Mac Startup Key Commands

Apple laptops provide numerous quick fixes which should be applied before taking a computer to a service center.
Following are the numerous boot options/quick fixes which could be applied in case a computer with Apple OSX or
FreeBSD based Operating System, is reporting problems.
Key Combination Action
1. Press C during startup Boot from a CD or DVD.
2. Press D during startup Start up in Apple Hardware Test (AHT). More info.
3. Press Option-Command-P-R
untill you hear 2 beeps
Reset NVRAM. More info.
4. Press Option during startup Starts into Startup Manager, where you can select
a MAC OSX volume to boot from.
Note: Press N to make the first bootable network
volume appear as well.
5. Press Eject, F12, or hold the
mouse/trackpad button
Ejects any removable media, such as an optical
6. Press T during startup Startup in Firewire target disk mode. More info.
7. Press Shift during startup Startup in Safe Boot Mode and temporarily disable
login items.
8. Press Command-R during startup Startup in the OS X Recovery System. More info.
9. Press Command-V during startup Startup in Verbose mode.
10. Press Command-S during
Startup in Single-User mode.
11. Press Option-N during startup Start from a NetBoot Server using default boot
12. Tasks/Process Manager Activity Monitor in utilities folder.
13. Error log/ Notification Messages Type Console in Finder

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