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Second Battle at Lionel Castle
To unlock a second battle at Lionel Castle, you must have Beowulf and Human Reis
in your active party. When you return to Lionel Castle, a cutscene will play. A
liste Rosenheim will appear and kidnap Reis. Then, the battle will ensue. Win th
is battle, fight Celebrent Bredmondt, and you will get Reis back after you're vi
ctorious. (unverified)
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Secret Characters
Here's a list of unlockable characters in Final Fantasy Tactics. Keep in mind th
at each character is acquired in the fourth chapter, and that you must have Must
adio in your party for each character to appear. Otherwise, you won't have the o
pportunity to recruit any characters.
Balthier - After you see the cutscene during chapter four at Bervenia, read the
rumors at the pub in Gollund. From there, travel to Dorter, and do the same thin
g you did in Gollund. When you leave Dorter from there, you'll automatically eng
age in a battle. If you're victorious, Balthier will join the party permanently.
(Submitted by Leo)
Beowulf - Read the rumors at Goland, and then head to Lesalia. There, you will f
ind Beowulf, and can agree to accompany him to Goland. After a series of plot ba
ttles, he joins the party.
Biblos - After clearing all ten levels of the Deep Dungeon, this character will
become available for recruitment.
Cloud - After returning Reis to human form, go to Goug. Cloud (of Final Fantasy
VII fame) will run off to Zarghidas. After clearing Igros, go to Zargidas and wi
n the fight to recruit this character.
Construct 8 - After rescuing Reis from Goland, return to Goug. Worker 8 joins th
e party after a cutscene.
Dragon Reis - Go with Beowulf through Goland Coal City. Reis is rescued during t
he final battle in the series, and will join the party thereafter.
Human Reis - First, read the rumors at Zeltennia, and then buy a flower in Zargh
idas. From there, return to Goug. This unlocks a battle in Zeltennia, where Reis
takes human form at the fight's conclusion.
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Dark Knight
Unlocking one of the two new job classes in the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tac
tics is a bit of a chore. The Dark Knight has many pre-requisites to unlock, but
once that's done, you'll have a powerful job on your hands.
To unlock the Dark Knight class, you must completely master the Knight and Black
Mage classes - that is, learn each of their skills. Also, achieve the eighth le
vel with the Dragoon, Geomancer, Ninja, and Samurai jobs. You must also must hav
e killed twenty enemies in battle to the point that the enemy disappears from th
e battlefield (three rounds).
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Onion Knight
To unlock the Onion Knight as an option for any given character, that character
must be a level six Chemist and a level six Squire.
16 Hints
Submit a Hint.
Submitted by:Mrfrankenbone
Rare Item Harvesting
Equip the skill "Tame" to a character then tame any class of monster and roam ar
ound the world map until you get monster eggs to hatch into the highest class of
that monster then bring it and anyone who has the ability "Poach" into battle a
nd poach the monster. Its best to save right before the poaching battle so you c
an load afterward if you did not get the item you were looking for. Ex. Tame a "
Trent" and hatch them until you get "Elder Trent" then save and poach then check
to see if you get the Knight Sword "Defender" or the more common "Guardian Brac
elet." This trick can be done with any monster except for Ultima Demons.
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Rare Items
You can get many items by poaching many different monsters. Sometimes you may ge
t rare items that you will not be able to purchase in the Outfitter's.
Holy Mace - poach a Sekhret
Cachusha - poach a Pig
Dragon's Whisker - poach a Red Dragon
Cherche - poach a Behemoth King
Zwill Straightblade - poach a Vampire Cat
Elixir - poach a Red Chocobo
Omnilex - poach a Great Malboro
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
The Birthday of Agrias
To trigger this extra event, have the following requirements fulfilled.
Alicia and Lavian must still be in your party, as well as Agrias and Mustadi
You must have at least 500,000 funds available to you.
You must be at the beginning of the chapter four. It may work after this, bu
t thats the minimum advancement you have to have had achieved through the game.
If all of the above is true for you, head to a town where you can advance to ano
ther town without triggering a random encounter. Go back and forth between the t
wo locations youve chosen until the date is Cancer 1, which is Agrias birthday. If
youre in a town on Cancer 1, a triggered event will occur where Mustadio will gi
ve Agrias a present. Its called the Tynar Rouge, and its a powerful item indeed!
