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Hello, my name is Craig Wilson

Information Product Entrepreneur

How to Earn Extra Money
Have you been wondering how to earn extra money
Need more money?
Looking for extra income?
Open to a home business?
Need a 2
If so, eep reading!!!
How to earn extra money
If "O# are open minded and are serious$y $ooking to make extra money then the fo$$owing
information might be what you%re searching for
&irst, $et me say that trying to make money on$ine can be '()" difficu$t to do! *hose who
+are, doing we$$ on$ine $ike$y spent thousands of do$$ars and years of their $ives to break
through the c$utter, confusion and fai$ure to fina$$y make it happen
Heres !he "ro#lem
-any peop$e seem to think that with M$%%$&'( of peop$e on the Internet searching for and
buying things it shou$dn%t be difficu$t generating IN*()(.* in their O/N ads and promotions,
but they wou$d assume )*&'+
*his not on$y shatters dreams, but it wastes hard earned ad budgets and creates anxiety
-any times Internet marketers who are 0ust getting their feet wet end up buying hundreds to
thousands of do$$ars worth of too$s, memberships, products, +short cuts to success, and
everything imaginab$e to fu$fi$$ on their dreams!!!
*hey bought into the L#)( and $ie of Fast Internet Riches and it 0ust ain1t true
THE BIGGEST ISSUE with Online Marketing is TRUST and CREDIBIIT!

"ith s# $an% $arketers #&t there c#$'eting (#r 'e#'le)s attenti#n it)s
*OT alwa%s eas% t# stand #&t (r#$ the cr#wd+++ !#&),e g#t t# 'r#d&ce
TO*S #( c#ntent- #((er ./UE and wait &ntil %#& (inall% start attracting a
cr#wd wh#)s willing t# see what %#& ha,e
Now, having said that, is -arketing On$ine worth it? .ure it is2 However, there is a strategy
you can use to earn 3uicker money &,,%$'E whi$e you $earn how to market proper$y ONLIN(
-o. /&'! Have to (tr.ggle...
!HE*E $( 0' E0($E* )0-1
'&) yo. can 2&M"%E!E%- 3-"0(( this learning c.rve
an4 4o something M52H more pleasant
!HE 0'()E*6 4irect -ai$ or from the o$d schoo$ days it%s
referred to as -ai$5Order
*E0%%-6 -es really...Heres )H-1
*o the 4iehard on$ine marketers this seems $ike a waste of time, but it%s
NO*!!!Not by a $ong shot!!!*heir first mistake is to assume everyone $ives on$ine
$ike they do and wi$$ see their promotions!!!NO* *)#(
*here are -ILLION. of peop$e, 676" 6OO-(). especia$$y who don%t $ive on
their computers, 6#* they 4O check their -7IL6O8(. ('()"47"
-7N" peop$e are NO* +*ech .avvy, and wou$d LO'( to do something
(xtreme$y .imp$e to make extra money and -ai$5Order a$$ows them to do this
0%% -&5 /& $( M0$% %E!!E*(1 !H0!( $!
1007 o8 the 9selling: is 4one 8or yo.
!he 3est "art; )ith (& M0'- mar<eters 8loc<ing to the $nternet to
sta<e their claim they 2&M"%E!E%- 030'/&'E/ /irect Mail
!his ma<es it E0($E* 8or those who .se it1 $ts simple math= 8ewer o88ers in
peoples han4s means M&*E ,&25( on :> (ee6
)ead the fo$$owing short story
-y good friend who%s been a ,5%% !$ME -ai$5Order marketer since 9:;;
or so has created -7N" HOT se$$ing information type products and he%s
$ooking for )(<. or +4istributors, to he$p him se$$ them!
&or "(7). his dea$ers =4istributors> have made money with his high$y
va$ued and powerfu$ products! "O# N('() have to do any +Hard .e$$ing,
as H( does 9??@ of this for you!
(verything works off .pecia$ I4 Numbers he assigns!!!!/hen you mai$ out
a sa$es $etter or postcard or p$ace an ad in a magaAine =as an examp$e>
and get a response, he then gives credit for the sa$es that occur to the
appropriate number!
*his way it gives the peop$e a H0'/( &,, opportunity to make some
good money2 His O''#rt&nit% Mailing S%ste$s give the 7'()7B(
person a way to make money without needing 7N" specia$ ski$$s!
)H&( !H$( ,&*6 .tay at home moms, co$$ege kids, retirees $ooking for
more income, seasoned marketers!!!doesn%t matter as it works the same
way no matter who uses his systems2
'& 'EE/ to a$ter your $ifesty$e either!!!.imp$y p$ace a few ads or mai$
some sa$es $etters in your free time then $et HI- be working for "O# whi$e
you%re at your day 0ob!
He mai$s <aychecks for a$$ sa$es commissions every other &riday! /ou$dn%t
it be nice to come home on a &riday afternoon after a $ong day to find a
nice crisp white enve$ope fi$$ed with a 3$+ 2HE2? in the days mai$?
HE*E( )HE*E $! +E!( E@2$!$'+1
He%s created a C Leve$ (!0M" "*&+*0M where you can earn 9??%s if
not 9,???%s of .*7-<. sent right to "O#) -7IL6O8
7$$ you do is mai$ the stamp f$yer a$ong with one of his other offers, a$$ by
itse$f or for your O/N opportunity you might be working now!
<ostage costs often keep mai$ers from making the money they want and
HI. stamp offer O&&.(*. these costs2
)0'! !& (EE !HE (!0M" ,%-E*6
(en4 me an email to craigwilsonmar< an4 $ll
email it to yo.. "lease .se 9(tamp ,lyer: in the s.#Bect line.
35! )0$! !HE*E( M&*E :>
&or *hose /ho Doin -eE
I can give you pre5written ads to p$ace on$ine, in magaAines, or wherever
you wish to he$p promote the offers =optiona$>
Re$e$0er- all %#& ha,e t# d# is $ail letters
"%5(; I%$$ show you my .<(FI7L -7ILINB HO#.( sources that can mai$
your stamp offer and other programs by the 9,???%s at 4irt FH(7< prices2
GG*hey do 7LL the workGG

On top of that, you get my persona$ phone number for 3uestions or advice
"ou get my emai$ address 7N4 .kype connection too
-y friend and I be$ieve in customer service the o$d fashioned way!!!/e
don%t hide behind support tickets and make you wait a week for an answer
Bot a 3uestion? Fa$$ me
-y number is ;HI5J9C5JIJJ F.*
'&!$2E; !hese /irect Mail o88ers are 8or the 5(0
$8 yo.4 li<e to see the Mail;&r4er o88er $ am
promoting simply visit
!his o88er comes with an alrea4y prepare4 /irect
Mail sales letter...0ll yo. 4o is mail it o.t
/e can even give you a $ist of companies to order names to send to
*hese peop$e have shown an interest in making money at home offers
Have a great 4ay :>
".(. 0re yo. a c.rrent a4vertiser o8 #.siness
opport.nities= M%M or some type o8 money ma<ing
program6 $ have %&!( o8 B.icy in8ormation that
caters to this crow4
(ee that here<eting4epot
%ots o8 satis8ie4 c.stomers1
!HE E'/