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Natural Polymers Market is
growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from
2013 to 201. !y "rans#aren$y
Market Resear$%.
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Natural Polymers Market is growing at a CAGR of 6.2%
from 2013 to 201. !y "rans#aren$y Market Resear$%.
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Natural Polymers
Natural Polymers Market which observes that the natural polymers demand in 2013 was
worth US !."# billion and is e$pected to reach US %.12 billion by 201"& at a '()* o+
,.2- +rom 2013 to 201".
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2ncreasin3 applications in non durable 3oods and shipments& +ood and bevera3es& and
pharmaceutical shipments are e$pected to drive natural polymers demand in the U.S.
over the ne$t 4ve years. 5he ma6or application se3ments in this study include medical&
+ood and bevera3es& oil4eld and others includin3 packa3in3& cosmetics& toiletries etc.
Medical applications dominated the U.S. natural polymers market with 2#.,- share o+
total revenue 3enerated in 2012.
'ellulose ether was the most widely consumed natural polymer in the U.S.& and
accounted +or around 3,.#- o+ the total volume consumed in 2012. 2ncreasin3 demand
+or pharmaceutical applications is e$pected to tri33er the demand +or starch and
+ermentation products. 'ellulose ethers are widely used in markets includin3 medical&
oil4elds& +ood and bevera3es& etc. 'ellulose is derived +rom the photosynthesis process o+
cotton& wood pulp& and other plants. 7ey cellulose ethers include Methyl 'ellulose 8M'9&
:ydro$yethyl 'ellulose 8:;'9& 'arbo$ymethyl 'ellulose 8'M'9& and Microcrystalline
'ellulose 8M''9. 5he demand +or starch and +ermentation products is e$pected to reach
!%".3 kilotons in 201<& 3rowin3 at a '()* o+ 12- +rom 2012 to 201<.
(dhesives and sealants& packa3in3& toiletries& leather tannin3& paint and inks&
construction& and te$tiles are some o+ the important end user industries amon3 others.
Packa3in3 is one o+ the important application markets o+ natural polymers. =arious
natural polymers such as starch1blend and P>( 8poly lactic acid9 are used to +orm 4lm&
"rans#aren$y Market Resear$%
R-P.R/ D-SCR0P/0.)
Natural Polymers
loose14ll& thermo+orm and other packa3in3 products. 5hey are also widely used to
produce skin and hair care products& adhesives& te$tures& cement based plasters& etc.
(shland 2nc.& ow 'hemical& ;conomy Polymers ? 'hemicals& @M :uber& Novamont&
(rcher1aniels1Midland& Plantic 5echnolo3ies& 'ar3ill 2nc.& AM' 'orporation& anisco& 'P
7elco& 'ereplast& (ller3an& .(SA S;& 'roda 2nternational plc& (kBoNobel N=& etc. were
some o+ the key participants in the U.S. natural polymers market.
U.S. Natural Polymers Market& by Product Se3ment/
'ellulose ;ther
Starch and Aermentation Products
Protein .ased Polymers
U.S. Natural Polymers Market& by (pplication/
Aood ? .evera3es
Aor Sample *eport =isit Cn/
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Natural Polymers
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Ie are privile3ed with hi3hly e$perienced team o+ (nalysts& *esearchers and 'onsultants& who use
proprietary data sources and various tools and techniHues to 3ather& and analyBe in+ormation. Cur
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