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Ultima For Ramza
Heres a great way to acquire the Ultima spell for use by Ramza. Have Ramza in the
battle at Limberry Castle and make sure hes a Squire (no other class). With some
luck during the first or second battles there, Ceilia or Ledw will cast Ultima
on Ramza. As long as Ramza is a Squire when this happens, hell learn Ultima as a
Squire skill which can then be reproduced at will.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Find Cloud's Materia Blade
A weapon called Clouds Materia Blade can be found at Mount Bervenia. When you hea
d there to battle, send any character in your party equipped with the Treasure H
unter skill to the highest peak on the stage. When you head there, youll receive
the blade you seek.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Tricking Doom
Doom can be a pesky spell, since it gives you three turns to win the battle befo
re you're automatically killed (even less time if you have the misfortune of hav
ing something like Haste cast on you at the same time). If you want some tips on
how to stay alive with Doom, try the following:
1.) Cast Slow on the character afflicted with Doom. It will slow the Doom Co
unt down.
2.) Cast Stop on the character afflicted with Doom. It will temporarily stop
the Doom Count.
3.) Use Induration (a Mystic Art) to turn the character afflicted with Doom
to stone. This "heals" Doom, though the character will be encased in stone until
you heal him or her.
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Skill Crystal Glitch
Here's an interesting glitch. When you kill an enemy (or when an ally falls), th
ey turn into a Crystal after three full turns. You can then pick up the crystal,
which will usually result in a restoration of HP and MP for the character who g
rabbed it. Sometimes, however, skills and abilities can be learned from the Crys
tal. If this happens and there are multiple options, always choose the last skil
l listed. Your character will then learn all of the skills and abilities listed,
not just the one you selected.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Kill the Undead
If you're having difficulty defeating undead monsters, or simply want an easier
way to eliminate them, try using healing spells and items on them. Instead of he
aling them or helping them out, these items will actually damage them. Potions,
Phoenix Downs, and healing spells like Cura will damage these foes, so give it a
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Monk Experience and JP
Here's another great way to level-up easily. Have a party of five, with one of y
our characters playing as a Monk. Have that character learn the skill Chakra. Th
en, take them to a map where a "plus sign-shaped" area can be found. Have your f
ive players stand in this area, with the Monk in the middle. Then, simply have t
hem attack each other, using the Monk's Chakra ability to heal everyone each rou
nd. This will rack up some easy JP and experience points if you have some patien
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Focus Farming
If you have the Squire ability Focus, you can get experience and JP even if you'
re unable to attack during any round. Learning Focus and giving it to characters
, even non-Squires, is a great way to utilize each and every round of combat in
a productive manner. If you have nothing to attack, are out of range, or whateve
r, using something like Focus will still give you JP and experience points each
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Experience With Toad
If you have a Black Mage, have him or her learn the spell Toad. Then, transform
all of the enemies on the field into toads. Kill any enemies that aren't able to
be turned. Then, you can attack and heal your own party to build experience and
JP for as long as you want with no threat from the enemies. When you're done, y
ou can then kill the toads for an easy victory.
Addition by Verdeni:
You can actually turn everyone into Toads using your Black Mage (or whomever), k
illing anyone who can't be turned. Then, use the AI mode to let the battle progr
ess, pressing the Triangle button every so often so that the PSP won't fall asle
ep. When you do this, the Toads will attack and do their functions without you h
aving to participate (like the Lete River in Final Fantasy VI). You can easily g
et ten or fifteen levels per character in a single battle. Give it a try!
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Job List
Below are a list of all of the base jobs in the game, and how to unlock any give
n character's ability to use said job.
