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Latrobe Presbyterian Church

428 Main Street
Latrobe, PA 15650
Eternal God, neither death nor life can separate us from
your love.
Grant that we may serve you faithfully here on earth,
and in heaven rejoice with all your saints who ceaselessly
proclaim your glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
Sunday in Ordinary Time
Unity Chapel – 8:30 am July 20, 2014 Main
Street – 11:00 am

rayer !e"uest Cards (blue) are in the pew card
The ushers will collect the request cards before the
The #old print invites the people to read aloud.
GREET!G "!# $E%C&ME Re'( Clar) R( *err
The +ra,e -. the %-r/ Je0u0 Chri0t 1e 2ith y-u all(
2 Thess. 3:18
And also with you.
3RE%U#E 45-2 Great Th-u "rt6
S2e/i0h 7-l) Mel-/y
#a'i/ "uman, Trumpet

SE!TE!CES &7 SCR3TURE %e,t-r, Charle0
3at,hin – 8:30 am
!an,y "uman –
11:00 am
3R"8ER 7&R T5E #"8
9( G-/, .-re'er an/ e'er( Amen.
An asteris $ invites the people to stand.
*HYN !" I Sin# the i#hty $ower o% God
:3R"8ER &7 C&!7ESS&!
God o% #ra&e' lo(e and &ommunion' we &on%ess that
we ha(e %ailed to lo(e you with all our heart' soul'
and mind) and to lo(e our nei#h*or as oursel(es.
+e i#nore your &ommandments' stray %rom your
way' and %ollow other #ods. Ha(e mer&y on us.
,or#i(e our sin and raise us to new li%e that we may
ser(e you %aith%ully and #i(e honor to your holy
(!ilent "onfession)
:"SSUR"!CE &7 3"R#&!

:T5E 3E"CE
The pea,e -. -ur %-r/ Je0u0 Chri0t 1e 2ith y-u all(
And also with you.
(#reet one another with the words$ %eace #e with
3R"8ER 7&R %%UM!"T&!
((((thr-u+h Je0u0 Chri0t -ur %-r/( Amen.
7RST RE"#!G Gene0i0 28:10<1=a
The $-r/ -. the %-r/(
Than3s *e to God.
3S"%M 13=:1<12, 23<24

SEC&!# RE"#!G R-man0 8:12<2> %e,t-r
The $-r/ -. the %-r/(
Than3s *e to God.

