es gilt größ'res zu finden als lediglich sich selbst
Lass los & steh nackt vor dem Licht. dem
Hörst du es nicht? Die Stimme vor deiner Tür Schöpfer der Welt
kündigt Veränderungen an
Ein Herold des Lichts der den Weg weisen will Und lass' dich von Ihm inspirieren, du weißt, es
doch Gehör schenkt ihm nur wer dann & wann gibt nichts das nicht geht.
Zu viel zu tun, wir sind viel zu beschäftigt Was hast du schon zu verlieren? Dein Stolz ist es,
Damit unsre Sandburg zu bau’n der deinem Glück widersteht
Und unseren Nachbarn aus Neid & aus Habgier Drum lass' einfach los, bevor du dich versiehst:
Das einzige Schäfchen zu klau`n du schwebst

(Chorus:) So viel zu tun ich hab’ sooo viel zu tun: Drum lass dich vom Leben verführen den
Denn schließlich soll das ja auch gut ausgeh`n Wundern & Rätseln die es ständig gibt
Wenn ich geh’ in die ewige Ruh’ Lass dich von der Liebe berühren
So viel zu tun, ich hab` sooo viel zu tun Wenn du weißt du wirst bedingungslos geliebt
Mach’ Platz, Mensch, es geht hier um Eindruck dann freu dich: du lebst
Der Verlierer bist ja schließlich wohl du –
Jedenfalls nicht ich, denn wo ich hingeh`
Da gibt es so was wie schwach schon mal nicht 17.) Herrenrasse?
Keine Zeit für Loser, Weichei – Schmuser
Fahr schon `rüber – aus dem Weg! Und das ist die Herrenrasse
//: Hier komm’ ich Hier komm` ich :// „Ein Snickers, und zwar JETZT!“- Gott wie ich sie
Siehst du es nicht? Das Licht vor deiner Tür Der Trendschmied der mich rügt wenn ich den
Kündigt Veränderungen an Juden in mir
Ein Tunnel der dich zu dem Ort führt zu sehr `raushängen lasse
Von dem du nie mehr zurückkehren kannst Der Besoff’ne der mit glasigem Blick d` rauf
All` diese Jahre hast du niemals geglaubt wartet dass ich
Dass es sowas wirklich geben kann Ihm sein nächstes Bier verpasse. Herrenrasse?
Doch die sind dahin, so wie Staub mit dem Wind Dass ich nicht lache.
Obwohl ihr Echo dich jetzt übermannt: Wenn ihr die Welt beherrschen wollt, dann steckt
mich lieber in` s KZ!
(Chorus) Erschießt oder vergast mich, macht aus mir `ne
Lampe für neben` s Bett!
Da ist sie nun: die Herrenrasse `ne Horde wilder
16.) Du lebst Säufer, ungelehrt & arrogant.
Ein Heer ..., ach was, `ne blinde Meute: stur &
Wenn jemand sich entschließt zu leben, zu lernen, extrem intolerant
zu lieben, zu geben.
Wenn jemand den Einblick in's Geheimnis erfasst, „Wir sind nicht stolz auf was wir war` n,
dann doch wir sind stolz auf was wir sind“
wird er von manchen geliebt & von vielen gehasst Nun, wartet’s ab; in ein paar Jahren:
Wenn Du aufhören willst zu kriechen, versuchst Der nächste Führer kommt bestimmt (4x)
einen Stern zu erreichen
18.) Follow Me (Till The End Of The World )

Follow me where I go, wherever He may lead us

'cause, love, don't you know that there's a new
that's just waiting for you, waiting to take you
away, hey ...

Yes, if you want to be free, just take my hand &

follow me
where I go, through fire & rain, love, through
water & snow
& don't you look back!

But will you stay by my side

through winter & summer, love, through flood &
thru' tide
& till the end of the world, babe we've got nothin'
to hide
No, no, no, no no we've got nothin' to hide ,no, no,
no, no

Oh, if you're longing for joy, for someone to love

you & to care when you cry,
why don't you break out & leave those old chains
behind & don't you look back

Oh, if you search for the truth, make up your mind

now, babe
which side will you choose & come follow me
Girl, we've got nothin' to lose, no, no, no, no,
No, we've got nothin' to lose ...

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