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Online Hebrew Learning Resources

A. Overview
National Middle East Language Resource Center NMELRC !" #$%page
&'( Handbook for )tudents of Hebrew ! about the language and more resources.
B. All-in-one Resource, most useful for Modern Hebrew
Re*uires registration free" and pro+ides direct links to:
#. Hebrew from Scratc Ivrit min ha Hatchalah" flashcard%generator for practice !
follows the chapters of our te,tbook to the letter-
.. Mor!i" online dictionar/ http://morfi, % useful for *uick searches but does
not substitute a good paper%based dictionar/0 such as the re*uired 1,ford
2. Hebrew at Stanford,.html % audio%
+isual materials not specificall/ created for our te,tbook but close enough
3. Hebrew at Austin #e"as http://www.laits.ute, % audio%+isual materials
designed to work with the te,tbooks used at 4ustin.
5. Ale! Bet tutorial,/4leph%7et/tutorials.html %
entertaining wa/ to master the Hebrew alphabet8 intensi+e use recommended during the
first week or two of the fall semester
$. %edicated &lascard Sites
#. http://* % self describes: :;he best wa/ to stud/ languages0 +ocabular/0 or
almost an/thing. &.). <t=s fun0 free0 and /ou can share with friends->
.. http://www.flashcarde,
4nother flashcard website the one < ha+e been using so far" can create /our own flash
cards in a +ariet/ of languages or sa+e card sets created b/ other users and use them in a
+ariet/ of stud/ techni*ues.
2. http://www.b/
?et another website for crating0 sharing0 storing and using flashcards in +arious
languages8 huge collection0 but the software keeps tr/ing to get /ou to bu/ their premium
%. Resources to @se with Caution:
#. @se the free features on the site. ;he paid course
teaches :)abra> spoken Hebrew0 with all the t/pical mistakes made b/ nati+e Hebrew
speakers incorrect pronunciation0 incorrect stress ! pronouncing kelev with an
ultimate tonic"0 and therefore it is not recommended for biblical Hebrew learners.
Modern Hebrew learners can benefit from the clear nati+e pronunciation including
the incorrect cases" to practice listening skills. ;he website has some cultural and
religious resources0 from the <sraeli%secular perspecti+e e.g.0 the Hanukkah candle
lighting benedictions does not include ! let alone e,plain ! the third benediction0
sheheheyanu, made on the first night".
.. Rosetta Stone Hebrew: 4lthough < can +ouch for the accurac/ of pronunciation and
grammar ha+ing pla/ed a role in its *ualit/ control"0 < suggest caution with this tool.
(irst0 it is onl/ good for Modern Hebrew. )econd0 the brand claims that one can learn
the language with it alone0 something that < ha+e not witnessed for lack of a
representati+e sample". < ha+e seen0 howe+er0 how using it consistentl/ can help with
+ocabular/ retention0 impro+ing pronunciation and listening skills0 and e+en as a
structuring and moti+ating de+ice ! but onl/ in addition to an interacti+e learning
with an instructor. Recentl/ the compan/ introduced li+e online sessions as a
complement to the programmed learning. ;his can be good for ironing some kinks in
pronunciation and con+ersational language. ;he interface is slick0 intuiti+e and eas/
to follow.
2. Bab'lon %ictionar': 'isappointing. <naccurate. <ncomplete. <f at all0 for use onl/ b/
people who know Hebrew +er/ well and can tell when the answers are bi9arre.
(. )oogle translate: same as Bab'lon.
Re*uired #e"ts for Beginning and +ntermediate Biblical Hebrew
#. #e"tboo,: Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar 'raft Cop/" A .BB$ b/ Cohn 4. Cook and
Robert '. Holmstedt. ;he book is graciousl/ a+ailable free of charge on the internet in &'(
format:,tbook/7H)D.BB$.pdf. &lease download
and print a cop/0 which /ou will bring to class with /ou regularl/.
