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The main focus of the front cover is the old bomb that turns

into glass which runs directly down the centre of the cover.
This image over powers the title as it is a lot bigger and
more interesting. This is done to grab the attention of the
audience as it’s out of the ordinary. The downwards angle of
the bomb also suggests that it has been dropped and that
it’s primed and ready for war.
The writing is in small to medium black letters with the
same Foo Fighters font used on their previous albums. The
writing is located half way down the centre of the cover
which makes it seem off balance as there is a lot of negative
space on the right side of the bomb. This is done to suggest
that the band is on a specific side of the war, or that they
left it to interpretation for the audience.
Contrasting to the front cover, the back cover is
completely black, but it still has the same aged effect
which links them together. This old two tone design
reflects the bomb on the front cover and the idea of
two opposing sides of war; the white and black.
reflects age.
The white is
old and gets
towards the
edges, which
makes the
bomb seem
even more
outdated and
because of age.
The track listing has been arranged as if they each were objectives in
war; they are each displayed as bullet points which fill up most of the
centre of the cover. The font is simple yet distinguishable like on the
front cover and the colouring is an old washed out mustard. This
further enforces the theme of age and war and suggests that the tracks
will be based around conflict and the struggle for power.
The track list
leaves some
negative space
to the right of
the cover much
like the front,
which implies
that there is
always to sides
to a war.