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Marine Lubricants Market is
growing at a CAGR of 3.31% from
2013 to 2019. B !rans"arenc
Market Researc#.
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Marine Lubricants Market is growing at a CAGR of 3.31%
from 2013 to 2019. B !rans"arenc Market Researc#.
Transparency Market Research
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Marine Lubricants
Marine Lubricants Market demand was 2,272.6 kilo tons in 2013 and is expected to reach
2,82. kilo tons in 201!, "rowin" at a #$%& o' 3.31( 'rom 2013 to 201!. )n terms o' re*enue,
the market is expected to "row at a #$%& o' 6.13( 'rom 2013 to 201!.
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Marine lubricants reduce the 'riction between operatin" mechanical components, thereb.
increasin" the output e0cienc. o' machineries, en"ines and components installed on a ship. 1he
"rowin" shippin" industr. is expected to au"ment the "rowth o' the marine lubricant market in
the near 'uture. 1o pre*ent lubricant spilla"e in water bodies, and re"ulator. pressure to increase
product 2ualit. and ensure en*ironment sa'et. has resulted in increased demand 'or relati*el.
sa'er s.nthetic and bio/based marine lubricants.
3e. product se"ments anal.4ed and estimated in this stud. include mineral, s.nthetic and bio/
based lubricants. Mineral lubricants dominated the product market, accountin" 'or 87.1( o' the
o*erall demand *olume in 2011. Marine lubricants are primaril. cate"ori4ed into se*en di5erent
applications includin" en"ine oils, h.draulic oils, "rease, turbine oils, "ear oils, compressor oils
and heat trans'er 6uids. 7n"ine oils captured ma8orit. o' the market and accounted 'or 96.28( o'
the o*erall marine lubricant market in 2011. :.draulic oils and "rease 'ollowed en"ine oils and
are expected to "row at a #$%& o' 3.37( and 3.3( 'rom 2012 to 2018.
)n terms o' *olume, 7urope dominated the "lobal market, accountin" 'or 96.0( o' the o*erall
market in 2011, with the ;3, %erman., )tal., <pain, 1urke., =etherlands and >rance bein" the
most dominant re"ional markets. Marine lubricants demand is expected to rise in 7urope due to
a 'a*orable re"ulator. scenario and hi"h consumer awareness le*els in the re"ion. 7urope was
'ollowed b. $sia ?aci@c, owin" to hi"h demand in emer"in" economies, especiall. #hina, <outh
3orea, )ndia, Aapan and <in"apore. $sia ?aci@c marine lubricant re*enues are expected to "row at
a #$%& o' 6.23( 'rom 2012 to 2018.
!rans"arenc Market Researc#
R+P,R- D+SCR.P-.,'
Marine Lubricants
<ome o' the ke. companies that deal in mineral oil, s.nthetic and bio/based marine lubricants
include 1otal Lubricants BLubmarineC, & Dutch <hell, #he*ron, #astrol, and 7xxonMobil.
1his research anal.4es and estimates the per'ormance and demand o' marine lubricants in the
"lobal scenario, pro*idin" detailed trend anal.sis o' the market b. "eo"raph. and
comprehensi*e anal.sis o' companies that are dealin" in marine lubricants. 1he report presents
a thorou"h assessment o' the strate"ies 'ollowed b. di5erent stakeholders b. se"mentin" the
marine lubricants market as below,
%lobal marine lubricant market, b. product
Mineral oil marine lubricants
<.nthetic marine lubricants
+io/based marine lubricants
%lobal marine lubricant market, b. application
7n"ine oil marine lubricants
:.draulic oil marine lubricants
Ethers Bturbine oils, "ear oils, compressor oils and heat trans'er 6uidsC
%lobal marine lubricant market, b. "eo"raph.
=orth $merica
!rans"arenc Market Researc#
Marine Lubricants
$sia ?aci@c
<outh 3orea
&est o' the Forld B&oFC
>or <ample &eport Gisit En,
!rans"arenc Market Researc#
Marine Lubricants
1ransparenc. Market &esearch is a market intelli"ence compan. pro*idin" "lobal business in'ormation
reports and ser*ices. Eur exclusi*e blend o' 2uantitati*e 'orecastin" and trends anal.sis pro*ides 'orward/
lookin" insi"ht 'or thousands o' decision makers.
Fe are pri*ile"ed with hi"hl. experienced team o' $nal.sts, &esearchers and #onsultants, who use
proprietar. data sources and *arious tools and techni2ues to "ather, and anal.4e in'ormation. Eur
business o5erin"s represent the latest and the most reliable in'ormation indispensable 'or businesses to
sustain a competiti*e ed"e.
1ransparenc. Market &esearch
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