G&S3E% RE"#!G Matthe2 13:24<30, 3?<43
The G-0pel -. the %-r/(
$raise to you' O 4hrist.
SERM&! %&f 'heat and 'eeds(
Re'( Clar) R( *err
*HYN 516 God' +hose Gi(in# 6nows No
*A$OST-ES7 4REE2 (Traditional ) pa*e 3+ before ,-.n /1)
3R"8ERS &7 T5E 3E&3%E "nne %e'ri
9(%-r/, in y-ur mer,y( Hear our 8rayers.
9(thr-u+h Je0u0 Chri0t -ur %-r/( Amen.
&77ERT&R8 4The %-r/;0 3rayer6 "( J(
*2O9O-OGY / HYNA- 6:6
(Please re.ain standin*)
:3R"8ER &7 T5"!*SG@!G
%et u0 +i'e than)0 t- the %-r/ -ur G-/(
It is ri#ht to #i(e our than3s and 8raise.
9((2ith the ,-nA/en,e -. the ,hil/ren -. G-/, let u0
-OR27S $RAYER (Traditional$ Pa*e 3+ 0 &pposite ,-.n /
*HYNA- !6 ,or the ,ruit o% All
:C5"RGE "!# B%ESS!G
*$OST-<2E 45-rnpipe .r-m 4$ater Mu0i,6
G( 7( 5an/el
GREETERS at the /--r0 are 2earin+ name ta+0(
<nity 4ha8el> 4am and Sue Eiseman
ain St.> 2awn $ri&hard, El/er
Rose ,lodin ? Anne -e(ri, #ea,-n0
The @owers thi0 m-rnin+ are in mem-ry -.
ary Ao Rowell
T-/ay;0 radio *road&ast i0 in memory -.
.ar*ara Aune 4roBier
<SHERS are 2earin+ 1a/+e0( 3lea0e appr-a,h
them 2ith any Cue0ti-n0( Ser'in+ y-u thi0
m-rnin+ are mem1er0 -. Team II>
Ed &6innon' -arry 2as&enBo' Thomas Aames'
2r. Ro*ert Aohnson' -arry RuCner' $aul Stewart'
4harles Tummino' 2aniel +alla&e and Gary
+orshi8 i0 the +atherin+ -. all th-0e 1ein+ ,alle/ 1y G-/,
e0pe,ially ,hil/ren(
+orshi8 *a#s Alle/ 2ith a,ti'itie0 .-r ,hil/ren are
a'aila1le -n the ta1le at the rear -. the 0an,tuary( 3lea0e
a0) an u0her(
Nurseries are a'aila1le .-r ,hil/ren > an/ un/er D0ee
1el-2E( . y-ur in.ant 1e+in0 t- ,ry -r y-ur ,hil/ nee/0 a
1rea) .r-m 1ein+ Cuiet /urin+ 2-r0hip, y-u are 2el,-me t-
lea'e an/ ,-m.-rt y-ur ,hil/ an/ return t- 2-r0hip at y-ur
earlie0t -pp-rtunity(
7-r 0a.ety an/ ,-m.-rt, -ur ,hur,h 0taFe/ nur0ery i0
/i'i/e/ 1y a+e:
• The in%ant nursery i0 -F the side hall DR--m 10?E -n
y-ur ri+ht( t i0 -nly .-r th-0e ,hil/ren a#ed " years
and youn#er(
• The toddler nursery i0 -F the bac hall DR--m 102E
1ehin/ the 2-r0hipper0 an/ i0 -nly .-r th-0e a#ed !
/ 0(
"ny ,hil/ -'er the a+e -. > i0 en,-ura+e/ t- parti,ipate in
-ur 2-r0hip 0er'i,e(
3lea0e help u0 maintain the0e a+e /i'i0i-n0 .-r -ur
%ea/in+ u0 in the $rayers o% the $eo8le t-/ay i0 -ne -.
-ur #ea,-n0( The prayer0 -. the pe-ple i0 2here h-ly
2-r0hip an/ -ur nee/y 2-rl/ ,-me t-+ether( "ll -. t-/ay;0
,a0h -Ferin+ n-t in en'el-pe0 2ill 0upp-rt the 2ea&on7s
inistry am-n+ u0 an/ the ,-mmunity( Che,)0 ma/e at
any time
t- the ,hur,h 2ith the mem- 4#ea,-n06 al0- 0upp-rt the
#ea,-n;0 Spe,ial Ser'i,e0 7un/(
5elp 0upp-rt Eri& ills a0 a ,amp ,-un0el-r at 3ine
Sprin+0 CampG 8-u ,an help 0upp-rt Eri, an/ all the -ther
,-un0el-r0 1y prayin+ .-r their mini0try 2ith ,hil/ren an/
y-uth thi0 0ummer( 3lea0e ta)e a m-ment an/ 0en/ Eri, an
en,-ura+in+ n-te -r a ,ar/ in July( %et him )n-2 h-2 mu,h
2e l-'e an/ appre,iate him( Mail may 1e a//re00e/ t-:
Eri, Mill0, 3ine Sprin+0 Camp, 3(&( B-H 18?, 3I1 3ine
Sprin+0 Camp R-a/, Jenner0t-2n, 3" 1>>4I
The la0t /ay t- 0i+n<up an/ pay .-r the St( @in,ent Theatre
i0 Au#ust 1:th(
The 0i+n<up 0heet i0 in the 1a,) -. the 0an,tuary .-r the
num1er atten/in+ an/ y-ur /inner ,h-i,e(
"rti,le0 .-r the "u+u0tJSeptem1er i00ue -. the
AINSTream mu0t 1e int- the -Fi,e 1y "u+u0t 1>, 2014(
Hos8italiBed last wee3> -ouise 2oherty
+hen you or a lo(ed one is hos8italiBed' plea0e 1e 0ure
t- ha'e 0-me-ne n-ti.y the ,hur,h -Fi,e( t i0 imp-rtant
that 2hen y-u -r a .amily mem1er i0 a/mitte/ t- the
h-0pital y-u i/enti.y y-ur0el. a0 a mem1er -. %3C – that
2ay the h-0pital i0 a1le t- n-ti.y u0(

<8&omin# E(ents>

July 22 3irate0 Ba0e1all Game – 4:30 pm
"u+u0t 11 Summer 7un #ay – =:00<4:00 < CUCC
"u+u0t 1I St( @in,ent Mu0i,al 2ith /inner t- .-ll-2 at
Che. Mar);0 3alate
Sunday 5?": 16
Sunday in Ordinary
8:30 am ((((((((((((((((((((((($-r0hip Ser'i,e – Unity Chapel
11:00 am ((((((((((((((((((((((($-r0hip Ser'i,e – Main Street

onday 5?"1
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((!- Se00i-n
Sunday 5?"5 15
Sunday in Ordinary
8:30 am ((((((((((((((((((((((($-r0hip Ser'i,e – Unity Chapel
11:00 am ((((((((((((((((((((((($-r0hip Ser'i,e – Main Street
Auly "5' ":1E

U0her Team: %e,t-r: %-rraine Bur/ – Unity Chapel
5annah Earhart – Main Street
Greeter0: Unity Chapel: Elaine Cerma) 5arri0
Main Street: El/er: Eri, Spee/y
#ea,-n0: #-nal/ G-11el J Car-l
Rea/in+0: Gene0i0 2=:1><28L 30alm 10>:1<11, 4>1L
R-man0 8:2?<3=L
Matthe2 13:31<33, 44<>2