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UFPPC ( — Digging Deeper CV: November 30, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Alan Hart, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Volume I: The False Messiah
(Atlanta, GA: Clarity Press, April 2009). Revised and updated edition.
Originally published in U.K. in September 2005 by World Focus

[Thesis. The Arab-Israeli conflict is the company to get the first hardback edition
result of Zionism, an unjustifiable colonial of this book in two volumes [in 2005] to
project that is based on spurious the retail market place” (19).
historical claims and that would not have
succeeded in founding Israel were it not Acknowledgments. Authors, including
for the Holocaust. Not only does Alan Seymour Hersh and Ilan Pappe (20).
Hart claim that Zionism is it
fundamentally unjust, inherently wrong, Prologue: Waiting for the
and politically disastrous for Palestinians Apocalypse. The Israeli-Palestinian
and Jews alike, he also argues that it is conflict has the potential to cause world
founded on doctrines that are morally apocalypse (23-26). Understanding how
deficient and that betray Judaism’s Israel became “its own worst enemy”
fundamental values by cynically and why “the whole Arab world” is a
embracing realpolitik, thus undermining powder keg is needed to avert this (26-
international law itself.] 27). Israel is not a “Jewish state”
because it has abandoned the “ethical
Appeal to the American People. principles of Judaism” (28). Most Jews
Americans are “too uninformed to make moving to Israel are descended from
your democracy work for the purpose of converts, nullifying the notion of a
giving expression and substance to your “return” (28). How Zionism succeeded
idealism” (13). “Judaism is the religion of (29-30). Zionism cannot be identified
Jews, not ‘the’ Jews because not all Jews with Judaism (30-31). Rebuttal of the
are religious” (15). This book is not charge of anti-Semitism (31-32). Hart’s
about spiritual Zionism but political book on Arafat as peacemaker (32-38).
Zionism: “Jewish nationalism in the form Zionists sabotaged this effort (38-40).
of a sectarian, colonial enterprise” (15). They fear another holocaust (40-41). The
Criticism of anti-Zionism as anti-Semitic Jews of the world can influence Israel’s
is politically motivated (15-16). Jews future behavior (41-43). Concern for
need to learn to distinguish between peace and fear of the rise of anti-
Zionism and Judaism; failure to do so is Semitism motivated this book (43-45).
reawakening anti-Semitism (16-17).
Prediction of “an awesome effort” by Ch. 1: A Voice from the Grave. Fond
“the Zionist lobby and other supporters reminiscences about Hart’s personal
of Israel” to prevent distribution of this relationship with and empathy for Golda
book (18). Meir (47-62).

Author’s Note. The publication of this Ch. 2: Britain Plays the Zionist Card,
book in “three or possibly four volumes” Eventually. Zionism was a “philosophy
is planned over 18 months (18). It is of doom,” the Enlightenment pro-
written “in the conversational style of the assimilation Haskala movement was a
television reporter and to some extent “philosophy of hope” (63-65). A review
reads more like a novel than a of the history of the Jews in Palestine
conventional historical work” (19). “In shows that the notion that Jews and
the UK I had to set up my own publishing Arabs have “an equal claim to the same
land” does not bear scrutiny (65-68). revolutionary forces in Russia (90-97).
The Eastern European Jews who Other possible motivations (97-99).
originated the Zionist movement were Montagu’s Aug. 23, 1917, anti-Zionist
descended from Khazar converts around secret memorandum (made public only
the time of Charlemagne, not Jews from in 1970) denying that there is a “Jewish
Palestine (69-72). In 1897, when the nation,” denying Palestine was then
Zionist movement was founded in Basel, “associated with the Jews,” and arguing
there were about 500,000 Arabs and that the Balfour Declaration will stimulate
about 9,000 Jews in Palestine, most of anti-Semitism (99-102). In 1919 Balfour
whom opposed Zionism (72-73). So did dismissed Arab “desires” as of little
Edwin Samuel Montagu, the only Jew in “import” (103).
the British cabinet (73). Zionists
propagated the myth that Palestine was Ch. 5: Ahad Ha-Am and the False
uninhabited (74). Herzl tried to get the Messiah. The spiritual Zionism of Ahad
German kaiser and the Russian czar to Ha-am (1856-1927) (pen name, meaning
pressure Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid to ‘One of the People,’ of Asher Zevi
accept Jewish immigrants (74-78). He Ginsberg), “the preeminent Jewish
then turned to Britain and was prepared scholar, philosopher, moralist and
to accept a Jewish homeland in East humanist of his time” (104; 104-09).
