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New initiatives

 Exclusive Women Savings Bank Account with Health Insurance, Loan Privileges
and many freebies.
 SB & Current Account opening via Online
 Cash back offer Reward Points for Debit Cards
 Net Banking in IRCTC
 Prepaid TMB Gift Card (Gift cardholders can spend the amount loaded on the
card in as many VISA enabled stores as they like and purchases can be made
throughout the year.)
 Introduction of Single Window Concept in Extra Large Branches for Smart
Queue Management
 Online School and College Fees Payment

Branchless Banking
1. Rolling out electronic branches in State Capitals which will serve as one-stop
shops for all banking transactions and will operate 24x7
2. Rolling out Tab Banking which allows a customer to open his bank account at his
or her home or office.
3. Using a tablet equipped with mobile connectivity, the bank’s Officials can scan
the relevant KYC documents and click a picture of the customer, thereby doing
away with the need for the customer to visit a branch.
4. Apart from this, in order to reach out and facilitate banking in areas where there
are no branches and ATMs, launching a new tool called Bank-on-the-Drive. This
will be a POS terminal with an in-built GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity to carry out
various banking transactions in remote locations.

Online Fees Payment
5. Provision of remitting online fees to various schools/educational institutions
through Internet.
6. Parents/Students can remit the school fee of select schools using their Net
Banking account with us.
7. Fees receipt shall be issued online to the depositor
Facility for Online Opening of Current and Savings Bank Accounts

1. Savings Bank Online Account Application Process in Brief
You may fill up an application online for opening a Savings Bank account. The process
in brief would be as follows:
• Fill up and submit the required details online.
• Print the Account Opening Form (AOF) on A4 size white papers.
• Attach the required documents, such as photographs and proof of identity and
address, as mentioned in the
• A TCRN (Temporary Customer Reference Number) will be generated, which please
note down. TCRN will also be sent on the registered mobile number of the applicant(s).
2. Benefits
• Convenience:
The AOF can be filled at your convenience and fields that can be validated are checked
for errors.
• Quick:
Time taken for opening of the account at the branch will get reduced as the data will
already be available in the system.
• Safety:
The data will be submitted on a VeriSign secured site and the information will be
encrypted before transmission.

3. Information That Customer Will Need to Provide
For opening an account, he needs to provide the following information: • KYC (Know
Your Customer) information: The acceptable KYC documents are available through
drop down menu in the AOF.
• Information about the Savings Bank account you wish to open and the facilities you
would want in the account.
• Form 60, if he does not have Permanent Account Number (PAN) of Income Tax.
• Form DA-1 (optional), if he wishes to make a nomination (recommended).

4. Documents That You Will Need to Provide
For each person who wishes to open the account, he will need to provide:
• Two recent passport-size colored photographs.
• KYC documents as mentioned in the AOF.
If he give photocopies, please produce the original documents for verification when he
visits our branch.