Archer - Squire (Lv. 2)
Arithmetician - Black Mage (Lv. 5), Mystic (Lv. 4), Time Mage (Lv. 4), White
Mage (Lv. 5)
Bard* - Orator (Lv. 5), Summoner (Lv. 5)
Black Mage - Chemist (Lv. 2)
Dancer** - Dragoon (Lv. 5), Geomancer (Lv. 5)
Dragoon - Thief (Lv. 4)
Geomancer - Monk (Lv. 4)
Knight - Squire (Lv. 2)
Mime - Chemist (Lv. 8), Dragoon (Lv. 5), Geomancer (Lv. 5), Orator (Lv. 5),
Squire (Lv. 8), Summoner (Lv. 5)
Monk - Knight (Lv. 3)
Mystic - White Mage (Lv. 3)
Ninja - Archer (Lv. 4), Geomancer (Lv. 2), Thief (Lv. 5)
Orator - Mystic (Lv. 3)
Samurai - Dragoon (Lv. 2), Knight (Lv. 4), Monk (Lv. 5)
Summoner - Time Mage (Lv. 3)
Thief - Archer (Lv. 3)
Time Mage - Black Mage (Lv. 3)
White Mage - Chemist (Lv. 2)
* - Only males can be Bards.
** - Only females can be Dancers.
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
New Jobs
There are two new jobs in this release of the game that weren't in the original
PSX release - Onion Knight and Dark Knight.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Friendly Fire
During random battles (not story-driven battles), getting experience and JP are
vital to the growth of your characters. Since enemies in random battles can almo
st always be handled rather easily by your party (as they grow with the strength
of your party), you can eliminate all but one member of the enemy party rather
easily. Leaving that enemy alive, you should then have your characters attack on
e another, healing with Chemist skills and White Magic if you can, until you can
no longer survive without killing off your party. Then, go after the final enem
y and eliminate it to finish the battle. By doing this, you can create experienc
e and JP you wouldn't have gotten in the battle otherwise, lessening the amount
of random battles you'll have to fight to build your characters' levels.
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Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
Friendly Fire & Chocobo
If you have a Chocobo in your party, you'll no doubt know that they have Choco C
ure, a useful skill that can be used over and over again. Choco Cure restores so
me of the Chocobo's HP, as well as characters in front of it, behind it, and to
the left and right of it. If you try executing the hint entitled "Friendly Fire"
, having a Chocobo in your party to heal characters grouped together each round
will allow you to survive the fight even longer, building experience and JP leve
ls even higher.
Submitted by:IGN_Cheats
JP Boost
Although it's tempting to immediately branch out from the Squire job, stay with
the job until you earn enough JP to purchase the JP Boost skill. With this equip
ped on any other job, JP earned in battle will be increased significantly, allow
ing you to acquire skills for other jobs more rapidly than you otherwise would h
ave been able to.
---Character Recruitment--------------------------------------------------------
Q. How do I recruit Luso and Balthier?
A. Luso is recruited automatically in Chapter III as part of a story event. You
CANNOT miss him! He'll join in a story event midway through the chapter, as
you head through the Zeklaus Desert after revisiting Orbonne Monastery.
There is NO way to recruit him any earlier in the game.
Balthier isn't available until you've completed the battle at the Free City
of Bervenia in Chapter IV. Any time after that, read the "Rash of Thefts"
rumor at the Gariland tavern, then go to the Dorter tavern and read the
"Call for Guards" rumor. Win the battle that ensues when you try to leave
town and Balthier joins.
Q. How do I get Cloud to join my party? And where do I find his sword?
A. See the "Walkthrough - Subquests" section of the FAQ. You need to complete
the Gollund Colliery, Nelveska Temple, and Recruiting Cloud quests in
Q. I didn't buy the flower when I had the chance. Can I still get Cloud?
A. Unfortunately, it seems that you have only one chance to buy the flower. If
you declined to buy it, you are not able to get Cloud, or complete the other
sidequests that depend on the flower. Sorry :(
Q. How do I recruit monsters?
A. Use the Orator's Entice or Tame abilities on the monsters. If you switch to
another non-Orator job, you'll need to also equip the Beast Tongue support
skill to use Entice on monsters. (For more information, see "Recruiting
Monsters" in the Monsters section.)
---Equipment & Items------------------------------------------------------------
Q. How do I get the Genji equipment? Can I steal it from the boss who has it?
A. Unfortunately, you can never steal from that boss in the War of the Lions
version of the game, so he gets to keep his Genji gear to himself. Alas!