Africa, but other Zionist leaders Quoting Yehoshafat Harkabi’s Israel’s
overruled him (78-80). Only Herzl’s Fateful Hour (1988), Hart argues that
premature death and the dynamic “Judaism itself is not Zionist”; in fact,
leadership of Chaim Weizmann “Zionism was proscribed” (109-11).
prevented the collapse of the Zionist American Jews were at first almost
movement (80-81). On Nov. 2, 1917, the universally opposed to Zionism (111).
Balfour Declaration stated: “His The immigration to the U.S. between
Majesty’s Government view with favour 1881 and 1915 of 2.5 million Jews from
the establishment in Palestine of a Russia changed this (111-13).
national home for the Jewish people” Adamantly opposed to Zionism: Irving
came at a time when Britain had no legal Lehman, later chief judge of the N.Y.
authority over that territory (81-83). Court of Appeals, and Henry Morgenthau
Sr., who said in his 1921 autobiography,
Ch. 3: Britain Betrays the Arabs. In All in a Lifetime: “Zionism is the most
1914 Lord Kitchener, Britain’s secretary stupendous fallacy in Jewish history. It is
of state for war, promised British support wrong in principle and impossible of
for Arab independence if Arabs revolted realization; it is unsound in its
against the Turkish Ottomans, and a deal economics, fanatical in its politics and
eventually did lead to a revolt in 1916; sterile in its spiritual ideas. I speak as a
that promise was betrayed on May 5, Jew” (114; 113-14).
1920: the European powers announced
that the disposition of Ottoman territories Ch. 6: The Honest Zionists. In June
would carve out French and British 1922 Secretary of State for the Colonies
mandates instead of founding the United Winston Churchill issued a white paper
Syria that Arabs believed was their due stating that Britain did not aim at “the
(84-89). subordination of the Arabic population,
language or culture in Palestine” (115;
Ch. 4: Why Britain Played the Zionist 115-16). Whereas Herzl advocated
Card. The state interests that motivated discreet and circumspect expropriation of
the Balfour Declaration have never been Arabs under British protection,
officially clarified, but Hart speculates “revisionist” Zionism of Vladimir
that it had to do with stemming Jabotinsky regarded this as impossible
and plotted to use “colonization” under Zionist leaders the impression that he did
“the shield of force” in “defiance of the support their cause” (168; 165-82).
will of the native population” for “the President Truman was conflicted on the
transformation of Palestine from an Arab Zionist question (182-97). A 1946 Anglo-
country to a country with a Jewish American committee of inquiry on
majority” (quoting from his 1923 essay Palestine opposed the establishment of
“The Iron Wall,” which declared that either a Jewish or an Arab state, but the
“Zionism is a colonizing adventure and role that Zionists were playing in U.S.
therefore it stands or it falls by the politics deprived it of any effective
question of armed force”) (116-24). backing (196-206). Zionism looked on
Twelve photo portraits (125-27). Jewish refugees in Europe as manpower
and justification (206-10).
Ch. 7: America Retreats from the
Moral High Ground. Hart hails Wilson Ch. 10: Zionist Terrorism and Ethnic
for his vision and belief in international Cleansing. As the U.N. took over the
law; he was “screwed by Imperial Britain” problem of Palestine, two terrorist
(Hart argues against the consensus view organizations born of Zionism were
that Wilson’s idealism was excessive, active there: Irgun and the Stern Gang
and argues that Wilson, disinclined to (211). The latter, which included Yitzhak
support Zionist goals but needing to Shamir and Menachem Begin, future
accede to them to get British support for Israeli prime ministers, was a more
the League of Nations, had devised a radical offshoot of the former and it
commission (King-Crane) to oppose proposed an alliance with the Nazis in
Zionism and might well have succeeded 1941 in “one of the most amazing and
had he not fallen ill): present U.S. policy infamous documents in all of human
on Israel is a consequence of Wilson’s history” (212; 212-14). Menachem Begin
failure (128-46). (215-17). Stern Gang terrorism: Lord
Moyne, Britain’s resident minister for the
Ch. 8: Britain Admits, Too Late, “We Middle East (Nov. 6, 1944); the King
Were Wrong.” The mandate system David Hotel in Jerusalem, 91 dead (Jul.
violated the sovereignty of Palestinians 22, 1946); Deir Yassin, 254 Palestinians
and violated the principle of seeking the (Apr. 9, 1948) (217-39).
well-being of the inhabitants (147-50). Recommendation of Ilan Pappe’s The
The British manipulated the Hashemites Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006)
to manage Arab reaction (150-52). (239-40).