.. #e"t: Each student must ha+e a cop/ of the Masoretic Hebrew 7ible0 such as either/or:
 Biblia Haebraica Stutgartentia -a,a BHS. #E.$ pages0 Hendrickson &ublishers8
Compact edition 4ugust .BBE" <)7N%#B: #5$F5E#E23 <)7N%#2: $GF%#5$F5E#E2B0 price: /((.01 hardco+er" or /21.10 paperback"
 Hebrew-English Tanakh Student Edition, .B3B pages0 Cewish &ublication )ociet/ of
4merica HC&)I 'ecember .BBB"0 <)7N%#B: BF.GEBE$G3 <)7N%#2: $GF%BF.GEBE$G50 price: J.$.GB
2. Le"icon: the most widel/ used 7iblical Hebrew Le,icon is known as the 7'70
standing for
 The New Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English e!icon" #.#E pages0 Hendrickson
&ublishers March #0 #$$E"0 +SB3-40: #5E5E2.BEB +SB3-45: $GF%#5E5E2.BEE0 price: /21.10 Rent eligible J#5
3. Alternative to 2. and 5.: #e"t and le"icon bundle: a more useful and less e,pensi+e
solution: is a+ailable as an interacti+e &'( +ersion instant cross%reference capable"
supplemented b/ the classical Denesius 7iblical Hebrew Drammar . Ke recei+ed an
e,tension of a limited time offer from a few weeks ago0 selling all tree wor,s for /25.(1.
;o take ad+antage of it0 go to www.ebookshuk.com0 use the original code L4R'453 if it
does not work0 use the e,tension code0 E<CHEN7ERD"0 register0 and follow onscreen
instructions. ?ou can use it online0 download it to /our computer0 and/or re*uest a C' for an
e,tra fee".
Recommended Biblical Hebrew Resources
#. Biblical Hebrew aminated Sheet Monder+an Det an 4- )tud/ Duides" H&amphletI0 Dar/ '.
&ratico N Miles L. Lan &elt 4uthor"0 3 pages0: Monder+an8 Chrt edition Cune 20 .BB5"0
<)7N%#B: B2#B.E.$5O <)7N%#2: $GF%B2#B.E.$530 price: JE.$$
.. Strong Hebrew Dictionar# Complete &'( +ersion ! old #F$B" still useful8 from the title
page: :Consise Hsic.8 #5GB p.I 'ictionar/ of ;he Kords in the Hebrew 7ible8 with ;heir
Renderings in the 4uthori9ed English Lersion: b/ Cames )trong0 ).;.'.0 LL.'.> (ree
$obert %oung&s Anal#tical 'oncordance to the Bible on an Entirely New Plan Containing
about 311,000 Reerences, !ub"ivi"e" un"er the Hebrew an" #reek $riginals, with the
%iteral &eaning an" Pronunciation o Each ' ..d 4merican ed.0 re+. b/ Km.7. )te+enson.
New ?ork: (unk N Kagnalls0 #$55. ;his resource can be used free on%line: check :@sing ?oung=s
Concordance> at
Re*uired $lassroom Su!!lies:
#. Two marble-bound (not s)iral*+ com)osition notebooks:
a. 1ne with elementary cursive writing ruling i.e. with a dotted line between e+er/ two
solid lines" for practicing Hebrew penmanship
b. 1ne with wi"e ruling not the narrow college ruling" for taking notes and submitting
writing assignments
.. Several B, (medium hardness+ )encils and a pencil sharpener or mechanical pencil with
e,tra leads" and a soft eraser
-. A set o/ highlighters" at least /ive di//erent colors
0. A voice recording device (cassette" digital" cellular" etc.+
Re*uired #e"ts for 6lementar' and +ntermediate Modern Hebrew
1. Hebrew /rom Scratch (2vrit min ha Hatchala+" 3art 2
,. 'D Set /or Hebrew /rom Scratch
%ictionar': #e O"ford Hebrew-6nglis 6nglis-Hebrew 7oc,et %ictionar'
8ebsites for Middle 6ast
Middle East Maps
Canaan/&alestine/<srael: 4 7rief Earl/ Histor/ in Maps
)earchable 7ook 'atabase
4rab ME N N 4frica
ME Countries
<slam Med./1ttoman
<slam Modern/radical
&alestine 1ttoman/Mandate
Mionism/<srael since #FFB
&alestine before #$#F
Cews and Cudaism
MK Lang N Lit
;ime Lines
;imeline of &alestinian <sraeli Histor/ and the <srael%4rab Conflict