However, you CAN get the Genji Armor and Masamune from the new "Lionel's New
Liege Lord" subquest. Press Ctrl+F and enter 00lio to jump to the guide for
that quest.
Q. How do I get good items / more items in multiplayer?
A. You'll get better items the higher your character level and (in Rendezvous
Mode) the more difficult the mission you complete; most of the new items can
only be obtained at a pretty high level. Winning Melee Mode battles and
completing Rendezvous Mode missions with fewer characters deployed and more
enemies KOed increases the NUMBER of items you get, but doesn't change their
Q. How do I get the lipstick accessory (Tynar Rouge)?
A. First, you need to keep Agrias, Alicia, Lavian, and Mustadio on your roster
until Chapter IV. Once Chapter IV begins, travel back and forth between
Gollund and Lesalia until the calendar says 1 Cancer. If you have at least
500,000 gil and are standing on a town/castle (except Eagrose, Dorter or
Zeltennia) when the calendar turns 1 Cancer, you should get the scene where
you acquire the Tynar Rouge accessory.
Q. Where do I get all the Zodiac Stones?
A. You'll find a list at the end of the Artefacts, Wonders, and Zodiac Stones
section -- press Ctrl+F and 00arte to jump there. Be warned that this list
contains some spoilers.
---Midlight's Deep & Treasure Hunter--------------------------------------------
Q. Where is Midlight's Deep?
A. After you finish the battles at Mullonde Cathedral, go to the Port City of
Warjilis. You will see a scene at the bar, then the way to Midlight's Deep
will appear.
Q. How do I beat / find items in Midlight's Deep?
A. See the cleverly-titled Midlight's Deep section of the walkthrough ;) .
Just hit Ctrl+F and type in 00md to jump to that section of the FAQ.
Q. How do I use the Treasure Hunter coordinates you've included in each battle
A. Use the analog stick in the lower left of the PSP. Every time you tap it
left or right, the perspective changes. Rotate the perspective until the
specified corner is the bottom of the map. (On an iOS device, swipe the
screen instead to rotate the camera.) From this specified corner, use the
LEFT and UP buttons on the D-pad to move to the cursor to the correct tile.
See the Treasure Hunter section (hit Ctrl+F and enter 00treasure ) for a more
detailed explanation.
Q. I missed an item in Midlight's Deep. What can I do?
A. If you didn't touch the treasure tile at all, you can just go back to the
same floor and try again.
If you picked up the Phoenix Down from the treasure tile instead of the
"good" item, I'm afraid the good item is gone forever--even if you leave the
map and re-enter. You'd have to restore to a previous save to get the item.
Q. I landed on a treasure tile in Midlight's Deep, but I sprung a trap instead
of getting a treasure.
A. This might happen for one of two reasons. Either the character doesn't have
the Treasure Hunter ability equipped, or someone (either yourself or an
enemy) already took the treasure off the tile. Unfortunately, once EITHER
item is taken from a tile (i.e. the good item OR the Phoenix Down), BOTH of
the tile's items are gone forever.
Q. What's this about a treasure tile at Mount Bervenia that you can't get?
A. Yep, there's a treasure tile programmed into Mount Bervenia that you can
never actually get. To get it, your Treasure Hunter would have to stop on a
tile filled with lava. The only abilities that let you do this are
Lavawalking and Levitate, neither of which can be equipped simultaneously
with Treasure Hunter. Float magick and gear like the Winged Boots do NOT
work because they only allow you to move THROUGH lava on the way to another
tile, and never allow you to STOP on top of lava.
The tile only has a Flameburst Bomb and X-Potion anyway, so don't sweat it.
Q. I completed an errand in a bar, and received an Artefact or a Wonder of the
Ancient World. What does it do?
A. Nothing! These are just for decoration :)
Q. What is the best equipment to use?
A. Knight's swords are generally the best weapons for fighters, since they have
high attack power and beneficial status effects. The Rod of Faith (found in
Midlight's Deep) is best for a magick-user. Among accessories in the single-
player game, the Tynar Rouge (see above) and Chantage are always handy.
Ribbons can also be useful for protecting female characters (and Cloud!) from
status changes. Or, check the equipment list and make your own selections!