Britain repressed growing Palestinian
resistance (153-54). Britain effectively Ch. 11: President Truman
repudiated the Balfour Declaration in a Surrenders to Zionism. The Palestine
1939 white paper (154-59). Maps (160- problem became the first test of the
61). U.N.’s authority (241-42). A majority
(partition) and minority (unitary state)
Ch. 9: Holocaust—Jewish Death, plan advanced to the General Assembly
Zionist Life. “The Nazi holocaust” (162- (242-43). The U.N. lacked legal
63). Zionists “used the persecution of competence to rule on Palestine (243-
Jews in Germany for the up-building of 45). Zionists supported partition (254-
Palestine” (in the words of Enzo Sereni, a 46). Prince (later King) Feisal of Saudi
Zionist Jew from Italy (165; 163-65). Arabia was willing to come to an
While President Franklin D. Roosevelt accommodation with Zionism through
sympathized with the plight of Jews, he the minority plan (246-49). Zionist
“was not in favor of a Jewish state,” pressure through 26 U.S. senators and
though for political purposes he “gave other leaders swung the U.N.’s 33-13
vote on Nov. 29, 1947 (249-58). global poverty and the North-South gap
Afterwards, Truman favored declaring (“Five Minutes to Midnight”). His volume
the plan unworkable and going back to on Arafat was later published in a revised
the General Assembly (258-64). Chaim version by Indiana UP as Arafat: A
Weizmann played a key role in changing Political Biography (1988). He has
Truman’s mind and getting the U.S. to become a vehement anti-Zionist; he
recognize Israel immediately on May 14, spent five years working on Zionism: The
1947, in a series of circumstances of Real Enemy of the Jews. Hart maintains
Byzantine complexity about which much a Facebook page as well as a website:
is still unknown (264-87). which posts
characteristic statements: “Alan has
Ch. 12: Forrestal’s “Suicide.” James long believed that what peacemaking
Forrestal, Truman’s secretary of defense, needs above all else is some TRUTH-
attempted to keep U.S. policy from being TELLING, about many things but,
dictated by Zionism (288-90). Forrestal’s especially, the difference between Zionist
background (290-95). With Truman’s mythology and real history, and, the
approval, Forrestal attempted to difference between Jews and Judaism on
extricate U.S. policy on Palestine from the one hand and Zionists and Zionism
partisan political pressure, and was on the other. . . . Alan is a fiercely
vilified politically as a result (295-317). independent thinker. He hates all labels
There is reason to doubt whether and isms and has never been a member
Forrestal committed suicide in May 1949 of any political party or group.”]
[Critique. This volume is written in a
Endnotes. 11 pp. breathless, conversational style. It is a
very personal work: sincere, highly
Index. 5 pp. moralistic, self-important, and with no
pretence to evenhandedness. These
About the Author. Alan Hart was qualities will appeal to some; others will
born in 1942. He is a former be put off. As a historian Hart is both
Independent Television News (ITN) and amateurish and tendentious. His
BBC “Panorama” correspondent who chapters often reads like heavy-handed
worked in the Middle East for three briefs. Portraits of historical actors are
decades and has been personally one- or two-dimensional, and Hart does
acquainted with many leaders on both not do well in portraying the context of
sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict, including the historical events he describes. His
Golda Meir and Yasser Arafat. He is the book’s documentation is sparse, his
author of Arafat: Terrorist or research is rather superficial, and his
Peacemaker? (1984) and later served as conclusions are sometimes speculative.
an intermediary between Arafat and The book is also sloppily edited, with
Shimon Peres. frequent typos. Still, for all the volume’s
defects, it cannot be denied that Hart is
[Additional information. Alan Hart effective in calling attention to many
set up his own independent production primary sources that undermine the
company in 1973, called World Focus, narrative of Israeli history generally
with an aim to making a film on the accepted in U.S. political discourse.]